a. a. mosolov

I’m honestly one step away from “churning thine own butter” levels of do it yourself, except if I had to actually sit and churn butter I’m pretty certain my arms would fall off. Which is why I will never actually go off the grid because there’s no way my sick ass would make it. I can barely lift my wet laundry out of the machine that washes my clothes for me into the one that dries them for me.

If there’s ever a zombie apocalypse just leave me behind with the mosolov cocktails and a shotgun with several rounds of ammo. I know my place in the collapse of society and it’s not as someone who survives.

UNITY, RIGHT, FREEDOM » a mix for ludwig beilschmidt through the ages

i. dum pater familias - sequentia {holy roman empire, 962 - 1618} | ii. kyrie - ensemble organum {thirty years’ war} | iii. long slow goodbye - queens of the stone age {holy roman empire, 1648 - 1805} | iv. icarus - bastille {holy roman empire, 1806} | v. arrival of the birds - the cinematic orchestra {confederation of the rhine} | vi. waltz of the flowers - pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky {german confederation} | vii. op. 45 ein deutsches requiem iii. herr, lehre doch mich - johannes brahms {north german confederation} | viii. reconstructing more science - aperture science psychoacoustics laboratory {german empire, 1870s} | ix. op. 19, the iron foundry - alexander mosolov {german empire, 1880-1900} | x. brotsjór - ólafur arnalds {german empire, 1900-1914} | xi. barton hollow - the civil wars {first world war} | xii. beat the devil’s tattoo - black rebel motorcycle club {weimar republic} | xiii. oh no! - marina and the diamonds {third reich/second world war} | xiv. the cave - mumford and sons {1946-1950} | xv. lonely soldier - damien rice {1950s} | xvi. a change is gonna come - sam cooke {1960s} | xvii. lover of the light - mumford and sons {1970s} | xviii. 9 to 5 - dolly parton {1980s} | xix. oh how the years go by - amy grant {reunification} | xx. them that do nothing - field music {present day}

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