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Phil’s Liveshow // 9.4.16

He’s wearing his cat pocket shirt

“Publishing that to facey b”

He loves Australian accents and we wanted to pick it up

“Sorry if I met anyone and copied your accent”

He’s bubbling at the bottom of the illness scale

School chat

The school bus was the worst part in his opinion

“Maybe I’ve had a second puberty and didn’t realize”

He got a haircut when he got back 

He gets prawn cocktail pringles, a fizzy beverage, and a new computer game for his after tour chill

He lost his Captain America shirt


The Australian crew was really chill

He froze

He was enamored with the opera house

They saw gigantic bats and a possum

“I frickin love raccoons”

He had a great time in Hong Kong 

They went to the peak of the city and went to a pizza restaurant with a great view 

Hong Kong was wet af

“I’ve never been so moist”

Someone said they were watching at a theme park and he saidd they should take him on a ride

He likes hoovering

Top fans got marsupials 

He thinks he would be a water bender because he’s an aquarius 

Talked about the wildlife park

“It was life changing for me, meeting the koala.”

The koala smelled better than he did

“A fresh, cuddly, cloud bear that smelled of menthol.”

*cough cough*


He hates washing dishes 


Dan is more scared of spiders than he is

He’s mildly disappointed that he didn’t see a terrifying beast

Talked about Tim Tams

Dan bought them some Moon Cakes in Hong Kong

They got burgers the first say in Hong Kong

Dan’s probably playing a video game in the house somewhere

His sleep schedule is almost fixed

Their photoshoot was for documentary adverts so expect to see those

He never knows what to do with his face in pictures

He did some teethy smiles

They watched a lot of Olympics in Australia

His favorite event is pole vaulting

“Attaching a human to a pole”

They stayed in apartments rather than hotels in Australia

Him and Dan stayed in an apartment together so they got to go see the rest of their crew and it was a good time other than having to make their own food

He actually got all of his magnets

“Marriage to everyone”

RIP Dan’s farfetch’d 

Discussed Mr. Mime (whom he doesn’t trust)

“Define what you mean by cute”

“I love you, Phil” “Thank you, Daniel” (this was a message don’t eat me)

Talked about the demonetization drama

Dan’s videos and the gaming videos are fine atm don’t sweat it pals

Discussed the Hong Kong light shows

He attracts mosquitoes 

Dan has loved all of Avatar but it took him a bit to get into

“I’m glowing” Phil is pregnant #confirmed

“What happened next in the life of Dillypops”

Dil will be the next video and then Undertale and another Dan (and slightly Phil) video will come soon

They just set up a new speaker system in their lounge

He thinks their neighbors hate them because their movies are always so loud


He likes cheesecake 

Top fans got more animals 

Salted caramel, mint chocolate chip, and cookie dough are his favorite ice cream flavors 

Photoshopped Dan #conspiracy 

Evan Peter’s red hair 

He watched Zoella’s candle haul and he wanted to order them but they don’t deliver to the UK

“Salted caramel pumpkin. What the hell? That’s what I want.”

*cough* “Can you not?”

He’s burning cappuccino truffle right now 

“We really need to clean that shelf”

He’s wearing fox socks today

“Life is too short to wear matching socks”

He is not naked from the waist down in case you were wondering 

Discussed Cursed Child

He froze again

“How many hands am I holding up? I mean fingers.”

Photoshoot pictures will probably be released within a month

He was sneezy and stuffy on the plane and it was awful

They watched The Night Manager on the plane

*Soundtrack singing*

He FaceTimed his mum today

He’ll probably see his parents this month because they may come to London

His mum hasn’t watched the ditl video yet

His mum is also very excited about her new iPhone

Will Dan ever get over the farfetch’d find out next week on Mackenzie Falls


He appreciates us hanging out with him 

“Goodbye! Boop.”

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This has been doing the rounds all day on facey-b. Quintessential northern Ireland.