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Not a Princess: A Descendants Imagine (Slight Jay X Reader)

Warnings: none :)

“Benjamin!” You shouted, having absolutely no idea where your best friend was.

You huffed out an annoyed sigh, your blond hair, like your mothers, lifting slightly off your face.

You stomped downstairs, uttering curses under your breath, and causing yourself to glow a bit red.

“(Y/N),” a voice chuckled behind you and you flew up into the air in fear. The voice erupted into laughter and you slowly lowered yourself to the ground.

“What have I told you!” You shouted but clapped a hand over your mouth as the only sound that came out was like bells. This caused Ben to laugh louder and you glowed a bright red.

“Alright, alright,” Ben conceded, holding his hands up in surrender. “I was just showing our new students around.”

Your jaw dropped and you glared at Ben, smoothing out your hair and your light green dress as you noticed the 4 newcomers.

“This is (Y/N), daughter of Tinkerbell,” Ben introduced you and you nodded.

“I- uh- nice to meet you!” You chuckled nervously and your voice returned to normal.

“Hi, I’m Evie,” the girl with dark blue hair introduced herself, obviously the evil queens daughter. “This is Mal,” She pointed to Malificent’s daughter with violet hair. “Carlos,” she pointed to the smaller boy, Cruella d'evil’s son. “And this is-”

“I’m Jay,” the other boy stood up from leaning on the wall and smiled at you. You struggled not to stare. Good-looking was an understatement.

You shook your head. Pull yourself together girl! He was a VK.

You inched closer to Ben, looking small next to him.

“You should have warned me!” You hissed between your teeth. Ben let out a laugh and you rolled your eyes.

“Where were you anyways? I sent Audrey to go get you!” Ben sighed and you blushed a bright pink.


“You weren’t terrorizing Chad again were you?” Ben shook his head and you offered a shy smile.

“You really shouldn’t do that you know, you wonder why your not a princess.” Audrey chided and you let out an exasperated sigh.

“Well I’m so sorry your highness! Since I’m not a Princess, I’ll just go and join the other maids then, right? Where my kind belong? Hmm. I’ll go and fly away to Neverland? Trust me, the lost boys are a whole lotta more fun than you and your rules!” The last part escalated to bells again and you had a bright red glow.

Audrey look mortified and Ben just looked a bit sad.

“(Y/N)!” Andy, Anna and Kristoff’s son, called and motioned for you to come over.

You let out a relieved sigh and hurried over to him, dwarfed in comparison next to his tall frame.

“Woah,” Jay breathed as he watched you go.

“Dude stop drooling,” Carlos elbowed him in the chest.

“You sure she’s not a villain?” Mal smirked at Ben and he laughed.

“No, she’s really soft deep down, she just has a mouth on her.” Ben smiled. “But if you ask Chad Charming- he’d tell you otherwise.”

Jay stared at the doorway you’d disappeared from. He just had to get to know you better.

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Bonnie & Clyde: Art Deco

Bonnie & Clyde AU Masterlist

Summary: retirement works out quite well for you and Bucky. 

A/N: I kinda wanted to revisit this one, I enjoyed writing it a lot and well, I just wanted something sweet and smutty ;) Enjoy! x

Notes: Smut, fluff, some swearing, just a whole lotta sweetness. 

Originally posted by rohgers

“You’re outshining the sun, as always, my Queen”

You squinted against the sun, even with your sunglasses on, it was always as bright as could be on these sands.

You giggled trying to sit up in your way too comfortable beach bed, but Bucky kneeled next to you, pushing you back with a bright smile.

“Don’t get up, darling. Let me enjoy the view a while longer” he says and lets his hand brush the length of your arm, before he takes your hand and places a gentle kiss on your knuckles.

“You know we’re married, right? You don’t have to kiss my ass so much to get some” you joke, though you know he’ll never stop trying to put the moves on you like this.

Bucky laughs, grabbing your other hand and putting a drink he pulls out of nowhere into it. “I know, my Queen. But I’m glad you still humour me”

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tinlizzies  asked:

“It’s gonna be okay, there’s help coming soon.” salqueen post crash

(Beware: more crash and injury descriptions, plus a whole lotta feels)

           “…You’re gonna be okay, I know you’ll be okay. You’ll be fine… We’re gonna get you some help… They’ll fix you up… I know it…”

           Sally kept repeating it – more to herself than to McQueen. She sat next to him, in the back of a wailing ambulance, speeding away from the racetrack towards the nearest hospital. Just a mere half an hour ago she’d watched perhaps the most horrifying thing happen to him – he’d spun out, slammed into the wall, then into the pavement, over and over and over again – and she’d been completely powerless to stop it.

           Nurses and ambulances had been on the scene in an instant, pulling up next to McQueen’s motionless body and checking the extremities of his injuries. Sally, of course, had sped onto the track – she’d just had to get to him – just as Mater, Luigi, Guido, and the others did the same. She’d almost cried when she made it to his side – both from seeing her boyfriend be torn apart, and from the security cars who’d immediately pushed her away so the nurses could do their jobs.

           They’d soon had him on a stretcher, ready to load him onto the approaching ambulance. Then, when one of the nurses asked her and the rest of his team if one of them wanted to ride with him, she’d practically thrown herself into the back of the truck.

           She needed to be with him. She needed it just as she needed oil and gas to stay alive.

           Looking at him now, Sally felt the urge to scream rising up yet again. Sharp dents and cuts covered McQueen’s entire frame, a few of them still bleeding dark oil. Much of his paint had been scraped clean off upon impact, and his spoiler had been torn off, still hanging on by a sliver of metal. His eyes were shut, and the only indication that he was even alive was the shallow puffs of breath coming from his mouth. The nurses had stuck an IV in his side right before they’d taken off. As the ambulance went over speed bumps and made sharp turns Sally fought the instinct to reach out and keep the stupid needle in place with her own tires; she was just so sure it was going to be ripped out somehow…

           Sally kept her tire wrapped around McQueen’s, squeezing it hard whenever she needed to reassure herself. Half the time she expected him to react to it – he’d jolt awake, go “Ow”, look at her and say “Whoa, watch it, that hurts”. And damn her if she didn’t want him to react – she wanted something, anything that told her that he was still here… with her

           “Y-You… you are here… You can hear me, can’t you?” she said, her voice a shaky whisper, “You’re… you’re gonna be fine, Stickers… I’m sure of it… They’ll fix you up… You’ll be okay… Okay?”

           Still no reaction. Of course.

           Sally bit her lip and pulled her tire away from McQueen, pushing the blinds away from the ambulance window. She leaned forwards, looked at the outside world. She spied a few tall, spotless buildings in the city ahead. She quietly prayed to the Manufacturer that at least one of those was the hospital.

           Then she heard something that made her entire frame freeze over.


           It was small, weak, almost inaudible – and yet she still heard it.

           Her mouth feeling like sandpaper, Sally turned her attention back to her boyfriend.

           He was still there. Still broken. But he’d opened his eyes – just by a little bit. He was staring at her. Looking right at her between his slit windshields, the whites of his eyes glassy and tinged with red.

           Sally stared right back, swallowing hard. She felt that familiar pressure build behind her eyes as she looked him over, took in his sorry state yet again. She drove forwards a centimeter.

           “S-Stickers– ?”

           As quickly as he’d come back to her, he left again. He shut his eyes, letting out a ragged, groaning breath as he did so. Sally sat frozen for a few seconds before gripping his tire again, giving it a light jostle. Nothing. Not even a twitch. He only lied there, only breathing to show how alive he was.

           Sally couldn’t take her eyes off of McQueen, even as her eyes filled with tears and a sob filled her throat.

           “…You… are… going… to…. be… fine…”

Protective!Jared Kleinman x Reader

-you love the meme boy and he loves you so he’s v v v protective of you
-he gets sooo easily jealous
-he’s a tiny bit insecure but really he’s just one of those people that gets jealous and you’re a relatively kind and nice person so some people mistake it for flirtation
-one day you were talking to this guy at your locker about a bio project and Jared was coming around the corner and he happened to see you guys laughing at something off color you had said about your teacher
- he came up behind you and tasered your waist (you know that annoying thing people do when they poke your sides hard really fast)
-“owwwww jaredddd” “what I didn’t do anything” and then he’d kiss your nose and be like “oh hi” to the guy and start only talking to you
- it was really shady tbh so you asked Jared about it when you guys were playing video games at his house that night
-“hey Jared what was up with you today?”
“What that locker thing? That dude was totally hitting on you I saw you guys laughing and shit” “yeah Jared I made a joke about Mrs.White” “well yeah but…” “plus do you think that I’d actually flirt with another person” “no…” “okay then you have nothing to worry about.” “Okay”
-also there’s a whole lotta “if you need me to get you out of any situation just text me x”
-and “Y/N PLEASE BE SAFE OKAY” “Jared I’m literally just going with Alana and Zoe to a party” “I KNOW BUT PEOPLE ARE STUPID JUST BE SAFE PLEASE IF YOUR UNCOMFORTABLE AT ANY TIME TEXT ME PLEASE AND ILL COME GET YOU.” “Okay i will.” “I love you have fun okay?”
-just having the best respectful protective boyfriend ever

Shape Of You - Part One

A little two-parter Juice x Reader based on the Ed Sheeran song Shape of You. Written from Juice’s POV. Smut warning!
Tagged: @lolsthecat @codenamekaraortiz @calumonoxide @soafanficluvr1 @sarcastic-lunatic

The club isn’t the best place to find a lover/So the bar is where I go.
It was a Wednesday night. Chibs, Tig, Happy and Juice had a big week at the club. All the other members had decided to go home and sleep, or see their families. But these guys were happy to be alive after the last month’s beef with the Mayans was finally sorted and wanted to celebrate.
There was a bar that they frequented when they didn’t want to stay at the clubhouse. The brothers walked in, nodding at the owner, Greg, and sat at the bar.
It was a quiet evening, the owner and a new girl being the only workers that night, three other customers at a table.
Juice noticed the new girl first, caught off guard by her pretty blue eyes, and the shape of her. Trim, but curved in all the right places. A gorgeous smile and long brown hair. She finished cleaning a glass and made her way down the bar.
“What can I get you guys?” She asked, smile on her face.
“A tall glass of you would go down well, doll.” Tig said said.
Juice thumped Tig in the thigh. If anyone was going to flirt with her, it was him. He’d been looking for a girl for a while. Juice wanted something more than just sex with Croweaters.
“That kind of talk’s supposed to come out after you’ve had the drinks, not before.” She laughed.
Me and my friends are at the table doing shots/Drinking fast and then we talk slow.
“Well, we’ll have four shots of tequila, and your name.”
“I’m (Y/N), and you?” She replied, pouring the drinks.
They all introduced themselves.
“Haven’t seen you in here before.” Juice said before downing his shot. He could have sworn that (Y/N) had blushed when he spoke to her.
“Not been here all that long.” She answered.
She left them with another round of shots and some beer at the bar.
“Come have a drink with us, (Y/N)!” Tig called out as she cleared off the table where the three other customers had been.
“I’m still on the clock!” She said, carrying the empty glasses back to the bar. “There’s no one else here but us. And we’ll be here a while, might as well enjoy yourself.”
(Y/N) looked over to Greg, who was packing away beer glasses. He looked back, half-grin on his face and gave her a nod.
She grabbed a beer out of the fridge and came over to where they were seated. “Just a beer? Nah, lass. Grab yourself a shot.” Chibs protested.
(Y/N) smiled and shook her head, picking up a shot glass and filling it with tequila. She did the same for the Sons and they drank.
“I’ve heard about you guys. People say you’re outlaws.” (Y/N) said, chasing her shot with a sip of beer.
“People say a whole lotta things. What do you say?” Juice said. He had been the quieter one in the group, but he was a few drinks down now and was starting to loosen up.
“I say,” (Y/N) said, taking another sip. “That you’re a fun bunch and you need another drink.”
The boys cheered and (Y/N) got more bottles for them.
“A toast to new friends.” Tig said and they raised another shot.

You come over and start up a conversation with just me/And trust me I’ll give it a chance now.
They’d been drinking a while, and Juice started to feel buzzed. He and (Y/N) had started their own subgroup. They talked about common interests, drinking all the while.
(Y/N) was leaning on the bar, and the more intoxicated she got, the closer she leant towards Juice. Juice was following suit, until they were talking low, flirting and giggling together.
(Y/N) finished her beer and made to get more when Juice placed his hand on the back of her neck, pulling her in for a firm kiss.
When they broke apart, everything but the TV was silent, and (Y/N) didn’t much else know what to do but blush and giggle.
Juice’s cheeks had turned a bright pink and he grinned, looking away before asking “Wanna get out of here?”
Before (Y/N) could answer, the owner came down to the group. “Go on. I’ll look after these guys and close up. You won’t be much use to me in a few drinks anyway.” He chuckled.
“Thanks, Greg. See you guys later.” (Y/N) turned to the bikers.
Juice took her hand as she walked out from behind the bar. He nodded at his friends and lead her to the door.
“Aye Juicy Boy!” Chibs drunkenly cheered.
“Bye, (Y/N)!” Tig yelled.

Juice sat on his bike and (Y/N) got on behind him. They rode through town, before pulling up at an apartment complex. Juice parked the bike, helping (Y/N) down.
He opened the door to his apartment, pulling her inside and kissing her again.
(Y/N) ran her hands up to his shoulders while Juice’s slipped under her shirt, caressing her back. She began to pull at his shirt, Juice getting the message and pulling it up and over his head.
Juice lifted her shirt and removed it, kneeling down and unbuttoning her jeans and pulling them down, (Y/N) stepping out of them.
He stayed knelt before her, kissing her thighs and her stomach, his hands feeling their way up to her waist.
He didn’t know how this was going to turn out, although he knew he liked her. But right now, he was in love with her body, and wanted to show her.
Boy, let’s not talk too much, grab on my waist and put that body on me.
“You sure you wanna do this?” He asked softly, looking up at her.
“Yeah. You?”
“Yeah.” He grinned, grabbing the waistband of her underwear, sliding them down.
Juice stood. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Holding her tight, kissing her neck as he walked her to his bedroom, she unfastened her bra, letting it drop to the hallway floor.
Juice lay her down on the bed, standing up to take off his jeans and underwear before spreading her legs, hooking them over his shoulders.
Juice ran his tongue over her folds, dipping it and circling it against her clit. (Y/N) groaned and Juice felt her hands gently holding his head, spurring him on.
Juice kept going, loving the sounds she was making, bringing her closer to the edge. But he wanted her badly.
He couldn’t wait any longer, moving up and over her body. Juice brought his lips down on to hers, kissing her deeply, tasting the tequila on her tongue. He pinned her hands down with his beside her head, moving in to position and slowly sliding inside her.
Her eyes rolled back and Juice moaned, biting his lip and thrusting faster. His eyes roamed her body. It wasn’t going to take long. It was feeling too good and she looked amazing underneath him. (Y/N) smiled up to Juice.
“Babe, you feel so good.” Juice’s voice was strained, he was close.
(Y/N) unravelled beneath him at the sound of his raspy voice, clenching her legs around his hips. Juice found his release soon after.
”That was amazing.” (Y/N) whispered, and Juice nodded in agreement, unable to speak.
Completely spent, they curled up together. Sliding his arm under her, he pulled her in close, and they fell into a deep sleep.



Prompt: Oh my gosh your writing literally gives me liiiiife ❤❤❤❤ could you please please please write some negan x plus size reader??? I’d owe you my life honestly 

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,118
Warnings: Making out, swearing, mild body shaming (But Negan puts that to rest)

“He’s expecting you to wear that?” Sherry asked in a cold voice, a mean smile played on her lips.

You were standing in the middle of the room that Negan kept all his wives. The room was well decorated with colour and it had everything a girl could need: pretty mirrors, make up, comfy beds, the whole package. You had just been minding your own business in the corner reading when one of the Saviours came in and dropped off a package for you.

You had some scepticism but you had taken the package onto your neatly folded bed. You were sitting cross-legged, leaning against the cold stone wall. You had looked at the box as if it were a bomb ready to explode.

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Full Circle: Part 2

Pairing: Gabriel x Sister!Reader

Word count: 6121

Warnings/Tags: more angst, more, canonical character death

Summary:  When a strange occurrence leads you back to Indiana, you find the past becomes resurrected along with a certain archangel.  Unfortunately, you both become caught up in something bigger than you expected.  Takes place between Seasons 5 and 6.  

Author’s note:  I have checked the The Hammer of the Gods transcript so many times at this point I’m surprised it’s not seared behind my eyelids when I close them.  Taglists are at the end.  If there’s a line through a name, I tried to tag and it wouldn’t let me.  Sorry!

Special thanks to my amazing beta @sumara62 for her great feedback and for helping me grow as a writer and for @blondecoffeecake who pretty much feeds my soul (with not only sunshine but a whole lotta Dick).  Both of you ladies are the best and your kind words and encouragement are always appreciated.  

Part 1


It was no wonder your instincts had been on high alert.  Muncie, Indiana might not have been next door to Winchester, but it was in the same county. 

Like Gabriel, a piece of that disastrous night still lingered, consistently trying to chime in on the edge of your existence.  You’d become so accustomed to it being there it had melded into the clamoring din of emotions that rose whenever you toed the line to the past.  

The fact you were about to drive straight over it had snippets piercing your consciousness.

“Am I the only one wondering what a place like this is doing… in a place like this?” You finished lamely, staring up at the fluorescent blue lights that had beckoned you in from the road. You couldn’t remember the last time you saw a gas station, let alone anything worthy of a hotel this nice.  

Then again, you also couldn’t remember the last time you could see anything past the torrents of water raining down upon the car.  

“Are you really going to argue with a place called ‘Elysian Fields’?” Dean demanded.  He had a point.  You could already tell by how well cared for the grounds and signs were that this was guaranteed to be the nicest stop of your lives.  

You just couldn’t shake the feeling that it was too nice.

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Lego Batjokes Track #10🦇🃏📀🎶🔈

Crazy For You by Hedley

Submitted by @arthurkingsmen


“You’re whole lotta crazy
I think you like it too
But let me tell you baby
I’m so crazy for…
That’s some good shit
Whoa yeah, that’s some good shit (oh)
that’s some good shit (ooh)
that’s some good shit (yeah)

There’s something ‘bout the bright lights
You find them on the right nights
Forces you just can’t fight
You’re trouble but it’s alright (yeah)
Take control, please own me
Only love can save me

You’re whole lotta crazy
I think you like it too
But let me tell you baby
I’m so crazy for you
So lose your mind, you psycho

I think I like it too
I gotta tell you baby
I’m so crazy for you

So crazy (oh)
So crazy (ooh)
So crazy, baby
I’m so crazy for you
That’s some good shit
That’s some good shit
That’s some good shit

Upper class corruption, stone-cold seduction
It’s that I just can’t get enough of
Your freak show keeps me coming

Take control, please own me
Only love can save me

You’re whole lotta crazy
I think you like it too
But let me tell you baby
I’m so crazy for you
So lose your mind, you psycho
I think I like it too
I gotta tell you baby
I’m so crazy for you

So crazy (oh)
So crazy (ooh)
So crazy, baby
I’m so crazy for you
That’s some good shit
That’s some good shit
That’s some good shit
I’m so crazy for you

That’s some good shit
That’s some good shit
That’s some good shit
I’m so crazy for you

So crazy (yeah yeah)
So crazy (yeah yeah)
So crazy, baby
I’m so crazy for you
So crazy (yeah)
Oh I’m so crazy for you
Baby, I’m so crazy for you

Take control
(that’s some good shit)
Please own me
(that’s some good shit)
(that’s some good shit)
Love can save me

You’re whole lotta crazy
I think you like it too
But let me tell you baby
I’m so crazy for you
So lose your mind, you psycho
I think I like it too
I gotta tell you baby
I’m so crazy for you

So crazy
(that’s some good shit)
So crazy
(that’s some good shit)
So crazy
(that’s some good shit)
Baby, I’m so crazy for you

So crazy
(that’s some good shit)
So crazy
(that’s some good shit)
So crazy
(that’s some good shit)
Baby, I’m so crazy for you”


Always a pleasure to get suggestions from my friend @arthurkingsmen! (I’m so sorry these are so late ^-^”)

      Well would you look at that : it’s your local Jordan here with a half-assed banner to celebrate a pretty damn cool milestone ? ! I’ll keep this short and sweet so I don’t go too PDA on y’all, but dear god - 400 followers in what ? 2 months ? Holy shit ! I don’t think I can say just how much I love the BN.HA fandom because honestly… you guys have reminded me just what it was the dragged me into roleplaying to begin with. I haven’t had so much fun on a blog in actual years and now suddenly I’m bombarded with shitty memes and interesting plots and I just can’t thank you guys enough ! 

      If I had the time to sit down and tag the entire BN.HA fandom I would - all of you guys have made this great for me - but dudes I’m too impatient for that shit, but keep that in mind if you’re not included. Canon characters and OCs alike, you’re all amazing to me.

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