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Lol screw the v for vendetta theories. It's a tragic love story where either the lover or the guy has died. They're trapped in a Haunted House.

Honestly, although I loved the movie I can’t really see it happening but maybe I’m not imaginative enough lol I really have no idea how they would implement that concept.
Knowing Kpop, it’s probably a tragic love story which we haven’t had in quite a long time. Or maybe they’re just going to walk around and have some haunted house experience, yeah. They could use a lot of beautiful cinematic shots for that. Some aesthetic stuff, you know?

Either way, it will definitely be interesting and different from what they have done before (unless they turn it into some crime scene thing - again).

  • Jumin: Is this seat empty?
  • Zen: Ya, and this one will be too if you sit down.
Why do people obsess over Greek GODS

Artemis: a queen, one who shuns the presence of men. Ruler of the night sky and the hunt, she doesn’t give a flying fuck about your gender roles.
Women can be single. Women can be hunters.

Athena: a scheming, cunning, genius woman, Athena is the mastermind behind every battle. Goddess of both wisdom AND war.
Women can be smart. Women can be warriors.

Aphrodite: a gorgeous woman, beautiful beyond belief, she was married off to a man she did not love. She refused her husband, and is with the chaotic man she truly loves. She loves romance novels and tragic love stories without your permission or stereotypes.
Women can be independent. Women can be beautiful. Women don’t have to love you because you say so.

Persephone: she is Queen of hell and goddess of springtime, drawing the line between death and rebirth. She loves her husband and mother, but refuses to let anyone tell her who to be or where to go.
Women can be sweet. Women can be brutal. Women can be complicated.

Hera: a practical woman, she is the goddess of marriage, her husband is always off fucking mortals. And she always makes sure he pays for it. This doesn’t stop her from being a fair queen, even more of a ruler than her husband.
Women can be powerful. Women make their own choices.

Demeter: a farm girl at heart, she rules the harvest, her mere emotions causing the seasons. Her daughter eloped with the god of death, and she misses her every day. She loves her loyal farmers and the crops they tend.
Women can be nurturing. Women can be depressed.

Hestia: a goddess of small renown, Hesta gave up her spot on the council to Dionsynius to keep order. She is the goddess of the hearth and home, fire and family. She represents the controlled chaos of a fire in the fireplace or a family in their home.
Women can be sacrificing. Women don’t need to be super to be important. Women can be chaotic.

Enough with this patriarchal Greek society. We all know who really ruled Olympus.

i literally haven’t stopped thinking about Captain America once since 2011, like, am i in an exam? don’t matter im still thinking about Steve “i could do this all day” Rogers. am i at a family meal? well sorry grandma could you repeat that, i was thinking about Bucky “pick on someone your own size” Barnes. am i with friends? idk what’s happened for the last 20 minutes bc i was thinking about the longest and most tragic love story in Marvel’s history

Thatcher, Redbeard, a series of dreadful events, and the love that have yet to speak its name.

Someday the true story may be told – for those of us that have recognized and believed in the romance between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, Sherlock has been the adaptation many of us wanted to see it happen. S4 was difficult – I didn’t think it possible to experience grief and loss because of a tv show, yet there I was, sad, disappointed, and moping for weeks. But after going back and reading some ACD canon as a form of therapy, I realized just how much I still love Sherlock. I can’t explain it, it is… what it is. So I watched S4 again quite a few times the last week or so. And guess what? I am here to tell you in all seriousness – love conquers all may still be on its way after all.

We already know the surface narrative of S4: Mary died saving Sherlock, Eurus, the long-lost third Holmes sibling killed Redbeard aka Victor aka Sherlock’s childhood best friend out of jealousy, and was the mastermind behind everything Moriarty ever did. After enduring the Sherrindford Experiment™, Sherlock solved Eurus’ riddles and saved John’s life; Baker Street Boys were back at 221B solving crimes as they always do, with some parenting on the side. The end.

My conclusion after tearing through layers of allusions? Mary probably didn’t die (I can’t make up my mind about this… for now); there was definitely no baby. It was all Mycroft’s fault, Eurus the east wind was a story he made up to conceal Lady Elizabeth Smallwood’s slaughterhouse, where Redbeard came into being and became Sherlock’s Reichenbach cauldron. Sherlock and John finally recognized the hurt, grief, and loss they both endured as a couple since TRF; but for now, they were back in the glass closet, the love they shared remained unspoken – until/if the lost special can be found. The end.

Don’t believe me? Let’s begin with Thatcher because so much of S4 revolves around the darkest moments in the UK during her time as the prime minister. Before I begin, please note that you’ll have to see beyond the suggested time and space presented on screen as the surface narrative unfolds, and instead try and think about allegory and allusion. Yeah, kinda like reading ACD canon, but a bit more difficult – let’s face it, visual media is just as capable of inspiring as deceit as we all know intimately by now.

Ready? Fair warning – this is the longest and saddest meta I’ve ever written, and it’s only the tip of an iceberg. Please be patience and try reading to the end, I promise it’ll be worth your time.

The scene that broke everything wide open for me was the exchange between Mycroft and Lady Smallwood:

Lady Smallwood. Alicia this time. PM – as in prime minister? Nope. Because earlier:

Why use an acronym, then? PM as in night? Darkness? Shadow?

A secret then. What did Mycroft reveal as he removed Alicia Smallwood’s card?

Oh and look what Eurus said in the scene right after:

The other one – Lady Elizabeth Smallwood. Lady…… Sherrinford? 

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Can we take a moment to talk about Georgi though?

Because as hilarious as he and his antics may be (and God bless him, I love him), I think the show actually tells us more about him. And while it would also be easy to just write him off as an entitled douche or a creep through scenes like this one

I think there’s also more to him than that.

Honestly, more than anything I think his defining characteristic is that he is head over heels in love with a girl who just doesn’t feel the same, not to mention a girl that has already moved on and is already engaged iirc with her new boyfriend. It’s a tragic love story if you think about it.

Let’s go back to ep 6 to explore this. If we look back at their own photos, we can all see that Anya is clearly uncomfortable, but let’s also look at Georgi

He looks so happy and he obviously must also be proud of his girlfriend if he wants to share their pictures with the whole world (especially that it’s Anya herself who uploads them). I think that boy is so ridiculously in love with her that he’s blinded to the reality that she doesn’t even feel a small percentage of that for him.

Which is why he’s so heartbroken when she leaves him for her current boyfriend/fiance (and we even see a visual representation of this when he genuinely cries during his performance).

That’s what he portrays in his short program - the feeling of betrayal and wanting revenge. That much we already understood in episode 6. What’s interesting is that this bleeds over to episode 7.

Remember how he said that he’s an evil witch, casting a curse on Anya that will make her sleep for eternity? It’s clearly a sleeping beauty reference but my favorite thing is that he follows this up by wanting to be the prince who will save her in his free skate program on day 2 of the China Cup. (Good job, Georgi, very consistent.) Like, on one hand he wants her to repent and come groveling back to him and on the other he’s wiling to be the forgiving one, ‘the bigger person’, which is absolute fuckboy behavior I mean look at this guy

After all that happen he still thinks he can be her prince. Which you could say is just cocky and entitled and so so self-righteous, and yeah, it is, but let’s think about how much he must love her to get so desperate about wanting to keep her. Like yeah, it gets absolutely creepy later on, and it is definitely a twisted form of love, but I think he genuinely thinks that there’s a part of Anya that wants him back (poor boy)

Even seeing her happy in her instagram pictures, he thinks that some part of her wants him to save her and yeah, that’s not the case, but he’s so convinced that this girl who he loved so much wouldn’t just leave him that he’s coming up with any reasons he can to believe that she still has feelings for him.

And he does explicitly express his feelings:

In the end Anya rejects him (as she very well should) and he is so shaken that he messes up his program and doesn’t advance to the further stage of the Grand Prix Series.

All in all though, rather than saying he’s a fuckboy who thinks he’s entitled to a girl’s love and he’s the only one who can have it and will win it back (even when the girl in question has clearly moved on), I think it’s more accurate to say that he particularly loved Anya, perhaps considered her his true love or something of the like and that’s why he so desperately clung to his fantasy where she still loves him. And it’s sad - on multiple levels. One of them being the fact that he just can’t face reality and go on with his life and it’s just sad to watch someone who’s so delusional, another that he is actually heartbroken and is coming up with all of these reasons and excuses because it all hurts him so much.

Personally, I think Anya did the right thing by leaving him, especially that she’s happy now, but Georgi’s story definitely is a tragic one, whether or not you decide to treat it seriously.

I hope that one day we get to see him be happy.

I love how almost everyone has a really deep and tragic back story to explain why they’re on DS9

Benjamin Sisko: My wife was killed in the battle Wolf 395. I had to raise our son, Jake, on my own. I questioned whether or not I wanted to leave Starfleet, but I still accepted the position on DS9. 

Kira Nerys: I grew up in Bajor during the Cardassian Occupation. I learned to fire a rifle when I was 13. During the occupation, I lost both my brothers, my father and my mother. I accepted the posting on DS9 because I wanted to help my people rebuild Bajor but I am still traumatised by the war.

Odo: I worked as a security officer on DS9 while it was originally under Cardassian rule. Before that, I was discovered by a Bajoran doctor and subjected to inhuman scientific experiments. I’m a complete outsider and have no idea where I’m from. The only purpose I believe I have, is providing security on the station.

Julian: I was a disappointment to my parents so they genetically altered me, which made me question my own self-worth. I took a position on DS9 in order to prove myself but I live in fear that people will discover my secret.

Garak: I used to hold a position in the Cardassian military. After making a fatal mistake, I was exiled and forced to live on DS9 with Bajorans who hate my species. 

and then you have Quark…

Quark: I had sex with my boss’s sister.

  • Fitzgerald: Getting rid of me… Won’t save you. You’re your own worst enemies! Both of you!
  • Atsushi & Akutagawa: *look at each other*
  • Atsushi: No, I’m pretty sure you’re worse, man.
  • Akutagawa: You’re definitely worse.

Don’t underestimate us too much. (Almost 3 more months until Season 2!)

Leo is the sign of the heartthrob and the vixen
The image of a radiant performance, the Leo’s heart always plays the starring role. Leo rules the heart, and the Sun rules Leo. It’s Leo’s love that spins the planets. So when the Leo loves, they love with the glow of every solar dance, it can become a true production of vivid artistry, flickering lights across
the skyline, a stage of pure sunflowers. Love activates the Leo, it breathes a generous spirit into their bones. To feel their heart skip a beat is intoxicating,
and butterflies filled with delight sprinkle confetti around her chest and decorate her heart. A Leo’s love is enough to move the earth on its axis. A Leo’s
heartbreak is therefore, a tragic story of its own, the love in the heart leaks
and streaks, and withers away in loud screams, the world stops spinning. Something may not feel alive in Leo with a broken heart, as if a part of them is missing or broken or they have to hold down on their wrist to check
for a beat. And the Leo loves so generously. They are willing to be vulnerable
so they can ride the rays of the sun. In love they are God. The Leo’s heart
is covered in scars and they leak at a single touch, their sensitivity becomes a prepared response to what becomes a seemingly endless night.