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hello, is there a place online where one can read "crime and cricket"? it sounds so much fun (judging by the things i've seen on your blog)!

Hello!(I am so happy you have asked that question

Yes indeed there is! The royalty rights for the books have expired and that means you can download them legally, and free of charge! You can do so here.

To provide a little bit of context, the books are written by E.W.Hornung, the son in law of Athur Conan Doyle and the feature A.J.Raffles, cricketer and gentleman thief and his partner in crime, Harry “Bunny” Manders. Together they commit burglaries and are constantly pursued by Chief Inspector McKenzie. The prose is very lucid and witty, and there are numerous nods to the Sherlock Holmes stories. In fact Raffles/Bunny are most probably based on the Holmes/Watson dynamic. (also, a non platonic interpretation is probably canon)

I also reccomend this masterpost  which included losts of links for books/films/series and other adaptations.

Finally, you can go through my tag , where you can find wonderful art from the fandom’s wonderful artists.

Have fun! And please tell me how you liked the stories! My askbox is always open for Raffles related conversations. <3