a. machine

So RamChupi over on the BATIM Reddit showed off the rigging of the official models, and

See those rigs in his head?

Apparently Bendy can move his horns and this information makes me extraordinarily uncomfortable in ways words can’t quite articulate

@aroma-rhineford-cosplay submitted: Reading the Toon Henry series like…
But seriously, can someone give him a suit of armor or something?? What’s the melt/splat count at now; 5?? This poor man needs to REST.
(I’m really loving the story so far tho!!)

((OH GOSH THIS IS GREAT :’D don’t yell oh my gosh. @the-elusive-blue-skittle​ people really love your fic, my dude. and this isn’t the first time someone’s pointed out what a hard time he’s having, either - i see it all over the tags and replies :’D poor little guy. someone does need to protect him. thank you for the (very relatable) art, dear! its adorable! :D <3))