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Added enough new pieces (darksaber and S3 gauntlets) to my Season 3 Sabine costume to be able to designate this version, “Darksaber-training Sabine.” Don’t mind the Scarif-like backdrop of Orlando; try to picture Atollon! XD

photos by @thereallucasmccoy

Raising Mira part 2

As much worry as Mira boundless confidence causes her parents, it’s when that confidence takes a knock that causes her parents the biggest worries.

Failure - the kind that really matters - sticks with her more than she like to admit. Deat too h isn’t something she met as often as most in the rebellion - and that she finds it hard to deal with sometimes gnaws at her, especially when she’s about 12 or so, thanks to an incident with purrgil I’ve disused in a fic. 

Her heritage too, can cause the odd problem.  Thanks to Death Watch and the like, reception to the Wren name can cause the odd diplomatic problem.  Jedi (and Mandalorians in general for that matter) are a touchy subject to many in the galaxy too…

It’s when she can’t feel like she can make a difference, or shoulder her dual legacies, that she’s at her lowest.  Even stars burn out, after all - what’s one firefly against the dark…

Evidence for Force Sensitive Finn 5/?

The Force Awakens, Alan Dean Foster

Resident Wise Person™ of the sequel trilogy Maz Kanata knows many things and has lived many lifetimes, and gives The Lightsaber™ to Finn and not to anyone else. The lightsaber, which is also the extension of a Jedi’s whole Life. And it feels comfortable in his hand, lighter than a blaster. When Sabine Wren, who is Not force sensitive, holds a lightsaber for the first time, she remarks that it is heavy, and only after she works with it for a while does it begin to feel lighter. Finn has an instant connection to this one.

anonymous asked:

Prompt: taking note of eachothers scars. any rebels pairing you want!

to be honest I have no idea how to write this without being super cheesy so instead, which I hope you like, are my HEADCANNONs for the Ghost Crews scars.


- His eyes and nose, obviously.

- One on his forearm from a blaster shot

- a cut on his shoulder from a drunken knife fight (before he went sober)


- On the backside of her lekku, from a run in with a not so nice slave trader

- A scar on her knee from accidentally kneeling on a piece of metal. She was trying to fix a broken coolant condenser


- Her hands are riddled with tiny scars from working with wires and metal making bombs

- One on her collarbone from when she faced a not so cooperative fugitive. She was trying to collect a bounty

- A scar from a blaster on her thigh

- A tiny one on the back of her neck. She doesn’t remember where she got it. Probably a fight somewhere


- One on his jaw from his days picking fights with every imperial he saw. (before he met the Ghost Crew). His fur covers it mostly

- Two tiny scars from an animal bite on his bicep


- Burn scars on the backside of his forearms . He tried to make a fire when he was homeless and it didn’t work out.

- His cheek scars from the inquisitor

- One on his hip from a speeder mishap. (before he met the Ghost Crew)


- One on his lip, above his eye and his ribs. All from Thrawns interrogation

- A long burn scar from his ribs to his hip. And a jagged one on his arm. These he got on Onderon during the explosion

- A scar on his ear from training with knives at the academy

today’s a special day! i’d like to welcome everyone to this occasion, the two year anniversary of an ongoing celebration. yes, we’re talking about wrenella day! two years ago on this day i messaged wren about wanting to interact with their sabine and received a formal response back. today, i greet them on skype calls with “i don’t like your fuckin’ attitude” and / or other loving profane-filled greetings.

with that said, to @weaponexpert / @firstchosen / @lothrat + more !

it’s been an extraordinary two years that have past. i honestly cannot look back and remember a time in my life where i was without you, and believe it or not, it was quite dull  –  well, the skype life was. you know enough about me, as i do about you, to know that spontaneous shit would’ve kept going on in my life regardless. but i wouldn’t have had anyone to share it with, were it not for you. we stay up late and fall asleep to our ongoing conversations, exhaustion laced in our laughter, only to recall the memories in the morning and laugh once more.

wren  –  you are phenomenally talented. everything you’ve said about me just now in your earlier post, i can safely say the same regarding you; except it’s tenfold. it was your promo for sabine way back in the day that caught my attention, that ignited a desire to want to take part in the star wars fandom. essentially, i joined because of you. i came, and i never left. it’s with great sincerity i say that i am glad of this as well. i don’t think you write great characters, i think you embody them. i believe you are them, you become them in your writing, as your love bleeds into the effort of establishing and developing them in your own unique way. you are devoted and versatile, passionate and innovative, mesmerizing and awe-inspiring. 

i have seen you at your worst. i have seen on the verge of tears and heard sobs, i’ve seen your rage and watched you dealt with the worst of bad days. and i have seen your best, your phenomenal best; your joy, your smile, your laugh. there’s a variety of laughs you have that i love though i’ve told you which one is my favorite. i have felt nothing but proud of you no matter the day simply for the fact that you got through it. 

we share just about everything to unusual families to emotional shit we don’t really talk about with anyone else. we talk issues and spill salt. we’ve got a mutual love in wwe and an unironic, unashamed one for twilight simutaneously. incredible, isn’t it?

no offense, but we’re the ideal meme dream team here. we’ve got pearl harbor and slapping titties. you gave my y’all while i gave you deadass. as we nyoom our way through times – including the incident where i almost choked on rice and died on a live call – we finally come to the realization that indeed, everyone in this neighborhood is a fucking homo. 

so overall, a giant thank you for putting up with me and all the times i’ve drunk called. or all the times i fucked up in english or cried in greek. thank you for getting me into fmab and making me love a minor lizard character, you fucking asshole, because jokes on you: we’re gonna adopt five hundred lizards to compensate for that. thank you for the laughter, thank you for the sincerity and trust, thank you for the memories. and above all else, thank you for the love.

i love you, wren. you’re one of my best friends and biggest inspirations on tungle dot hell. through thick and thin, at least we have each other. happy wrenella day, with all my love always.  ♥♥♥♥♥

I realize it may seem like I’m incapable of drawing anything other than star wars ladies, but with the whole Forces of Destiny announcement I’m waaay too hyped! Also, this one does include Hera since so many of you were upset the last one didn’t 

This is available as prints, phone cases, shirts and more in my shops here and here :)

Happy International Women’s Day!

I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do something with jyn since rogue one came out but I honestly couldn’t leave out ahsoka and sabine, let’s be real. (also I know that’s sabine’s old hair but it’s the one I like best sorry)

aaanyway here’s my favorite badass ladies in a day that celebrates all the badass ladies out there <3

this design is available as prints, phone cases, shirts, and more in my shops here and here 

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Asians in Star Wars