Please remember to wear any kind of hoodie/jacket for the next 2 days

In order to celebrate the Kagerou Days. Borrow one from your friend if neccesary.

If you happen to pass another person who is also wearing a hoodie, the password is “Kagepro”.


May you not be ran over by a truck.

Talking to my conscience
  • Conscience:Hey... hey! why do you always post something about university, work or games? i barely see something about your bf or your freetime... don't you have a life or something?
  • Me:well... i have a lot of work and too much study and.. i haven't played anything in a while...
  • Conscience:what about your bf?
  • Me:what's with him?
  • Conscience:... does he even exists?
  • Me:Of course he does!
  • Conscience:then write something about him <<!
  • Me:Oh you know him better than me ¬¬!!
  • Conscience:... what do you mean? .3.
  • Me:you KNOW what i mean o-ó
  • Conscience:... GO BACK TO YOUR BUSINESS NOW!!!1
A Chance Encounter @ask-sasodei

The weather in the Earth country was hot, almost as hot as Suna, but Saku was trained to bare against immense heat. As he neared Iwa he pulled up his hood. No need for people to recognize him here. A gust of wind hit him as he heard an explosion go off in the distance. As he hurried near it he was met with a blond figure standing among the smoke and ashes. 

Don't harp on.

Name: Ana(stasia) Lydia Ambrosia.

Animated: Anastasia Tremaine

Live Action: Holland Roden

Age: 18

Height: 5'2"

Hair: Red

Eyes: Hazel

Complexion: Caucasian

Zodiac: Leo

Species: Harpy(possibly with some siren or sorceress thrown in there–it’s a long story. :T)

Abilities: Flight, distraction, painful screeching, sharp talons/claws & shifting of shape somewhat, has a bird form, keener senses, and an almost-constant hunger. More to come; also long-lived, quick-healing, and dabbles in the arts of enchantment.

Personality: Sharp-tongued, blunt–the epitome of an honest-to-goodness “mean girl”, least on the surface. Very much into fashion; judgmental, quick-tempered, and short of patience. She can’t really help that, of course. She’s also prone to huge temper tantrums and/or fits in which anything in the immediate vicinity is wrecked. I suggest not leaving any valuables near her, chances are they will be broken. She’s also a little clumsy and has a habit of pushing others away. And she has no trouble pointing out the flaws in other people.

She is destructive. That’s what harpies -are-. She destroys beautiful things, and she won’t hesitate to tear anyone down who gets in her way.

She is also majorly SELF-destructive.

And what is her way? To try and become a more sophisticated; “updated” modern-chic version of her species. Her stepmother (Ocypete) & sisters would prefer her to simply be as disgusting and habitual as they are rather than try to become more…well, corporate. She believes her powers can be put to better use in, say, taking over the world–

Maybe the fashion world. Maybe the world-world.

Who knows just yet?

More to come.