on the post about earth prison, what if humans were once a major threat to the universe?

The humans are a horrid race where each individual could match 3 alien soldier equivelents and their society was ruled in a strict militaristic Empire. They had taken over a quarter of the universe before they could be thwarted.
It took everyone else left to band together and take them out, culling their race in a costly war that spaned millenium. Eventually they got us down to an endangered species, only the richest diplomats who payed their way to be given the ‘mercy’ of being placed into a inhospitable prison with memory wipes. Earth.
No technology on planet, heck the whole sol system is in a intergalactic black out zone to insure that no outsiders can find them in the chance certain individuals were payed off to save them before hand.
Covered in more deseases than any place else in the universe, many of the strongest predators gathered and placed there to keep their numbers in check, with a good spinkling of poisoness plants and animals for good measure. A hair balanced ecosystem was also created so that in the off chance they happen to start progressing technologically again, in the minimum 6000 years (500 faster than the fastest progressing race recorded in universal history) it will take them to progress through the industrial age, their entire planet would have have become devoid of any form of sustenance to support themselves and they will either have to give up or die.

this is all punctuated with their already small planet being mostly covered in undrinkable water and filled with even more deadly creatures so as to deter them from populating its surface, hence keeping their numbers down. While this resulted in some of the landmasses being a little too hospitable, we evened things out by altering their structure until there was a constant threat of natural disasters to deter them from settling in those areas.
We even went as far as placing fake evolutionary fossils around to help turn them away from thoughts of where they came from leading to ideas about space travel.
I think we can safely assume they will serve their punishment for their races crimes well here, or die trying to escape it.

~year 3452AD earth years~

After finding a drifting peice of strange metal in space, a trading ship sent it into our department as it seemed to be sending out a strange noise on radio wavelengths. something only descovered due to certain animal cargo they were transporting stressing out when near the device. After our department analysed it and found it to be a message of peace we were exstatic, hoping to meet a new species to introduce to the galaxy.
However the excitement died down quickly once its point of origin was tracked down… a black out zone containing the most heinous of criminals. Due to how it was traveling through space, we believe it was sent over 1000 years ago. Which should be impossible as due to all calculations they should barely be out of the stone age by now… these implications are worrying to say the least, and unbelievable to most. Although the majority have come to the conclusion it is simply some distastful prank, we must check to be sure.

And so the first check up on the human prison was started. A fleet of 300 science vessals to quickly scan the planet and leave within a few days. They also were accompanied by 20 military ships to deter any would-be pirates. They all enter ftl with the destination of earths moon to set up a temporary station while the scanning will be on going.

The crew is discussing and argueing about whether the humans will either be dead or they will get to see the galactic boogey men poking at monsterous beasts such as the legendary ferocious ‘bull’ with sticks. Only to be shocked into silence upon exit of ftl to see litterally tens of thousands of battle space ships aiming their weaponry at them, their sensors indicating that at least 20 of the biggest ships have weaponry that can wipe through a quarter of their fleet and their sheilds in a single blast. After only 5 minutes of silence their com links seem to have already been hacked through and a screen opens with a terrifying angry human on the other side shouting at them in another language, after a breif few seconds the auto translator kicks in and their voice rocks them to the core.

“I repeat! You are in the United Continents of Earths no space flight zone! Identify yourselves immediately or by law we will be forced to remove you perminantly via lethal means!”

The chief scientist scrambles at the controls before managing to hit the right button “W-we come in peace! j-just some civilian vessals passing through, we will just… turn and go now! haha!” he blurts out nervously as a few crew facepalm and the rest sweat just as nervously.

“civilians is it? a likely story! Do you take me as a fool!?”

“oh no of c-”

“I dont even need to glance at my scanners to see the military vessels hidden among your fleet! Who are you allied to?! Is it those red mars scum!? no… the ship style isnt like them… Ah, you must be part of those damn reclusive jupitarians huh? the saturnites giving you too much trouble so you tried to sneak back the homeworld did you? well too ba-” the angry human is interrupted by a smaller and thinner human arriving beside him, handing over a peice of glass with glowing letters before saluting and running off. The angry man peruses it for a short while, tension in the air before a disturbingly sweet smile crosses his face.

“Well well, honored guests from another galaxy is it? forgive my inhospitality earlier, i was unaware who you were. It seems obvious we couldnt identify you sooner now. Please, do let us guide you down planet side so we can talk further on this…” he glances down at the glass again “ FTL drive. I am sure we can come to a reasonable understanding.”

Alien crew members start screaming things like “oh gods! how do they-” “we cant!” “we would be hated as the villains who brought mankind back to the universe!” “were screwed!” before they are quitened down and the cheif researcher tries to see if they can be reasoned with.

“o-oh, we simply couldnt, perhaps another time! uhh, we really dont want to inconvenience you.”

“oh no, I insist.” the human punctuates his words by waving his hand in a seemingly meaningless gesture… if you were able to ignore the entire fleet of tens of thousands of warships move out almost immediately after to surround them.


(this idea got a little away from me, plus bad writing cuz im lazy on my mobile)

Welcome To The Paladins


Keith was busy cleaning out the fire place when his dad grabbed him by the hair and shoved his face into the piles of ash causing the boy’s already damaged lungs to get a gasp full of ash.
He coughed and spluttered praying desperately a asthma attack wouldn’t be triggered.

“What to know what I hear at the pub?” Jonathan hissed pulling Keith’s face close to his own. “Some do gooder teacher decided to try and tell me how to be a parent. Said I should keep a better eye on you” he pulled upwards so the boy had to stand on his tip toes to lessen the pain of his hair being pulled. “What you been saying Runt!”

“N-nothing dad I swear!” Keith didn’t try to struggle.

“Ya swear do ya! You ungrateful little lying twerp! I’ll teach you a lesson! Wash your sins away!” Jonathan screamed pulling his son by the hair outside.

“No dad please! I didn’t say anything I didn’t say anything! Please no!“Keith screamed in vain.

The boy couldn’t do anything to stop his dad dragging him outside to the little pond covered in a thin layer of ice thanks to the cold winter night.
He couldn’t do anything as his head was smashed through the ice and held under as he frantically scrambled to try and get up.

"Repent! REPENT FOR YOUR SINS YOU LYING MONSTER! ADMIT YOU LIED TO YOUR TEACHER! ADMIT YOU LIED TO ME!” He screamed only letting Keith breath once the fighting stopped.

He repeated this process over and over again. Eventually getting bored and leaving Keith curled up alone in the snow for the rest of the night.

“Keith come here” Jonathan called from the attic.

Keith flinched at the use of his name but did as he was told climbing the rungs of the ladder until he was roughly grabbed by the scruff of his neck and pulled the rest of the way. He had no time to react as he was chained down on a table with his dad smiling down madly at him.

“I can bring her back. Get my wife back” he mumbled over and over again.

“D-dad?” Keith asked eyes wide at the sight of the large knife in his dad’s hand, he didn’t even notice the werid amulate in his other hand.

“Shhh, It will be over soon.” He stroked Keith’s hair.
The kindest gesture he had ever shown the boy since the death of his mother. “I forgive you, now that I’ll get my wife back. You being born, your mistake will be fixed”

Keith didn’t understand his words but he didn’t need to.
Next thing he knew was pain as the knife was driven through his heart and he died.

Everything was quiet and peaceful. He drifted between the veil of life and death when he heard the voice.

“My Vessal.” It was like millions of voices spoke at once “what do you seek? Power? Revenge? Immortality?”

Keith could see a small purple fire burning in front of him. Compelling him to take the offered power.

“N-no!” Keith cried drawing away from the temptation “I just want to be safe for once in my life!”

The voice made a sound of alarm “impossible!”

The purple fire grew turning a dark blood red, becoming part of Keith.

The last thing he heard was the voice cursing the son of a demon before fading away.

When Keith woke up he was alone and standing in a pit of ash covered in blood only a few feet away from the charred remains of his dad.

He ran.

And didn’t stop running.


From the Americas by Tony
Via Flickr:
facing the Irish sea beyond the Mersey bay lies the Atlantic. a small stretch of water between Europe and America. It is here that most of the Bristish weather develops and swings Eastward to flow over our coast.

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Link X Mipha agnst scenario: Link upon remembering his relationship with Mipha, flips out in violent determination. Upon learning of her death he becomes a violent vessal of vengence, butchering all that stand between him and Ganon. Even the Yiga get no mercy.

*Searches up some music from the Berserk OST to accompany this post*

The light from the blood moon faded and the Lynel gasped as the Malice which had infused the land returned him to life. It was a clear night on Mount Ploymus, the first in quite some time. Someone must have retaken the Divine Beast, Vah Ruta.

A stirring movement beneath a nearby tree grabbed the beast’s attention. Drawing his sword and turning, the Lynel was confronted with a vision he knew all too well. It was the last thing he had seen before he died.

The swordsman stood, wearing a simple tunic and hood, mere yards from where the Lynel had been resurrected. Calmly, he drew a bow and notched an arrow. 

“Killing me once wasn’t good enough for you?” the Lynel growled.

“You yet live,” the swordsman replied.

The Lynel laughed. “Yes, and I will continue to do so as long as my lord and master thrives. You may slay me a thousand times over and it will do you no good.”

“A thousand deaths would be a pittance beside what your kind has stolen from me.” The swordsman’s grip tightened on the bow. “However long it takes, I will make all of you pay for what you’ve done. I will slay the Calamity itself in order to see justice done.”

“And how do you plan to accomplish that?” A grin spread across the monster’s face as he walked forward, ready for battle. “How will you succeed now where you failed before? How many more will you let die?”

Something flashed in the eyes of the swordsman and he drew the bowstring flush against his cheek. “Not a single one.” With a breath, he let the arrow fly. In a blink, one arrow became three and all of them struck true, exploding across the Lynel’s face. Mounting the Lynel’s back, Link drew the Master Sword from its sheath and plunged it straight into the base of the monster’s neck.

“Do you remember me?”

Link stood in Hyrule field, his eyes gazing through and past the Princess standing in front of him. Why was she the only one he was able to save? The other Champions, the King, his own father… Mipha…

“Link, do you remember me?” Zelda asked again, worry entering her voice. The cold eyes of the hero seemed almost dead to her but a quiet, raging inferno burned deep within them.

“I remember, Princess. I remember everything.” Turning, Link began marching towards Zora’s Domain.

“Where are you going?”

“Ganon may be gone but his minions are still out there. Moblins. Lynels. Even the Yiga.” Link’s glare hardened even further. “Until now they had no reason to fear death. I intend to remind them why they should.”

Zelda ran in front of Link, pressing her hands to his shoulders. “Why, Link? You can rest now. It’s over.”

“Not yet. I still have to make them pay for what they took from us. From me.”

“I lost just as much as you did.”

Link’s ice-like gaze shifted to her. “No, you didn’t.” Shoving past her, he called for his horse and mounted up. “Even if I was blind to it, I realize it now. They took the one thing that could never be replaced. My first and only love…” A final steely glance. “Can you say the same?” Spurring his horse, the lone swordsman galloped off into the distance.

Tears welling in her eyes, Zelda looked after him. “I believe they just did…”

[Lonely Voe]

Is Toffee really dead?

I having a hard time believing he’s dead since there’s a lot of unanswered questions regarding him not to mention Toffee isn’t someone who to rid of so easily and if he is dead I think Eclipsa might bring him back to life or he might use Marco as his new vessal and might be easy for him to since Marco still has part of the monster in him and he might use that against star in the wrist way possible…… But in general I really don’t know:/?

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So here you will find SOME of my favorite blogs (the ones in bold are SOME of my mutuals). Sorry if I forget you! I love you too, but it’s a lot of people!

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hiiiiii can you suggest some twenty one pilots (or any other band) related blogs that i can follow?

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Complete List of My characters with snippits

Hood- Johnathan Satlin, the universe Guardian. Lazy, married to Liz Wright

Liz Wright- Wife to Hood, ultimate Mom 

Aaron Nitishino- Number 42, The God Killer, adorably fluffy, married to Beth Wright

Beth Wright: Aaron’s wife, will kick your ass, adorable.

Tiggs Nitishino: Aaron’s cousin. 9 foot tall black and silver four armed tiger man. Total mad scientist.

Jasmine Nitishino: Aaron’s cousin. Shapeshifter, lynx lady, pan, will stab you and flirt with you

Pinstripe: Mafia Hit man possessed by ancient assassin god

Sheriff Waters: wild west sherriff and time displaced Pinstripe.

Sheriff McCreed: immortal western zombie sheriff, total nonchalant asshole.

Deputy Colt 45: super futuristic robot sent to the wild west. Deputy to Waters and McCreed.

Guilty’s Gang: Guilty, Thomas Ralz the pianist, and old man Joe the banjoist. And their swamp monster.

Scorpio: bandito given powers by the zodiac spirit scorpio,

Cheif Kitchi: Blackfoot indian chief.

Vessal: bronze golum, protecter of Kitchi’s tribe, host to hundreds of warrior spirits.

Argon and Neon: nova kids trapped in the Wildwest, brother and sister.

Nobilis Krypton: Anodyne, roman themed, trapped in wildwest with Argon and Neon

Stephan and Justin Wright: Little Brothers to Hood and Aaron respectively. Adopted by Tracey Wright and Hail Tartalgia. The bridges to the multiverse. Cinnamon roll and sin-namon rolls.

Tracey Wright: Hail’s wife and the mother to Justin and Stephan, sexy, tired of everyone’s shit. 

Hail Tartalgia: Second Youngest of the Tartalgia family. Shy, ice powers, twin brother to Zana, cinnamon roll. Married to Tracey Wright.

Lightening Tartalgia: youngest Tartalgia, power over energy, super speed. Energetic, outgoing, friendly.

Fog Tartalgia: Middle child of Tartalgia family, twin brother to Storm. Power over all gasses and vapors. Quiet, kind, wise.

Storm Tartalgia: Middle Child of Tartalgia family, twin brother to Fog. Power over weather. Loud, arrogant, secretly a cinnamon roll.

Kujo: Second oldest of Tartalgia family, twin brother to Zoey. Blunt, dry, helpful. Can know everything about an item  by touching it, and will know expertly how to use it.

Zana: Second youngest of Tartalgia family, twin sister to Hail, power over water and liquids, equally as shy as Hail if not more so.

Zoey: Second oldest of Tartalgia family, twin sister of Kujo, control over plants and animals. Busty, curvy and flirtatious. Sin-namon roll.

Hero: eldest of Tartalgia family. Power of adapting to any situation (nearly infinite powers). Outgoing, positive, conceited, loves himself.

Pops: Possibly immortal old man, Looks like 60, but is as healthy as a 30 year old. Street brawler, travels with Launa.

Launa Dandies: Descendant of Waters. Can’t be harmed. Sociopath, angry at everything.

Taurus: Minotaur like being, greatest enemy is Hood, wants to envelop the world in eternal night.

Number43: almost clone of Aaron. An attempt to repeat the success that is Aaron in making ultimate weapon.

Grave Digger: older than time, is death, grim reaper, and the grave all at once. Always drinking.

Arnold: The Graveyard Cat. Zombie cat with the power of decay. Experiment of 100 Project

Ronny: The hellhound, control over darkness and fire. Experiment of 100 project

Damian: Giant Golden Flying Fox, A big ass fruit bat. Kind, gentle, not sure where he is. Clings to Digger

Marty: a mothman, silent, thinking, will fight you.

Vet: time traveling immortal redneck doctor getting into shenanigans

Uncle Sam: ultra patriotic American bald eagle robot. Made by vet

DJ Giz: super sleek robot covered in speakers. Makes noise. Made by vet

Livewire: robot with tendrils coming from his back. not made by vet but saved by him

SARAH: vets body guard. Ultimate fighting robot girl. Sexy, but will kick your ass

Leao: Wizard cat!

Farmer John Stidham: first of Shattered Six, hard working, blunt farmer

Don Lomas: Second of Shattered Six, mob boss, mysterious, dangerous.

Poindexter Carter: third of Shattered Six, genius, scientist, nerd

Smiley Joe Stidham: fourth of Shattered Six, mixer, dancer, happy.

Dr Dean Lomas: fifth of Shattered Six, doctor, muscular, pretty boy

Agent Carter: Sixth of Shattered Six, agent, fighter, dangerous.

The Fivefold: The Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist, Teacher, and Apostle.

The Big Three: The three who made everything, Austin, Chance, and Fernando.

Curly Satlin: Giant lumberjack with bigger afro. Works for Don and Brigitta Vigarin.

Kristopher Krins: towns person of Keypers Cove, might be santa, definitely Santa, necklace is two candy canes which he uses when fighting.

Galve: flaming skeleton goat man in a robe, comes out from November to February.

Sir Issac Wells: real name of Johnny Rockers. Large bulky man, from Arkansas, used some enhanced cocaine, permanent other personality emerged, sophisticated man of class, still an absolute psychopathic serial killer.

Mr. Hicks: Henry Hicks, CEO of large tech company, travels the world joining fighting tournaments, boxer.

Lord Harlston: Victorian era gentlemen revived as a half plant, half zombie, very kind and polite. Hates rude un-gentlemanly people.

Pedro Gonzalez: former CEO, current Hero of Mexico, very strong boxer, rival to Mr. Hicks.

The Matador: Alfonzo Rivera, fighter, uses a sword and two bull fighting spears.

Wechidna: Immortal butler and warrior, butler to Mr. Hicks, neighbor to Tracey Wright.

Ashura: Ghost of formally immortal warrior, bonded to Liz Wright

Foxcrest: perfect maid

Wolfthorn: perfect Butler

Hawkridge: Perfect butler,

Ursa: Tigg’s main maid. Super strong

Lea: Tiggs’ main gardener. Mastered every last known martial art

Shaun-Li: Tigg’s cheff, poison touch.

Pastor Smith and Juddeep: World traveling Southern Pastor and his Saudi Arabian friend/ex-airport security guard.

Romulin: Son of Anubis, permanent rival to Uncle Sam

Valz: Greek titan of love, passion, erotic pleasure, and drinks.

Issac: Son of Hood, inherited all his powers.

Tommie: Daughter of Aaron, inherited all his powers (and looks)

Tedd: living teddy bear, adopted by Hood.

Ishmael: ancient warrior and shaman. Rival and big brother figure to Issac

The Mesh: large, jumbled robot, created by a deceased boy genius, roams the world looking for a new owner.

Abra: Alternate pinstripe, unknown female who’s theme is magician.

Ringmaster: Circus ringmaster with reality altering abilities

Chuckles: Alternate pinstripe, unknown female who’s theme is clown.

Ragdoll: Hood from a forgotten universe, a patchwork ragdoll like being of pure evil.

Snap: the alpha hood, the original who snapped upon seeing the multitude of various deaths.

Corruption: alternate Aaron. Put on Hood’s sweater, old programming resurfaced, Went crazy.

The Pinstripe Corps: multidimensional assassin group of alternate Pinstripe’s

The OFFKeys: a group of six musicians from Keypers Cove, each represents a different music genre

The entire town of Keypers Cove: hoh boy. Their necklaces has powers

Thunder and Zora Tartaliga: Parents of the Tartalgia Family and founders of Tartalgia.

Ultra42: Alternate Aaron, true ultimate weapon

Omega42: Zombie Ultra, mindless animal, afterwards a depressed former hero.

Aaron+: alternate aaron, controlled with nanites, killer.

Amalgam: an amalgamate of Pinstripe, Fatality, Legion, Patient Doe, Mr Thompson, Scorpio, from a computer world.

Scrap: all of Vet’s robots, mashed into one, torn to shreds by Aaron+ individually before reforming and killing him.

Virus: Vet’s true opposite. Body is home to every last disease, fungus, and bacteria in the universe, complete control over all disease.

Schism: the true embodiment of chaos and order. True equality. A god pretty much.

EL: The elemental. Splits into six main elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Machine, Nature, Light and Dark. Then they fuse into four sub elements. Fire and Water make Energy. Air and Earth make Decay. Nature and Machine make Time. And Light and Dark make order. Then they fuse to make two. Time and Decay make Death. Order and Energy make life. El, the final fusion, is the element of Humanity

Error53: a mix of science and magic, a demonic computer virus.

El guillao: Puerto Rican Gansgter, uses soul flame and machetes.

Fatality: embodiment of fear, true monster.

Legion: former youth pastor turned host to millions of demons.

Train Man: Wildwest Zombie, enforcer of death, rounds up souls Digger doesn’t feel like finding.

Dr. Isotope: former Cold War Scientist, imbued with the power of ten atoms bombs

Xalarn: flaming spikey skeleton man, makes more flaming skeletons for army.

Damian Weaver: form an alternate universe, survivor of zombie apocalypse. Thinks he is edgy, is not edgy,

Justin Carter: from the same forgotten world as Ragdoll. Another patchwork ragdoll man, with a flaming chainsaw for a hand, a hero.

Patient Doe: unknown. A patchwork person trying to make themselves the perfect body, might be alien, no facts known.

Mr. Thompson: really friendly serial killer, animals love him, everyone loves him, everyone knows hes a killer too.

Silver Heart: given a robotic heart that replaces all damaged parts with robotics.

Bob: robot from the future meant to be sent to 1950’s America. Sent to modern America. Typical 1950’s dad but is actually killer liquid metal robot.

Rex: very large man with brain of hyper intelligent dog. Loyal, works with a pirate, but always dressed in a suit.

Leon: demon lion man. Crazy, violent, evil

Captain Longbeard and Shiv: Pirates. Longbeard is very intelligent, pilots a ship from the far future, Shiv is his malfunctioning robot fighter/first mate.  

Clove: Skeleton Wildwest gun for hire. Known as the Gunslinger.

Beryl and Obsidian: Gem people. Servants for the Gods.

DOTcom: a program and nanite cloud created by Vet, pilots his TAURTOS.

Talli and Mingan: Talli cant die, Mingan is his giant grey dire wolf who is the real brains of the duo.

Blachidna: Alternate version of Wechidna, evil, arrogant, ruler of planet of factories.

Employee18: leader of worker revolution against Blachinda, favorite weapon :picaxe

Ashuraos: alternate Ashura, driven mad with power, being of pure chaos, body is half liquid energy

The Lounge Singers: 1920′s era smokey ball room band, actually hitmen, Ricky, Big Al, Betty, and Li.

Lukas Muler: Swiss cowboy living in Treasure Canyon. Earth bending powers, loves rocks.

Kopano Pillay: South African mercenary, true soldier, gun for hire.

Malware: a corrupted, computer virus infected Justin, wants to recreate his family using the glitches.

Trojan: a corrupted, computer virus infected Stephan. Wants to make Justin fix their world then kill him, willing to destroy whatever stands in his way.

The Televnagelist: former big name preacher turned serial killer. 

The FRESHfold: the fivefold, but Fresh.

Vetster: Vet and Gaster merged together. 

Aroodamate: Hood and Aaron, amalgamated

Ninjago AU Idea

I’ve had an idea for a Ninjago AU but I’m not sure if this has been done already. Anyways, here goes.

Humans and fey (mythical creatures with a natural affinity for magic) have lived alongside one another peacefully for ages. However, with the appearance of dark mages and evil sorcerers, the people of Ninjago have come to fear magic. Now laws have been established prohibiting the use the magic, and the Kryptarium jail was designed to specifically detain magic users. In order to continue coexisting, all fey must wear ‘glamours’, legal spells that allow them to appear and live as humans. Most fey children know they are fey because of the nature of their forms and powers. But others can grow up believing they’re human their entire lives.

Sensei Wu comes from a long and ancient line of celestial dragons. As his family is well known, nearly all of Ninjago knows him and his brother are dragons. Which makes the fey/human relationship worse when Garmadon becomes infected by a powerful evil and Wu is forced to cast him into the underworld (i imagine this AU taking place at the beginning of Ninjago). Wu believes that if the world were to see fey use their abilities for good, then the fey wouldn’t be feared by the humans as much. So he gathers a group of fey whose powers all range from a variety of elements and begins training them in hopes that one day, humans and fey can live together peacefully again.

So that’s the synopsis. Here’s what I think the ninja and other characters would be.

Kai: Pheonix (obvious really). He’s known all his life ever since he began setting random household objects on fire. He takes on after his father.

Nya: Water Nymph just like her mother (water and fire elementals don’t mix well so that’s why Kai and Nya aren’t half and half).

Zane: Greek Automaton. A mechanical vessal powered by ancient magic and a human soul. Zane’s known what he was since his creation but doesn’t know the lengths at which Dr. Julien took to make him.

Jay: Raiju. No, not the pokemon. Raijus are Japanese sky spirits whose forms are made entirely of lightning. They tend to look like foxes or wolves. Since Jay was adopted by human parents, he doesn’t realize he’s a raiju until Wu recruits him.

Cole: Gargoyle. His body is made of a nearly indestuctable stone. Despite being naturally stiff and not so acrobatic, it was difficult for him to learn how to perform like his father.

Misako: Human. Possibly a white witch or sorceress who uses light magic.

Lloyd: Half human half dragon. Appears without glamour with a human body sporting a pair of leathery wings, tail, and an armor of impenetrable scales. He has mostly green scales when he’s young. They change into a bright gold color as he ages.

Dareth: Was thinking he could be human, but it’d be more fun if he was a satyr (Greek creature with torso of a man and hind quarters of a goat).

Ronin: Kinda makes sense if he was a human bounty hunter who went after rouge fey. But I’ve also thought about him being a kitsune. Kitsune are Japanese fox spirits that like to cause mischief and can create life-like illusions to fool people.

Well this is all I’ve got for this. If you have any more ideas you think would be cool for this AU, just send me an ask. Or I guess you could reblog and add your headcanon to this.

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34, 25

25: what is your dream vacation? i don’t really have a “dream” vacation, but iceland and paris seem pretty rad!!

34: who are your favorite tumblrs? ooh boy, here comes the List: @sunnysimmerr @agents-of-aesthetic @petewntz @earlysunsetsandcoldcoffee @spookyjimrippedmas @bisexualgrunge @clearr @vessal & probably more that i can’t think of off the top of my head!

- send me a dreamy ask!!

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can you write something like (both) kaneki's been feeling down and his s/o comforts and makes him feel loved? kaneki needs all the love in the world!!

(´∀`Most definitely.)

Kuro Kaneki did his best to keep a postivie outlook, trying to hide it if he ever felt down. However, more so than usual, he had been feeling incredibly gloomy. He couldn’t keep the evidence of his mood burried like any other time. His significant other usually noticed whether Kaneki hid it or not, but the fact that his feeling down was clear worried them.

His partner decided to do something to lift his spirits. After all, it wasn’t fair for them to leave Kaneki feeling like that.

“Hey,” they greeted him casually.

He gave them a nod and a tiny smile as acknowledgement. Something truly must have been getting to him— Kaneki would usually at least have said ‘hi’ back. His significant other walked up to him and grabbed his hands.

“Do you want to do something today?” they asked sweetly.

He gazed at his significant other. While he still looked somewhat miserable, some improvements already appeared.

“Like what?” Kaneki questioned curiously.

“We could go out and—” they stopped right in the middle of the sentence, noticing the hesitant expression he made when ‘out’ had been mentioned.

Kaneki’s significant other thought for a moment before coming up with a worthy alternative.

“How about we stay in,” they started, “And read on the sofa together?”

He brightened up at the suggestion, genuinly smiling.

"That sounds like fun.”

Sometimes, everything just got to be too much for Shiro Kaneki. When this happened, he usually resulted to isolating himself in his room. He simply felt like his mood would be inconveniencing those around him.

Of course, his significant other noticed his lack of presence. It made them sad that his spirits were down like this. Why did Kaneki always carry so much responsibility?

Concluding that they couldn’t stand to see him like this, his significant other began gathering a couple things. A cup of coffee and a blanket was what they ended up with. It may not have been anything too special, but maybe bringing these to Kaneki would help cheer him up a little.

They carried the items carefully to his room, stopping to knock on the door. There was no answer, so they quietly cracked the door open. Peering in, they could see Kaneki sitting on the edge of his bed with his face burried in his hands. A sad pout made its way onto his significant other’s face.

Deciding that it would be alright, they opened the door just a bit more so the doorway was wide enough for them to squeeze through. Even though the hinges on the door squeaked, Kaneki still didn’t look up. Was he completely zoned out?

His partner walked over to him, coffee cup in one hand, blanket in the other. They managed to unfold the large piece of cloth and gently placed it over Kaneki’s shoulders. He jumped at the sudden contact, quickly looking up at his significant other.

“It’s just me. Don’t worry,” they assured him, extending their arm to hand over the coffee.

Kaneki had a delayed response, almost as if he was confused about what was happening. Slowly, he reached out and grasped the cup with both hands. He gazed into the contents of the drinking vessal with tired eyes.

“It’s coffee,” his significant other stated, sitting down on the bed next to him.

A small smile appeared.

“Thank you,” he remarked.

While Kaneki didn’t seem completely uplifted yet, it was a good start.