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Imagine Your OTP- 2
  • *person A and B are camping, sitting by a campfire*
  • Person B: Let's gather around the campfire and sing our campfire song...
  • Person A: Our C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E- -S-O-N-G song...
  • Person B: And if you don't think that we can sing it faster then you're wrong...
  • Person A: But it'll help if you just sing along...
  • Person A and B: *at the top of their lungs* C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E- -S-O-N-G SONG! C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E- -S-O-N-G SONG...!




In addition to Jackson

Yall really need to stop saying that other kpop who have done similar shit haven’t been called out on it. News flash:YALL LYING. GD is ALWAYS called out on his shit and even Bang Yongguk and Zelo. That also includes TAEYANG and Rapmon. EVEN HYOYEON IS ADDED TO THIS LIST NOW. Hell I’ve even had to call out my own biases which include C.A.P from Teen Top. So in all honesty yall can really be quiet about how we’re “picking and choosing who to target” when that’s FALSE AF. Everybody. Any time is getting called out for that shit. So stop. Thanks.

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Modern wardrobe hcs?

(Going with more of summer/spring clothing thing because winter clothes are Hard)

Mac- wears light clothes, blousey tops, skirts, sandals, etc.

Chandler- c r o p t o p s. She wears croptops and rocks them. And jeans. Croptops and jeans are a great combination by the way. She also wears white as a secondary color with her red. Also chandler in a white lace top. Just consider that.

Duke- also wears blouses, darker green clothes, she has these brown leather flats that she wears all the time yet are always in good condition? She wears simple outfits, and makes them pop with jewelry.

Veronica- denim shorts and cotton tees, usually in blues. Occasionally she wears simple sun dresses. Before hanging out with the Heathers she wore heavier, baggier clothes, as if trying to hide herself from everyone.

JD- his trench coat, jeans, possibly a short sleeved shirt under the trench coat.

Martha- pastels.

Kurt and Ram- Fuckboi Clothes™

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Could you please give a general description of the Ares campers? The Stefan/Ellis drabble sparked my curiosity

this is from forever ago omg sorry anon 

Clarisse - Kind of person to make crop tops out of their shirts by lITERALLY RIPPING THE BOTTOM OFF THE SHIRT. She makes it work tbh. Makes sure everyone in the cabin is at her certain high standards of being able to defend and protect themselves. Collabs with the Aphrodite cabin to run a self-defense class in the summer. Has a pretty good turn-out rate.

Sherman - The kind of dude bro that wears those tank tops that are c o m p l e t e l y ripped down the sides. Like. it’s barely a shirt at this point bro. The cabin Dad despite that. Will worry himself sick over one of his siblings but never tell a soul about this fact. He’s the defender of his siblings. Sure, an Ares kid can - and is expected to - take care of themselves. But that doesn’t mean they won’t have automatic back-up from big bro Sherman.

Eliza - The color yellow is kind of Her Thing. Yellow headbands, yellow sports bra, personalized her sword handle for the sole fact of getting it in yellow. Buys so much yellow she should have been an Apollo kid. She is the only Ares kid to actually enjoy yoga, despite her many attempts to drag her siblings into it. Drinks enough coffee to fuel a car, or at least a Hermes kid.

Mark - Ellis’s best bro. Will tell you all about the new meal plan he’s on. Almost as famous on instagram as Scarlett - they have a bet on who’s going to get the most followers by the end of the year - and is sponsored by several protein shake \ muscle milk companies. His life goal is to compete on American Ninja Warrior.

Wyatt - Always willing to pick a fight and is covered in enough bruises and cuts to prove it. Doesn’t bother going to the medic anymore, despite how it makes Will Solace absolutely twitch with that knowledge. More than often, his blood is on the outside of his body rather than the inside.

Ellis - Big and stocky, pretty muscular due to his intense training regimen. Strong and silent type, once broke his ankle and got away with the injury untreated for a week and half. A good listener and observer, is the kind of person to remember when you mentioned you love cake batter cupcakes three months ago and to bring you one on a bad day. Great at reading body language, best instincts in the cabin.

Roxy - Covered in paint, has horribly dried skin due to clay molding. Owns too many galaxy print sports bras, has a different one for each day of the week. Every morning and evening you can find her in the sparring arena, letting those practice dummies know who’s boss (spoiler alert: it’s her. It’s definitely her.)

Quinn - Total gym rat, always up to try whatever new workout fad is in. Loves those themed runs - color run, zombie run, electric, hot chocolate - she wants to try them all, and is determined to put a team together this summer. As I mentioned before, she boxes (and is damn good at it) and would love another chance to publicly beat her siblings into a pulp. She may be small, but she’s quick, she’s smart, and she can beat your ass.

Hunter - A pacifist, but his siblings make sure he can throw a punch when he needs to. Prefers peaceful protesting, a complete activist. Wants to completely abolish the certain stigmas that come with some godly parents and is working with Chiron to do so. He and Clarisse run a date-rape awareness workshop where they show how to detect people trying to hurt you \ date rape drugs, as well as general rules to live by when in an uneasy situation.

Astrid - is double-jointed and it freaks everyone out. Straight up made an Aphrodite kid faint when she popped out her shoulder like it was no big deal. Pretty short, but has goals for the Olympic gymnastics team. Has a major crush on Simon Biles.

Archer - While not living up to his namesake (he’s kinda……horrible with a bow and arrow) he does enjoy most of the activities his siblings excell in. Kind of a history nerd, enjoys the strategy part of war. Can list off random facts about WWII without prompt (as no one but the Athena kids are really interested, there are hardly any prompts. So…..he just goes off sometimes. Who even cares about the grim conditions of Stalingrad?? And aren’t you like ten?????? Why are you reading about cannibalism???)