*makes undistinguishable noises of satisfaction and J.O.Y*

So…… okay bare with me while I cry tears of joy to myself. 😭
This was commissioned sculpted by none other than the AMAZING JESS!

She did it again guys… this is art.

I asked if she could draw me & James(Michael) and Bish, I’m astonished. Speechless. Shooketh.
She made me look literally like a choice character without me asking. If you need another commissioner, HIT HER LINE.
Worth every penny.

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many don’t like jared letos joker as much as they like heath ledgers joker and I can understand that but jareds facial expressions are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

I’m 100% ready for the real Starkbowl 2.0 between jon and sansa next season because it’s going to be political and personal

and so full of angst, it’s going to be beautiful

How Seventeen Members Performed in Dallas

I wanted to write down how the boys did at the concert because they were all so memorable and I don’t want to forget it, so here is goes:

S. Coups: was literally a wild animal let loose onstage. He appeared to have enjoyed every minute of it and really made everybody happy, and at the end he was extremely gratuitous in his thank you’s. He really stole the stage during hip hop unit’s performances and you could see him looking at the cameras a lot. Professional flirt, and I just wanted to hug him. I was blown away by how charismatic he is.

Jeonghan: I’m not trying to sound judgemental, but Jeonghan looked really fed up the entire time, like he didn’t want to be there. I know he seems self conscious about his English, but he didn’t even speak when the translator was there. He just paced around rather impatiently and didn’t really smile. The only time he seemed to be having fun was at the very end when they sang “Healing”. I really hope he’s doing okay and is in a rested mental state, because I know how stressful performances can be. Although, I must say that out of all the members, he was the most hypnotic one. Even just as he stood while the others were singing, one could not help but stare at him. He’s just beautiful, even more so in real life. I’d honestly just stare at him and wonder if he’s real.

Joshua: also rather quiet, but he performed very well. He did best on the vocal team’s ballads and knew exactly what expressions to have. He conveyed his emotions quite well. At the end, he offered a very heartfelt thank you to everybody.

Jun: he looked sexy af (what else is new lol) and nailed everything. He only spoke at the very end, and he just kinda laughed nervously and commented on how loud the audience was (they all mentioned it, but he looked traumatised). The audience cheered for him the most whenever he appeared and there were many Jun stans there.

Hoshi: I can’t even begin to describe the volume of the crowd when the lights first came up and Hoshi was standing with the members. They were screaming for him and he was so, so happy. He was easily the most pumped up performer the entire night. He was hopping, bouncing, cheering, screeching, etc. At the end, he got a bit choked up thanking the audience for worrying about him, and Chan even asked for people to give him a hand for performing. He spoke the most out of everybody at the end, just saying thank you for giving him energy over and over again.

Wonwoo: I never really got why people think he is hot until I saw him rap live. I can’t even begin to describe how sexy he was with his hair slicked back and a velvet choker on. It was unreal. His raps were total fire, as expected, and it was kinda funny to see such a composed man screaming “fuck” violently into the mic while contorting around. It was fascinating to see the passion light him up. I don’t remember what he said at the end, I’m sorry, but it was very short.

Woozi: words can’t even begin to explain how bloody talented this young man is. He was so into the rhythm and sound of his music that he moved with it better than any other members. He just has this innate understanding of it, and it really showed onstage. He did not speak at all really, but he was definitely memorable, especially on “Don’t Listen in Secret”. You could see him feeling the music when he sang and it was amazing.

DK: okay but seriously you could make a drinking game out of how many times he said “LAYDIIES AND GENTLEMEEEENNN”. It was so cute how eagerly he pumped up the crowd; he and Soonyoung definitely ruled everyone up. He was just the cheerful sunny Seokmin we all love, but live his voice is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. On broadcasts, the sound is just evened out, but live, Seokmin is indescribably powerful. His voice is just stunning, and I feel honoured to say I’ve heard him sing live.

Mingyu: charismatic cute fluff ball, even while swearing. He’s a brilliant rapper and performer, and he really warmed everyone’s hearts whenever he was onstage. He made a point to make people smile, and that meant a lot. His small speech at the end was also quite nice; he tried super hard to say it in English first and ended up just copying what Minghao said, haha. Then he switched to Korean again and it was just very cute.

The8: oh. my. god. Oh my god. This boy literally destroyed my very existence. He was so into everything, literally looked like he was at an amusement park. Also, he spoke a ton of English. It was precious at the end because he apologised saying his “English isn’t very good” and everyone freaked out protesting. Then he promised to keep learning it. So so sweet. I just wanted to hug him and thank him for all his hard work in both languages and performing, because it’s showing.

Seungkwan: similar to Minghao, he really engaged the audience and spoke a lot of English as well. He apologised for his English too, and actually looked sad for a moment like he couldn’t do his words justice, but everybody was encouraging him and I think it made him more brave. I think it was so genuine and really sweet, and you can tell what a sincerely kindhearted person he is.

Vernon: this charismatic badass slayed it. He was grinning from ear to ear and playing around with Minghao like a child, and at the end got so excited about the level of energy the audience had. He had way too much fun swearing by the way. Also, his smile is gorgeous in real life. He looked amazing.

Dino: the maknae stole the show!! This man can dance. His skills far exceed anything I expected of him; in real life, he’s just as polished as he is through a screen, which really blew me away. He has excellent control and lots of charisma, and his little thank you at the end was super cute. Also, he’s shorter than I thought he was.

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What are the current fics you guys are reading? Hope you're all having a great day!!

hello, you too, sunshine -3- here’s what we’re reading or wanting to read atm c:

Admin J: i’m 500 years behind on reading fest fics halp [same - Admin O]

  • catching up on around 60 fics from nodtt and forkadionly
  • Up That Hill - running up that hill extras, boi i cant get enough of this and I’m patiently waiting for more
  • What the Nightingale Spies - spy au, + Orbiting Bodies - non au, and basically everything by at1stsoo
  • Running Home by kaisoochateau - mama au, jongin trains his whole life to become a dancer but soon discovers a superpower he can’t control and his life changes 180 degress
  • The Boy Next Door - neighbour au, the hot guy who moves in next to ksoo is a p*rnstar :oo
  • They Won’t Know - tennis au, both kd are tennis players and in a secret relationship (warning: homophobia)
  • You And I Were Fireworks - ksoo works at the pet section in a home store and jongin, an owner of any pets, is ksoo’s fav customer
  • The Road To Your Heart - set in india, soo is a blacksmith and one day he receives a home cooked meal from his admirer (shy shy jongin!)
  • Cheater 2 - ksoo is a cheater :/ (crossing fingers for the update!)
  • landfall - stripper au, soo gets a dancer on his bday but as a drunk man, he rejects the services. nevertheless, fate makes their paths cross again (this is sooooo good and they’ve just updated!)

Admin I:

  • A Misguided and Unnecessarily Long Galactic Odyssey to Earth - i have heard so many good things about this fic oh my god, and i really can’t wait to get started. first of all: frkn space!au hell yeah, second: KAISOO AND XIUCHEN? i am signed tf up
  • The Woes of the Heart and Susceptible to You - inarichi is a really amazing author! i have read some of her shorter fics, and i love them! i can’t wait to get into the lengthier, angstier fics because boooooooi i just know i am about to be slaughtered
  • Déjà Vécu - or as i so lovingly call it: ‘deja vacate this place lucy’ and ‘deja vacuum me’. yes, yes i know, i’m such a fake lucyoppa stan for having not read her masterpiece STILL but i will get to it soon i promise. ANGST NEEDS WEEKS OF MENTAL PREPARATION FROM ME.
  • Catfish and Running Home - i’m slowly making my way down all of queen kaisoochateau’s fics!! i love her writing so much my underrated bb :(
  • Smells like Teen Spirit - i am a sucker for slowburn and reckless teenagers!! i started this fic last week (n got busy rip) but i’m waiting to continue reading it hehe, and so far, it’s amazing! 
  • and literally soooo many fest fics rip (don’t get me wrong, i am LOVING all these fests, and the authors who write for so many? you guys are amazing shoutout to you!!)

Admin H:

  • Circuit Dreams - im not sure if the author is new or im just seeing their name for the first time but! oh! my! god! their writing is so beautiful, it’s about formula driver jongin (rich af tho) wooing idol!kyungsoo and basically having fun dates and being soft boyfriends, a must read!
  • You + Me + Happy Ending - im soft for domestic aus where small kids are involved and this is uni student ksoo currently struggling with taking care of his baby sehun and jongin happens to be there to help around :’)
  • The Woes of the Heart - I LOVE PAIN AND SUFFERING aka you’ll be ripped apart a hundred times with this onesided!kaisoo where ksoo is a wedding planner and HE is the one who has to plan jongin’s wedding
  • Brightest Star - the only kadi chaptered fic im following rn and this is my friend’s fic so i scream at her to update :’)) / kadi used to be close friends in hs where ksoo was an idol trainee when he gets into exo, they both naturally strayed apart until they meet again and reconcile (fall in love) + all of you are going to relate to luhan so hard
  • Helping Jongin Come - everytime this updates my life gets added an extra 20 yrs // they started off with kyungsoo teaching jongin sexual stuff :))) and in the end they stayed as very close friends with a sexual relationship but!1 theyre very sweet and gross with each other :D

Admin O:

  • A Misguided and Unnecessarily Long Galactic Odyssey to Earth - this fic is so long and so creative and so a.m.a.z.i.n.g. i actually like to let a few chapters build up and then binge read for hours on a weekend ugh.
  • Running Home - mama!au, kyungsoo is a cute little dork talking to plants, jongin is pining. ‘weird tree kid’, i live for weird ksoo. someone send help. admin down. i repeat admin d[o]wn.
  • The Internet is for Porn - awkward teenage nini accidentally finds out his favorite camboy is also his best friend who he’s secretly had a crush on 5ever. they’re such dorks and i am so in love. 
  • Wizards in Training - basically i am currently reading anything indigomini has going. she never fails me. 
  • Love in Control - what is this!!! it’s so well written and so much fun but also girl knows her stuff!!! this fic is so good and i literally check my aff app every single day waiting for that update notif. i can’t wait to see where it goes.
  • Good Graces - flowergirl is my life. By The Light of The Moon was my everything. i love her work and i would give her the world if i could. this fic is beyond A++. 
  • incoherent boundaries - okay so i have decided i am currently reading any and everything written by jongdaesang. they can have my first born. all of my kids. my soul. all of it. 

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HI!! OH WOW, OH MY GOSH YOUR ART IS SO SO SOSOSOSOSOSO A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!! You have incredible talent! oh how i envy you... hahaha uhm this is probably gonna sound REALLY weird but y'know when you draw clothes, HOW DO YOU KNOW WHERE TO PUT CREASES/WRINKLES??? I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO PERFECT THE SKILL FOR SUCH A LONG TIME BUT IT NEVER EVER WORKS!! Sorry if i wasted your time *blushes* BUT YEAH YOUR ART IS GREAT *0*

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*Requested* Will you do a Kai Parker imagine where the reader and him are together and after he killed his family he went to go kill the reader at her school and he takes some of her magic but he stops because he loves her to much? 

(I changed the ending a little, I hope that´s okay. Also this might be a bit OOC, because I am a little rusty writing Kai. I hope you enjoy, though! Happy reading my lovelies!)

Characters: Kai x Reader

Story Title: “Screaming Instincts”

Warnings: Mentioning of murder & attempted murder. Also, I would strongly advise you not to behave like the reader did, because if someone shows up to kill you, you nope the fuck out of there as fast as you can.

Word count: 793

Your name: submit What is this?

It´s almost midnight in Oregon, the crickets chirping away into the night. You close the last door behind you, leaving your schools gym behind you. You and your friends, who already left, where occupied with decorating it for a dance tomorrow and it took longer than you anticipated.  

You leave the janitors key under the doormat, like he told you to and you make your way towards the exit as the noise of a door opening stops starlted you for a second. You round the corner, as the the door opens. In walks you boyfriend Kai. You smile walking towards him, until you see something on his shirt. Blood.

Y/N: “Kai? Wh-Why is there blood on your shirt?”

Kai: “Oh that? It´s not mine.”


Y/N: “Wh-Who´s is it ?”

Kai: “My families.”

Double oh.

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How do you discipline yourself when it comes to eating healthy? What's your #1 tip for giving up sugar and unhealthy foods?

Honestly, just pay attention to the end results you want. Is that one piece of candy, that chocolate bar, that slice of pizza worth putting you back again when you’re already on your way? It’s not. It’s so not. Yeah it taste a.m.a.z.i.n.g. no doubt but the taste last for what, 10 minutes. The guilty feeling lasts all day. I make sure I don’t let myself cheat because it’s not worth it to me at all.

When my auntie ruined everything 😂

Hey~ I’m from France and I I love your blog 👍🏾💕 and for like the 2nd time I have a story time ! ( I’m the one who bumped into Dok2 in Paris )

So like 1 week and a half ago I was in Atlanta. That was actually my first time in America, and it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !

So one night my aunt decided to take me and my little cousins to a Japanese buffet. So we went there and one of the waiter an Asian guy ofc had such a big smile on his face when I went in the restaurant. When I get nervous I kind of forget all my English even though I’m fluent, so my aunt did all the talking.
The food was amazing btw !
When we were done, we went to pay, and my cousins wanted to buy candies but they didn’t had coins to do it. So I took out my bag and saw this little Asian kid he was soooo cute and apparently he wanted candies but didn’t had money. I ended up buying some for him and my cousins as well. Then this Asian guy came to me, he was reallly handsome, tall, idol type of handsome. So I got all nervous again. Then he asked me if I was the one who bought the candy for his nephew and I said yeah. He thanked me and we started to talk ( my aunt was in the restroom). He asked me my name,age, where I was from blablabla. And out of nowhere he said,
“ Tbh I saw you walking in earlier but I saw your mom and family coming after that so I just sat back ”
I was like OMG but remained calm as fuck.
And then he said you’re really pretty I guess black girls from France are cute as hell. Litteraly at this moment fainted in my head, I was like boyyyyy if you don’t stop right now 😂
Then he said that he lived nearby and that he wanted to hangout someday.
But I told him that I was in vacation and I was about to leave.
Even after I told him that I was about to leave in like 3 days he still wanted to hangout and have my snapchat.
But at the moment I was about to take out my phone my aunt came back and was like what are you doing let’s go !
I just looked at him and had to rush outside, I just said bye. That boy followed me on the parking place and hugged me and then slightly kissed me on my cheek !!!!!!!!!!
I was quite surprised since we don’t hug in France. And no one just kiss a random girl lol.
Sadly I had to run and go without having any of his sns account or phone number 😭 too bad !

( I have another one with another guy but I can’t remember !!! If I do I’ll let you know )



Hi everyone💞
This is my introduction, I am a new studyblr 😝😅

My name is Gramstein (pronounced /gram-shtine/) I am currently in year 10 although I will be choosing my subjects for year 11 this week😬

I want to be more positive and self-loving💓 I enjoy learning about the human anatomy and physiology, Saturn and ancient history.

And this picture is for my first day of the 30 day studyblr challenge created by the amazing @hayley-studies !! Yes, these are all my supplies and they are a bit messy🙈

These are my current fav studyblrs:
- @hayley-studies (I’ve stalked her blog everyday btw🙃)
- @studiems (I can’t even)
- @etudious (bless your soul and goals)
- @elrood (Ikr this blog is too cool)
- @revise-and-conquer (a blessing)
- @prettylittlestudies (I see her every poST)
- @areistotle (k yeah I re-read and bookmark your original posts I can’t lie)
- @studybreakdown (one of my Fav aussie studyblrs!1!!)
- @langsandlit (truly intriguing langblr)
- @studybowie (a.m.a.z.i.n.g.)
- @studyquill (I have a huge crush on your blog)
- @studylikebarry (this blog helps me to sort out my life and saves my time like how)

10 vids about The Marauders

‘‘Time’‘ Ehmm is it possible to not love this? This siriusly made me cry so many times. The part where Sirius runs away from home, the part where Remus talk about Lily and of course, when James and Lily look at each other for the last time - KILLS ME. Not to mention the last part when there are flashbacks and JUST LEAVE ME WITH MY TEARS.


‘‘Already over’‘ FEEEEEELLLLLLSSSSSS over Lily and James’ death.

‘‘Glowing in the dark’‘ Freakin aweesome. Peter is not in it but I do not care ohmygod.

‘‘You know I love you so’‘ JILY LOVE POWER FOREVER

‘‘Between two points’‘ Wolfstar, short but A.M.A.Z.I.N.G and very well done yes

‘‘Unintended’‘ Also wolfstar. I love this, okay? Can’t find words in english, sorry.


‘’Take me to church’‘ This is about First Wizarding War, and I just love that they took young David Thewlis, Gary Oldman and Timothy Spall in the video because it just made everything go together so well.

‘’Accidentally in love’‘ Jily and just really cute okay