Listen, Listen I’m not saying Travis heavily based Magnus on himself.

But the fact Travis would suggest putting hot sauce up his ass as a method of smuggling in a spicy condiment and he created a character who thought eating a deadly magic rock was a good idea, I mean. What I’m getting at is:

Magnus Burnsides would absooooooooooolutely shove hot sauce up his ass 

I’m in a vampire mood lately all thanks to @blacksmiley-c 

Go read her fic and let me finish the 22h Anne Rice audiobook I’m listening right now 

Baku thought it wasn’t enough ;A; But Kiri wouldn’t trade it for anything…maybe add sugar tho

Because I missed everyone’s birthdays and I am not missing Kirishima’s ;A; also baku baking gets me goin so yee ;A; (gotta add that to my queue now)

The Boy Next Door (15)

Summary: You didn’t used to hate the boy next door.

Word Count: 966

Warnings: Angst, swearing, and surprised

A/N: well look at that

Part 14 | Masterlist

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[ Chosen Children & Pokemon team headcanons, made with the Dexter app. I’ve done this list before, but I changed a couple things and made it visual. The evolution stages are purely aesthetic, but I did give each Chosen Child one starter (Eevee included) and one mythical/legendary/ultra beast. I of course included Wallace because I happen to love Wallace and ALL of his bunnies ]

Royal Menagerie Translation

A lot of people already pointed out how there are differences between the different localizations of Final Fantasy XIV in what exactly is said and how that sheds a new light on characters. A friend of mine asked me to take a look at the German version in regards to Zenos, so here we go for all who are curious. 

Below the cut is a direct comparison between the English dialogue with Zenos and the German version, with a literal translation of it. 

Heavy Spoiler warning for the Ending of 4.0, of course.

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