A luego P luego D y a rapear 8’

One Jump Ahead

Description: When the hardships of hunting begin to take their toll, you make the decision to live your life as a thief. Doing whatever it took to survive. When you literally run into a mystery man, he suddenly becomes your ticket to escape. Running away from cops isn’t always as fun, but you gotta stay one jump ahead of the lawman.  

Characters: Female!Reader x Sam

Words: 1,592

Warnings: Kinda Angsty, Homelessness, Theft, Disney (if that’s a warning) 

A/N: I wrote this one shot for @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious Disney Song Challenge, with my song of inspiration being One Jump Ahead from the film Aladdin. I had so much fun writing this and it was the perfect remedy for my writer’s block! I hope you enjoy it :) The Italics are either quotes from the song or edited lines inspired by it. GIFs are not mine. 

When you decided to become a hunter many moons ago, you thought that the most difficult part of the job was fighting monsters. Putting your life on the line every case you took on, but you were wrong. The hardest part of hunting, was the homelessness.

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