I will seriously wait for you. I will wait for you for as long as I have to. I won’t give up just because it’s hard or frustrating because I want to tell you how I feel someday. I believe you are worth that wait no matter how long it is. That’s the effect you’ve got on me. I’m not going to lie, it feels pretty nerve-wrecking.
You make me happy in a way no one else can. Just by stopping to talk to me in the hall or by opening a door for me, my heart swells with happiness and I’ll remember it when I feel down. Whenever I see you, I’m uplifted by your beautiful smile and eyes. You always give off good vibes whenever you’re around, making me feel more positive. You are just a great person.
You’re the person I always look for in a crowded room, even if I know you’re not there. My heart jumps when the door opens, just in case it’s you who walks into the room. I’m fine on my own, I can make myself happy, but I like being around you. I like your vibes, I like your conversation, I like your presence, and I like feeling your eyes on me.
I’ve had deep feelings for people before. I’d go so far as to say I’ve been in love. But the feelings I have for you are so different. They’re not like any other feeling I’ve had before. They’re not blinding or fiery, they’re precious and pure. I fall for you more and more everyday and it’s because of the small things. It didn’t take silly photo booth pictures or midnight phonecalls for me to fall for you. It didn’t take pet names or unexpected kisses in an abandoned hallway for me to fall for you. I didn’t even have to touch you. All it took was you being yourself. All it took was seeing the way your eyes light up when you smile and the way you see life more deeply than others. I’ve never felt so good about having feelings for a person in my life because for once I know I’m going about it the right way.
I could have cried myself to sleep because of you, but the next day when I see you, I begin to forget why I was mad. All you have to do is look at me with those eyes and smile that lovely smile and I’m not upset anymore. I can never stay angry with you. That’s the power you have over me, you make me forget. I’d hate you for it, but I can’t, I care about you too much.
I would never wish for your heart to be mine. If I had a genie, a wishing star, or a prayer, I would not wish for you to be my lover. I want to have your heart because you willingly gave it to me. I want to earn your love. To do so, I must take my time, not wish on stars or magic. Waiting for you is very hard and I’ve often been tempted to wish the time away. But if I should ever win your heart, I’ll know that I gave my all. You are worth every single day of that wait to me, even if you never return my feelings.
Call me crazy, but I love your hands. I see them everyday resting on a table or in your lap. The way your thin hands and fingers are shaped and curved is beautiful to me. But the thing I think about most is how your hand would feel in mine. What does your skin feel like? Would our hands fit together? It’s rare I find someone whose hands fit perfectly into mine, I wonder if yours would.
Your smile is a whole new kind of beautiful to me. Your body and features have changed my definition of words like tantalizing and beautiful too. Your gaze makes me realize it’s possible to communicate through one’s eyes. You as a person have changed my perspective on life and feelings. It’s not often I find someone in this life who turns all I’ve ever known upside down and for that reason you are truly something special.
This isn’t as easy at it was before. No, this is beginning to feel like that worst sort of hellish torture. What makes me feel worse is knowing that I chose this. I chose to feel for you and I chose to wait for you. But when I looked at you today I felt grieved because deep down I know that you won’t choose me. You love her. You always have. I thought maybe I could shoe you that I was lovable and wonderful too, but I can’t tell if I matter to you at all. Now when I see you looking at me in the corner of my eye I try not to look back because you probably get an ego boost or some other satisfaction. This hurts so much but despite this, you are still beautiful to me. Your eyes still take my breath away, your smile is still bright, and you are still very desirable. Nevertheless it hurts knowing that you may never look at me the way I look at you.