Tell Me the Way Home   by muchmorethanaprincess

When some of the grounder clans won’t stop attacking the people of the Ark, they turn to the commander for a truce. The solution? An arranged marriage between the young and promising leader Bellamy Blake, and the Trigedakru’s own warrior and member of Lexa’s inner circle, Clarke.

It’s just a business arrangement. Right?

Okay so

I have this headcannon based off of a post I saw a bit ago about ghosts having truces on special days and an example was Christmas, or a Wedding. But like what if.

Danny’s wife is wicked pregnant and the baby is coming any day now so he is all on edge about it.

Then during a fight with Skulker his phone rings and then his wife’s all like,”The baby’s coming!

Then before Skulker can shoot another blast he’s like “NO DON’T SHOOT THE BABY’S COMING!”

Skulker replies with “Aww shit bro.”

Then it’s just this scene in my head of Danny and Skulker in a hospital waiting room with awkward small talk every once and a while.

(drawing is from my old diary, I think I was inspired by someone who, obviously, drew it better, but I have a specific sentiment for my version and that’s why I decided it would suit better)

It’s finally here, my small tribute to Twenty One Pilots and also a meaningful messege to myself to always keep looking for a truce.

I’ve been diagnosted with manic deppression almost two years ago but I’ve been in this battle for like four years, took different medicines, had psychotic episodes, experienced many panic attacks, self harming and tried to end my life two times which I thankfuly failed and regretted almost immediately after taking the pills.
I am aware that there will be always a big amount of darkness in my life and in everything I create. I would be lying if I said that depression didn’t help me to express myself in an artistic way, to write better, see differently. It did, but I had to pay my penalty for it. But it doesnt’ mean that I’m not capable of creating something positive and being a loving sister, a true friend, a helpful daughter, but most importantly, a good enough person. 

All I need to know is how to find my balance.

Winning my battle with my mental illness doesn’t equal with beating the “dark side”. What winning truly is for me, is learning how to live with both of them. 

But I wouldn’t be able to see it if not for this amazing band which I owe so much.
Thank you, Tyler and Josh for always keeping my loud mind in one piece. 

stay alive, guys, no matter what | - /