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How was mount kilimanjaro? you're so lucky you live in Africa!

It was so so amazing! The summit was really difficult but I’d told myself I wasn’t going back home without making it to the peak! 😀 And I did!
Everyone kept trying to get me to drink cow’s milk, eat eggs etc because they didn’t think I’d make it with my vegan diet.

I would recommend everyone who visits Kenya to go up, it’s an incredible experience!

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please answer!! MY dad said one of his friends went vegan for about 1-2 years and now he got some bacteria eating his stomach and other woman went vegan and now she have diabetes. And I got sick and my stomach hurts and I'm really scared!!

Okay first of all how does he know this happened to them because they went vegan? :/ Because that is very unlikely. Most likely this was a coincidence and your Dad is blaming it on veganism.
Is this your Dad’s logic?

If a meat eater gets sick, it’s okay, nothing to do with diet.
If a vegan gets sick, IT IS BECAUSE THEY WERE VEGAN!

Vegan diet is by far the healthiest diet you can have. Don’t you worry and have some water and bananas (bananas help stomach pains) love to you xx

TW (maybe? // sorry for the negativity)

I’m really scared to stop restricting. Actually so scared ??? I still have yet to follow a fully HCLF vegan diet because I’m SO AFRAID of the calories. I understand that fruits and vegetables are much lower in calories, and the need to stay carbed up. But that number !! I can’t get past it.

Also I’m really REALLY REALLY scared of gaining weight initially. Like I actually cannot gain anymore weight. Oh my god I am so scared.

I want to be able to “carb up” and eat yummy fruits, potatoes, veggies, and rice in abundance but I can’t and I am terrified.

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Hi em! I need some advice! I had friend ask me today if I took supplements cause I'm vegan and I said yes B12 and he said "see you need meat!" And I said no because I can just take a supplement for that and he said "but what about the people that lived 100s of years ago that didn't have supplements??" Please tell me how I can respond to this as I actually get it a lot! Thanks so much stay awesome xx

You used to be able to get B12 from plants but our soil is so void of nutrients now that it’s impossible! So back in the day you could’ve definitely eaten a vegan diet and gotten your B12. The fact that we can’t get B12 from plants these days doesn’t make veganism unnatural!

Also majority of farmed animals are fed B12 supplements because they are fed nutrient-void grain so really meat eaters are still taking the supplement but it’s just second-hand xxx

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Hey I'm going vegan in a week and I know kale is a common food in a vegan diet. I've never tried it before, so I was wondered what it taste like? Is it similar to lettuce?

Hey there! Congratulations on transitioning to veganism :)

You by NO means need to eat kale as a vegan, but it is very good for you! It has tons of vitamin C and vitamin A, and its a good source of iron and protein.

Kale’s taste depends on how it’s prepared, but raw it can be pretty bitter. Some people like it raw (I do!) but some only like it cooked, and some don’t like it at all. I recommend trying it a few different ways before you rule it out though (you can have baby kale or chopped kale raw in a salad, steam it, make pesto out of it, make kale chips, blend it into a smoothie, etc.)

Good luck!! xx


I think I’m in love. I just discovered VeganSupply.ca - they opened a few months ago in Vancouver and ship worldwide! They’ve got a ton of hard to find vegan products. Go check them out! I need to try Miyoko’s cheese.. I’ve heard it’s amazing!

Cinnamon nicecream, swirled with caramel apple sauce, and topped with pecans and delicious Coconut Merchant coconut syrup, which I am pouring on everything right now! The recipe for the caramel apple sauce is the same filling I used in my caramel apple bites, so you can find the recipe at www.rawberryfields.co.uk if you want to give it a try!

🍌🍯 *shows up to the party late*👀 so for some reason up until now I have been using PB2 powder as a flavor for smoothies and Pad Thai but didn’t even think to use it as butter! I’m sure everyone else has already been doing this! lol I mixed 2 tablespoons of PB2 with one tablespoon of almond milk and a teaspoon of maple syrup! Perfect spread, so I had a peanut butter feast … Guess who is putting this on everything from now on… this bitch 👉🏽🙋🏽👈🏽