a. topez

The tempo is starting to pick up on this end credits track.

We’re in completely uncharted waters now. This isn’t some backwater outpost. This is Homeworld, and Steven’s been stripped away from any of his friends and allies. What happens next? What kind of gems will we meet here? Will Steven be able to talk to Topaz anymore? When will be allowed to see Lars again? Is it possible for them to escape on their own, or do they need the Crystal Gems to come help them? I suppose we’ll find out in two weeks.

The nice thing about this episode is that the characters spent pretty much the whole time just… talking. Lars and Steven talked about their problems. Topez talked about her problems. Even Aquamarine revealed just a little bit about herself before they reached their destination. I really hope we see more of Topez. Somebody needs to introduce her to Garnet, at the very least.

Steven Universe will return on Memorial Day. Cya then!


“You’re a pill-popping old queen, man. I’m a murdering maniac. But we survived, bro. We survived.”

“We did more than survive, amigo. We prospered! We took on this town and we won. We took on this place and we gave it the fucking finger. Fuck you all! I don’t care what people say! Tony Prince and Luis Lopez could not be stopped!”