a. sabin

IMAGINE Ursa Wren coming home to...

Dad Wren and Sabine covered in specks of paint and holding paint guns behind their backs and sitting on her throne.

Ursa: What in Mandalore are you two doing?

Dad Wren: Nothing, Love.

Sabine: Nothing, Mother.

Ursa: (Eying them suspiciously) You sure?

Dad Wren: Sabine and I were sparring.

Ursa: Oh, carry on. (Exits)

Dad Wren: Ok, Sabine, here’s what we’re gonna do, I’m gonna find paint that matches the throne color and paint over the mess and you’ll distract your mother long enough so the paint can dry. 

Sabine: How I’m supposed to distract Mother long enough?

Dad Wren: Ask her how babies are made. Ask her how you were made, she likes to drag out that story. Ask her how Tristan was made if she doesn’t go long enough.

Forces of Destiny, series of animated shorts focused on female Star Wars characters like Ahsoka, Rey, Leia, Jyn, Padmé, Sabine etc. Something, I thought is really cute, and could serve as way into Star Wars for little girls but also possibility how to explore canon for the rest of Star Wars fans…

…. and then I opened the top comments under the YouTube trailer

and my favorite, the literal definition of both ‘i feel threatened’ and ‘i feel uncomfortable when we’re not about me’ memes

Headcanon: Tristan Wren deluded himself that Gar Saxon was at least a loyal brother-in-arm...

Judging by how he rationalizes that his mother trusts Saxon completely and even hesitates between choosing loyalty to Saxon and his own Clan Wren. 

And judging how he cries out that “If I can protect Father, I’ll have to try!”, it seems perhaps he thought that gaining status with Saxon would free his father. I also headcanon that before Dad Wren was taken hostage, Tristan was secretly hoping to win Sabine a pardon.

¿No sabes una cosa? Es posible que nunca hayas pensado en ello, pero te lo voy a decir en secreto: Te quiero. Ayer a las 12 de la noche te quería mucho, y ahora a punto de salir de la escuela, voy a volverte a querer. Todos los días te quiero de las 10 de la mañana a las 4 de la tarde, de las 4 de la tarde a las 8 de la noche y de las 8 de la noche a las 2 de la madrugada. Después de las 2 de la madrugada te sueño y te quiero.
—  Jaime Sabines / Cartas a chepita