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P, S W and X for Clyde, please - Robo who is currently on her laptop and doesn't have emojis right now


P-Parent (What kind of parent would they be?): He would be really over protective and spoiling because he doesn’t want them to grow up like he did with nothing nice and always looking over their shoulder.

S-Smile (What makes them smile without fail?):You make him smile more than anything in the world because he just doesn’t understand???? How can one person be so gorgeous??? Also if a broken down car starts working again, insta-grin. He loves the purr of a finely tuned engine.

W-Wedding (What was the wedding like?): small and elegant. He cried, you cried, a whole lotta tears in general. You even thought you saw Blanche tearing up but she’ll never admit it.

X-eXtra (What’s an interesting fact about them that they don’t tell anyone about?): he talks in his sleep. Some times it’s nonsense, other times it’s romantic stuff about you, but sometimes it’s terrifying. One time he woke you up by sitting straight up in bed, looked up at the ceiling and pointed as he whispered “They’re here.” Before promptly collapsing again, sound asleep.

Not a Princess: A Descendants Imagine (Slight Jay X Reader)

Warnings: none :)

“Benjamin!” You shouted, having absolutely no idea where your best friend was.

You huffed out an annoyed sigh, your blond hair, like your mothers, lifting slightly off your face.

You stomped downstairs, uttering curses under your breath, and causing yourself to glow a bit red.

“(Y/N),” a voice chuckled behind you and you flew up into the air in fear. The voice erupted into laughter and you slowly lowered yourself to the ground.

“What have I told you!” You shouted but clapped a hand over your mouth as the only sound that came out was like bells. This caused Ben to laugh louder and you glowed a bright red.

“Alright, alright,” Ben conceded, holding his hands up in surrender. “I was just showing our new students around.”

Your jaw dropped and you glared at Ben, smoothing out your hair and your light green dress as you noticed the 4 newcomers.

“This is (Y/N), daughter of Tinkerbell,” Ben introduced you and you nodded.

“I- uh- nice to meet you!” You chuckled nervously and your voice returned to normal.

“Hi, I’m Evie,” the girl with dark blue hair introduced herself, obviously the evil queens daughter. “This is Mal,” She pointed to Malificent’s daughter with violet hair. “Carlos,” she pointed to the smaller boy, Cruella d'evil’s son. “And this is-”

“I’m Jay,” the other boy stood up from leaning on the wall and smiled at you. You struggled not to stare. Good-looking was an understatement.

You shook your head. Pull yourself together girl! He was a VK.

You inched closer to Ben, looking small next to him.

“You should have warned me!” You hissed between your teeth. Ben let out a laugh and you rolled your eyes.

“Where were you anyways? I sent Audrey to go get you!” Ben sighed and you blushed a bright pink.


“You weren’t terrorizing Chad again were you?” Ben shook his head and you offered a shy smile.

“You really shouldn’t do that you know, you wonder why your not a princess.” Audrey chided and you let out an exasperated sigh.

“Well I’m so sorry your highness! Since I’m not a Princess, I’ll just go and join the other maids then, right? Where my kind belong? Hmm. I’ll go and fly away to Neverland? Trust me, the lost boys are a whole lotta more fun than you and your rules!” The last part escalated to bells again and you had a bright red glow.

Audrey look mortified and Ben just looked a bit sad.

“(Y/N)!” Andy, Anna and Kristoff’s son, called and motioned for you to come over.

You let out a relieved sigh and hurried over to him, dwarfed in comparison next to his tall frame.

“Woah,” Jay breathed as he watched you go.

“Dude stop drooling,” Carlos elbowed him in the chest.

“You sure she’s not a villain?” Mal smirked at Ben and he laughed.

“No, she’s really soft deep down, she just has a mouth on her.” Ben smiled. “But if you ask Chad Charming- he’d tell you otherwise.”

Jay stared at the doorway you’d disappeared from. He just had to get to know you better.

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Devotion: 1950s!Bucky AU

A summer stuck in the south was not what you expected, nonetheless you spend your time along the porch of your Aunt’s home - placed in a summertime sadness. You were devoted to your image of good girl ways, your family expects nothing less than the perfect little girl to be married off by the age of 19 - that is until you met the boy next door.

Notes: 50s!Bucky AU, teasing, Naked Bucky, smoking

If you’d like to be tagged, send me an ask :) Let me know what you think too! 

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Okay. Now I REALLY need to write something on not only Cas’ elimination of the role of guardian, but how the show has framed his missions as irrelevant as well. A truck full of useless diapers, uselessly going back to apocalypse world to stab Lucifer… a season full of “I’ll hold him off for as long as I can”, committing himself to die for a proclaimed mission that no longer matters. Cas’ “true mission” as outlined by the structure, has been to stay alive for Dean’s happiness. This was compounded last year by aligning him as “family” as much as possible (last season too, especially at the end, under Dabb). Last season he even becomes the Winchester that needed to die (in the end) for the Winchester’s deal with Billie. We’ve been watching a whole season worth of both unhealthy ways and profound ways (because I don’t consider Gavin’s decision to save his love unhealthy) in which we deal with what people will do for family (siblings specifically, coding Cas as such) and lovers (both reciprocated and not).

This leaves the question of what label Cas specifically gets (in SPN’s signature mirrored storytelling) in murky waters. Is he a lover? A brother? Is it reciprocated from Dean? Or not? Is “romantic” the specific type of love Cas has for Dean? Or not? These are the questions the show’s structure is asking. All the while it’s been telling us that any mission Cas dedicates himself to, that isn’t Dean’s happiness (as in Cas by his side, alive), is WRONG. This is how the show has framed itself, plainly, in my opinion.

We just don’t know where this road will lead, obviously. But. The show has eliminated a lot of avenues. Telling Cas he is “brother” and “family” does not stop Cas from going on more useless missions where he commits himself in an insistent need to die in order to rid himself of these uncertain labels. When asked if he feels like he belongs by Mary, he is unsure. He hasn’t been convinced. After everything Dean has said, none of it has been enough. “You’re not our babysitter!” Dean tells Cas, and so he goes to take on a guardianship role for someone else, a useless one, that he ultimately dies for and Dean is left to suffer.

Cas has to be convinced of something to live for that keeps him at Dean’s side, not protecting him, but helping him. And it has been framed as something only Dean can do. Only Dean can tell Cas what he needs to hear. Where the show will go from here leaves VERY little room. And that’s where Dabb era narrative structure has taken us.

Title: We Are Either Here Or Not Here
Author: Bexy
Artist: Armellin
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Warnings/Tags: #angst with a happy ending, #pining, #multiple POVs, #badass Mary Winchester, #canon alternate universes, #praying, #love confessions, #coming out, #Impala sex, #author abuse of mixtapes
Posting Date: 10/27/2017

Summary:  Post-12.23. After Cas’ death, Dean’s left devastated. So when Mary fights her way out of the other universe with an alternate Castiel in tow, Dean’s desperate enough to start talking to him. Castiel is stubborn, judgmental, infuriating - and the best shot Dean has at getting Cas back. The conversations start as Dean’s last hope, but they soon turn into his version of catharsis.

When Cas does find his way back, he comes along with stories of his own. No sooner than he’s returned, though, new and unusual circumstances put distance between him and Dean. Moving forward together turns out to be easier said than done, and Dean’s left wondering if anything’s changed after all.

- - -

There’s a reason he’s telling Castiel this story. “I guess I wanted Cas to think of me when he was out there. He was gone, uh, kind of a lot.”

“And you thought about him.”

“I – worried.”

The dull expression in Castiel’s eyes is extra unimpressed. “You worry about many things, Dean. Your immediate family. The people you consider your adopted family. The state of the world. And yes, the other Castiel. But it wasn’t just worry.”

Most of their conversations go like this. “I think we’re done for the day,” Dean says, voice artificially steady. “I, uh, did bring this. Maybe it’ll jog your memory.”

He drops his laptop on the table in front of Castiel. It lands too heavily on the surface, but who cares. Dean barely spends any time on the computer these days, and when he does, it’s to track the news outlets obsessively for some sign of weird shit involving a dude in a trenchcoat.

“Tape’s gone.” Dean never found the original. Too many times, his mind’s offered up the image of the tape tucked away neatly in Cas’ inside pocket, then splintering to bits on the business end of an angel blade. “But I got the music here.”

He only has to fiddle with the stupid audio player for a minute or two – Sam would be so proud – before “Immigrant Song” starts playing from the speakers. It’s a tinny sound, nothing like when it booms forceful out of Baby.

Dean doesn’t spare another look at Castiel. He leaves the room.

He made the tape for a lot of reasons. Mostly, though, he kept picturing Cas listening to it. Driving his stupid car, wind in his hair, squinting against the sun, finally hearing some music that kicked serious ass. Thinking of Dean while the song wrapped around Cas’ whole body and Robert Plant made ‘im sing.

And yeah, Dean wanted to see what Cas’ reaction to “Lemon Song” was gonna be. Whether he’d get it, let himself feel those dirty blues in his gut, and lower. Or his reaction to “Thank You.” “Whole Lotta Love.”

He’ll never know now. Because Cas tried to give him the tape back, and bailed from the bunker to go find the nephilim kid, and then – and then –

Then Dean ended up here. Where he trods down to the dungeon every day to talk to a creature from another universe that he can’t even look in the eye. Something that carries the name Castiel, but isn’t what Dean needs, or who he should have been telling this to all along.




i am not one of those people who are overly interested in the supernatural beings and monsters n shit,, so i’m so sorry if this disappoints anyone. i really don’t feel confident in this work and i’m not overly happy with it, but i’m going to post it anyway because bants 

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  • taeyong’s always been a vampire
  • it’s all you’ve ever known of him 
  • you never knew him before he got turned 
  • but both of you are okay with that 
  • cause hes like 
  • a couple of hundred years old so like 
  • yh 
  • ANYWAY so one day,, 
  • yall are just hangin out yknow its all casual 
  • n then he just goes 
  • “hey” 
  • and ur like “Hey???” 
  • n he gets all fidgety and cute 
  • blushy n flustered n all that good stuff 
  • youre like “wtf u good bro??” 
  • and he Blurts it out;; 
  • “would you ever want me to turn you?” 
  • “…”
  • when you go silent he gets hella nervous and hes like 
  • yo,,, 
  • did i fuck up?? 
  • WHAT
  • yknow 
  • “you don’t have to answer straight awa—“ 
  • “do it.” 
  • he’s shoCKED 
  • he didn’t think you’d say yes,,, 
  • it’s a Whole Lotta Commitment 
  • “are you sure?” 
  • “TAEYONG, yes i’m sure” 
  • he’s really happy about this aw 
  • it’s all !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • like WOW, u want to spend all eternity with him 
  • well,, maybe 
  • but Hell Yeah u wanna be a vamp 
  • so yall get that over and done with, but then the real fun starts 
  • so yknow yall are super duper fast right? 
  • well, u use this to ur advantage 
  • u like to fuck with the rest of nct (monster!nct) 
  • more abt taeyong solely 
  • he’s still such a sweetheart 
  • like 
  • if any of his friends (or loved ones) are in trouble,,  he’s gonna do his best to stick up for u 
  • obvs if the enemy has a stake then he’s Gone 
  • when you get turned, though 
  • he’ll be amaing 
  • he’s pretty sure that the day you got turned is the happiest of his (very lengthy) life 
  • so like,, thats saying something 
  • but yo he’s the happiest vampire there is 
  • hes such a sweet bub i love 
first time with jared; jared x male!reader headcannons

this was requested and it’s really bad but it’s okay

-your first time with Jared is surprisingly gr9

-it starts off as any normal night, you guys were playing video games on his bed

-eventually you guys decide to watch a movie so you’re just chillin’ together on his couch

-you’re like, laying in front of him and his arm is wrapped around you

-eventually cuddling turns into a full on make out session

-this isn’t the first time this is happened, but this time it escalates pretty quickly

-he’s on top of you

-the kiss becomes hecka intense

-also yeah his glasses are fogging up at an alarming rate yO

-eventually your hands slip under his shirt

-he kinda groans into your mouth and you just smirk a lil bit

-it becomes a lowkey battle for dominance

-can I note that you’re both getting very hard very fast because

w o a h this is the first time either of you have really gone this far what the fuck

-psttt w o a h this is the first time I’ve ever really tried to write male reader what the fuck


-you pull his shirt off, and his glasses are like practically about to fall of his face so you just chuckle and push them back up

-he goes back to kissing you and then slowly moved to your neck and you’re like
h o ly fuc k

-he like, rolls his hips against yours and you both moan at the same time

-he does it again, but slower, and you can both feel eachother through the fabric of your pants

-you wrap an arm around the back of his neck and pull his face down towards you

-woop you’re kissing again

-he continues to move his hips against yours

-and you start to move your hips up to meet his

-theres a whole lotta moaning coming from both of you

-after a little bit you feel like you’re close so you stop him

-you literally just


-Jared’s like


-you shake your head and look him directly in the eyes and just

'I want you to fuck me’

-he’s lowkey (highkey) taken aback

- 'a-are you sure?’

'yes I’m sure. I want you to fuck me.’


- you two are frantically shedding your clothes now like calm down boys it’s not a race of who can fling all their clothes off the fastest

-after a few seconds his hand is wrapped around your dick and you’re just

a h h h h h h

-so you’re like moaning beneath him and you’re like
'jared this is great and all but I told you to /fuck me/’

-and he like smirks and nods

-so you start to move onto your stomach and you’re like kinda freakin out because nerves

-you’re like

'you h-have the stuff right?’

'if by 'the stuff’ you mean lube and a condom, yes y/n. you underestimate me.’

-jared walks away for a second to get said stuff

-you’re like lowkey grinding against the mattress in anticipation

-when you feel him hovering over you again you’re so fuckin shook

- 'tell me if it hurts’
- 'i will’

-he starts using a finger just to like prepare you

-and it stings s l i g h t l y but it’s not too bad

-he starts kinda moving it in and out and you groan into the mattress because FUCK DUDE

-after a little bit you’re like 'please’

-and jared was already ready to go like he’s hype

-so he positions himself and super super slowly starts to push into you

-he moans a lot as he does so

-it hurts but you’re handling it

-'are you okay?’

'y-yeah. I’m fine..’

-he gives you some time to adjust till he starts to move

-you’re both moaning eachother’s names

-neither of you are gonna last long dude

-like oh fuck

-moaning moaning moaning so much moaning

-just a whole lotta praise

'you feel so good’

'i love you so much’

-when he cums you’re like s h o o k

-and then he like flips you over and he gets you off with his hand and it only takes a few pumps because your were already super fucking close

-and then you both kinda are just p a n t i n

-and then there’s cuddles

-s o many cuddles

-and you two fall asleep mumbling about how much you love eachother

-I got lazy at the end I’m sorry

-these were really bad

-oh well

It’s a celebration!

So, there’s this thing that happened a few days back…I needed a double take, and then one more.

Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural

I hit 1k!

I mean, that’s great, but I’m still having a hard time believing it - I never could’ve imagined that a thousand people would want to see my stuff! I think I owe y’all a big THANK YOU for following me AND a celebration.

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Since I’m quite a traditional gal, I’ve decided to host a writing challenge. And cause Supernatural is the thing that brought me here and connected us all, it probably doesn’t surprise anyone that SPN will be the subject here. :-)

Details (and prompts) are below the cut and I’ll be tagging my forevers and a bunch of other people in case you’re interested in participating, and if not, maybe a signal boost?

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True Love is a Lie

Request: Hey, could pretty please do a one shot about reader, that has a past with Lucifer and is still in love with him although they’re not together anymore, but suddenly she has to deal with the news that he’s having a son. The end is up to you 💕 Nick!Lucifer from supernatural


Word count:1.21k

Warnings: Implied depression, arguing/yelling, a small amount of cursing, implied cheating (not really implied), Lucifer (legit warning), terrible writing, ANGST, Supernatural

Pairing: NIck!Lucifer x Reader, implied Sam x Reader

A/N: I FINALLY GOT THIS OUT YAYAYAYA. Sorry if this is not what you wanted exactly and so sorry if this feels rushed.  Also sorry for the terrible writing and grammar. I realize that this isn’t really how Lucifer acts but bear with me, cuz you are the love of his life. Thank you for the request though darling!!

Y/N/N = Your nickname

F/C = Favorite Color

I don’t own you or any character in this story

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HEY GUYS!!!! Interested in getting any of these as phone charms or key chains?? Well kimasura and I have actually started a kickstarter for our new little studio (Battery Batch)! We’re making a whole lotta things, and you can actually request stuff too!!

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Our KickstarterBattery Batch Studios• Storenvy 

The Bet - Part 3 (Full Chapter)

Daryl Dixon x Reader / Maggie Greene x Reader

Warnings: Canon Divergence, smut., Language, NSFW (ALSO - some Beth hate. Deal with it or don’t read it. Not in this chapter, but more to come….)

Plot: Circa Season 4 - the reader is now living with Daryl, best friends with Maggie. Time’s past, picks up right before the group hits The Big Spot. Some season 4 plot points used in this chapter and the next.

Word Count: 4728

Originally posted by birdmacklin

“That didn’t take long,” he said brushing a hair from your bright red cheek.

“Eh, I’m just a sucker I guess.” You kissed him again, and for the first time since you made the bet with Maggie, you felt completely at peace with the idea of allowing someone into your heart again.

As Daryl took your hand in his, he had a small smile on his lips. “Maggie dared you, didn’t she?”

You looked up at him surprised as you walked down the road that led to the main gate. “What? No…” you said blowing him off.

“Yeah, ok,” he said looking out over the yard, “just, remind me to thank her later.”

He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and kissed you on the top of the head. As you walked the last few yards towards the tower, you put your arm around his hips and smiled, ready to face your group of friends as a newly cemented couple.

A light tapping on the cell door woke you from a restless sleep. You looked over at Daryl who was lying on his stomach, face buried into his pillow. The light wrap came again as you swung your legs to the ground and walked to the curtain.

You looked up at the barred windows and saw that the sun hadn’t begun to rise yet. Maggie was barely a silhouette standing outside your cell. There was just enough moonlight coming through to show that her face was covered in concern.

“What’s wrong? You ok?” you asked rubbing a hand on her arm.

“Sorry I woke you… I just…”

“No, no, it’s fine. What’s wrong?”

Maggie sighed deep, and then pulled you away from the entrance to your bunk, sitting on the stairs.

“I think I’m pregnant,” her eyes were fixed on the ground, arms crossed over her stomach. You wrapped your arm around her shoulder and she rested her head on yours.

“Think or know?” you asked, trying to remain positive.

“Think. I’m gonna go see the doc once Glenn leaves for that run later on,” she met your eyes and you saw something surprising in them. Amid the worry the situation caused, there was also a glimmer of hope.

“Maggie, do you want to be pregnant?”

“I…,” she ran her hands through her hair and shrugged. “It’s easier to not be, but… I wouldn’t hate it if I was.”

“Do you want me to go see the doc with you?”

“No, that’s ok. I can handle it, thanks though,” she smiled at you sweetly. “I don’t know, I guess I just needed to say it out loud to someone.”

“What about Glenn?” you asked and tried to imagine how he would feel about a baby. Being in love and having someone in your life was one thing. That was hard enough. Knowing all the complications that could arise during a pregnancy, the idea terrified you; even more now that it’s your best friend who’s with child.

“He knows that I haven’t been feelin’ great, but that’s it. I figured I would find out first, but…”

“You should tell him Maggie. Even if it is a no, let him be there for you.” You smiled wearily, and she shook her head at you.

Maggie stood up and leaned back against the railing. She sighed deeply, and you could see a tear glistening at the corner of her eye.

You stood up and hugged her tightly.

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No Time For Us

Plot: An attempt to spend the day together drives you and Steve crazy because you’re doing everything but spending it together - you can thank the team for that.

A/N: Uneditted. I wanted to get this out before I went to bed, so please forgive any mistakes my tired brain failed to pick up.

Warnings: Reader has anxiety and it shows at one point, but it is short.

Word Count Total: 924

Short Imagine #125

Title: No Time For Us

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

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Do you realize how thematically more powerful Watch Dogs 2 could have been if a plot twist revealed Marcus and Dusan used to be a couple?

  • You got an abusive guy like Dusan in power who ruined Marcus’s life because he left him. 
  • Dusan and Marcus representing the good and bad parts about ctOS.
  • Marcus feels at fault for letting Dusan be the monster he is, and joins DedSec to stop his evil ex. It’s not Marcus’s fault of course he’s just a sweetheart. 
  • Dusan’s actions for hurting Marcus’s friends (and beating up Wrench), offering Marcus a drink, casually unlocking Marcus’s phone at the beach party as if he knew Marcus’s password, and refusing to physically hurt Marcus despite knowing self defense start to make a whole lotta sense. 
  • Then you got Marcus over here who’s having the time of his life in San Francisco and looking for love. He flirts with everybody and even has a flirt emote. He wants to move on with his life but Dusan won’t let him.
  • Now you have a reason to make Marcus happy and do goofy things like take selfies and pet dogs.
Protective!Jared Kleinman x Reader

-you love the meme boy and he loves you so he’s v v v protective of you
-he gets sooo easily jealous
-he’s a tiny bit insecure but really he’s just one of those people that gets jealous and you’re a relatively kind and nice person so some people mistake it for flirtation
-one day you were talking to this guy at your locker about a bio project and Jared was coming around the corner and he happened to see you guys laughing at something off color you had said about your teacher
- he came up behind you and tasered your waist (you know that annoying thing people do when they poke your sides hard really fast)
-“owwwww jaredddd” “what I didn’t do anything” and then he’d kiss your nose and be like “oh hi” to the guy and start only talking to you
- it was really shady tbh so you asked Jared about it when you guys were playing video games at his house that night
-“hey Jared what was up with you today?”
“What that locker thing? That dude was totally hitting on you I saw you guys laughing and shit” “yeah Jared I made a joke about Mrs.White” “well yeah but…” “plus do you think that I’d actually flirt with another person” “no…” “okay then you have nothing to worry about.” “Okay”
-also there’s a whole lotta “if you need me to get you out of any situation just text me x”
-and “Y/N PLEASE BE SAFE OKAY” “Jared I’m literally just going with Alana and Zoe to a party” “I KNOW BUT PEOPLE ARE STUPID JUST BE SAFE PLEASE IF YOUR UNCOMFORTABLE AT ANY TIME TEXT ME PLEASE AND ILL COME GET YOU.” “Okay i will.” “I love you have fun okay?”
-just having the best respectful protective boyfriend ever