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For some reason, I always like to imagine characters of Harry Potter as experiencing different mental disorders. I guess it makes me feel less alone. Feel free to disagree with me or add onto it.

Harry Potter - PTSD, depression

Hermione - obsessive compulsive personality traits.

Ron - arachnophobia

Snape - dysthymia, alcoholism/substance abuse (those aren’t just bottles of potion lying around his office)

Luna - either Aspergers or Schizotypal personality.

Voldemort - Antisocial personality, Macdonald triad.

Trelawney - pathological liar, generalised anxiety.

Draco - emotionally abused, low self esteem. 

Ron: Look. I think we need to have a serious conversation, mate.

Harry: Er..about what?

Ron: I think it’s time you finally deal with this thing that’s been going on for years now.

Harry, bewildered: What are you even talking about?

Ron: I see the looks, the longing. I see you study that map as if it’ll magically summon the object of your desire. I see your nightly wanderings with that map. I see you at meals, trying to act casual as if you don’t want to just disappear everyone but you and him. Really, mate, it’s so obvious it hurts.

Harry: *speechless*

Ron: Hermione and I don’t care what you do or who you do it with so long as it makes for happy. Voldy is dead, the war is done, you deserve to be happy.

Harry: Th-thank you, Ron, really, I appreciate you saying that. But it…it doesn’t matter what I might be feeling, he’d never have me. Not with, well, with everything.

Ron: You’ll never really know until you actually talk to him about it. And, well…I might have already smuggled him in here. You two really need to talk. Come find me later. Or tomorrow, y'know, whatever.*gets up hastily and leaves, red-faced and trying to hide his grin*

Draco, drops the loaned invisibility cloak and steps forward: He’s right, you know, as much as I hate to admit that a Weasley could ever be right. It always astounds me just how thick you can be, Potter.

Harry: Dra- Malfoy! You- I-

Draco: Draco, is it? Already thinking of me by my first name are you? Touching. So tell me, what exactly are these feelings you “might be” having? And what was that about having you? I’d like to explore that in depth.

*a slow smirk spreads across his face as Harry’s grows a brighter crimson*

Rereading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Chapter Sixteen - A Very Frosty Christmas

CHRISTMAS TIMEEEE IS HEEEEERE (its not even halloween yet but the hype is so real)

“Well, you can’t break an Unbreakable Vow…”
“I’d worked that much out for myself, funnily enough.”

savage harry strikes again!!!!!

- HAHAH fred and george are roasting ron about lavender asking if she has brain damage and ron A WIZARD retaliates by throwing an actual fucking knife

“Percy definitely not showing his ugly face, then?” asked Fred.
Mrs. Weasley turned away before she answered. “No, he’s busy, I expect, at the Ministry.”

literally pains me to read percys name FUQ A DUDE FOR HURTING MOLLY 

Malfoy was definitely up to something, and Snape knew it, so Harry felt fully justified in saying “I told you so,” which he had done several times to Ron already.

ah yes harry because that is a very unannoying,  non-dickhead thing to do and will totally get people to see your point of view

- ‘a cauldron full of hot, strong love’ will forever be my favorite title of anything ever

- also people are still being mean to fleur and im not here for it yall!!!!!!!!!!

- the ministry is still holding stan shunpike in azkaban :’(

“But I do not forget that during the year I taught at Hogwarts, Severus made the Wolfsbane Potion for me every month, made it perfectly, so that I did not have to suffer as I usually do at the full moon.”

ok..as much as i hate snape. gotta give respect where its due. like he was a DICK to remus when he was teaching and hes the one who got him fired but like he could have made things so much worse for him by fucking up the potion so ill give him that at least.

- 1. POOR BB REMUS is being forced to live with the werewolves to try and get them to not be on voldemorts side and it hurts my heart 2. fenrir greyback is mentioned and EW

- hahahahah ron just got his christmas present from lavender and all i can say is… FUCKING SERVES U RIGHT FOR MAKING HERMIONE CRY u a lil shit head in this book ron..the fuck outta here.

He hesitated a moment, then said, “Is Hermione really going out with McLaggen?”
“I dunno,” said Harry. “They were at Slughorn’s party together, but I don’t think it went that well.”
Ron looked slightly more cheerful as he delved deeper into his stocking.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- kreacher got harry a christmas present and harry didn’t get him one in return. sure, it was a package of maggots BUT STILL. its the thought that counts. sweet angel kreacher. 

- more random than harry and ginny? REMUS AND TONKS. like forreal where did this come from??? was jkr just in a very like loving mood when she read this book? idk but girl i am CONFUSED

- scrimgeour and percy just busted into the christmas feast and I DO NOT APPROVE ONE BIT. scrimgeour is trying to be like ‘who wants to go on a stroll with me?? eenie meenie minie… HARRY POTTER’ and it SUCKS yall

“You never get it right, you people, do you? Either we’ve got Fudge, pretending everything’s lovely while people get murdered right under his nose, or we’ve got you, chucking the wrong people into jail and trying to pretend you’ve got ‘the Chosen One’ working for you!”


“I haven’t forgotten, Minister…”
He raised his right fist. There, shining white on the back of his cold hand, were the scars which Dolores Umbridge had forced him to carve into his own flesh: I must not tell lies

literal chills. HARRY IS GOING AWF

“Well, it is clear to me that he had done a very good job on you,” said Scrimgeour, his eyes cold and hard behind his wire-rimmed glasses. “Dumbledore’s man through and through, aren’t you, Potter?”
“Yeah, I am,” said Harry. “Glad we straightened that out.”
And turning his back on the Minister of Magic, he strode back toward the house.

*im a boss ass bitch plays in the background*


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Robes and Fake Blood

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Pairing: Implied Harry x Reader (ft. Ron)

Content/Warnings: None

Words: 150

A/N: I feel really bad for not getting a lot of content out to you guys… I just don’t have time to write D: With only 11 days left of October I’ll be posting the Halloween-specific prompts first to make sure that I can get them all done by the 31st. This was a request from anon for 14 with Harry.

Drabbles are closed.

“Whoa, what happened?” Ron asked when you stepped into the Gryffindor common room.

“Huh?” You asked, scrunching up your brow. Glancing down, you noticed the red dye that coated your shirt. “Oh, this?”

“Yeah,” Harry affirmed, squinting at you in concern. “That is fake blood, right?

“No Harry, it’s real,” You quipped sarcastically. “Of course it’s fake. I was working in the Room of Requirement with Fred and George and it got a little messy.”

“What were you working on that you got fake blood all over you?” Harry asked curiously, long used to you working with the Weasley twins.

You shrugged. “That’s classified, Harry, sorry. But if you really want to know, just wait ‘till Halloween.”

Harry and Ron exchanged glances, the two of them grinning. “Please tell me it involves the Slytherins.”

You simply smiled, sending your two friends a wink before trotting towards the stairs. “Night boys!”

You have my eyes

~ So basically Sirius and Sarah(change the name if you want) had been together since school and after they got married and Sarah was pregnant with you but she didn’t have the chance to tell because he went to Azkaban but you are good friends with Harry so he meets you in the Shrieking hut ~

Warnings : Non,except my English

You were returning from the owlery because you had sent a letter to your mother. She meant the world to you as she was the only person you could call a family but you didn’t get along very well. It isn’t that she didn’t love you but after your father left you she didn’t really have energy for anything. The only thing you knew about your father was that his name was Sirius Black and he was in Azkaban. You had tried a lot of times to ask your mother why but she the only thing she told was that he did something terrible and quickly change the topic. As you can imagine it was a big surprise for you when you saw posts with his name and photo in all over the streets. You had never seen a picture of your father before so you just stood there and look at it for a whole minute. When you told your mum about it she didn’t take very well. She was worried that he would hurt you and sent you a letter almost every two days. You were sick of it,but she was your mother right? It’s her job to worry.

You decided to take a walk outside to think when you saw your three friends, Harry,Hermione and Ron running to the whomping willow. You quickly followed them and get in the small passage as they did .After waking for a while you arrived at small room with scratches and bites all over the walls and furniture. You heard voices from the room upstairs and move to that direction. As you stepped inside you froze immediately. In front of you was Shape lying unconscious,Ron with a huge bite on his leg, Professor Lupin holding a rat and Harry and Hermione with a bizarre expression on their faces. But what made you so shocked was the man aside the room. He was the man in the posts. The man who was missing from her life the past 12 years. Her father.-What the bloody hell is going on? You asked looking around.- (y/n) what are you doing here? Hermione asked looking to you and Black. You looked at him as well but there wasn’t any sign of recognition. Of course he wouldn’t, You thought. - Well..Harry I finished the story…do you believe us? Professor Lupin said looking unsure. - Yeahh…I th-Think I do.- Will someone explain to me what’s happening? - Well as you learnt basically Mr. Black is innocent and Peter Pettigrew was the real murder. This time Hermione spoke.- But..I thought…whatever. You answered still shocked that your father who was a criminal in your eyes was in fact innocent. After that all of you started walking back to the castle. You were besides Sirius. You weren’t talking but you were stealing glances from him. You wanted to say something,you could feel the tears in your eyes. He was your father. When you were younger you used of him,holding in his arms and kiss you forehead and now he was here. But he didn’t know who you were. He didn’t recognise his own daughter.Suddenly you felt an arm in your shoulder. - Are you okey ? It was Black watching you with a worried expression. You open and quickly close your mouth. You didn’t know what to say.- You have my eyes. He said out of the blue and this time he looked at you more carefully. - Sirius this is ( y/n y/l/n ). Professor Lupin said. Sarah’s (y/l/n) daughter.

This is my first work so I know it’s not very good but I hope you liked it. Sorry if my grammar is too bad,English isn’t my first language. I will make a part 2 if you would like when you go to live with Sirius and maybe you get together with someone and he is annoyed. Send me a message if you want any request!! -Athena


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