July 22nd: I fucking hate one direction all they do is lie


July 24th: I fucking hate one direction all they do is lie

You Jealous? (Bucky x Reader)

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NOTES: this is my first fic on this account, so I should probably introduce myself, hi, it’s Darcy (: also this is non Age of Ultron or Captain America Civil War compliant, because I live in that adorable AU where all these little superhero bbys live in a tower together and get along (mostly)

WARNINGS: language? Yeah, a lot of language, what did you expect, he’s an almost 100 year old assassin and you’re, well, badmouthed? XD

Word Count: 5450 words (oops, originally this was meant to be short ahaha)

Enjoy x


You sat on the sofa beside Tony, a minute sigh slipping from between your lips as you gazed towards the man with the metal arm in distinct longing.

“You and Frosty, huh?”
Shooting Iron Man a sharp glare, you looked in the other direction. “No.”

“Aw, why? You’re perfect for each other!”
“Shut it, Stark.”
He ‘ohhed’ knowingly, nodding in sudden understanding. “He doesn’t know, does he?”
Your lack of response provided him with all the information he needed.

He stayed silent for a moment, before finally speaking up again. “I made a bet with Steve that I could date every girl in the tower.”
You turned to him with a raised eyebrow. “What are you getting at, Stark?”
“Well, Steve bet $100 against me because he figured that the situation between Bucky and you would stop me winning.”
“Your point is?” You were getting impatient now.
“Pretend we’re dating, see how Bucky reacts. If he gets upset, you two go have sex or something.”

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motancharoen: Key to making Iain hilarious? Give him coffee. [interview]

Parent-Teacher Meetings - Chapter 4 - Quirkless - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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I am… posting this chapter update here to tumblr! *strikes dramatic pose*

you know. it feels almost surreal now to read makoharu fanfics and get to a point where makoto spills out ‘i love you, haru’. because now it’s not just fan speculation or the author’s pov or anything. 

it’s actually canon. it is now possible to read that line and actually hear makoto’s voice say it. and that is so freaking amazing…..

Letters (Lafayette x Reader)


Request Queue

Requests- “ Hey! (Love your work btw 💜) could you write a Lafayette x reader in hamiltimes using prompts 234, 303, and 320. Where the reader has been friends with the hamilsquad for awhile and things get spicy with her and Marquis” - @classyinternetmango

could i get a lafayette x reader where theyre like besties compared to the rest of the squad and theyre over at his or the readers dorm and theyre playing around, so lafayette tackles them and gets caught up in the moment by their eyes??”

234- “Oh my god! You’re in love with her!”

303- “Come over here and make me.”

320- “I’ve loved you for years.”

Words- 1,381

“Laf are you almost packed, or what?” Alexander’s voice rang through the ratty war tent. 

Oui, just a few more things.” Lafayette was hastily shoving the few items he had at battle with him into his bag. He didn’t notice as Alexander walked over to his cot. 

“Oooh are these love letters?” he said with a smirk, picking up the thick stack of letters Lafayette had saved. 

“Alexander don-” Lafayette put a hand up to stop him.

“Wait…” Alexander turned some of the letters over in his hand. “These are from Y/N…you saved every letter she wrote you?” He looked up at Lafayette who was pretending to be busy and avoiding Alexander’s question. “Oh my god. You’re in love with her!” he said disbelievingly.

Tais-toi!“  Lafayette hissed. 

“Don’t you ‘tais-toi’ me! You’re fucking in love with Y/N aren’t you?”

Lafayette looked down at the green fleece blanket he had been folding. 

“How long?” he asked softly. Lafayette glanced up at Alexander.

“How…how long have we known her?” 

“Christ Lafayette! We met Y/N years ago! This whole time?” 

Lafayette nodded. Thoughts of all the times you and him had shared flashed through his mind. All the times he’d almost told you. 

“How do you live with this?” Alexander asked.

Lafayette took the letters from him and held them to his chest. “I manage.” 

“You have to tell her.” 

Lafayette’s head snapped up. “Es-tu fou?” 

“I’m not.” 

Non. No I cannot.” Lafayette shook his head, causing several curls to bounce free from his ponytail. 

“Why not? Lafayette, nobody’s courting her right now, and we’ll see her when we return. It’s the perfect time!” 

“Alexander no.”

“You’ll go over to your house, and she’ll be so happy to see you.”


“You’ll take her by the hand and tell her how much she means to you and-”

“Alexander!” Lafayette shouted. “You do not think there have not been several ‘perfect times’? I could have told her when I met her! I could have told her when she stayed with me until her father returned when her mother died. I could have told her in any one of the thousands of letters I must have written to her. I did not, and I will not!” Lafayette finished, breathing heavily. Alexander stared at him blankly. Lafayette rolled his eyes and put the last of his belongings in his taupe canvas bag. 

“You’re an idiot.” Alexander said. Lafayette turned to face him. 


“You heard me. Stupide.” Alexander crossed his arms. 

“Alexander.” Lafayette growled in warning. 

“Did you ever think that maybe Y/N feels the same way? That she harbors secret feelings for you too?” 

Lafayette took a step back. “I know she doesn’t. She would’ve said something.”

“Oh like you said something?” Alexander smiled. Lafayette clenched his jaw and stared daggers at him. “You can’t keep going on like this, Lafayette. What happens when she gets married?” 

Lafayette shook his head and left the tent. Alexander didn’t bring it up again on the long journey back to New York, but Lafayette hadn’t stopped thinking about it. 

You were playing the piano softly. Sunlight streamed through the window onto your hands as they floated over the keys, making up new melodies as they went. A sharp knock invaded your thoughts. Your head snapped up towards the front door. You leapt off of the piano bench and raced to the door. 

Your boys were home. 

You flung the door open. “Are you hurt?” You barely registered that it was really them before scanning for bandages or crutches. 

“We are fine.” Your stomach flipped at finally hearing Lafayette’s voice again. You squealed slightly and launched towards him, wrapping your arms around his neck. You heard the sound of his bags drop and felt his arms around you, holding you close to his chest. He rested his cheek on your head and you listened intently to his heart, thankful more than anything that it was still beating. 

“Please don’t leave for that long again.” you mumbled. 

“I could not bear it.” he said softly. Alexander stood the side and cleared his throat with a smirk on his face. You pulled away from Lafayette. 

“Oh Alexander! You’re alright!” You hugged him as well, but not for nearly as long. 

“Yes! How are you?” he asked with a smile. 

“I’m great! Hercules has been taking good care of me.” you explained, twirling in your dress. 

“Oh Hercules has been taking care of you, has he?” Alexander asked, looking up at Lafayette, who stared straight forward at a wall. 

“Yeah, the rest of you left me!” you said, slapping his chest. 

“He is a good friend.” Lafayette said without looking at you. You pursed your lips and nodded. 

“He is. Anyway, do you guys want some tea or something?” you asked. 

“I’m sorry, Y/N, but I should probably go. Lafayette would love some though.” Alexander stepped out of the doorway and closed the door on Lafayette’s shocked face. 

“I’ll boil some water.” you said cheerily. 

Non, I can make it.” Lafayette said, moving towards your kitchen. 

“Are you kidding me? You just got back from war. The least I can do is make some tea for you, or is tea a sensitive topic for revolutionaries now.” you said with a coy smile. Lafayette grinned at you. 

“You are very funny, mademoiselle.” 

You smirked and walked into your kitchen, Lafayette following you. 

“So how was living with Alexander?” you asked while filling a kettle to put on the stove. 

“Ha! Let’s just say I much preferred living with you.” you heard him say behind you. You felt your heart flutter at the memories. You’d really fallen for Lafayette during that time, and the sentiments obviously hadn’t disappeared. “You need more wood.” His voice shook you from your thoughts. You turned around to see him peering in the bottom of your stove. 

“Oh…” you said.

“I will go get more.”

“No Laf  it’s fine I can do it.” you said. 

“But I am here so let me do it.” 

“You should relax. You just got back.”  You moved towards the back door. 

“Y/N, stop.” 

You smirked at him. “Come over here and make me.” 

The words had barely left your mouth and Lafayette was racing towards you. You squeaked and tried to run away, but his arms circled your waist and pulled you backwards. 

“Too easy.” he whispered in your ear. His fingers started tickling your stomach, and you doubled over with laughter. A tingling feel spread across you and you fell to the floor, unable to breathe. Lafayette laid over you and kept tickling you. 

“Laf! Please! Have mercy!” you gasped. 

“Alright.” He took his hands off of you, but you stayed trapped underneath him. You stared up at him, breathing heavily. He was a lot closer than you thought. He was just right there. He stared down at you with an equally blank expression. Clearly, he was deep in thought about something. 

“What are you thinking about?” You weren’t sure why you whispered the phrase, but it felt like the right thing to do. 

“You would not want to know.” he said softly. You sat up slightly, bringing your face closer to his. 

“I do.” You glanced down at his lips involuntarily. He took a sharp breath. 

“Y/N, I…” he trailed off. 

“Yes? You can tell me, Lafayette.” If you had to beg him to say it, you would. All you wanted was to hear him say it. 

“I….” He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “I love you, Y/N. I’ve loved for years.” 

That was all you needed to hear. You pushed yourself up and kissed him, pulling him back with you as you laid down on the ground of your kitchen. Lafayette leaned over your body with a hand on your waist and the other on top of your head. Your lips moved in synch with each other, and your heart was singing a light fluttery song, like a bird who had just woken up. 

You pulled away slightly. “Lafayette I love you too.” 

“Yes I noticed that.” Lafayette said, touching his lips lightly with his fingertips. 

“I’m so happy you’re home.” you said with a smile. 

“Me also.” He winked and bent down to meet your lips again. 

Fic: Red Lights

Title: Red Lights
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 30,853
Summary:  For forty-five years, Isaac Gold has waited to be married to the right woman before becoming intimate. However, facing an annulled marriage and a future of isolation and emptiness, he finds himself at breaking point. He books a night with an escort, and walks into his hotel expecting a terrifying professional. The woman he meets is someone else entirely. She might even be the woman of his dreams. Rumbelle escort!AU.

A/N: My RCIJ fic for the wonderful @ladybookwormwithteeth, who prompted ‘virgin!Gold, waiting for marriage’. I did something a little different with the prompt, but I hope you like it anyway sweetheart! It’s been great getting to know you a little these past two months, enjoy your gift! 

On AO3

Oh my goodness. I’ve been seeing IR posts in the IH tag complaining about how some IH call some IRs ‘nazis’. No, I’m not one of those who called anyone that. And yes, I do know what terrible and horrendous things the nazis have done in the past. But frankly, I see so much hypocrisy in this. IRs have been calling IHs so many insulting words in so many years such as cunts, orgs, and origos (an offense commonly used by them to offend IHs), and PLENTY MORE WORSE THINGS. So, it’s not okay to call anyone a nazi but it’s TOTALLY ALRIGHT AND FINE to call someone a cunt or an org?

I get how awful the nazis actions were, killing and torturing thousands of people. But, how different are you insulting and torturing others with mean and insulting words? You know how hurtful it is when someone calls someone something insulting. It may just be some site. It may just be the internet. But, those words affect us too the way the word 'nazi’ affects you.

If you don’t wanna be called something worse, then you better stop insulting someone first.
I think the only way is for BOTH PARTIES to
STOP CALLING EACH OTHER ANYTHING BAD AT ALL. But, apparently there are those who continue to do this name calling war, and that won’t get us anywhere.

Okay I’m a sucker for Baking!Bitty

Also figure skating, but I know more about baking and baking tv shows…

So Bitty’s in the top five of a baking competition. And this isn’t your usual baking competition. It’s like Cut Throat Kitchen, Chopped, and Cake Wars all combined so who knows what can happen! 

Of course it started off as everyone being confused over Eric’s lack of general experience (his bakery just opened, his only a handful of years out of college), but they swallow their words after seeing him move in a kitchen and taste the magic that happens.

There was one episode where the remaining contestants got to bring in their choice of help and Bitty brought in his Moo Maw, and dear lord they kicked everyone’s butts. All the losers just sit there and wonder how they got beaten by an old lady and this kid…

But there are so many posts about this. What I’m looking at is that during these long competitions the contestants are all living in a house together with minimal contact with family members and general outside world. 

So Bitty is in the top five and they walk into the kitchen for their next challenge when the judges let them know that the winner will get to spend the evening with one of the special guests they have coming in. Curtain rises and there are some family/friends of the contestants. Eric’s been there long enough to know that he needs to stay where he is standing, but there is Jack.

Jack is standing in the same room as him after so long for limited communication and Eric breaks. He takes off and launches himself into Jack’s arms, and Jack catches him. Jack knows he’s just supposed to stand there and look good, but he was so ready to catch Bitty. The other contestants just look at the director and the judges like “he went for it can we?” and they all just shrug and calmly walk over to their own “special guests.”

They have to do a retake of that, but they have to do it much later because convincing Bitty to let go of Jack (know one knows he’s a hockey star) was the hardest thing they’ve had to do during the entire competition.

Bitty cooks the best dish he’s made all competition and the judges jaws drop since they didn’t know it could get better, and honestly how did he manage to make maple and apples taste good with this seafood challenge? No one knows.

anonymous asked:

can I ask for some jinson and/or jackbum fic recommendations (if you read them) pleeeeeease ily

 oF COURSE!!!!!! tbh i read anything that looks good (aka everything) as long as it’s got7 haha

let’s start with jackbum ye?

Big Hearts -702 words

Summary: “Jackson is a fucking ten years old” (( jackson makes jaebum a card and it’s heart melting))

Just Smile Again -5063 words

Summary: “Jackson’s been lowkey nursing this crush for years, but he never meant for Jaebum to ever find out. Mark and Jinyoung have other ideas. Also, they’re terrible friends.” (( kinda self explanitory haha its really cute ))

I’m Cooking With Microwaves -859 words

Jackson wants to cook for Jaebum lmao (( look all of these are gonna be cute what do you expect from me ))

Sharing (read:Stealing) Clothes - 669 heh words

Summary: “Jackson is way too fond of wearing Jaebum’s clothes and Jaebum has no clothes to wear.”

Sleeves - 5642 words

Summary: “Jaebum had had a system. Ignore the feelings, certainly ignore the craving. Take whatever Jackson was voluntarily, willingly giving and enjoy the close friendship. It had been a good system. It had been a working system. Until it was wrecked. Until the pink and white sweater happened.” (( READ ITTTTTT there’s a sequel that’s rated M and hehehe yeah its the greatest pls read it ))

5 am - 930 words

Summary: “Jackson comes home super late/early after drinking with his friends and Jaebum happens to be awake still.” (( lots of cuddles and drunk!jackson ))

I’ve been looking for the answer (I couldn’t see that it was right there) - 348 words

the title is longer than the fic but it’s just the right amount of short and sweet and it will take like 2 seconds to read jsut do it

Are You Afraid Of Horror? - 515 words

Summary of the summary: jaebum wants jackson to get scared but he gets scared instead and yessssss it’s beautiful 

Just Right - 431 words

Summary: “Preppy sweaters and snapbacks don’t go together, but Jackson makes it work, and Jaebum is kind of in love.”

His Bark - On Going ( 32+ Chapters ) Rated M

ok this is literally one of my favorites right now so i really really recommend it. umm jackson is kinda like a hybrid?? it’s hard to explain asklfjl just check it out it’s great

Originally posted by jackbumworld

Okay on to Jinson haha otl 

Trapped With You - 10650 words

Summary: “Jackson and Jinyoung have been at loggerheads for months. It takes freezing temperatures and an abandoned warehouse to cool things down.” (( this is honestly so good really ))

Wanderlust - 1695 words

i didn’t even know it was that long wow.. it’s really really well done and i have no idea how to take it lol just read it it’s great

15 Reasons Why - 3894 words

Summary: “Jinyoung and Jackson are neighbors and they pretend to hate each other and constantly bicker and fight, until Christmas Eve, when Jackson leaves a present on Jinyoung’s doormat…” (( not too christmassy so don’t fret.. it’s soooo good and i love how junior was written aslfkjs ))

Pinky Promise Me Your Ring Finger - 7045 words

Look ok they’re childhood friends in this and jinyoung is so clingy and it’s the freaking. cutest. thing. ever. read it like right now

Reach Out (And Touch) - 546 words

Quote from the fic which is all you need to know: “jackson smiles and leans back, wraps his hands around Jinyoung’s waist and pulls Jinyoung back into his chest.” (( honestly i cried ))

Never Shut Us Down - 13200

MY FAVORITE THING ON EARTH aka fan x idol fic mmmmM Fansitemaster!jinyoung and idol!jackson and it’s great and amazing and askjflsfkla read it

Anyway i’m sorry this took so long to reply askldfj i’ve been eh lazy sorry haha bye

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p.s. if you guys want more recs im happy to give them but make sure to give me specifics ( either the ship or the au or the rating ohohoh )

Fic: The Next Masterchef, Chapter 3

Fic Summary: Masterchef AU: Alternative meeting. (No one knows each other, no glee club, etc) Kurt, Blaine and sixteen other contestants compete to see who will become the next Masterchef. For Kurt, he’s not going to let anything get in his way of winning - even the (admittedly cute) Blaine Anderson.

Read on A03

Previous chapter on Tumblr 

And on we go to “episode 3″ as it were: 

Everyone is tense on the way back to the hotel after the pressure test. Blaine sees that a few people – Sheldon, Rachel, Santana – walk up to Kurt and give him some encouraging words.

“Hang in there, pumpkin, I know how it can be when people don’t like who you are,” says Sheldon.

“I’ve seen my dads face a lot of hateful words over the years but it never gets any easier to see – I’m glad you came out on top today and showed him that his hateful words won’t get him very far,” says Rachel.

“That guy was a dick. Thanks for shutting him down,” says Santana.

Blaine thinks about going up to talk to him, but honestly he’s still upset about Kurt’s attitude from the first day and decides against it. Besides, Sebastian has decided to really amp up the flirting game in the last day and hasn’t left his side since they exited the kitchen, so he can’t really get away if he tried. Thankfully he gets up to his hotel room, exhausted though he didn’t have to cook today, and passes out before even his roommate gets up to the room.

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We’d like to thank everyone for another great year of the Fuckurt Big Bang. The writers and artists for this year’s bang produced a dozen fantastic new works for the Glee fandom. As we come to a close, participants are now welcome to crosspost their work.

The twelve final works submitted to this year’s Fuckurt Big Bang are: 

29 Years by patchfire & raving_liberal
41,767 words – Finn/Puck – E (Explicit)

Nearly eleven years after believing they had parted ways for good, in the most hurtful and painful way possible, Finn and Puck lay eyes on one another again in an elementary school classroom in Santa Monica. Their daughters, Pips and Moxxie, instantly become best friends, forcing Finn and Puck to finally look at the ways they’ve hurt each other and the ways they can heal. Precocious Parent Trap–style matchmaking is just icing on the cake.
Digital art by FreakingPotter

Battle Scars by AJ4668
47,648 words – Finn/Puck – E (Explicit)

Finn leaves the army with his mind, body, and soul shattered, and goes home to Lima to try to repair the damage. The only thing missing is Puck, who no one has seen or heard from for four years. When Finn searches for his long lost friend, he is surprised at what he finds but their love for one another may just be strong enough to heal them both.
Digital art by FreakingPotter

The Beat by Gleennui
9,883 words – Finn/Puck – E (explicit)

Puck’s rookie year with the Mets is equal parts exhilarating and terrifying, but it gets a little bit easier when he slowly starts up a relationship with brand-new beat writer Finn. Together, they navigate their feelings for each other in a public way that neither of them could have really prepared for, all while trying to prove that they both belong right where they are.
Graphics by raving_liberal

Roadside Attraction by patchfire & raving_liberal
20,520 words – Finn/Puck – M (Mature)

When Puck asked Finn to come with him to LA, Finn turned him down, and he still stands by that decision – but driving cross-country with Puck to help him move his stuff and then flying alone back to Lima doesn’t count as going with him, right? With the back of Puck’s jeep crammed full of all his belongings, Puck and Finn set off for California. Their carefully-mapped journey goes awry when Finn sees a flier at a rest stop for the Big Brain with Smart Lighting in Bloomington, Indiana. Their plan is further derailed when Puck insists it’s only fair that if Finn got to see the Big Brain, he gets to see the Giant Copper Indian. The Crookedest Street in the World, the McDonald’s Museum and Store #1, a series of questionable motels… The anticipated three day drive to California stretches beyond a week, and in the midst of hokey Americana and increasingly bizarre roadside attractions, Finn and Puck begin to realize that they’re both looking for reasons to delay the inevitable end.
Digital art by mapgirl

So Tyrannous and Rough in Proof by nubianamy
94,321 words – Kurt/Puck – E (Explicit)

Noah Puckerman is not only Kurt’s secret boyfriend, but he’s also an accomplished actor. When Kurt transfers to Dalton to avoid homophobic bullying, he has to decide if their relationship is worth the secrets he’s been asked to keep. (tl;dr: Love is complicated and messy.)

Suddenly!A Kidnapping Story by coincidental_penalties & watchforwalkers
10,792 words – Finn/Kurt – T (Teen and Up)

Finn and Kurt find themselves unexpectedly kidnapped and held hostage by two of the most inept separatists Ohio has to offer. From the old-fashioned use of ether to lack of bathroom provisions, the kidnappers provide ample opportunity for Kurt and Finn to turn the tables. Plots are foiled and secrets are revealed as the boys work to free themselves from this absurd situation.
 Fanmix by Gleennui

That’s Me in the Corner, That’s Me in the Spotlight by knittycat99
10,884 words – Kurt/Puck – T (Teen and Up)

Following a difficult junior year in high school, Kurt Hummel is ecstatic to be back at his summer home, Allegheny Theater Festival. He expects nine weeks of fun and hard work, but the past year has taken its toll. Noah Puckerman is the New Kid at Allegheny. An accidental actor, Noah attracts attention all over camp, but refuses to let anyone get too close. When Noah and Kurt are cast opposite each other in The Normal Heart, everything changes. As they grow closer, all the parts of their lives they’ve been trying to forget are suddenly staring them down every day in rehearsal. Living out fear and pain onstage may be great for their acting, but it might break them both in the process.
Fanmix by patchfire

This Life We’ve Got (It’s Good) by mapgirl
10,295 words – Finn/Puck – M (Mature)

Two boys, working hard through the ups and downs, good times and bad. It’s been a long road, but this life they’ve got - it’s good.

Time in a Tapestry by knittycat99 & nubianamy
19,026 words – Kurt/Puck – T (Teen and Up)

After Kurt confides in Puck at his dad’s wedding, Puck makes it his personal mission to rehabilitate Dave Karofsky. Kurt and Puck’s long-distance friendship is complicated by Kurt’s feelings for Finn, but even over time and distance, the three manage to find ways to stay connected.
Graphics by mapgirl

Two is Love, Three is Super by accio_remus
17,494 words – Finn/Kurt/Puck – M (Mature)

The night the particle accelerator at Star Labs exploded Noah Puckerman was outside cleaning pools. His new powers put him directly in the path of rookie cop Finn Hudson, who might just be what Puck and his partner Kurt have been looking for. Fanmix by Gleennui

Us Ones Inbetween by pletzel
49,779 words – Finn/Kurt – M (Mature)

When Rachel’s desperate attempts to gain admission to NYADA result in a restraining order, she’s forced to put her New York plans on hold and stay in Lima to coach Glee. At least that way, she’ll get to spend another year with Finn, and probably Kurt, too! Unfortunately for Rachel, Finn and Kurt are making New York plans of their own. Or: the Season 4 AU where Kurt and Finn are roommates in New York.
Fanmix by raving_liberal