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a friend who i’m very tactile with introduced me to her dog and he just!!! loved me instantly!!!!!! like literally it was like he’d known me his entire life. also, two weeks ago she came over for the first time and my dog had the same reaction to her. we discussed this and concluded her dog is probably used to my scent and vice-versa since we hug pretty much 50% of the time when we hang out

ANYWAY THIS GOT ME THINKING. maccachin’s reaction to meeting yuri is the Cutest, but like, it’s not common? not even for such a soft dog like macca? i’d understand a tail wig and whatnot but it litERALLY TACKLED&KISSED YURI’S FACE ALL OVER LIKE IT WAS MEETING AN OLD FRIEND

and i’m just here like. um. what if maccachin had such a reaction because… it already knew yuri, in a sense? 

enters the banquet, a.k.a the Best Night of Victor’s Life. if i’m sure of one thing, it’s that the Katsuki Fragrance™ got all over him that night

so, what if victor came home from sochi and refused to wash his banquet clothes? what if he’d sleep with his nose buried in his jacket, because it still smelled faintly of yuri? what if maccachin noticed this, and realized whoever that scent belongs to, they are the one victor craves for? what if maccachin tackling yuri wasn’t just a “hello, i like you” thing and more of a “hello, i like your Musk™, and my dad does too. this makes you my new Other Dad. Dad #2, if you will” thing

TL;DR did u kno doges’ sense of smell is the bomb

reasons you should watch the get down:

  • great music (!!)
  • awesome character writing and a really compelling and complex cast of characters
  • NICE cinematography
  • ra ra’s love of star wars
  • myleke a.k.a. the best straight love story you’ll ever cry about
  • mylene’s beautiful voice
  • shaolin’s cheekbones
  • papa fuerte’s love for his family
  • stellar acting and dialogue (!!!)
  • grandmaster flash
  • mylene, yolanda, and regina just being the most amazing girls ever whom i love and care for
  • jaden smith in the role of dizzee
  • mylene’s mom lydia, zeke’s aunt, and the kipling parents
  • all the funny jackets because it’s set in the late ‘70s

okay but now that i’ve calmed down (a little), can we talk about the endless possibilities we have with shatter me? we’ll see juliette on her way to greatness with warner by her side 101%, unfaltering, ever so supportive, proud & in love. we’ll see her tackle some hardships the way we all know she can, literally using her bare hands. we’ll see warnette being intimate and soft as well as fierce and intense. we’ll see juliette fully owning up to her power and taking leadership of sector 45. WE’LL SEE KENJI!!!!!!!!!! we’ll see more kenji & juliette a.k.a quite possibly The Best Brotp there is with even greater dynamics. i’m hoping we might actually see bisexual!kenji happen bc we all know he’s just so far from straight as he could be. hopefully we’ll see more (of the) girls, perhaps even some wlw rep and juliette actively interacting with them, now that she’s more comfortable in her own skin and isn;’t afraid of being herself and talking to people. warner will pet another dog. or two. or a dozen. heck they’ll ADOPT a dog. they’ll name him son, as in their son (warner will try and name him adam but then kenji will point out it’s an insult to the dog). hopefully ad*m kent will finally choke. just. THE ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES THAT STAND BEFORE US

- Yang always cared more for Ruby than anyone else.
- Yang turns right towards Mistral.
- Says a playful line that is definitely about Ruby, not Raven.
- Drives straight forward.

How is there any doubt whom Yang chose? As much as I would like a Yang/Raven encounter, it wouldn’t make sense for Yang (a.k.a. best big sister ever) to go anywhere but to Ruby. Not to mention, her new song is literally about letting go of the past, so no Raven. (And for people who will bring up Blake, Yang doesn’t even now where Blake is. She left without saying anything when Yang was unconscious). Now if she meets Raven on her way there that is a different story.

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5D TFP Bulkhead (scraplet and his girly scream comes to mind) or 4D TFP Rachet pretty please. :-D -- Wifey. x

We had a vote in the stream, Ratchet won, sorry Bulkhead. Here ya go wifey, lol. Also, get yourself a Tumblr, damnit! Peasant!

I feel an honorable mention is needed here - wifey, a.k.a best friend decided one day to record a TV show, and then suggested we watch it. Boom. I’m hooked. She got me into Transformers. It’s all her fault.

Ladizel Band!AU
  • a.k.a. the best thing everrr holy shiT
  • ok so sadie’s a solo artist who does gigs in bars
  • she probably plays guitar (also the drUms)
  • sadie who rebelled in middle and high school through her music choices and fell head over heels in love with rock
  • her favorite band could have been called Anubis aesrdftfg;jlk
  • sadie who’s always wearing headphones, because any time she’s not listening to music is wasted time
  • sadie who lives in leather jackets and has crazy-coloured hair and is never taken seriously
  • carter says her music sucks ass (affectionately, of course) but he still shows up to every gig he can make
  • sadie's dream has always been to be in a band; she’s been trying to put one together for years but everything always seems to fall apart
  • until….
  • hazel’s music is rooted in jazz cause she grew up in New Orleans
  • she plays piano and bass and even a little trombone
  • she works as a waitress at a local restaurant, and stares longingly at the artists who come play twice a week
  • hazel who tells herself her situation is only temporary, and looks forward to the end of her shift every day so she can go home and CREATE
  • she practices classical techniques during the day and sings and dances to Micheal Jackson in her underwear at two in the morning
  • and finally….
  • lacy used to be in a duo with drew, but was left in the dust when her half sister moved on to better things
  • lacy who plays acoustic guitar and sings unknown indie-type songs
  • her guitar has a pink strap and is decorated with a dove pattern
  • lacy’s SO EXciteD her first time playing an electric guitar
  • *while bouncing up and down* “it’s so loUD!!!”
  • sadie’s the lead singer and hazel and lacy sing backup aaaaaaaah
  • their voices are rly different but they all come together nicely
  • lacy with a higher-pitched, kind of squeaky voice
  • sadie and hazel with deeper, richer voices
  • their music is a weird meadly of all their styles and they all LOVE it
  • ladizel sharing a shitty apartment in New York = WHAT I LIVE FOR
  • the three of them sitting on the floor songwriting qtrxhfdhg;djgd
  • lazing on the couch passing notebooks full of lyrics to each other
  • they gain a following of die-hard wlw fans and it’s all they’ve ever wanted

Do u ever just get home and curl up with a pillow because u need a hug from Grell? that’s ok. it’s ok. we all need hugs sometimes.

Wrap-Up Challenge - Day 9

When I think about Latch the first two words that pop into my head are “emotions” and “intensity”. If I need to come up with one disadvantage of this program - it’s that it relies so heavily on the emotional connection Tessa and Scott create with each other and with the audience during it - and it have to happen in order for the performance to really be a hit. It means that even when only one mistake is made, it takes away from the performance almost immediately (for the audience at least). But when they nail it (like they did in almost all of the performances) it really is a beautiful meaningful program that they so obviously relate to it so very much.

What strikes me about this first gif is Scott’s eyes - you can really see so much emotions in them - they convey hurt and sorrow more than anything IMHO and he nailed it before even starting the program.

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But after all the pain and sorrow things starts to look brighter:

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Until it all come to an end* in a glorious way:

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*yes I know it’s not the real ending position but I love this one so much for it’s rawness that I chose it.

Oh and here they are just being the lovely trolls they are, taunting everyone with their connection:

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Latch ending position in NHK being filmed by a cameraman who obviously moonlight as a soft porn cameraman (a.k.a BEST CAMERAMAN EVER):

Happy Birthday to the wonderful @onceuponalany 🎊🎂😁

15 More Or Less Odd Questions About Skyrim Because Why Not

1. A boring one at first. Guildmaster, Listener, Harbinger or Archmage? (BETTER WALK WITH THE SHADOWS, BITCH. Okay, just kidding. But seriously.)

2. Did you help Faendal or Sven get the girl or did you just leave it hanging because two grown ass men should be able to handle their own relationships without the help of a random person who almost got eaten by the First-Born of Akatosh for fuck’s sake

3. Did you shiv the shit out of Madanach or did you watch him and his Forsworn mates go on an old-fashioned bloody rampage in the streets of Markarth? 

 4. Why, do you think, does Serana cover her head with a hood in broad daylight but leaves her cleavage conveniently exposed? (Hey, come on, who hasn’t spend their evenings considering Serana’s cleavage? I mean. Uh. Moving on.) 

 5. Do you think Mercer Frey and Maven Black-Briar would make a good couple? In other words, DO YOU SHIP IT TOO? In other words… validate my rubbish ship, please. 

6. Now a question that will determine your worth as a person. Did you kill Paarthurnax because Dolphin and Ice-Burn asked you to? (Not that I’m judging if you did. But I’m judging you if you did.) 

7. Okay, time to start a duel! Who is sexier, Brynjolf or Serana? (FIIIIIIIGHT! In a ring. With mud. Shirtless. Thank you.)

8. Do you feel bad about having to whack poor old Eldergleam in order to complete the quest because for some reason Bethesda forced us to abuse a tree? 


 10. Have you read all the volumes of The Lusty Argonian maid? (A.K.A. Tamriel’s best scaly porn. Tamriel’s not very good at scaly porn.) 

11. Have you left Cicero going “ow ow aagh ow ow OW aaaaaagh” in one of those corridors with huge swingins axes just because he can’t die and you couldn’t be bothered to pull the chain? 

12. Have you committed the most unspeakable of crimes? That is, have you KILLED A CHICKEN? (The guards are coming for you, you lawless savage! Justice for the poultry!) 

13. Have you ever wondered how Ulfric is supposed to fix Skyrim when he can’t even fix his fucking stairs? 

14. Raise your hand if you hate the way Dragon Priests float around like pricks when you try to kill them. STOP FLYING AROUND ASSHOLE YOU’RE AN UGLY KITE 

15: What’s so special about Camilla Valerious, anyway? Geez, why don’t those guys in Riverwood just get over themselves and marry each other. (I’m not sure if that qualifies as a question or no.)

Kitty Pryde

Katherine ‘Kitty’ Pryde was recruited at the age of 13 by Professor Xavier, a recruitment violently contended by Emma Frost and the Hellfire Club who also sought the gifted young mutant and continued to do so for years afterwards. From an early age she developed a close relationship with Ororo Monroe (a.k.a. Storm), became romantically involved with Piotor Rasputin (a.k.a. Colossus) and became best friends with Illyana, his sister (a.k.a. Magik). While in space battling the Brood, Kitty also encountered and befriended the a small dragon-like creature whom she named ‘Lockheed’ and he became her long-time companion.

Kitty has grown and evolved tremendously in her time with the X-Men, training with Wolverine, almost sacrificing herself to save the planet by phasing a massive meteoric bullet through the planet and eventually becoming the Headmistress of the Jean Grey School, an alternate academy begun by Wolverine in conflict with Cyclops and the Xavier Academy. In time, she met and and fell in love with Peter Quill (a.k.a. Starlord), and when he was elected to lead his people, she took on his title and leadership of the Guardians of the Galaxy in his stead.

Kitty Pryde has worn many different names - Sprite, Aeriel, Shadowcat and even Star Lord - and has been a valued member of several teams as well, including the X-Men, X-Calibur, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Guardians of the Galaxy. She is a gifted computer programmer, a capable leader and has shown herself to be both clever and incredibly resilient in battle. She is also one of the notably few Marvel characters to be openly Jewish.

Her powers allow her to make herself or select parts of herself intangible, rendering her immune to most forms of harm. She can also use her ‘phasing’ powers to move through solid objects, to make others intangible as well, to disrupt electrical systems and to make herself and others all but invisible both to optics and the naked eye. After exposure to the Black Vortex, her powers became enhanced to a cosmic level, allowing her to phase through different planes of existence as well. Kitty Pryde’s first appearance was in X-Men #129 (Janurary, 1980).

This is Kitty Pryde’s second appearance on this blog - she previously appeared in November of 2015.