Imagine person A of your OTP has had a lot of work these past few weeks for whatever reason. They can spend little time with person B around their extra work hours, and can tell this is taking its toll on their lover, which of course causes more stress for A.

One night, A returns just after midnight, exhausted, to find to their horror that all the bags are packed and B is asleep on the couch. Devastated that it seems B has finally had enough, A curls up on the sofa with them in order to share one last night together.

Come morning, however, B is surprised and confused that A is so upset. Turns out that they had no intention of leaving A at all: they ‘bullied’ A’s boss into giving them some time off and arranged a romantic getaway for the two of them - then just couldn’t be bothered to go back upstairs to bed after packing/fell asleep waiting for A to return.

Imagine Person A of your OTP as a mage/witch of some kind, and Person B as their assistant/apprentice. Person A brews potions, grants wishes, and does other assorted magic for the nonmagical local populace. While they ask payment for their services in the form of local currency, they say that they will also accept payment, in whole or in part, in the form of high-calorie, fattening foods, and would in fact prefer partial payment in that form. 

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The last audio post was great in a surreal way. Please make more like it


Thanks for saying that my audio was great? I don’t think I have audio capabilities,music,etc I think it’s more of a.one-time shot if you catch the.Also, surreal? What do you mean by this? It’s by only way of conveying it thoroughly without the confusion.

I will try.

Thanks! :)


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PART 1. I just rewatched 2x25 because Marlene tweeted there are a lot of similarities with 5x25 (e.g. If you have read the spoilers, that Mona is alive and the girls get drugged and kidnapped, then are put in A's lair and Mona is alive). Marlene also tweeted before that she lied ONCE to protect A's identity. I think the lie is the biggest one she told, that Mona was original/uber -A. Also, Keegan said we could GO BACK TO SEASON 1 AND IT IS OBVIOUS WHO -A IS. This means A was always A, or he

Would have said “you could go back to season 3 and it’s obvious who A is.” I don’t think the game was ever stolen from Mona. At the very end of episode 2x25 we see red coat visit Mona and she says “I did everything you asked.” This CLEARLY implies she is working for someone. If she was the almighty and powerful A, why is she taking orders from someone??? It doesn’t make sense. And if she was A from 2008, that means she tried to kill Ali and Mrs. D covered for her. I don’t buy it for a

second. It wouldn’t make sense whatsoever. I mean how could someone have stolen the game from her and she have no clue who it was?? I want to say redcoat is A, but at the same time want to think A is a man because it would be an awesome twist. And now rewatching 2x25 and realizing there is absolutely no way Mona was über A, I’m gonna start from the beginning again. I agree with your theory 100000% that Mona was never original A, especially with Marlene admitting to lying once about A.

One other thing I wanted to say aside from Mona was never A… I have NEVER seen anyone mention this or pick up on this, but I am positive Jenna and Bethany are twins or at least sisters. Watch 2x13 and pause on the scene when Emily is walking towards Toby. The boxes he is unpacking clearly have “Jenna’s room” and “Bethany” written on them. On TWO BOXES. And nobody has ever picked up on this. Clearly they are related. I also think Jenna wasn’t the

only one the night of “the Jenna thing.” I think Bethany was in there too. And maybe that is why red coat is scene with a mask? Maybe it is because she was SEVERELY burned in the fire and is disfigured and was obsessed with Alison because she was already a little crazy, and now had her part of her face burned off? This would lead me to believe Jenna is A, although I really want to believe it is Ezra. Please watch the episode and let me know what you think!!



  • I have always hoped Toby has a connection with Bethany
  • If Bethany and Jenna were sisters then that could also connect Bethany to Mona via Jenna.
  • It would also explain why Jenna knew about Alison. Because Bethany knew Alison and Bethany could have told Jenna about her.
  • I really hope there is more to the Jenna thing and that the liars are covering something more up. If Bethany was there too then that would be supreme. It would also tie in the chances of someone being badly burned at the liars fault.

All we need then is for Bethany to be alive and -A. Making her story in there since the start but her face never shown due to scarring. This makes Jenna & Toby & Mona all -A team. It would also tie in anyone connected to Radley and tie in anyone who was there the night Bethany escaped and went to attack Alison.


I went back and rewatched 5x13 and couldn’t find the anything written on the boxes. only a blur, I wonder if they re-edited that section. Can you screenshot it. BECAUSE. I would love to see what you are talking about.

Arrows and The Framing- Do We Have It Backwards?

I know many people have theorized that Andrew was the one shooting the arrows, and that- at the very least- he was trying to make Ezra look like he was not good at keeping Mike safe from A.

One thing stood out at me most in this whole episode- Caleb asks Ezra what kind of place this was, and Ezra “guesses” it is a Pathfinder Scout camp.  Who the heck would easily know that unless they had been one?  Let alone, would be able to have that be their first guess, in the dark, while arrows are being shot at you?

I think Ezra is QUITE jealous of Andrew, and did his usual dirty research.  He used this situation with Mike to cast suspicion on Andrew for being A.  If Aria hadn’t heard from Andrew himself, Ezra may have decided to “make the connection” from when he had Andrew as a student. 

I keep thinking back to Jake, and the knives in the punching bag.  And then Mike’s friend, whose car was trashed.  Maybe Ezra found a way to purposefully drain Andrew’s battery, or switched it out with a dead battery- maybe when he came in the coffee shop. Who knows?

I don’t necessarily think that Ezra is A, though Ezra is shady and very possessive of Aria.  He cannot like Andrew spending so much time around Aria.