a. sabin

gayest star wars characters with evidence:

  • sabine wren: have you SEEN her
  • poe dameron: upon meeting finn starts wearing a wedding ring he wants to share w the “perfect partner” also the classic Lip Bite
  • ahsoka tano: the only way someone could like lux bonteri is comp het
  • rey: hates kyle ron, asks him to put a cowl or something on when hes shirtless
  • luke skywalker: poncho
  • finn: i love him

feel free to add more


Fourth batch of Adventure Zone Inktobers! In order: Killian, Robbie (Pringles), Barry Bluejeans and Lup, John, Kravitz (and Legion), Paloma, Istus, and Captain Davenport!

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Did anyone else notice the dichotomy between the dinners at the Dupain-Cheng and Agreste households? The scenes are framed in such a way to compare and contrast both dynamics. 

The first scene, featuring the small Dupain-Cheng apartment, gives off a cozy atmosphere. The space is filled, creating a sense of warmth and emotional closeness. Little details like affectionate kisses, the homemade meal, and the rosy color palate emphasize the amount of love in the household. From the contextual clues, we gather this is a regular evening in the Dupain-Cheng household.

Once the meal is finished Tom brings out a homemade dessert. Again, a little contextual detail. The moment itself isn’t needed to further the plot of the episode—the scene could have concluded after the meal with Marinette leaving. Its purpose is to further expand on Tom’s character as a father. Running a bakery requires hours of grueling work, from waking up before everyone else, to opening up, to baking, to finally cleaning and closing up shop late in the evening. 

Despite the many hours of work, family always remains a priority. Tom still makes time to help and/or prepare a meal for his family. The extra effort, such as making a dessert, really speaks volumes about him as a father and the amount of love he has for his family.

Marinette is evidently happy about the treat, but declines and informs her parents about plans made prior. How do her parents respond? They’re understanding. There’s no annoyance, bitterness, or guilt-tripping, just encouragement and support. They’re excited for their daughter and eager for her to explore budding feelings and a potential relationship.

The scene cuts to the Agreste manor and the first thing we’re greeted with is a wide shot of the Agreste dinner table. We see an empty place set and Adrien at the far end of the table. The vast emptiness gives off a lonely, hollow atmosphere. Little details such as the bare dinner table, muted colors, and wide space between the seats of both Agrestes, emphasize their distant relationship. 

The framing of the shot conveys the power imbalance between both characters. Gabriel’s place is at the forefront of the shot, while Adrien appears small, powerless, and seemingly insignificant in the background. Even when not present, Gabriel has full control over the situation. He can command his son’s company and not bother appearing. There is no excuse for this level of disrespect and disinterest in a child. Not only do the Agrestes have to schedule times to spend together, Gabriel doesn’t even bother showing up. 

Although disheartened, Adrien isn’t surprised. His father’s absence is a regular occurrence. Tom and Gabriel are juxtaposed as parents here; both men are busy but have vastly different priorities. Tom goes out of his way to be a present, loving, and supportive father. Gabriel’s behavior, on the other hand, reads the exact opposite. His needs and desires are prioritized before those of his son. On top of being absent, he exercises control over where his son can go and who he can see. Not only does he withhold affection and emotional support from his son, he prevents others from being able to do so as well. 

Adrien is like a canary in a cage; there to be looked at and enjoyed, but trapped with no means of escape.

Some more doodles of the adults as awkward teens/ young adults.

Pink lady is running around town while transformed trying to set right some comedic but embarrassing sequence of events, and clumsily falls into Adrien’s arms. He tries to figure out if there is an akuma, but she runs off. Her embarrassing situation becomes so much worse when her crush Chat Blanc inexplicably shows up and wants to know what’s going on…

Eso de mis citas es puro cuento; son citas con un amigo, con una taza de café, con un libro. Y de que tengo ganas de enamorar a alguien es cierto, pero yo siempre tengo ganas de enamorar a alguien. Lo malo es que siempre lo dejo para otro día.
Decididamente me he vuelto un misántropo. Y hasta cierto punto, tú tienes la culpa también. El toloache. La deshidratación. La poesía. El afán místico.
Todo eso me tiene hecho un pendejo todavía
—  Jaime Sabines
ML parents:
  • Adrienette in the car with Sabine: McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s!
  • Sabine: Sorry kids, we have food at the bakery.
  • Adrienette in the car with Gabriel: McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s!
  • Gabriel: *pulls into drive-thru*
  • Adrienette: *cheering*
  • Gabriel: One black coffee.
  • Adrienette in the car with Tom: McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s!
  • Tom: McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s!