Actually dark stuff that happened in Pokemon lore that is not “lol pokemon battles are animal abuse”

  • Ghetsis found a random (presumably abandoned??) child in the woods, “adopted” him and brainwashed him to be his minion.
  • Phantumps are the souls of children who got lost in the woods and died.
  • Sea Mauville.
  • AZ’s entire story arc. A war broke out and his beloved pokemon companion (who was a gift from his late mother) was (forcibly!!!!) sent to fight in the war. The pokemon fought for years and died in the battlefield. This drove AZ mad with grief so he built a huge ass machine to bring his friend back to life and killed a shitton of people and pokemon in the process. Upon waking up the pokemon was not too happy about the destruction and ditched AZ, who was left immortal (and still ageing) to search for his lost humanity. This goes on for three thousand years.
  • Fucking Ghetsis though?? He tries to outright kill the protag in BW2.
  • Looker’s companion Crogunk is heavily implied to have died between games.
  • Alder’s companion Volcarona also died before BW which caused him to fall into depression and sent him to wander around Unova.
  • The Swords of Justice probably tried to destroy humanity at some point in the distant past.
  • Cyrus’ backstory. It was implied that he was abused as a child by his perfectionist parents which caused him to have an obsession about “emotions” and a world without them.
  • At the end of Platinum, Cyrus gets stuck in what probably is pokemon version of hell. By his own choice.
  • Mewtwo’s creation, Mr Fuji and Blaise.
  • Team Rocket just lobbing the tails of living slowpokes.
  • The plan in ORAS to open a portal to send a huge meteor in an alternate dimension so the ORAS universe survives. Because fuck the people who live in the other world.
  • Lysandre’s fate in Y.
  • Lysandre’s plan in general.

And those are just the ones I could think of off the top of my head. Now go make some better jokes, goddammit.

But imagine...
  • After the war, the seven celebrating Annabeths Birthday and gifting her a new laptop with all these drafting and 3D Modelling and rendering softwares and Leo tweaking the system to respond to Annabeths thoughts instead of her touch.  
  • Her being super excited about it initially but finding out that she can’t design anymore because she is facing difficulties letting her imagination run wild. 
  •  All those horrors from the quest and the visions from Tartarus keeping her from being inventive and imaginative.
  •  Percy being there for her in all those times to hold her hand and remind her that they are together now and that things are looking better.
  • Leo randomly bursting into flames to make her smile.
  •  Frank and Hazel learning to bake chocolate chip cookies because Annabeth likes them. 
  • Piper making Brick references with Jason because it always cracks Annabeth up. 
  • Even Will, Nico, Thalia and Reyna asking her to tell them more and more about all the iconic structures even though they don’t understand architecture at all.
  •  Annabeth being grateful for their support. 
  •  Annabeth slowly recovering from her shock. 
  •  The demigods waking up one day to see a massive digital image of a brilliant structure floating mid air which Annabeth then tells them is the is a monument dedicated to her ever-lasting friendship with all of them. 
Jongdae Boyfriend Headcanons
  1. Endless troll wars
  2. Sass, so much sass
  3. Little sweet gifts everyday
  4. “I saw this puppy and I thought it looked like you when you want a kiss”
  5. He would start singing for you and mess it up just to make you laugh
  6. “I’m a troll and you love me” :3
  7. He might be all laughs and jokes but deep inside he has a protective side
  8. Secretly sneaks in your room at night just to cuddle you 
  9. “I missed you… and I can’t sleep when you aren’t with me”
  10. He would be your best friend too, give you his shoulder whenever you need it
  11. Phone calls at 2AM that last until the sun rises
  12. “I’ve decided I want to improve my dancing skills so I got us into a Tango class”
  13. He might not be scared of ghosts but meeting your family… well he would be sweating a lot.
  14. You don’t see it, but he has a tail and he wiggles it whenever he wants something
  15. Stubborn kid, always wanting you to give him goodnight and good morning kisses
  16. “Cough cough I feel sick jagi… I think I need my kisses dose”
  17. Walks proudly by your side through the streets of Seoul
  18. He just loves you so much and wants the world to know it
  19. Movie nights with him, probably laughing at every comment he makes
  20. Pop corn wars, not enough soda, “Dae can you give me some-” and a make out session in the middle of the movie. 

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Short story that runs parallel to the time Ender spent in Battle School with Dink’s toon and Rat Army.

It’s a fairly religiously charged piece of literature, a far cry from the themes and general flow of Ender’s Game, but the philosophies behind the reasoning makes it enjoyable. It’s a very intelligent short and you get to learn more about Colonel Graff, Dink Meeker, and the amazingness of the character that is Ender Wiggins.

I Will Not Be Your Father Condoms

Protect your rock hard lightsaber from the the dark side of sexual intercourse with the “I will not be your father” condoms. Just look at what happened to Anakin – he failed to use protection – couldn’t handle the responsibility, and became Darth Vader. Don’t be that guy.


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