This is my first ever one-shot and I’m very proud of it. I made it off of the prompt from @use-it-ironically made.

Trigger warnings: Breakdown (tell me if there is anymore cause I’m not exactly sure.

Summery: Anx has been in his room for days and is listening to the song Truce by twenty one pilots when Logic walks in on him.

Now, the night is coming to an end,

The sun will rise, and we will try again.

Stay alive, stay alive, for me.

You will die, but now your life is free,



In what is sure



I will fear the night again,

I hope I’m not my only friend.

Stay alive, stay alive, for me.

You will die, but now your life is free,



In what is sure



He had been in his room all day. No… not all day… all week. He didn’t mean too. Time was hard to keep track of when you don’t have a clock and windows are basically non existent. Besides, it had been a hard week. Thomas had exams and Anxiety was taking most of the panic based emotion hits so that Thomas didn’t have to. He spent most of the week curled up in a ball, crying silently. He never cried out loud.

Most of the time, there was music going. The only times there was no music was when it stopped playing and he had passed out from sleep exhaustion. He never had to worry about the others hearing his music. His room was soundproof.

His songs consisted of: twenty one pilots, Panic! At The Disco, MCR, Evanescence, and a few other choice songs. His mood would vary on the songs and bands. For example, were MCR to be playing, he would be filled with rage towards everything wrong. Evanescence and he would feel mostly unblamed and reasonably calm.

At the moment though, it was twenty one pilots. Now, their songs brought on neutral feelings. He could be happy one song and sobbing, in his silent way, the next. The song that was on was called Truce and it had been playing on repeat for a few hours now. Honestly, it was one of the few that gave him the will to live. It spoke to him and gave him reassurance.

He was currently sitting in a corner of his room with his face in his hands as he listened closely to the song, trying to ignore the voices he often heard. The ones that said it was his fault. He was the one to blame. The ones that told him to go kill himself. He learned pretty quickly that covering his ears made it worse. So he started using music and it worked wonders for him.

I will fear the night again.

    He let himself get lost in the music. He was almost asleep when he heard the floor behind him creek. He turned around and found he was looking at Logic. He expected to be yelled at for having his music so loud and not having left his room for a week. But Logic didn’t yell. He didn’t even talk– all he did was stare.

    As they were staring at each other, the worst lyrics that could be said were, of course, sang.

    I hope I’m not my only friend.

    Anxiety couldn’t take it at this point. He couldn’t hold in his tears in front of Logic anymore. He couldn’t hide what he felt. Anxiety forced his face back into his hands and let the tears flow. He didn’t want to cry in front of Logic, but it’s not as if he could stop.

    He tensed as he felt arms wrapping around him, holding him tightly. He was laid in a lap and felt fingers running through his hair calmingly. After a few minutes, his breathing calmed more and the tears had stopped. He slowly brought his hands away from his eyes and spoke.

    “I’m sorry,” he whispered brokenly.

    Logic’s hand stopped for a second before resuming. “What for?” he asked.

    “For you having to do this.”

    “Anxiety, I could have walked out of this room. I chose to stay with you,” Logic paused. “After all, you’re my friend.”

    Anxiety got out of Logic’s lap, making Logic worry that he had said something wrong. He looked at Logic for a second, before tackling him in a hug.

     “I love you Logic,” he whispered.    

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Sammy Says Challenge Masterlist

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PARTICIPATING. @impala-dreamer and I loved getting to read fics both from people we know and new friends :) There’s lots of wonderful fics on this list, please take some time to read one or two and leave feedback for these wonderful authors!

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submitted by @fromcalmto-ill:

“I sent you an anon about this. You can post it if you want, you don’t have to, it’s entirely up to you! I just really love it and had to show you haha

Obviously the trees is for trees but I got him to put them inside a sun for the lyric “the sun will rise and we will try again” from truce because those two songs mean so much to me (and most likely the entire clique) the whole vessel album saved me |-/”

P.s. Thank you for everything you do. You’ve helped me through so much without even knowing it. You’re a true blessing to this world 😇"

ITS BEAUTIFUL. i am in love!

Hello, my children! Some of you already know but, now, the Teenietots Community will let the members who want to allow kidhearts to do so. 

Me and the kidhearts mods had a conversation to fix our problems, we talked about a lot of things, like: 

“• Points out that there will likely members that will still want their boundaries. If truce happens, it’s agreed they should be able to keep their boundaries.

• An agreement is reached: No posts will be made/reblogged about a mod on any side. If needed, conversation will be brought back here with mediators.

• Agreement that the blogs will take on/reinforce a zero tolerance policy. Members who make hate posts will be messages/potentially added to a blocklist/kicked out. Agreed to make no hate rules more descriptive.”    

Even though the truce happend, if you still don’t want to allow kidheart interaction, it’s completely okay. The difference is: Before, all members couldn’t interact with them, but now, each member can choose if they want to interact with kidhearts or not!

We also agree that all asks that could start any other drama, will be deleted. Both sides do not tolerate any kind of hate and I want to make this clear. No hate is allowed here.

And I also want to make clear that the reason we didn’t allow kidhearts is for some problems we had, not because they still allow Cg/lre. The kidhearts community don’t allow any kink interaction.

That’s it, my babies! You can feel free to choose what you want to do! I love you all and I hope you are feeling better with this truce! I love you all so much! 

Special thanks to @tinyteardrops, @cuteamaranthine, @nightlite, @agere and @thecrybabycorner for helping with this hard moment! Thank you a lot!

Work in progress.

A sketched underpainting that got me thinking about the crossroads between painting something and painting the appearance of something. It was a narrowing gyre that bothered me for some time, and even now there’s only a sort of truce between conflicting ways of seeing. If realism and representationalism can be considered the same thing, that suggests answers to other questions. However, if the essence of a place, a thing, or a person is better conveyed by making the invisible manifest, then…. you have other tools at your disposal as an artist you run the danger of creating a hall of mirrors. Symbols don’t line up in the same way for everybody, but perhaps this is a pseudorandom element that makes things more interesting.

I’m not drunk, but finding out how mad The Structure of Scientific Revolutions made Karl Popper is something I’ve been thinking about for a few days. It gave me pause. I… I’m not sure how to put this without rummaging through the broom closet of Western esotericism. 

It’s like a portrait I’ve been struggling with- as the likeness improves, some essence flees from it. I have a suspicion that a half a dozen strokes of blue (with a hint of gold) would do better than all my efforts so far.

Sometimes I think only William Blake understands me, then I remember that security guard at the mall.

We have a big community rule change! 

Kidhearts are now allowed to interact!

We made this decision based on the Teenietots and Kidhearts truce as there is no reason for us to not allow them! I’m sorry to anyone who dislikes this rule change and wishes to leave, please message me @quitetiny or @babytugs and we will remove you from the members page. 

But how this is working is each member is allowed to decide for themself who they would like interaction with. You can still deny interaction from anyone that you want, please be understanding that this will take a little bit to get used to and there will be mistakes happening for people. Please just try to be gentle with eachother!

We also ask that there is no negativity or hate in our community tags about anyone, since we strive to be a welcoming and positive community.

darkbluesky-1704  asked:

Hey there! So, I have two OCs (a demon and a devil) and they've known each other for like a REAAAAAAAAALY long time. They are both in love but neither wants to tell the other and the demon got himself in a lot of trouble and decides to turn off his emotions and they both fight. Can you help me with that? ^^u

Hope this helps!

1. Whilst his emotions are off, he can still feel somethings. You could write about how this effect wears off when you fall in love with someone as the emotions are too strong to turn off.

2. They fight and then one character eventually ends up admitting their true feelings as a sort of truce. That way it stops the fight and gives them a chance to talk.

3. After the fight, emotions are turned back on and he immediately tends to the other character. Only then do they realise their true feelings. However to lengthen it out, you could include some denial regarding how they feel. Making them avoid each other for a little while before coming back together.

If anyone has any other ideas feel free to comment! :)

Alright, in light of teenietots and kidhearts having a truce, I want to say how great that is!! I was conflicted about allowing teenietots or not since so many of them are friends/nice, but they also didn’t want me to interact if I allowed kidhearts.
I want to also say that I don’t want to interact with anyone who is anti-kidheart, so please message me if you know I follow you and you’re anti-kidheart, my main is moonlightnb so my follows come from there.