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“You’re a pill-popping old queen, man. I’m a murdering maniac. But we survived, bro. We survived.”

“We did more than survive, amigo. We prospered! We took on this town and we won. We took on this place and we gave it the fucking finger. Fuck you all! I don’t care what people say! Tony Prince and Luis Lopez could not be stopped!”

The tempo is starting to pick up on this end credits track.

We’re in completely uncharted waters now. This isn’t some backwater outpost. This is Homeworld, and Steven’s been stripped away from any of his friends and allies. What happens next? What kind of gems will we meet here? Will Steven be able to talk to Topaz anymore? When will be allowed to see Lars again? Is it possible for them to escape on their own, or do they need the Crystal Gems to come help them? I suppose we’ll find out in two weeks.

The nice thing about this episode is that the characters spent pretty much the whole time just… talking. Lars and Steven talked about their problems. Topez talked about her problems. Even Aquamarine revealed just a little bit about herself before they reached their destination. I really hope we see more of Topez. Somebody needs to introduce her to Garnet, at the very least.

Steven Universe will return on Memorial Day. Cya then!

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(Perfect) One of the main big shot soc's was well known for being rich by scamming people. His son, however, tried to help others in any way he could. Despite this, people wanted revenge. And when a new group of greasers entered the county, trouble soon followed. Not even a day into their stay and the 14 year old boy had gone missing. There was a $500,000 reward for his return, but he could be anywhere by now. (@ossyreret-blog may have to tag her.)

Topez played with her throwing knifes while looking at the photo of em’ “he sure is a lucky diamond ain’t he?” Steve asked chuckling. “"Hey he sure is!! We gotta fine em’ Johnny get over here!!” Topez yelled flipping off a car and going to Johnny and Bubbagum. “"PLEASE SIS!! And dally!!?!? I wanna!!” Topez said taking a drag of her smoke. “"Eh sure!! And I know him!! His dad is the biggest soc I’ve eva’ met but the kid don’t seem like a soc!!” Bubbagum said downing her beer.

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It was a hot day so Johnny was wearing a thin crop top topez made for him, he had a scar that trailed from his side to his thigh, he was reading with Norma and he felt someone’s finger tracing his scar. “"I-uh, n-Norma?” Johnny said shyly. Of course Johnny didn’t much of all his scars because he had so many.

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I could just pinch your cheeks Johnny!! You are so adorable!!

Johnny blushed covering his face with his hands. “"I’m not adorable.” He said with a voice crack. “"Your right! Your REALLY adorable!” Topez yelled,

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Johnny sat with Ponyboy trying to fix topez’s leg. “"It won’t budge!!” Pony said using a pocket knife to move a small part. “"Well dally could do it easy!!” Topez said. “"Well I’m sorry Topez but your big brother is in jail!!” Pony argued. “"Come on cut it out!!” Johnny said.

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Hey Topez should meet ask-nathansharp

Topez ran on the sidewalks with blurry eyes. She had a black eye and busted lip, from her dad again. “"Shot shit shit shi-” She ran into someone falling back. She stood up looking at the figure. “"I-I’m really sorry!” She said quickly ready to start running again. For a fourteen year old she was tall.

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It was a quiet evening one day. The gang (that's what I call your group of greasers, Johnny) had been relaxing all day. Oddly enough, no socs had bothered them all day. That was because rumor had it that a mysterious person had arrived in town and the socs were harassing them. (@purge yep that's their name XD)

Johnny layed on a bench while soda and Steve fixed a car with jay and bubba, Ponyboy was repairing topez’s prosthetic leg. Darry was relaxing while dally smoked with Johnny. “"It’s too nice today! Don’t socs y’know!…be socs!” Two-bit said walking up. “"I dunno! Rumor is a new middle class moved here, socs don’t really know if their a greaser or not.” Johnny said.

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