#ACBASundaySpecial photo of the week!

Photo by 34 year old Jason Clendening from Beaufort NC with his 2nd #ACBA Sunday Special feature. In the photo above Jason captures the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Superior Spider Man figure with the custom ACC-14 Superior Spider Man Gear attached to him. Flanked by a few custom Spider Bots atop a makeshift New York City roof. The roof is composed with the night time backdrop which is a cut out of sorts and the 6” Young Justice rooftop base in the foreground. The water tower in the back is a custom piece done by the late Ogun Ryu (R.I.P.). One speech bubble cut out (tangible, nothing shopped) and all those components combine for an excellent piece that looks like its straight out of the pages of #DanSlott Superior Spider Man. Dope.

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Brothers by Dominic Dimagmaliw
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Watch the review here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2Uv2pMTHxg 

#ACBASundaySpecial photo of the week! Photo by 37 year old Christian James aka Incurable Collectors Corner aka Dallas James from Oakland California. This is Christian’s 2nd #ACBA Sunday Special feature. In the photo above he captures the Marvel Legends infinite Series Guardians of the Galaxy Groot BAF Wave “Nova” figure touching down for a hard landing. One of the first photos of Nova to hit the #ArticulatedComicBookArt group on Facebook and STILL the best. He used a #Tamashii Effect Impact and a few other import effects to put together a expertly crafted set. Great lighting and clarity, top notch work.