Other people, an Astrological perspective:
Aries: I’m always prepared to defend myself.
Taurus: Some are comfy, some are not.
Gemini: Some are interesting, until they’re not.
Cancer: Some are family, some are not.
Leo: Most like and admire me.
Virgo: I like to help most, but not all.
Libra: Some think, some don’t think much, but are nice anyway.
Scorpio: They’re not what they seem and they don’t know me.
Sagittarius: They are complex, multi-faceted, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual beings. Overall, quite fascinating really.
Capricorn: Most lack sufficient dedication, determination, and discipline to make it to the top.
Aquarius: Most are in need of improvement.
Pisces: Most of them are nice, I like them, most of the time.
—  The Astral Book of the illuminati