A is for Art School

Viktor is a photography grad student and Yuuri is a dance major

“Phichit… The Viktor Nikiforov is not staring at me. Stop joking around!”

“Yuuri! I swear! He’s staring at you like you’re the moon and it’s his first time really seeing you! I bet he’s going to ask you to model for him.”

First of my Viktuuri A-Z series! I’m still putting the list together so please give me ideas on AUs for future letters! Here’s what I have so far… 

fayfay-411  asked:

I can imagine Pocket Fi hugging her little Micro Pen plushie, just in case someone were to steal it.

Pocket Fi is completely willing to share her toys with others. Only the cruelest of monsters would try to steal from her and make her upset.

Look at her! She’s so happy! How could anyone think of stealing Pocket Fi’s favorite tiny penguin?! You monster