To you,

I want to say I hope you’re doing well and that on your bad days the sun shines a little brighter to make them easier for you. Or that everything falls into place and your life is a walk in the park and you get everything your pretty little heart and soul desires. But i don’t want someone who has had it easy and has had everything handed to them but someone who has been through some s*** and came out stronger, more appreciative and even more beautiful so instead I am going to say this; I hope you find something you’re passionate about that makes you want to get out of bed on the days that it seems nearly impossible. I hope that you catch a few breaks here and there that give you just enough momentum to keep you going. But I hope you struggle. I hope there are days when you have to muster up everything in you to even get yourself to keep breathing, but I hope you don’t give up. Because one day is coming and we are going to have each other and the struggles won’t be nearly as hard when we can look to our side and lean on one another. By now I’m assuming you’ve had you’re heart broke once at least and I hope you’re friends were there to hold you or comfort you. And I believe the first one hurts the worst and I know you are always going to be in love with them in a way because they have a piece of you no one will ever be able to touch. I want you to tell me about them and tell me what you guys went through and what went wrong. I even want you to tell me that sometimes you still want to run back to them occasionally. Just know I’ll accept that and you never have to act like it isn’t true because I understand. I accept your past. All of it. Whatever it may be. Whether you messed up and spent 3 important years of your life to drunk too even remember the difference between right and wrong. We all have pasts and some of us have been through more than others and we all handle things differently, I’m aware of that. How you chose to repair what, whoever or whatever, broke you is okay. I won’t hold your past against you or ever bring it up in a negative way and belittle you for it. And I hope you still let yourself care entirely too much. I care too much. I hope that someone didn’t hurt you into acting like you don’t care, but it’s okay if they did. Ill be patient and show you that its okay to care again. You have to be really brave to keep on caring in this cold world. Just know I’ve been loving you for 20 years now and I don’t even know who you are yet. I love you and i am going to keep loving you.



Do you feel love? Maybe when you see “Autumn Hug” you remember yourself being head over heels in love? When nothing in the whole world mattered but your loved one. When you could spend hours together without being bored with each other or irritated? When you didn’t have to deal with such everyday problems as budgeting and household chores? You could stay up all night walking in the park or talking.


You Wanna Go For Coffee?

Every day at work you receive a sticky note with a rather flirty message on them sitting at your desk. They are from a guy called Derek, one of the officers here at CCPD, who you have barely said a word to. Sure you work with him but that doesn’t mean you know him or that he knows you. As a matter of fact the notes are getting a bit much but how can you tell him to stop? For all you know he might be a nice guy you’re just not interested.

Pushing it to the back of your mind you get on with some last minute paperwork before it reaches lunch break. Working in the forensic department is no walk in the park, you have seen some pretty grim things. It is your job to do an autopsy in order to determine exactly how a person died. Thankfully you have Barry to lighten things up, cracking jokes that never fail to make you smile. He makes you forget how morbid your work is. He gets to do the fun stuff analysing the crime scene while you are left poking and probing a dead person’s organs.The two of you work in conjunction to help solve cases. 

Barry finally emerges from the labs, he must be done with his work. Sometimes you wonder how he gets everything done so quickly, it is uncanny. It takes you the whole day if not longer to get through most of yours. He strolls over to your desk with a huge grin on his face. That’s another thing about Barry he’s always happy and full of life. He sits down on the corner of your desk in a way that he can still see you, hands clasped resting on his lap. 

“Almost done?” He has a quick peek at what you are writing when something catches his attention from the corner of his eye. It is a yellow sticky note with a message on it. Barry knows exactly what it is and who it is from but as always his curiosity gets the better of him, wanting to know what Derek has written to you this time. 

“Almost.” You look up at him only to see him reading the note, not that you are surprised it has become a daily occurrence. “Barry.” You say in a disapproving tone. 

“What? I just want to see that’s all.” He shrugs his shoulder unapologetically, a smirk on his face. Before reading the note aloud he clears his throat dramatically. “Hey baby, I hate that you keep giving me the cold shoulder like this but I just really want to take you out for dinner. What’s a guy got to do to take a beauty like you out on a date? When you think of an answer you know where to find me.” Barry reads in a very deep and ridiculous voice, making you chuckle even though you tried so hard not to laugh, you just couldn’t help it. “Man, I’d hate to be that guy.” Barry gladly hands the ‘love note’ back after mocking it. 

Deep down it really makes him jealous that another guy is showing interest in you because secretly he has been crushing on you for the longest time. He just doesn’t have the guts to leave you cheesy messages. The fact that some guy you barely even talk to has the guts to make a move makes Barry feel even less confident in himself. Though he does flirt with you in his own subtle ways, such as telling you jokes. 

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A Secret Worth Keeping

Pulling into the lot at TM, you look into the backseat, your six month daughter is still asleep. Parking in front of the office, you really weren’t looking forward to this, You left Charming over a year ago, for your sanity, you couldn’t handle it anymore, the constant back and forth turmoil that the father had you in.

Your Aunt Gemma walked out of the office, seeing you parked in front of the office, she smiled. Coming to your door, she pulled it open. “(Y/N) Morrow! Where the hell have you been?”

You get out of the car, smiling at her. “Around, where’s Uncle Clay?” The cries of your daughter stops the conversation. You open the back door, getting her out. “Aunt Gemma, this is Makendra Elizabeth…”

“Holy shit baby, does he know?”

You shook your head. “I left before I told him. I couldn’t bring a baby into our unstable relationship….”

“He deserves to know about her sweetheart.”

“I know, that’s why I came back, she deserves to know her dad. Where are they?”

“You know he was worried about you when you just disappeared like that.”

Looking down, you felt a sense of guilt, but you knew if your family had a clue to your location they would have dragged you back. “I know, I’m sorry I worried any of you. It was wrong of me.”

“Come on baby, time to reunite with your family. They’re in church.” They walked towards the clubhouse, you hoped that your reappearance didn’t cause too much of an uproar.

Walking into the clubhouse, nothing had changed in a year, same croweaters hanging around, waiting for the guys to get done. The prospects behind the bar, waiting to hand out drinks after church.

Gemma went to the door, putting her ear to the door, hearing that they were done, she opened the door. “Have a seat guys, we have an unexpected guest.”

You slowly walk through the doors, holding Makendra on your hip, hearing the room go quiet, you look around and smile. Looking at the head of the table, your eyes meet your uncles. “Hi Uncle Clay.”

“Little girl, where have you been?”

You feel the tears building up in your eyes. Makendra is smiling and waving at the men in the room. “In the mid-west, having a baby. This is my daughter Makendra Elizabeth…”

You look towards her father, meeting his dark eyes, you can’t read his emotions, he sits at the table just staring at you. Clay gets up from the table, coming to you, pulling you into a hug. “Welcome home!”

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scenarios for the paladins taking their s/o on the first date. where would they go and how would they act throughout the date?

There was a lot so I did headcanons. Is that okay? Sorry I just don’t have the attention span to write all of them, or the patience to write one at a time.


  • He’d want to do something to be able to get to know the person better. Like a restaurant or getting coffee.
  • He’d be pretty calm on the date, just listening and talking to the other person. They’d already agreed to go out with him, so he must have already made a good impression, right? 
  • He’s very respectful of them and would listen.


  • A nice, sunny day at the park! You two could make a picnic together and then take a walk in the park and eat it there.
  • He’d be really excited and wants to know all about you, so he’d ask a lot of questions and really listen to your answers.
  • After the picnic, you’d take a walk around the park until the sun sets. He’d pick you a flower while you’re walking and you could watch the sunset together.


  • They’d really enjoy going to a museum with their date. It wouldn’t matter what kind of museum it was, but it would be cool to hear their s/o’s opinions on different things and talk about something interesting.
  • They’d be watching their date a lot to see what kind of things interested them, and sharing their knowledge about things they knew/liked.
  • They’d be nervous that they’d mess something up, but the nervousness would go away after a little bit, once you two started walking around and actually talking.


  • He’d want to do something fun, like rollerskating or going to a drive-in.
  • If you went to a drive-in, he’d bring lots of blankets and make sure you two cuddled in the back of a truck. 
  • You’d also sneak in a lot of food. It’s like a game. See how much food you can bring in without getting kicked out.
  • Roller skating would involve a lot of racing and dinosaur band-aids, just in case.


  • He’d probably go to a regular movie theater with them because then they could spend time together and not have an incredibly awkward time.
  • He’d be fine for most of the time, but if you put your head on his shoulder or held his hand he would not know what to do at all. He’d freeze and just let you do your thing, hoping he’s not being weird about it.
Necklace | Taron Egerton One Shot |

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Mikhaela has a knack for finding lost things.

She has a box of found belongings tucked carefully away in the back of her closet. She can’t quite pinpoint when the obsession started, but it grew in ferocity with each passing year.

An old rare coin, it’s once clean copper hue now a slightly muted green and brown.

A well-loved book left on the bench near the bus stop. (It was in a completely different language—German, she thought—but that didn’t stop her from lovingly flipping through its pages and attempting to read its story).

A silver charm from a charm bracelet—a small ballerina slipper.

An opal ring, the gem carefully twined in silver and reflecting in brilliant purples, greens and blues.

A part of her wondered if she purposely walked through the park on the off chance she would  find something lost. Sure, she enjoyed the budding spring flowers, the mild breeze and the crisp scent of fresh soil, too, but she would found some of her best items in parks.

What she found next changed her life.


The air was cool, yet refreshing, but regardless, Mikhaela hugged her sweatshirt closer to her frame as she walked along the dirt path. It was the first pleasant day all spring, the sun shining brightly with only a few stray clouds hanging low in the mid-afternoon sky. Just ahead on the dirt path, she noticed a shimmering dancing in her eye.

She looks around, spotting only a few people milling around, none of which accompanied her on the path. Moving a little quicker, the small gravel crunching beneath her feet, she reaches the shimmer, bending down to find a necklace half buried in the dirt.

The long silver chain still holds a faint trace of heat and she  involuntarily shivers at the weight of it in her palm. At the end of the chain is a small circular pendant, St David imprinted on its surface. The clasp is broken, which she is  sure is how its owner ended up losing it. Hefting the slight weight of the chain in her hand, she carefully tuck the necklace in her pocket.

Once she arrived home, she dug  in the back of her closet, pulling out the box of lost treasures. Pulling the necklace out from her pocket, she glance down between the box and necklace, the idea of placing the necklace there feeling…wrong.

She found a small pliers, and fixing the clasp, affix the necklace around her neck. The chain feels comfortable around her neck and she trails her fingers along the cool silver, thumbing the pendant at the end.

From that moment on, she never take it off.


Mikhaela worries the pendant between her fingers, the smooth coolness providing a lingering sense of calming comfort. It had been a few months since she found the necklace and in that time she hadn’t found anything else.

Not even her lost set of keys.

She leans back on the bench, drawing her knees towards her chest and idly turn the pages of her book. A sudden breeze picks up, the warm scent of pine and a faint smokiness greet her and she shivers, her arms breaking out in goose bumps. A man sits down next to her, letting out an exasperated groan and cursing lowly under his breath at his phone.

She watch as he taps at the screen, scratching at his  chin in frustration. He raises his phone towards the sky and mutters, “shit” loud enough for her to hear before dropping the phone into his lap and hanging his head in defeat. Giving her a side glance, he notices her and sits up straighter, tugging at the hem of his shirt. “Sorry,” he apologizes, “my phone is rubbish and I’m…lost.”

Her skin prickles and the word “lost” bounces around her skull. Sitting up straighter, Mikhaela uncurls  her legs and turn slightly towards him. “Where are you looking to go?” she ask, her words almost sticking in her throat.

“Oh, um,” he pauses for a moment, tapping once more on his phone, his deft fingers scrolling up. He gives a small “ah” of triumph and looks back up at her with a smile. “ Pontardawe Arts Centre.“

Her eyebrows rise at his statement. “That’s clear across town. How did you end up here?”

“I,” he starts, eyes glancing around the scenery before him, “have no idea.”

His green—no, not green but the most complex mixture ofgolden, green and blue she’d ever seen—eyes land back on her face and he smiles, extending his right hand. “I’m Taron,” he says, his warm hand enveloping hers.

„ Mikhaela.“ She responds in kind and his hand slowly withdraws from hers as his eyes drop to the necklace hanging between her breasts. A jolt of self-consciousness shoots through her and she  protectively grasps the pendant, her thumb rubbing against the imprint.

“Where did you get that?” he asks, nodding towards her hand.

“I found it,” she replys, her skin flushing under the weight of his stare.

Taron stares a moment longer at the chain and pendant before dragging his eyes back up to meet hers. “I lost a necklace just like that a few months ago.”

“Oh, here,” she says, reaching behind her to unclasp the necklace from around her neck. Re-clasping it, she holds it out to him, carefully coiling the chain into his open palm. A sense of loss washes over her as she watches  him fasten the necklace around his neck.

“Hey, since I’m hopelessly late anyway, can I repay you for keeping my necklace safe with dinner?” he asks, tucking the necklace into the neck of his shirt.

Mikhaela is so stunned by his question, she stared blankly at him for a moment, unable to find the words to answer him.  “I, uh—yes,” she stutter, “Yes.”

“Well, okay then,” he says with a smile, “Let’s go.”


Their first dinner is comfortable, skipping all the awkwardness of first date jitters. Conversation flows easily between the two of them, eased only slightly by the glass of wine he had ordered for her. She finds herself smiling shyly and at the end of the night, when he leans in to press a kiss toher cheek, she is keen into his touch, the roughness of his stubble against her skin sending shivers down her spine.

“I had fun tonight,” he says softly, remaining close to her body.

“Me, too,” she replys, her fingers twitching with the urge to hold his hand.

Taron must share her silent desire for not as soon as the thought slipped into her heard, his fingers lightly brush against hers, slowly linking their hands. His hand is warm within hers, comforting and she smiles down at  their joined fingers. “May I walk you home?”

Glancing back up at him, she smiles warmly and nods, a matching smile forming on Taron’s face at her answer. He keeps his hand solidly within hers’ as thez walk and when they reach her place,she is loathe to let go. She shivers as his touch slips from her'rs and she watches with curiosity as he reaches behind his neck and unclasps the necklace from around his neck.

Taron leans in and fastens the necklace around her neck, brushing her hair out of the way as he finishes. The cool silver seems to burn against her skin and she watches as he thumbs the pendant at the end before stepping back. Peering up at him, she gives him a curious look, her hand moving to touch the chain around her neck.

“I want you to keep it,” he says, answering her unspoken question.

“Taron I can—”

“I want you to,” he interrupts, a sheepish smile tugging at his lips. “Losing it led me to you.”


Their relationship blooms, sparking quickly and spreading like wildfire. His presence in her life fills voids she didn’t know were there and he molds himself effortlessly onto her heart.

Before he leaves for filming, she  clinges to him almost desperately. She wake before he does and drink in his sleeping features for a moment—the delicate fan of his eyelashes, the slope of his nose, the full curve of his lips—before turning and curling herself into him.

Taron responds instantly, breathing in deeply through his nose, pulling  Mikhaela  closer. He throws an arm over her waist, his fingers beginning to lazily trace the bumps of her spine but keeps his eyes closed as he nuzzles his nose into her hair.

“When do you have to leave?” she ask, whispering into his skin.

Taron hums in thought, the vibrations sending chills throughout her limbs. “Too soon,” he answers, his voice thick with sleep.

“And when do you come back?”

He sighs heavily and pulls her closer, forcing her to loop her arms under his as he throws his leg over her hip. Pressing a light kiss to her forehead he mumbles, “Three months.”

They are both silent for so long she thinks Taron’s fallen back asleep until he moves to capture her mouth with his. She groans into his kiss and then begin to laugh as he presses sloppy kisses over her face, neck and chin, his last one pressed just above the dangling pendant of his necklace nestled between her breasts.

“You come home to me,” she says, curling her fingers into his hair. “I can’t lose you.”

Taron turns his head and looks up at her solemnly, moving up to press a hard kiss to her  lips. “You won’t lose me, because with you, I’m no longer lost. I’m found.”

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First kiss scenario for Shiro and Keith?

Shiro’s is here


It had been a beautiful, easy afternoon. A walk in the park, quite literally. The two had had a picnic there and tried to feed the geese who ran around the grassy area near the pond. Emphasis on ‘tried’. (Y/n) was successful in giving the goose a few torn-off bits of bread. Keith, on the other hand, had a bit of trouble.

The goose was squawking and running away as he chased it, his arm outstretched, trying to give the goose the piece of bread. Eventually, he had to give up, as the bird swam into the lake and he didn’t want to go in after it. He threw the bread in after the goose, glaring at it.

(Y/n) smiled. He was acting like a child, but they found it endearing. They put a hand on his shoulder and kissed his cheek. A dark blush spread across his face as he turned to them, kissing their lips. He pulled away quickly, turning away so they wouldn’t see the blush on his face.

“You’re such a dork,” they giggled, holding his hand as they looked out over the lake. “But I love you.”

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Can I please request some beat up Ross with someone finding him and The grumps taking care of him?

Ross coughed into his hand, frowning when he saw more blood on it. He wasn’t sure if the blood was from the cut on his hand or coughing. He looked around, but the road was empty. He’d been walking to work from a nearby parking garage when he was mugged. His wallet and phone had been stolen, but somehow his keys were safe. He’d been cut on his arm and his palm, been beaten and kicked, and had a gun pointed at his head.

He heard familiar voices, and tried to call out. “H-help me…” He coughed again, spitting up blood.

“Ross!” Arin and Suzy were by his side in seconds, Suzy already inspecting his wounds. “Dude, what happened?”

“Got mugged…” He leaned against Arin, trembling. He hissed when Suzy’s fingers brushed the cut on his arm.

“Arin, we need to get him somewhere safe…”

Arin carefully scooped him up, cradling Ross in his arms. “Right. Just hold tight, Ross…”

Ross nodded weakly, leaning into Arin’s body. It kind of hurt to breathe. Or do anything. Suzy carefully moved Ross’s arm so it was across his stomach versus dangling. “I’m gonna run ahead and get the first aid kit out.”

Arin nodded, watching as she started running down the sidewalk. “Alright. Honey, just stay awake for me, okay?”

Ross nodded a little, burying his face in Arin’s chest. “Fuck,” he muttered.

“What hurts the most?”

“My arm… And my stomach…”

“Breathe…” Arin wasn’t sure what to do, just praying that someone did.

Ross sounded like he was wheezing when he breathed, which definitely wasn’t good. Arin focused on moving as fast as he could without jostling Ross too much. “We’re almost there…”

When he finally arrived, Ross had coughed up more blood, some of it splattering on Arin’s shirt. Ross was still apologizing as Arin pushed the door open. “Hey, shh. It’s okay, I’m not mad.”

Ross whimpered softly, hissing as Arin laid him down. Brian was kneeling on the floor next to the beanbag almost immediately, Suzy right behind him. Brian gently took Ross’s hand-the one that didn’t have the cut- and pressed a kiss to the knuckles. “I need you to tell me everything that hurts or is injured, okay?”

Ross tried to nod, but couldn’t stand to. “O-okay… I have a cut on my arm a-and on my hand… My stomach hurts and I keep coughing up blood… My chest hurts e-especially when I breathe… And my legs are really brushed up.”

Brian nodded. “Can you get your arms above your head?” Ross tried, only managing one. Brian attempted to get the shirt off, but it didn’t quite work. “Do you have any emotional attachment to this shirt?”


“Good.” Brian grabbed the scissors Suzy had, cutting the shirt pretty much in half. He lifted Ross so he was half sitting up, pulling off the torn shirt. “There we go. That’s better.”

Suzy carefully took Ross’s injured hand, inspecting the wound. “This is gonna sting a little, okay sweetie?” Ross bit his lip, nodding. She grabbed a paper towel covered in peroxide, wiping the cut. Ross hiss in pain, squeezing his eyes shut. “I know… It’s almost over…”

He let out a soft huff, opening his eyes when the towel was taken away, a water covered one rising out the cut. Suzy carefully wrapped his hand, pressing a kiss to the bandages. “There we go. One down.”

Brian looked at a dark bruise along Ross’s ribs. He carefully brushed his fingers over it, making Ross flinch. Suzy moved to Ross’s arm, wiping at the cut. He coughed again, his mouth filling with blood. He choked, trying to spit it out. Brian quickly moved Ross into a sitting position. Ross gagged a little, spitting onto himself.
Brian rubbed his back, frowning.

Ross trembled a little, coughing again. He wheezed, holding his chest. “Ow…”

Brian frowned, looking over at Suzy, who was still cleaning the cut on his arm. “Just keep breathing…”

Dan came over, holding a plastic baggie of ice. “You might want to put that on that really big bruise.”

Brian thanked him, carefully pressing the ice to Ross’s ribcage. Ross made a high pitched sound, trying to squirm away. Suzy held him still. “Stay still, okay? I know it probably hurts and all, but you need it.”

Barry brought over a sweatshirt, kneeling next to Brian. “Hey Ross…”

Ross smiled at him, but it was clearly forced, especially with the blood covering his chin and lips. Barry took a paper towel soaked in water, wiping Ross’s face carefully.

Once most of the blood was off his face, Barry sat him up a little, pulling the hoodie onto his body. Ross sighed, curling up in a ball. The wheezing wasn’t quite as bad as it was, but you could still hear it. Brian shared a worried glance with Suzy, who spoke softly. “Ross, does your head hurt at all?”


“Alright. Try and get some sleep then.”

Ross reached over, holding Dan’s hand as he lightly closed his eyes. Dan sat on the edge of the beanbag, smiling when Ross laid his head on his leg.

“We’ll take care of you, bud,” he murmured.

A/N: Sorry for being so slow! I’ll work on getting these out faster.

3 more days in this apartment and most of my life is in boxes and I’ll be moving somewhere, a tiny little attic apartment with calm blue walls and big windows and the person I love that’s walking distance from a park and the independent movie theater and my job and a wonderful book store. I feel so lucky, my teeth are stained with red wine and raspberries and everything is bittersweet.

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Headcanons about Edmund and Peter's ideal date nights?

I hope these seem accurate, it might be my feels getting the best of me


  • he loves to take you out, but sometimes all he wants is to stay in
  • baking a pizza and sitting in the back yard
  • and when the air gets too chilly you head inside
  • movies! candy!! blanket forts!!!
  • Peter makes the best forts you’ve ever seen
  • they take up the whole room and it’s super cozy
  • chill, laid back nights are what he lives for
  • did I mention he’ll give you a killer back massage


  • Ed has a favorite ice cream shop in town
  • everything is homemade and he swears it’s the best in the world
  • you both get your ice cream and go walk around the city
  • there’s a park with some benches he wants to stop by
  • when the food is gone you walk around for a while
  • he spots a little bridge going over a pond and drags you over
  • kisses on the bridge as the sun sets

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A story: One day I met this very pretty girl and done everything to impress her, I would stay at hers for days on end and we would go for cute walks to the park and talk about bands and people we had a crush on and we became best friends, then I realised that I was gay and that is the story of how I fell in love with my best friend.

Okay that’s adorable 💕

one of my fav things to do is to eat a large meal and then walk it off somewhere like a shopping center or a park or around my neighborhood 

ok but soft clizzy moments tbh

  • like there are a few days of vacations for the shadowhunters
  • and by a few days of vacation i mean jace is baDGERING simon and following him around new york and magnus and alec are like frolicking away in paris or china
  • clary shows up at the institute with bagels and coffee and walks into isabelles room and gently kisses her
  • isabelle smiles but doesnt open her eyes and is all beautiful and sleeping beauty like and clary “accidentally” falls into bed with her and there are soft kisses EVERYWHERE
  • okay so these few days off clary brings isabelle to all her favourite museums and stuff
  • she draws isabelle in her sketchbook 
  • there is one day of training–and about after half an hour they are a tumbling mess on the floor of make outs and soft bites on necks
  • they have a really magical date night and get all dressed up and isabelle tries to cook for clary and it is so messy so they go out for dinner and for a walk in the park holding hands and isabelle buys clary a rose
  • i just love my gentle sapphic girls