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  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:why didn't the channel snsd staff let sooyoung pick another member after she drew herself? the staff just told her to keep herself so she had to buy her own gifts while she helped the other members pick out gifts for their chosen member. then she had to watch the other members receive their gifts and she looked so sad and left out during the whole thing, even though she tried hard not to. i know the pd got her the necklace she had looked at in the jewelry store but that doesn't make up for her not being able to participate with the members.
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Feeling a wave of nostalgia as I remember my year of missionary work serving beside some of the greatest people I’ve had the privilege to know. My eleven teammates gave me this beautiful leather bound journal at the end of the year with photos of us stuck into random pages, a few kind words, and a little painting of a tree made out of their fingerprints.

They taught me about what it looks like to love someone specific to who they are and how they feel most loved, how to be patient (ha), and that it’s healthier to fight with someone you love than to let things go unresolved and get swept under the rug.

i was in fandom for years and years before i ever wrote anything longer than a few hundred words, and had always assumed it was just not something i could do. (and i hate not being able to do something, and i refuse to do things i’m no good at.) and it’s funny, because it wasn’t practice that that got me over that hurdle. it was talking to someone else about their writing, so often that i started to understand the process of breaking an idea down enough so that you can build it back up into a story.

and it figures, because we’ve reached peak anti-discussion when it comes to the process of writing fic. there’s barely any meta these days, everyone’s too busy writing recaps for their tv blogs, let alone meta about how to write a character or a setting. i think i’ve seen about three posts this year where i’ve thought, oh hey, that’s helpful information put together expressly for being useful to people writing in a particular fandom.

i just think it’s sad. even a year later, and i would have never worked it out, and there are all these people writing drabbles and snippets out there who might never be any better than that because fic writing is such an isolating activity in fandom these days, unless you find friends who like to listen to you blabber on about whatever you’re working on at the moment, or even better, the ones who want to ask a million questions about it.

(in truth, i just recommend co-writing everything at this point. the only person who will ever care enough is someone else slapping their name on the product with you.)

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Speaking about costumes, there's a beautiful moment in Drums, when Claire sees Jamie on a kilt for first time in 20 years and talks about how wonderful he looks.

Hi lianaofrome - thanks for your ask!

This is indeed a beautiful passage - especially since Claire uses the *exact same* words to describe Jamie’s appearance at River Run that she used to describe her first glimpse of him on their wedding day. She says the exact same word to him - and he says the exact same words to her. After all their years together, Jamie still literally takes Claire’s breath away.

Here’s the Book 4 (Drums of Autumn) passage:

The sound of footsteps on the gallery above interrupted my thoughts. I glanced upward, and gasped, all other thoughts driven at once from my mind.
A Highlander in full regalia is an impressive sight—any Highlander, no matter how old, ill-favored, or crabbed in appearance. A tall, straight-bodied, and by no means ill-favored Highlander in the prime of his life is breathtaking.
He hadn’t worn the kilt since Culloden, but his body had not forgotten the way of it.
“Oh!” I said.
He saw me then, and white teeth flashed as he made me a leg, silver shoe-buckles gleaming.
He straightened and turned on his heel to set his plaid swinging, then came down slowly, eyes fixed on my face.
For a moment, I saw him as he had looked the morning I married him. The sett of his tartan was nearly the same now as then; black check on a crimson ground, plaid caught at his shoulder with a silver brooch, dipping to the calf of a neat, stockinged leg…
“Your servant, ma'am,” he said. And then burst into a face-splitting smile as he descended the last few stairs.

And here’s the exchange between Jamie and Claire, moments before their wedding:

Suddenly the inn door opened, and the sun came out, in the person of James. If I was a radiant bride, the groom was positively resplendent. My mouth fell open and stayed that way.
A Highlander in full regalia is an impressive sight—any Highlander, no matter how old, ill-favored, or crabbed in appearance. A tall, straight-bodied, and by no means ill-favored young Highlander at close range is breath-taking.
The thick red-gold hair had been brushed to a smooth gleam that swept the collar of a fine lawn shirt with tucked front, belled sleeves, and lace-trimmed wrist frills that matched the cascade of the starched jabot at the throat, decorated with a ruby stickpin.
His tartan was a brilliant crimson and black that blazed among the more sedate MacKenzies in their green and white. The flaming wool, fastened by a circular silver brooch, fell from his right shoulder in a graceful drape, caught by a silver-studded sword belt before continuing its sweep past neat calves clothed in woolen hose and stopping just short of the silver-buckled black leather boots. Sword, dirk, and badger-skin sporran completed the ensemble.
Well over six feet tall, broad in proportion, and striking of feature, he was a far cry from the grubby horse-handler I was accustomed to—and he knew it. Making a leg in courtly fashion, he swept me a bow of impeccable grace, murmuring “Your servant, ma'am,” eyes glinting with mischief.
“Oh,” I said faintly.

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After All These Years - CS One-shot (Modern AU)

Synopsis: They meet the summer before they both go off to college and a whirlwind romance ensues. Ten years later, they meet again. 

Thank you to o-u-a-timer, the-lady-of-misthaven, and zengoalie for beta’ing!

This was written in order to celebrate cat-sophia‘s birthday! Happy Birthday Chica! I am so happy that tumblr has allowed us to meet and become friends! Have a wonderful day darling!

Read also at: FFN   AO3

DISCLAIMER: I do not own OUAT or its characters.

Rated: T

Word Count: about 7,000

After All These Years

Summer. 2005.

Bloody Hell.

It was hot. So hot, his white t-shirt clung to his form and his ripped jeans felt damp against his legs. Thankfully, he’d left the leather jacket at home. This was a horrible idea. This was… Killian Jones shook his head in annoyance.

It was the first weekend of summer and not just any summer.  No, it was the summer after his final year of high school. It was his last summer in Storybrooke, Maine and he was stuck here. He could be at home with Liam and Elsa, watching a movie. In fact, he’d had tried to get them to come with him, but seeing as Elsa was eight and a half months pregnant she’d wanted to stay home. Not that he could really blame her.  He could even be with Robin at the party his college girlfriend, Regina, had invited them to. Hell, at this point hanging out with Belle French at the library was better than this.  But, he wasn’t at any of those places. No, he was at a bloody carnival.  

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Ziam + truth? Xx

Mostly he was surprised Zayn had the same number. When he’d been in the band, Zayn had changed phones quicker than they’d changed cities, between losing phones or numbers being leaked by fans or Zayn just simply deciding he didn’t want to be contactable - after checking his family had the rest of the boys numbers for emergencies.

So when the text comes through, almost a year to the day Zayn had left them without a word, Liam just stares at his phone in disbelief. 

Call me? Z x

He wants to, Liam realises in surprise. He wants to call, to see why 12 months have passed with hardly a word spoken between them. He wants to call and hear Zayn’s voice. He’d missed it more than he thought possible, although it had taken him two months to realise it. He wants to call and ask a million questions, but not the most important one. He wants to call and see what Zayn thought of the Deadpool movie. 

He thinks about calling one of the boys, seeing what they think. Asking whether they’d received a text. But instead he finds himself pressing down on the call button, surprised when Zayn answers immediately by just saying his name.


After a pause, Liam sighs and settles in more comfortably on the sofa, closing his eyes and allowing himself to smile at the sound of Zayn’s low, rough voice.

“Heard the album is doing well, superstar,” Liam says softly, not wanting it to sound sarcastic or unsupportive. He hadn’t managed to listen to it yet, although Niall had told him it was great.

“Thanks,” Zayn says. It’s quiet wherever he is, Liam can’t hear any background noise at all. “And thanks. For calling, I mean.”

“You asked me to,” Liam murmurs.

“Yeah,” Zayn says. He hears the sigh. “Yeah, I did.”

“Did you uh, want anything in particular then mate?” The word slips out without thought, but Liam doesn’t regret it. Not with Zayn. 

“I miss you,” Zayn says a bit rushed, like he needed to say it before he chickened out, and Liam laughs, rubbing his hand over his face. This is the Zayn he knows. The Zayn he knew. “And I thought it was time, yeah?”

“It’s been a while,” Liam agrees. His heart only aches a little these days when he thinks about how long, exactly, it’s been.

“I’m coming home tomorrow. Back to the UK, I mean. I thought maybe I could stop by, if that’s okay. Catch up.”

Liam hears the nerves, and it’s instinctive to soothe them. But it’s been a year, and Liam has wounds of his own to soothe. Wounds inflicted by his best mate.

“Yeah,” he says finally. “Maybe it is time.”

“Yeah,” Zayn says with obvious relief. “Thanks Liam.”

Before he rings off though, Liam coughs and makes sure his voice stays firm. “The truth, Zayn. Or I won’t be here, next time.”

There’s another sigh, longer this time. “Yeah. Yeah, I promise, Liam. Just the truth. No more bullshit.”

It’s way overdue and they both know it. But Zayn’s coming tomorrow, and Liam knows he’ll be pacing around until Zayn arrives, and he knows he’ll welcome him with a hug. He’ll get to see Zayn’s face, in person, and talk to him properly. And maybe his heart won’t ache so much anymore.

After all, it never used to. Not when Zayn was around.

My Sister Has Cancer

She was just diagnosed a few days ago so we do not know the extent of the tumor or if it has spread to other organs and tissues.  She has an aggressive form of melanoma.  She goes in for another biopsy next week.  The results will determine the next step. She tested positive as a gene carrier for melanoma as well, so she will have a fight on her hands IF the cancer has spread. And even if it hasn’t, she will be on cancer watch for the rest of her life.

I am devastated, because although she is my little sister (5 years younger than I), in word and deed and support, she IS my big sister.  She has always been there for me.  Always.  I am the weaker of the 2 of us.  She has always been physically healthier, smarter and more capable.  I have always been the sickly one.  We had planned that one day we would wind up little old ladies living together and taking care of one another. 

She has promised to be there for me when Bill declines into the latter stages of Alzheimer’s. She and her husband have so many wonderful plans as they enter their silver years together.  There is so much she wants to do, to be, to see!

I cry out …”dear Lord, don’t let me lose her too!!!!!”

Cancer is a scary, dark invader that has now invaded my sister.  Please pray for her.

here’s a thing i hate

when you don’t see a regular for a long time, and then when you do, they’ve suddenly learned a whole host of new annoying habits.

also known as: who told you that appending “bitch” to every third word was cute, seventy five year old banker?

Does this explain how River Song is returning in Doctor Who?

Alex Kingston’s time-traveller is back for the Christmas special - but is she a younger River, an imposter, a ghost or something else entirely?

The news that Alex Kingston’s River Song is returning to the word of Doctor Who for this year’s Christmas special has us excited, curious and – we’ll admit it – a little confused.

Sure, The Doctor and River’s timelines were always a bit jumbled up, and she knew him in a few of his incarnations so it’s not crazy that she’d meet Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth version too – but didn’t she die last time we saw her, dissipating into data? How could she come back from that?

Don’t worry – we have a few ideas. [Read More]

Oh, friend.

No one has wanted that title in a very long time. Maybe 2004? Like before I was married? TSG (someone I dated a few years ago) maybe qualified but we never used that word, mostly I think because we spent a lot of those 10 months not being exclusive. There was someone a year ago I thought might’ve wanted to be serious–I wanted him to want that role–but he declined. That was hard. Everyone else has just been “the guy I’m seeing,” which could mean anything from 3 dates to several months of dates.

So you’re on.

But who knows. Maybe this is the year.

I mean, worst case scenario I’m $5 richer.