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How I Think Chapter 2 of BATIM Will Start
  • Bendy: * Face and eyes covered in ink, smiling, slowly creeping up towards you*
  • Henry: * Frozen with fright, axe trembling in his hands*
  • Bendy: "...."
  • Bendy: * Turns left and smacks into wall*
  • Henry: *Stiffens less*
  • Bendy: * Runs into other wall and falls down*
  • *awkward silence*
  • Bendy:
  • Bendy:
  • Bendy: ...Marco.
  • Henry:
  • Henry: *looks around*
  • Henry:
  • Henry: ....
  • Henry: ...Polo..?
  • Bendy: * Lifts himself up immediantly* AHA
  • Henry: NO WAIT

carlos would get a binder and only wear it for exactly 8 hours, as recommended, and he would wash it according to the tags about twice a week and he wouldn’t even think about modifying it at all

cecil on the other hand would forget he’s wearing his binder half the time and fall asleep in it, and would never wash it, and do a hack job on the ones that go down too far