The facts are undeniable. An official policy that calls on diplomats to distort the historical facts is an untenable policy. As a senator, I strongly support passage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution … and as president I will recognize the Armenian genocide.
—  President Obama in 2008. Now, seven years later he’s refusing to use the word “genocide” when discussing the 1.5 million killed in Armenia — and that’s a huge problem.

Better yet, don’t feed them. It leads to overpopulation because there’s more food than what the habitat naturally supports, and then you end up with too many birds, and then you end up with too much bird poop, which then leads to algae blooms in the water which kill fish and make the water toxic. The pond at Laurelhurst Park here in Portland had to be completely drained and dredged a few years ago because of this.

In other words: just let Nature do its job.

there is a post saying that andrew hussie is doing this for “brownie points” so people will put “coins into his “i’m unproblematic!” jar.

there’s only one flaw with that theory: he literally doesn’t care what you think of him. people were sending him death threats when jade died and he couldn’t give less fucks. he just laughed and tweeted about how he could take a teenager.

he has gotten A LOT less problematic over the years; his old comics are super racist and sexist, and they used the word “r*tarded” a lot in the beginning of the comic (also karkat called nepeta an autistic as an insult). but the characters haven’t use the word r*tarded in YEARS, all the female characters in homestuck are badasses, the trolls are a race of pansexual aliens, 4/8 humans are canonically queer, all the humans are ambiguous when it comes to race and body types (but jane crocker has been portrayed as fat multiple times! and there is art of her portrayed as black on the song "jane dargason”), and almost all the humans were raised by single parents.

he honestly has no reason to suck up to the fandom?

i hate being a 21 year old independent adult and still having to verbalize the words ‘i’m not scene’

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I haven't seen anyone mention Kylie Jenner practicing brownface, but someone probably has because it's so obvious.. A pink toned pale white girl darkening her skin with makeup to an olive brown tone is brownface (especially since she does it to match her mixed half sisters uhh). Her entire daily existence is racist.

Tell me why I said those exact words last years Coachella. I said: “I hate how Kylie Jenner looks brown. For the longest time I thought she was Armenian, when shes 100% white. The way she does her makeup makes her look like a poc”

But everybody was too busy telling me she was white not Armenian to agree with me lol

- Susie

Daffodil (drabble)

Eggsy drained the last of his pint and set down the glass with a light clunk, grinning over at Roxy. “So, you going for the blonde chick or the ginger bloke tonight?”

“Neither,” she said, finishing off her shot with a hum. “I think I’ll lead them on for another week and try for a threesome. Looks like I’m all yours tonight.”

“Been thinking about heading in early. Get up early and see if my mum’s free. Do something as a family, yeah?”

“Sounds like a lovely plan.” Roxy smiled back at him before motioning over the bartender to close out their tabs.

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i woke up feelin’ super blessed today and that’s pretty much continued all day (had biscuits & gravy for bfast, got a couple of informal job interviews for this summer, had lunch w/ my faves, got free alcohol from one of said faves, came home and got to have a nap/paint my nails/watch the rest of scrotal recall, and will be going out w/ the faves later tonight) 

so if anybody needs any love i’ve got a little extra to spare and i’m happy to send it your way 

A white horse, Linda Gregg wrote, is not a horse,
quoting what Hui Shih said twenty-three hundred
years ago. The thing is not its name, is not
the words. The painting of a pipe is not a pipe
regardless of what the title claims. An intelligent
poet in Iowa is frightened because she thinks
we are made of electrons. The Gianna Gelmetti
I loved was a presence ignited in a swarm
of energy, but the ghost living in the mansion
is not the building. Consciousness is not
matter dreaming. If all the stars were added
together they would still not know it’s spring.
The silence of the mountain is not our silence.
The sound of the earth will never be Un Bel Di.
We are a contingent occurrence. The white horse
in moonlight is more white than when it stands
in sunlight. And even then it depends on whether
a bell is ringing. The intimate body of the Valerie
I know is not the secret body my friend knows.
The luster of her breasts is conditional:
clothed or not, desired or too familiar.
The fact of them is mediated by morning
or the depth of night when it’s pouring down rain.
The reason we cannot enter the same woman
twice is not because the mesh of energy flexes.
It is a mystery separate from both matter
and electrons. It is not why the Linda
looking out over the Aegean is not the Linda
eating melon in Kentucky, nor explains how
the mind lives amid the rain without being
part of it. The dead lady Nogami-san lives now
only in me, in the momentary occasion I am.
Her whiteness in me is the color of pale amber
in winter light.
—  Jack Gilbert, ’TIS HERE! ’TIS HERE! ’TIS GONE!

Remember what a mess the Tony Awards were last year?

Still Not Down With “Carnist”

Some people following me for the long haul might have recognized that I tend not to use the word “carnist” when referencing non-vegans. Sometimes I opt for “animal consumers”, although I typically say that if I’m thinking about capitalism and consumerism (i.e. consumerism concerning the industries that exploit animals) but it’s possible that someone could see me say “animal consumer” and just think I mean the act of consuming animal flesh. And although I understand and sympathize with some of the arguments made for using “carnist” as the standard term to refer to the ideology and practice of exploiting animals, I still have the same criticisms towards it that I did two years ago when the word “bloodmouth” had become somewhat popular.

The reasons I don’t use the term carnist (as stated in the above link with more detail) are as follows: 1. People become more interested about how the term makes them sound than what it means to hold that ideology (for example, the term “bloodmouth” flattered some who thought that it made them sound “hardcore”, while the term “carnist” has a tendency of offending people who perceive it as some sort of intended insult), 2. The term derives from an inaccurate or incomplete perspective of the animal rights issue (carnism comes from the latin word “carne”, meaning meat - in essence, this results in little more than having a different word for “meat eater” even though animal exploitation happens in equal or greater amounts for other endeavours, such as dairy, eggs, leather, fur, zoos, circuses, and experimentation), 3. (A lesser point/a side note) It fails to accurately portray what non-vegans actually do eat. “Carnism” to me gives rise to images of raw and bloody meat, but the strong majority of non-vegans primarily eat processed animal products, and will never see the “carnal”, bloody, gutted side of their meal. Someone eating a low-fat chicken salad and a yogurt cup probably doesn’t feel like their meal can be likened to brutality, aggression, mutilation, animal instincts, etc. etc. and they will see “carnism” as an exaggeration or hyperbole. It’s not describing their practices in a way they can identify with.

With all that said, I still do think that the ideology of exploiting animals should be identified by name - a better name than just referring to them as “non-vegans”. But I think we made a mistake when we coined and formulated the term “carnist” because it has failed to help us show to those who exploit animals that they take part in an ideology, and a damaging one at that. The term was formed in the hopes that people would see eating, wearing, and using animals isn’t just “normal” or the default state of how humans should behave, it is a dominant ideology that has controlled our society for generations. Vegans are not the only ones with a shared set of beliefs and practices, but we are the ones to choose our ideology rather than to comply with the majority. It’s important to understand that choosing to be vegan is not adopting ideology, its merely switching ideology. You are already making choices in your life that signify how you think animals should be treated, it’s just time to make less damning choices.

As a final note, “Omnivore” is not an accurate description of non-veganism. It seeks to describe what humans are by dietary nature, and not what we are by beliefs and practices. Not only does omnivore fail to address non-food exploitation of animals, it also fails to realize that we are not obligate omnivores, but facultative ones, meaning we can survive without the consumption of other animals ( The American Dietetic Association and Dietitians of Canada said in 2003 that properly planned plant-based diets were nutritionally adequate for all stages of life, including pregnancy and lactation; and this dietary change is usually at a benefit to our health). Once again it only focuses on the issue as if meat eating is the only cruelty, since to call non-human animals “omnivores” is to suggest only that they eat meat for their survival: non-human animals do not drink milk past infancy, nor do most consume eggs or honey. “Omnivore” is not the opposite of “Vegan”, it is the opposite of “Herbivore”, and veganism is about much more than what we eat. We’re not choosing to be herbivores (we will always be facultative omnivores), we’re choosing to be vegans.

[If you’re a non-vegan reading this and want to know more, check out this primer on veganism or browse my FAQ. Vegans, feel free to add arguments or counter-arguments to this issue, reblog or send me an ask to talk about it.]

Again, twelve years...

Sasuke missed Sarada’s first steps, her first words, her first day at the academy (where are the children were possibly accompanied by their fathers).

Sasuke will never know how to take care of Sarada when she was a baby. He won’t experience getting up in the middle of the night to give her a bottle of milk, he will never be able to comfort her when she is teething, he won’t be able to change her clothes when she needed help. There are certain situations where a daughter wants to discuss things with her father, topics she can’t talk about with her mother. Sasuke did go to his mom to talk about his father because he was too scared to talk to him. He missed A LOT. There are no excuses this time.

The very first years are very important for bonding with your child, especially when you (as a father) don’t have the ability to bond with your child the way a mother does.

Sarada didn’t grow her in his womb (simply because he no womb) and Sasuke isn’t able to breastfeed her. This is why it is even more important to spend your time with your children, this is a responsibility that he has as a father. It is no wonder that Sarada is confused and sad, this is what happens when a father isn’t there for his child.

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Do any of the characters in the suburban warriors AU play video games? If so, what are their favorite games?

All of them do, but Graypaw is the biggest gamer. 

Firepaw likes survival horror games. Resident Evil, Silent Hill, he loves anything that makes him turn on his night light when he goes to bed. 

Ravenpaw likes rpgs, Mother, final fantasy, but nothing too flashy. He loves like simple arcade games too.

Graypaw loves all video games, but his favorite series of all time is Legend of Zelda. He has played every single one and knows them all by heart and he just loves them too much for words. Every year since he was 8 he’s gone as Link for Halloween. Ravenpaw and Firepaw always know to get him something Zelda related for Hanukkah or his birthday 

adaar has really crystallized in my head as this very timid, very cautious, very tall child of a man who is in no way prepared to deal with the level of responsibility involved with the inquisition and fundamentally requires his friends just as a means to be able to fill his role.

i dont usually gravitate towards timid characters but something about dorian’s bossiness and general outrageousness makes me want to shove him together with someone very quiet and thoughtful and biddable who never knows what to do with his hands and could never in a million years use as many words to communicate an idea as dorian does and could not, deeply dearly desperately could not, ever be in a relationship with the iron bull because the idea of having his hands tied makes him uglypanic a thousand percent more than a seven foot cow man should feasibly be capable of.