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blaircaldwell: Yo! If 3rd place are you guys, then I wanna place that every time because you guys are winners! And I’m happy I was able to experience this journey with you guys. I couldn’t have asked to document a better experience! I saw all of the blood, sweat and tears and you still came out on top every time! I’m encouraged and inspired, the best is yet to come! Keep shining! 💫 #dwts #teamvalmani #normanikordei #3

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Hello there! If I may ask, where do you get your inspirations in your art? Like maybe what inspires you to create your OCs and their stories/background, and what kind of art style that inspires you, etc?

Hey! Oooh thanks so much for asking! For OCs I guess I’m very influenced by books I read and shows I watch (for example my OCs Gavin and Abel are very much Murakami and Hannibal-esque hehehee). 

For art styles I’m mainly influenced by manga, I’m greatly inspired by Yana Toboso and Himaruya Hidekaz when I first started drawing seriously! I also love cartoony style, mainly influenced by Disney, @/punziella, Helen Chen, and many other great artists! 

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Okay I know theres all this crazy anon stuff going on, but all I can think about right now is ravager movie night and Yondu sitting next to you. Then you start to fall asleep and suddenly you've surprised Yondu by slumping over onto his shoulder. Then he's all flustered by how cute you are and refuses to leave his spot, because he doesn't want to wake you up.


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Yo is there anyway we can help with said blockage cus dat fic is ma fave. In the meantime, any other paraltiago fics to recommend? (BTW not the same noni as the one who initially asked bout the BuzzFeed au:) )

(i love to talk to anyone about peraltiago fics) And I just need to write I’m just not too inspired rn but I shall soon<3

Some fics omg this is so much i have so many

hope this fills the void that is left by the finale

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This is such a beautiful ask I’ve looked at it nonstop ever since I got it. Thanks so, so, so very much for this, ‘cuz like. The Kleinsen fanbase is just so talented and dedicated I felt like I didn’t belong (/dramatic), especially since I can’t draw either of them well. Yet all the comments I’ve gotten on my art are so uplifting I’m!!! inspired to create more content and share it with everyone!!! ilu nerds!!!

(screaming inside and attempting to do cartwheels around the room)

ofc I had to draw smth for the occasion, featuring the insanely cool palette @richardgoranski uses for jared because it gives me life

Jared: AYYYYY //finger pistols

Evan: Yeah, I-I love like it too.

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Hello 🙋🏾💚 whatcha working on ?

I’m working on a Yondu smut one shot :3 (I’m sorry i knownI said one shots were closed but Yondu smut and the headcanons you all sent me just inspired me so much I had to get it out of my system! But again so sorry for this, I feel very guilty but at the same time I can’t help it i’m too inspired for him and writing for him makes me happy :3 Also i’ll get to more one shots this week and the next one in hopes to clear up my list and open the requests again :))

Crash into Me

This isn’t related to my other stories but I’m feeling inspired. These parts are going to be pretty short but I hope you all enjoy regardless.

 | Part 1 |


    “You know, I don’t know why you put up with him and his bullshit excuses.” Hani, my best friend, sighs. She strides over to the counter, plucking her keys from the polished granite surface. 

    I haul my haphazardly sprawled body off of the couch and stumble over to the door, waiting for her to finish situating her purse. “You know why. I deal with it because I lo-” 

    “Because you love him. Blah, blah!” She pushes past me, walking out the door and down the hall. I hurry to catch up with her, quick to close and lock the apartment door. “We’ve all heard it a thousand times. He has helped you through all your rough patches, he has supported all your decisions, and he is the first person you’ve ever felt this way about.” 

    We descend the staircase to the first floor. “There you two are!” Our third friend, Ji-Na calls from the revolving door, waving her long arm in the air. “Took you long enough.” She rolls her eyes, falling into step with us as we step outside into the light drizzle. 

    Hani stops in her tracks, nearly causing me to crash into her. “You’ve got to stop giving him chance after chance. It’s beginning to get pathetic. You aren’t a doormat. You’re a person with feelings, just like him.” Before I can even utter a response, she is spinning on her heel and stalking to her car, gracefully sliding into the drivers seat. Even if she’d given me a chance to respond, I haven’t a clue what I’d say. How can someone even respond to that? She doesn’t understand what the two of us have gone through together. We’ve been through every up and down. It’s only made us stronger. Well, for the most part. 

   Ji-Na’s mouth hangs wide open as she glances between the two of us. It takes a moment to register, but she soon lets out a long “ohhh,” a sympathetic frown tugging at her pink lips. “She’s right, you know. Enough is enough.” Once again, I’m given no time to respond before my friend is strolling towards the car, out of the patter of rain.

    Goosebumps litter my arms from the chill in the damp air. An eerie feeling washes over me. I look up at the sky, squinting to keep the droplets from falling into my eyes. Something doesn’t feel right. 

    Two obnoxious honks startle me out of my thoughts. “C'mon (y/n)! Our friends are waiting!” Ji-Na calls softly, her head popping out of the window. I jog over and slip into the backseat.


    “Who decided that it would be fun to have a girls night in some dinky old lodge on some mountain?” I grumble from my lying position across the entirety of the soft backseat. The car scales the mountain. It feels as if we are just going up a giant spiral, which isn’t helping my motion sickness. The rain has picked up drastically, hitting the car in heavy waves.

    Hani glances at me from the rear view mirror. “You’re the reason we all decided to meet up. You’ve been moping around the past two days. What you need is a good weekend with your girlfriends. No boys, no distractions, and no electronic-” 

    My phone dings loudly. Three more dings follow it and my stomach drops. “It’s him.” I mutter, biting my lip harshly. “‘Where are you?’ ‘Why haven’t you been returning my texts?’ 'Babe, Im worried about you.’ 'Please, we need to talk.’” I read the messages aloud. 

    Ji-Na turns to face me just as I sit up. “Do not respond.” She glares daggers at me. The call jingle begins echoing in the car as the phone vibrates in my hand, his name flashing on the screen. 

   Without thinking, I press the green button. “Oh shit!” I mutter. 

    “You moron!” She hisses. Giving her a harsh glare I bring the phone to my ear. His soft breathing flows into my ear and I can immediately tell he is struggling not to break down. 

   “Jagiya..” His voice is silky smooth, sending warmth to my stomach. 

   “Yoongi.” I can’t help the small smile that tugs at the corner of my lips. 

    “I’m glad you picked up. I, uh, don’t really know how to explain myself for this one. I’ve just got a lot going on and I just need you to trust me when I say-”

    “Don’t you dare get sucked into that bullshit!” Hani barks. I furrow my eyebrows and frown. 

    “How can she even hear me?” Yoongi groans. “Listen, just tell me where you are. We need to talk in person so we don’t get interrupted.” 


    “Don’t tell him where we are going!” Hani exclaims, turning to look at me. “You shouldn’t even be talking to him!” 

    “Would you cut it out? Give us a break!” I begin, only to be cut off by a sharp scream. 

    “Hani! Brake!” Ji-Na shrieks. I look up just in time to see debris covering the whole road before the front of the car collides with a tree that has fallen in front. The force is so hard, the back of the car jolts upwards, sending me flying into Hani’s seat. I collide with the seat and spring back, the back of my head smashing against the back dashboard. Everything goes black.

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Heartstrings: hi there bendy it's a pleasure to meet ya! I got your friend azazle a gift *brings out a huge bag of treats,pet grooming products and more* and let's not forget about you *gives him a Box of sweets* hope you like it (Mun:I know you hear this a lot but I really love your bendy and you're art,I'm really inspired by it,you can say I'm quite jelly X3 )

your offering is accepted my friend. Hush Bendy certainly has a sweet tooth, and a few treats never hurt any kitty. ( thank you so much! i appreciate it QwQ ~ Mun Sabbath)

In Depth Aura Readings!

I’ve had a blast doing short aura readings for my service dog fundraiser! Now I’m all inspired to offer more in-depth, healing, aura readings. 

What the Readings Are: 

Having an aura reading is not just an exploration of the colors you glitter with, but also a deep and powerful understanding of your spiritual needs. 

Aura readings will tune into the frequently changing colors and tones of energy around you (your protective and emotive energetic shell, if you will). They represent personal issues we’re dealing with, energetic strengths and weaknesses, and things we need to balance and address in our life. 

How These Readings Work: 

  1. We’ll plan a call (or text/IM through Skype/tumblr messenger if you’re not a fan of phone calls) that will last around 15-30 minutes.
  2. I will email you a palette of the 6 primary colors in your aura before the call.
  3. During the call, I’ll go through what each color means, why it’s in your aura, and how it relates to your current life, as well as advice for healing it if the color’s a little funky.

Cost of the Readings:

For the whole package, it’s just $45! 

Payment is in USD and is done through a PayPal invoice (which accepts PayPal, Debit, Credit, and many other forms of money transfers).

How to Request One: 

Email me at sopherielspeaks@gmail.com with this info: 

  • Your legal name
  • Your preferred name (if different from your legal)
  • Any relevant information (like if you’re struggling with a particular issue, I can see if your aura has anything that can help you with it)
  • And of course mention that it’s an aura reading you’re interested in! 

This should be real fun!! Feel free to share this post, as well–there may be others looking for this exact type of reading. :)

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I feel bad for saying this but I don't think it's fair how your one shot requests are closed but you're allowing it only because it's Yondu.

Don’t feel bad :) I totally understand you. I’ve been denying so many of your requests that it’s normal to feel that way when all of a sudden you see me writing one for a character that was recently requested for and that I understand you. But here is the thing…I’m inspired by him…He brings back the joy and fun in writing that I haven’t felt in a while…So that’s why i’m writing one…But I do plan on opening them soon as soon as I get a few more one shots typed up :)

Oh my god. I finally finished chapter 7 of Splintered Darkness. I could cry. I basically wrote the fighting scene in one sitting? The one that has been terrorising me for more weeks than I care to admit. I think it was this Kasabian song from the new album that gave me gobblepot feels and inspiration. I’m going to cry and celebrate with raspberry frozen yoghurt and strawberries.

Oh and the story will be extended to 8 chapters. :)