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Psychiatry wake up call, folks.

OK, so, amidst the growing masses of people blindly accepting modern psychiatry without deep thought or criticism, I’ve decided to take it upon myself to give some of you a reality check, because apparently social media is the most viable method of appealing to said masses these days:

These are factual statements backed up by research. I’ll be happy to source anything anyone questions, if they’re too incapable of doing a Google search for themself.

-antidepressants are overprescribed.

-neuroleptics are being prescribed for uses not approved by the FDA and on demographics they are not approved for (young children/elderly people)

-psychiatrists are paid and lobbied by pharmaceutical companies to prescribe their drugs to people who may not need them (next time you see your prescriber, do you see their Ativan mouse pad? Their Prozac pens and Seroquel magnets?)

-neuroleptics are abused in inpatient psychiatric facilities as a means to subdue patients easily (personal anecdote)

-SSRI’s (typically used as antidepressants: prozac, etc) have been clinically proven to be not significantly more effective than placebo in the majority of cases

-all psychiatric medications have “black box warnings” that state they may exacerbate and make worse the symptoms they are used to treat, including psychosis and suicidal thoughts and actions

-aspects of personality are increasingly becoming “diagnosible illnesses” (ex: oppositional defiant disorder) in the DSM

-many commonly prescribed psychotropic medicines are addictive; they cause withdrawl so severe that a doctor must gradually wean you off of them to avoid complication

-the side effects of many of these drugs, should one be unfortunate enough to suffer from them, are worse and more intolerable than the condition they were originally supposed to treat. (Neuroleptic malignant syndrome, tardive dyskenisia, akathesia, death, to name a few)

-you can be forced to take psychiatric medication against your will by law even if the medication is causing unbearable pain, or a life not worth living, in the name of your safety or the safety of others

-the public refuses to educate itself on the corruption behind the psychotropic medication industry and instead takes the words of pharma-backed “experts” at face value (such as the widely held and yet debunked belief that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance rather than exploring the idea that it may be a result of the sufferer’s living conditions and existential angst in a crumbling capitalistic world)

-these drugs are being approved for prescription and distribution sometimes after as few as 6 weeks in clinical trial with no long term studies ever conducted before

Disclaimer: Being aware of these issues and promoting awareness should not be taken as “MEDICINES ARE ALL EVIL WAAAH” because if you find, without coercion or outside influence, that your medication is effective for you and that the benefits outweigh any risks or side effects, then all the power to you. Do not stop taking your meds over a Tumblr post, please. Even if you’ve now decided you no longer want them, you need to talk to your prescriber about other treatment options and their help in weaning you off (because, again, withdrawl may end up with you in inpatient facilities.)


Okay, I have a crappy desk. I know that’s my problem…one of them. ;) Anyway, I bought this desk a couple years ago.  That last photo…I do that often. Legs crossed, sitting at an angle and supporting my wrist with other hand. That blue cushy thing on the mouse pad only puts pressure on my wrist, it doesn’t help.  I know it’s bad. I want a new desk. I just don’t know the right height for me. I’ve had a desk with my arm resting on it but it makes my shoulder hurt. It wasn’t the right height I guess.  It’s so frustrating. My hand gets cold and somewhat numb when editing and of course my wrist hurts.

Do you love your desk? Are you comfortable when editing? I’ve got to get a new one.

anonymous asked:

Is the site you linked for the mouse pad legit?

Kiriska: Alibaba is a platform for suppliers and manufacturers. Whether the individual suppliers listed are “legit,” trustworthy, or reliable will vary. 

I have very limited personal experience with Alibaba vendors, and none of it extends to mousepad suppliers, so no, I can’t vouch for anyone. You’re going to have to do further research on your own, dig out other sources, or ask other artists who do have personal experience in mousepad manufacturing.

Many artists use Alibaba to find suppliers for items and goods that are popular on Asian markets, but otherwise unavailable in overseas markets, because it’s pretty much the only source.

If you do pursue mousepad manufacturing via an Alibaba vendor, we’d love to hear about your experiences afterwards. :>

Further reading: #alibaba


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Hey guys I wanna start making merch!

But I need your help! 

I wanna make mouse pads for you guys but I need help in finding a good manufacturer. I wanna make sure you all get a great product. If you know anything or anyone that can point me in the right direction I’d greatly appreciate it; if you could spread word for me too it’d help a ton! 

I noticed the FFXV fandom doesn’t make weird merch like other fandoms (like Overwatch.) Like, they have mouse pads and body pillows, but we don’t and I wanna change that!

Thanks, -Swan

I completely fell in love with Newt Scamander and his outfit and had to do something fan art related. 

This is actually my first time drawing in photoshop and in retrospect I wish I had waited till I got my tablet back. Using the mouse pad probably doubled the hours. Anyways, I am quite pleased with the result! 

anonymous asked:

Momma love to draw on computer, she use special pad and pencil and sit sooo long - and I wanna halp!! Am good halper too, I jump on pad and move mouse and purr in momma face to show that I can draw nice picture too! So much fun!! :3


DAY 3176

Jalsa, Mumbai                Dec  8,  2016               Thu  11:42 pm

Learning the world of computers and smart phones and internet and the digital world , is a world by itself, in itself and on itself .. the assistance of the learned in these spheres are the fresh and new geniuses of the Universe .. they have each detail and complicated issue at the stroke of a mouse or touch pad .. they are blessed, for they have made their life less complicated in a complicated way, and subjected the rest of us ignoramus more complicated in a complicated way ..

But for the novice that I am, it is the most attention seeking pastime of the day .. and well into the night .. 

As the days pass by, the insecurity of the end of the time developed for the day, bring bothersome thinking .. the build up of the work that needs to be done attended to and accomplished, rises mountain like, immense, ominous, majestic and snow capped .. when ever shall I be in a situation to say that my mind is now clear and steady for fresh mountain like disorganised left overs ..

Yes left overs are not just the associates of the morsels we devour, but the hundreds of other works that need attention gather up in front of the work place unable to spell or declare their intent to be attended to .. and this is the turmoil that one faces and confronts each morning .. 

But life has been made so ‘attention seeking devices of modern communication’, that shifting from one to another medium, is not prolonged waiting .. it is simultaneous and immediate and .. most frustrating .. because the need to give to one never ceases .. yet the other medium screams attention .. and that causes concern .. and the frustration .. because one wishes to stay more with one, when indeed the other too seeks similar ..

And I do wonder if any of you have understood what in Heavens name am I talking about ..

I am confident though that :

“ samajhne waale samajh gaye hain, na samjhe wo anari hai “ ~ 

hehehahahahahaah .. film ‘Anari’ of Raj Kapoor by Hrishikesh Mukherji

So back to internet and digital .. 

Thank you all for the immense love and greetings for the 25 million of FACEBOOK .. with this number and the 23.8 m of the Twitterati, plus what you contribute here, makes the grand digital following to 58 million ..

That is 58 MILLION .. !!

That is BIG ..

That is enormous exhibition of love and care ..

That is all you .. for me 

That is the end all and be all of the Blog ..

My love 

Amitabh Bachchan

So for Christmas my mum bought me a new mouse pad because she disliked my old one of the Winchester’s licence plate (you can see it on top of my snes here). She asked my sister to go online and find something I would like so she typed in ‘Castiel and dogs”. And out of sheer freaking coincidence I now have @almaasi art as my mouse pad. 

Bless this small world ♥♥

Drabbles - 99

“You got a cute butt.”  G-Dragon

“Y/N, which of us has the best butt?”

Clearly today was the wrong day to swing by the boys’ dorm.


The five of them are sitting in the living room, the hyungs taking up the couch while Seungri and Daesung sit on the floor. They’re gathered around Jiyong’s laptop, scrolling past tumblr posts. Of themselves.

“People keep saying that Daesung has the best butt because of these pictures and its overall roundness,” Seungri says, commandeering the mouse pad from Youngbae. “But that can’t be right. I work out. I go to the gym. My ass has to be superior by default.”

You give him a dubious look. “Pretty sure Daesung and Youngbae both go to the gym too and way more often than you do.” You put the huge bags of take-out on the counter, already regretting your decision to buy them dinner. “Why are you talking about this?”

“Internet contest,” Seunghyun-oppa says as he heaves himself off the couch and comes over to poke around in the bags. “Chinese?”

“Yep. I was even kind enough to buy all your favorites. Who’s your favorite coordinator?”

“Seoulhyun-noona brings us beer,” Seungri adds, before grunting when Youngbae elbows him in the side.

You sigh. “Not anymore, she doesn’t. So who won the contest?”

“Daesung,” Seunghyun-oppa answers, already digging into a box of Beijing beef. “Jiyong was ranked last.” He smirks at their leader.

Jiyong pouts the way he would if a camera were watching before rolling his eyes. “I’m still the overall favorite,” he brags, biting into an egg roll.

“Just with a nonexistent butt.” Seungri receives a half-eaten egg roll to the face for his sass.

“Don’t worry, Jiyong,” you console him teasingly, sliding the sweet and sour chicken container across the table for him “You got a cute butt.”

The others look at you in surprise. “Noona?”

“What? I’ve got eyes.” You wink at Jiyong, whose cheeks are turning pink under his smile.

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A/N: kind of crack?