a. forestier

Inktober #1 The Old Man

I’m afraid of inking things because of the chance of ruining the whole thing, so decided to add ink here and there only. I am a little bit shocked atm because I have a feeling this is my first time drawing Ezio? How???

French Summer ( Listen Here )You’re on a terrace, it’s almost the end of summer . The sun is slowly setting and Paris is encompassed in a golden light.You have a glass of Rosé in your hand.You’re surrounded by friends. You’re at peace.

Carla Bruni- Chez Keith et Anita///Isabelle Pierre-Le Temps est Bon///Pink Martini-Je ne Veux pas Travailler///Charles Trenet-La mer///Maxime Le Forestier-San Francisco///Serge Gainsbourg-Le Rock de Nerval///Michel Polnareff- Holidays///Jeanne Moreau-Le Tourbillon de la Vie///Maxime Le Forestier- Education Sentimentale///Serge Gainsbourg-Le Boomerang

(Context: Our team of six people entered a foresty area, hoping to find something. There were sticks that we kept picking up, and one was nearly the size of a log that was inside of a tree. We took it out of it’s hole, which was pretty decently sized.)

Alkarus (me): “I want to stick my dick in there.”

Zannerios (OOC): “Uh me as well.”

Bulung (OOC): “ME TOO!”

DM: “All of you can roll to see if we’ll be able to.”

*All of us roll and we all are able. Our characters mush their dicks into the hole. They all fit.*

DM: “When you all take your dicks out of the tree, though, it turns out it was a Awakened Tree. It starts to attack you while your dicks are still out.”

Alkarus: “FUCK”

Aaaand oh boy I spent a lot of time on this

More monsterboy AU stuff! this time with Genyatta… Faunyatta was inspired by this a hint though I used antelope refs for him. Genji is a dragon, naturally.

Also!!! This is a throwback to art I did a lot back in the day… soft foresty scenes with this kinda color scheme. I still got it and I still luv it, so enjoy~

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