Kind girl
With a heart filled with melancholy
Tell me
What is it like to be lonely?

Lonely girl
With a heart of shattered glass
Tell me
What is it like to be damaged?

Damaged girl
With a heart of burning fire
Tell me
What is it like to fall?

Fallen girl
With a heart summerged in darkness
Tell me
Do you remember what it was like to be kind?

- kind girl, do not let them take your heart. / A.L.L

anonymous asked:

What happened to your sister ?

she got diagnosed with A.L.L leukemia in September of 2015 she fought really hard and on December 22, 2015 she got an infection from her chemotherapy that went into her blood stream causing an infection and from there she got a fever and since her body was so damaged from the chemo that her body couldn’t fight the infection off so since she had a fever she didn’t want to ruin Christmas so she didn’t tell anyone and with cancer patients every hour that you don’t go to the hospital for your fever your survival rate goes down 7% she didn’t tell anyone for 12 hours so 84% she wouldn’t survive than her body went into septic shock and her organs started failing they told my mom on Wednesday the 23 that she had less than 10% survival of lasting 24 hours and they put her in a induced coma and fought really hard until the 27th, I miss her everyday. she was only 20.

The most beautiful realization I’ve ever had when I was at my lowest was that no matter how many people walked out of my life, I still had me.

     I have me.

—  A.L.L. I “I was never completely alone after all.”

Unsheathe your claws and bare your fangs the moment he starts forgetting that you are a golden lioness.

     And you bow to no one.

     Not even to a king.

—  A.L.L. I “Don’t you ever underestimate me.”
Passei muito tempo correndo atrás do que me machucava, cansei de querer o que de fato me fazia mal. A vida ensina na marra a não querer aquilo que não vale a pena. Inútil é querer nadar contra a corrente.
—  A.L.L

“My Uncle Malcolm X Was No Sell Out!!! An Interview With Rodnell Collins” 5/9/2011

Bro. Rodnell Collins Is The Co-Author Of “Seventh
Child: A Family Memoir Of Malcolm X”

“In This W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News Exclusive Bro. Rodnell Collins Reveals To Us What It Was Like Growing WIth An International Icon/Iconoclast In The Family & Household… Bro. Rodnell Collins, The Nephew Of Malcolm X And The Son Of Ella Collins, Malcolm’s Sister & Benefactress, Makes It Plain About His Famous Uncle…Bro. Rodnell Offers
Information Not Generally Known About The Inner Workings Of Malcolm’s World & Family History As Well As His Thoughts On The Legacy Of Malcolm X & The Recent Alleged "Revelations” About Malcolm X In The Late Dr. Manning Marable’s Book, “Malcolm X: A Life Of Reinvention.”

Bro. Rodnell Collins is the nephew of Malcolm X and son of Ella Little Collins, Malcolm’s sister. Ella Collins knew Malcolm X perhaps better than anyone else. Ella took Malcolm into her Boston (Roxbury, Massachusetts) home after his father was lynched and his mother was institutionalized following a nervous breakdown. Also, Ella was the one who went looking for Malcolm in the streets of Boston when he was a rebellious teenager and monitored his development in prison. In addition, Ella later paid for Malcolm’s trip to the holy city of Mecca.“