Villa Lena: A Holiday Retreat for Artists

Villa Lena is a new kind of retreat where guests can find cutting edge contemporary culture in the midst of wild nature tucked in the Tuscan hills, within a context of creative exchange. With this in mind, the grounds of Villa Lena host an artist residency attended by international multi-disciplinary artists who spread endless creative energy so guests are encouraged to enjoy the evolving art around them. 

The Belgian duo from All Items loaded visited this wondrous place, and had a chat with the interior designer Clarisse Demory of Villa Lena, which you can read about here

Be sure to follow Villa Lena’s wonderful instagram account, tumblr and facebook for the latest updates.

Picture by Coke Bartrina


“This isn’t a ghost story, it’s a … love story!” ~ Hide (Doctor Who S07E09) vs Shspesh / TAB Speculation

In Hide, Eleven and Clara visit a haunted mansion, where an ‘empath’ (psychic) helps them solve the case. 

“It’s the oldest story in the universe - this one, or any other. Boy and girl fall in love, get separated by events - war, politics, accidents in time … Since then they’ve been yearning for each other across time and space - across dimensions - this isn’t a ghost story, it’s a… love story!”

Though Neil Cross (showrunner for Luther) wrote the episode, “The love story twist was added in later, because Moffat felt the monster should be more fleshed out.” (x)

Also, Tyntesfield House was used as a filming location of the mansion. It was also a location used for ShSpesh / TAB. 

Oh, Moffat. 

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Part of my Sherlock is not the Doctor but … series 


Nabana No Sato. Nagashima-cho, Kuwana City - Japan

Nabana no Sato is a theme park dedicated to flowers. Located on the island of Nagashima in Kuwana City, the park is famous for its seasonal flower shows.

A new addition in recent times has been the Kawazu Sakura light tunnel. Just as spectacular as the light tunnel but not quite as large or long. It is around 100 meters long with 700,000 pink LED lights. The tunnel is popular with couples and is designed to resemble the Kawazu cherry tree, which is an early blooming variety of cherry tree. It certainly attracts the eye with its pink colour and is a hint of the warmth of spring.

  • Pokemon in 1997: Ash and his friends go on wacky adventures in the world of Pokemon, occasionally foiling the schemes of those lovable rouges known as Team Rocket!
  • Digimon in 1999: Tai and his friends meet with their partner Digimon as they go on an adventure filled with exciting twist and turns in the wondrous place known as the Digital World!
  • Pokemon in 2016: Ash was crucified and was planned to be a false messiah, children are crying, wanton destruction everywhere, characters die, emotional manipulation, lying, angst and tears everywhere.
  • Digimon in 2016: Tai and his friends experience the amazing world of teenage angst, self doubt, sacrifice, self hatred and a lot of crying. Their precious partners are torn away from them with all their happy memories of their human partners forcefully erased

In the 2016 calendar, Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry will be having adventures in different lands, planets, and alternate universes. Their trusty phone box, M.A.R.C. (Magical Aerial Relocation Craft) will transport them to these wondrous places from month to month, so grab a calendar and join the boys in their adventures ~!

  • The calendar is 15USD + shipping
  • It comes with 2 stickers and if you preorder the calendar, you will also get 2 postcards.
  • $2 from every copy sold will be donated to the boys’ charity drives.
  • Preorders will end on the 19th of October. Orders will reopen on the 6th of November when all the preorders will be shipped out.

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Circus RP w/ Babydolltheanimatronic

Horvath’s Circus. A wondrous place. It was a legendary circus that hosted spectacular feats and amazing magic shows. But, the most famous attraction was the Freak Show. From two headed men to bearded women, they had it all.

Listen with your heart 
A mix with instrumental Disney/Pixar scores

The Bell Tower - The Hunchback of Notre Dame / Farewell - Pocahontas / Coronation Day - Frozen / Short Hair - Mulan / Waiting For The Lights - Tangled / Main Theme - Ratatouille / Marketplace - Aladdin / Fairytale / Going Home - The Princess and the Frog / Meg's Garden - Hercules / This Land - The Lion King / Overture - Mary Poppins / Remember To Smile - Brave / So This Is Love Waltz - Cinderella / A Real Boy - Pinocchio / Magical House Cleaning / Blue or Pink - Sleeping Beauty / A Wondrous Place - Tarzan / The Beast Dies / Transformation / Finale - Beauty and the Beast / Tour of the Kingdom - The Little Mermaid

Click here to listen!

Russia Doesn’t Want You to See These Shirtless, Muscley, Bearded Canadian Bobsledders

The Russian government blocked Canadian bobsledder Justin Kripps’s website — a wondrous place where one could, if they wanted, find shirtless pictures of Canada’s bearded, muscley bobsled team. Kripps doesn’t know why this happened. (If we were Kripps, we’d probably start with the shirtless, underwear-clad, muscled bobsledders with the big gay following.)

The earth is an extremely wondrous place that sadly can, at times, present itself as otherwise. But know that in everything there is an underlying magic and reasoning. Almost like different notes that come together to form a song, each attribute of a situation plays it’s own role. Every so often the world will align in such a way that these things fall together in rhythm, as if the world was a simple song. These moments will only last a second, but it is in that second that everything can be seen in the light of it’s own truth. Look for these things and then you will see.

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The Last Shadow Puppets covers

So @typhoidaesthetic  gave me a good idea to make a post  with videos of all of the covers The Last Shadow Puppets have done for the Everything You’ve Come To Expect tour. Here you go! (all links include video from youtube)

  1. I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (The Beatles cover) 
  2. Is This What You Wanted (Leonard Cohen cover)
  3. Totally Wired (The Fall cover)
  4. Moonage Daydream (David Bowie cover)
  5. This Is Your Life (Glaxo Babies cover) + here Alex is playing keys
  6. Les cactus (Jacques Dutronc cover) 
  7. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me (The Smiths cover) With Johnny Marr
  8. Ghost Rider (Suicide cover)
  9. Nitroglycerin (The Gories cover)

And as a bonus - covers from The Age Of The Understatement era

  1. I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (The Beatles cover) 
  2. In the Heat of the Morning (David Bowie cover) 
  3. Memories (Leonard Cohen cover)
  4. Paris Summer (Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood cover) with Alison Mosshart
  5. My Little Red Book (Manfred Mann cover)
  6. Wondrous Place (Billy Fury cover)  with Jack White
  7. and we all remember the Rihanna cover of course  

Big thanks to people who recorded all these videos!