Whatever Chirrut had become in his life – and without the temple he could not truly be a Guardian of the Whills; without joy and frivolity he could not be a clown and jokester among sober peers; without the Holy City he could not be a protector of his beloved world – whatever he was, he was not a warrior at heart, and the events of the day had eroded his spirit. While Baze, his brother and ward, had embraced his role with vicious resolve, Chirrut had fought and run and killed because fighting and running and killing were necessary.

Now they were necessary no longer, and he was glad.


So, I’ve started on a new animation meme. I was thinking about all of the flipnotes I wish I’d worked on before the DSi broke, and I remembered that a certain Knife Party song existed. I looked for memes using the song, and realized they don’t exist at all. Thus, I decided that I wanted to make a 1080p 60fps original animation meme using the song. I won’t say what song until I know I’m not going to burn out and lose the motivation entirely, but look forward to it!

(Also, sorry about how quickly it goes by. I tried to make it a.gif, but it wasn’t working out, and I have no idea how to get an .mp4 to loop here if it’s even possible.

Edit: Never mind, just learned it loops when viewing on the computer. Nice. Learning all the time.

Another edit: Okay, I guess it’s a sometimes thing. :/)


countdown to jeonghan’s birthday

D-0: collection of jeonghan moments

happy birthday jeonghan!! thank you so much for sharing your talents and personality with us. it has been wonderful watching you grow so much through your journey with seventeen and get better and better at singing! we love you so much 💕💕💕