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Can u write a drabble based of the "I've been trying to flirt with you for the last 6 months?" Prompt?

I hope you meant Bellarke bc that’s what you got 

The Power of Moms

5:49 a.m.
just made the best damn cappuccino milk
girl wanted “Frappuccino” instead


6:03 a.m.
we’re not starbucks
dunno why its that hard to grasp


           It was Clarke’s day off. Not that Bellamy seemed to care since he had been texting her since he opened the small coffee hut. She’s not really sure how they got here. Here as in, texting each other when they’re not working together in the mornings. She’s found herself doing the same. Especially when their customers are being exceptionally weird. They’re always weird, but some days they seem to be worse than others. It’s those days that she finds herself typing out a text with too many typos to her coworker.

           She’s about to text back when another one pings in.

9:27 a.m.

it just occurred to me that you're prob asleep 

but this woman just took my picture? 

she claimed it was to show someone?? 

should I be worried?


9:30 a.m.
phone on silent do no worries

that s really weird tho


9:46 a.m.
How’s working with Jasper?

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