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“AMEN” (Can I Get an Amen) Female Cover

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I really enjoyed this song by CG5, and got a TON of requests for it! Thankfully, this one sits right in my range, heh heh. Lots of fun to cover!

Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVQtlb_U5tM


Today’s Livestream doodles! I said everything and anything, from Bendy to meerkats! I’m also in love with drawing Percedal… so I got carried away with his sketches… I’ve been waiting to draw him for months.

Buff Bendy made me cry a few days ago. Anything that makes me laugh that hard deserves a high-five.


BEHOLD!!  The dub for “Hell’s Studio” is finally here!

Special thank you to @doodledrawsthings for allowing me to dub her hilarious comic!  Check her out today!  ^^

Feel free to reblog, if you wish.  Every little bit helps.  Thanks!  ^^


Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire mobile game trailer


Hey folks! It took an arm and a leg, but I finally got the video for Can I get an Amen done! it turned out to be a serious learning curve for me, but it was wroth it!