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(AU where no one tries to kill anyone else and they flirt to give other people aneurysms y/n?)

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no of course not, but there is something called development or journey to become skilled at a certain thing. O was from what i gathered all season and previous seasons that was training to be a warrior not a commander or leader. C and B havent been developing or trying to develop into leaders. so for O turn to be a leader its not really earned is it ?

Well y’all are acting like she’s a great leader.  No. She won the conclave– with help I might add. Support and encouragement from Indra and Kane, advice form Bellamy, A bit of life saving from Ilian. And an alliance with Roan. This plus her own cunning and cleverness. She gets to say what happens with the bunker.

But she’s not the commander. She’s not getting the flame. Maybe they look at her as the warleader now. She’s in charge of the bunker. I guess. We don’t know. We haven’t seen it yet.

Look. They rule by trial by battle. We’re you guys pretending they WEREN’T savages? I actually think a lot of you were. 

There is a development. It starts here. If that’s actually where they’re going with it at all. I actually could see Octavia being the bridge between the sky people and the grounders. She’s ALWAYS crossed the lines, learned as much about them as possible, trained with them. Accepted their beliefs. This is not actually called “cultural appropriation.” It’s closer to “assimilation.” Clarke lived with them for a while but kept herself separate. No matter how Lxa thought she elevated herself. Octavia actually accepted the grounders a lot more than anyone. In the future she could be the leader. 

I told you guys that this narrative of Octanakin was not the story they were telling and she was going to be redeemed. I told you she was one of the most important characters. People’s bias against her is hurting their interpretation and making it hard to process her (major) role in the narrative. 

Calm down and watch the show and see what they do with it. 

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Scandalore - the Clones deciding to keep a close eye on Korkie b/c he's the General's son and b/c who knows what shenanigans he'll get up to if left unattended. Satine hates this b/c 1 - they are warriors & they're hanging around her boy & 2 - when he runs out of shenanigans, they start making suggestions. Obi Wan feels safer b/c Korkie is always with Clones & they won't let anything happen to him. Korkie loves his new friends.

Hahahahaha this is truly the AU that keeps on giving, really. You know the 212th is going to be like “…and this is how you make a homemade grenade, son,” and Satine is going to be like EXCUSE ME WHAT’S GOING ON IN THERE?! (I feel like they’d still be appropriately terrified of her wrath though, as everyone is, so they’re constantly coming up with bad cover stories about how oh no, they would never teach the boy about anything violent your highness…)

Satine has to admit that it’s not quite as distressing as when Korkie hangs out out with Uncle Anakin and the twins all day, though. Somehow setting up a small lemonade stand for fun once turned into a system-wide turf war. 

Royal Commander, y’all. Whenever I have to play those levels that are like, “Use all this magic to rack up your KO Count!” I immediately choose Zelda b/c it’s raining light arrows time, mooks!! 

The Perfect Warrior [1] (B&C Project)

So I’ve started working on a fanfic for a B&C fanfic contest. This is the first part so I thought I’d post it here to listen to whatever feedback you guys might choose to give.

He heard the blade whistling through the air before it cut through the light carapace and sank into his mutated body. For all the boons of flesh that the former Hive factory worker had sold his soul for, it could not prevent the sword slicing him open from hip to groin. He flopped to the floor, a broken mess of a blood and bile. His entire life of misguided choices flashed before him for an instant: the worker strikes, the wrong women, the underworld drugs, the cult, the changes…all of it. Then a cobalt armoured boot crushed his head underneath its tread.

Sergeant Lucien of the Ultramarines Second Company, however, did not dwell on the importance of the moment. He had lost himself in the melee from the moment he had charged into the line of cultists desperately trying to form a rearguard. His power sword described swift, graceful arcs in the air as it cut apart lasguns, limbs and heads in an eerily elegant display of swordsmanship. As befitting a student from the blademasters of Talassar. 

By the time he had finished, thirty cultists lay dead at his feet. His armor was scarred and the paint of it was chipped away by las impacts. He let out a breath as he heard the unmistakable metal clang of Astartes in half-sprint moving up to his position.

 “Sergeant” his second in command addressed him, a hint of reproach present in his gruff voice “You charged ahead again, sir. With all due respect, you should have waited until we were done cleaning up the tunnel section behind-”

 “I am aware of the dangers, Patronius. However, this piece of flotsam” Lucien replied, gesturing at the dead leader of the cultists “Would have gotten away and organized a stronger defence deeper in the mining complex.” His own voice was younger but did not lack in confidence.

Patronius paused, and for a moment Lucien thought he was about to speak a barbed remark to the younger man. He almost smiled at the idea. He would have relished an opportunity to exert his authority. He knew Patronius had never accepted his ascension to sergeant. The veteran had always considered the swordmaster too young and arrogant even when they served as squadmates.With the death of Sergeant Decius five months earlier, Lucien had been promoted as his replacement due to his bravery in fighting off the ork horde that had brought his sergeant low and retrieving his body. The rest of the men, all older veterans like Patronius, did not not take the change well, though they carried out their duties without fail.

“Good” Lucien said, smartly placing his sword back in his sheath. “Now, onto the central keep of this accursed cavern. We shall seek out the heart of this foul infestation and cut it out with blade and bolter”



Aries - ThunderClan
Leo - ThunderClan
Sagittarius - ThunderClan

Cancer - RiverClan
Scorpio - RiverClan
Pisces - RiverClan

Taurus - ShadowClan
Virgo - ShadowClan
Capricorn - ShadowClan

Gemini - WindClan
Libra - WindClan
Aquarius - WindClan


January - White fur
February - Dark brown tabby fur
March - Mottled brown fur
April - Tabby fur
May - Tortoiseshell fur
June - Gray fur
July - Ginger fur
August - Calico fur
September - Cream fur
October - Black Fur
November - Brown tabby fur
December - Blue-gray fur

The first portion of your warrior name.

A - Amber
B - Birch
C - Crow
D - Dawn
E - Ember
F - Feather
G - Gorse
H - Hail
I - Ivy
J - Jay
K - Kestrel
L - Leaf
M - Morning
N - Night
O - Owl
P - Pebble
Q - Quick
R - Rain
S - Storm
T - Thistle
U - Umber
V - Vine
W - White
X - Xylem
Y - Yellow
Z - Zap

The second part of your warrior name

RED - Stripe
GREEN - Whisker
BLUE - Sky
PURPLE - Heart
WHITE - Pelt
BLACK - Claw
GRAY - Tail
PINK - Shade

First letter of your last name

A, B, C - Medicine cat apprentice
D, E, F - Medicine cat
G, H, I - Warrior
J, K, L - Clan leader (change name to -star)
M, N, O - Warrior
P, Q, R - Deputy
S, T, U - Elder
V, W, X - Warrior
Y, Z - Warrior

Retail Price:
Author: Kate Leth            
Artist: Ian McGinty
Cover Artists:  A: Ian McGinty 50% B: Reimena Yee 50% C: Jasmine Goggins INCENTIVE
It’s a Littlest Warriors one shot! This adorable stand-alone story of the Bravest Warriors on one of Danny’s earliest birthday parties is filled with all the mischief you could expect when the gang is unleashed upon intergalactic skee-ball, arcades, and ball pits!

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Why is warriors so addicting

foreal: it has a rly customisable character structure, meaning that its super easy for readers to create ocs, insert themselves into the story and create fanworks, and this makes the franchise rly attractive and accessible to everyone

or its b/c we hate ourselves and want to feel pain

so I keep seeing requests to see what would happen if Shinah & Jae-ha switched bodies with Abi & Shuten, respectively, & I am here to fulfill these requests.

continuation of this post

Seiryuu switcharoo - well, first off, masks.  Shinah in Abi’s body would IMMEDIATELY notice that he’s able to see a little too well, like he doesn’t have his mask on, & while Shuten is trying to get “Abi” all bristly as usual, “Abi” will barely even speak to him, & when he does, he just keeps saying, barely audible, that he needs his mask.  Eventually, Zeno brings over a theatre mask, & “Abi” accepts it & puts it over his face.  Guen & Hiryuu are SUPER worried, like two stressed out mother dragons. It doesn’t help that “Abi,” when called Abi, keeps insisting that his name is “Shinah.”  Meanwhile, with the current generation, Abi in Shinah’s body is confused, because, for one thing, who the fuck put this mask on him, & for another thing, who the fuck are these so-called dragon warriors.  The rest of the HHB, except Zeno b/c he’s been through this body switch shit before, thinks that “Shinah” has been possessed again, & they are NOT about to deal with that again, so they keep trying to find cures to make the spirit leave Shinah’s body. In the meantime tho, Zeno is more than happy to explain to “Shinah” what’s going on.  As soon as “Shinah” understands, he kinda sorta breaks down into tears because his village crumbled into such a terrible place if they forced a mask onto his own successor. But when he’s back on his feet, he fuckin’ loves Yona & keeps threatening to paralyze Jae-ha & Hak whenever they start “bothering” her (Abi has a strange definition for “bothering”). He also super approves of Kija & Yun & insists that they are too perfect to be with this rowdy bunch… up until he finds out that Kija is terrified of bugs, in which case, he’s so ashamed of Guen’s successor.

Ryokuryuu rooaswitch - more like HELL.  Back in the original generation, poor Abi is too attractive for “Shuten” to avoid. Jae-ha in Shuten’s body just won’t stop flirting. Nobody is safe. Not even Zeno, who is really worried by now that he’s going to be the next person to have a sudden personality change. Abi more or less has to lock himself away in his room to escape “Shuten” suddenly putting the moves on.  Guen acts as the bodyguard and punches “Shuten” in the face everytime he sees him. Poor, unfortunate, Hiryuu, though, has to deal with “Shuten” suddenly becoming much more crabby & difficult than usual when around him. It’s almost as if “Shuten” has had a long-standing grudge against him, which makes no sense because they’ve only known each other for as long as Shuten received the dragon’s blood???? It’s upsetting, to say the least.  But it’s even worse in the current generation, because “Jae-ha” won’t stop destroying shit.  You think Guen in Kija’s body was bad?  Now you have actual roughhouse Shuten in Jae-ha’s body.  Zeno is. So fucking done.  Kija is like an angry little brother, shouting non-stop, & Yun is the terrifying mother who’s about five seconds from setting “Jae-ha” on fire. Hak won’t stop fighting “Jae-ha” & Shinah has already run far, far away.  The only person safe is Yona, who “Jae-ha” sometimes becomes surprisingly subservant to.