a. palladio

welcome home - a Jyn x Cassian playlist

tracks: renegades - x ambassadors // america - imagine dragons // charlie boy - the lumineers // the only exception (vsq cover) - vitamin string quartet // welcome home - radical face // yellow light - of monsters and men // silhouettes - of monsters and men // skyfall - adele // fade into you - clare bowen & sam palladio // i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie


are you ready nashies? nashville cmt teaser promo

there’s all roads wrong and right, all choices dark and light, lead to one place:

      a place we’re meant to be - a face you’re meant to see

and every moment let me hear:

      to you to my heart to N A S H V I L L E


Inigo Jones by jacquemart
Via Flickr:
Chiswick House and Gardens, London

katialeephotography  asked:

When we have ruined this planet, when there is nothing left after the destruction and few humans remain, what one structure in the world would you wish to remain? The one that would be an exemplary statement as to who we were as the human race...

I have been thinking about this for a number of days, tough question. I managed to decide it should be a house, because that was the birth of architecture, not the monuments to gods or commerce but the need for shelter. But which house? I kept filtering the results to a single family house, standing by itself, with a form simple enough that is easily recognizable in one frame. 

Then, I could not decide between two houses that best represent Occidental architectural tradition, not because I think it is the most important but its the one I know well enough to make an informed decision: one of Palladio’s villas and Villa Savoye. 

Which building would you choose? Bet is different from mine!

Villa Almerica Capra Andrea Palladio

Villa Savoye Le Corbusier