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Serene Photographs of Serial Killers Dump Sites

Photographer // Stephen Chalmers 

(from left to right)

Dennis Frank Fox (21) // William Bonin
Danny Joe Eberle (13) // John Joubert
Diann Remington (22) // Stanley Bernson
Jennifer Joseph (16) // Robert Lee Yates 
Jane Doe - torso only // Unknown
Laurel Wason (31) and Shawn McClenahan (39) // Robert Lee Yates
Shannon Zielinski (39) // Robert Lee Yates
Sherry Palmer (19) // Robert Lee Yates


Dunedin. Hulmes Court cottage in Tennyson Street. Fanciful Victorian Gothic. Built early 1860s for Dr Hulmes who founded the medical school at the University of Otago. by denisbin
Via Flickr:

Leisure Hours (1877). John Robertson Reid (Scottish,1851-1926). Oil on canvas.

Reid trained under George Chalmers and William MacTaggart. His mature style was influenced by the move in painting toward rural Naturalism (Sir George Clausen) and the French Realists (Jules Bastien-Lepage) and also owes a little to Impressionism.


The 2016 Deadpool V Gambit book is quite slashy. It’s so fun to read the adventures of this pair of weirdos. They are the perfect frenemies. 

A while ago, they were both hired by Black Fox, aka Raul Chalmers. 

But Chalmers fooled them. The two got into a fight.

But soon they realised they were double-crossed by Chalmers.

Now they meet again. But they sure do not learn the lesson.

The following chapters of this book are even more couplely. If the book is ever adapted to a movie, I think Channing Tatum can play this version of Gambit pretty well. After all, one of the authors Ben Blacker admitted he watched the Jump Street movies for inspiration. Also it seems Tatum had pretty good chemistry with Ryan Reynolds when they were at the 2015 SDCC.