A Tragic Flock of Underwoods


As you can see we have Corbin as a rook, Marshal as a red-tailed hawk, Ellie as a western meadowlark, and Mal as a ruby-crowned kinglet.

These birds are not accurately to scale, but I did try to play with size a little bit.

Technically, I don’t think Marshal is associated with a specific bird species like the rest of the Underwoods, but considering the association with his red hair, the size comparison to the other birds, and his - well, let’s call it predatory behavior - I feel like a red-tail suits him.

Also they’re sometimes called chickenhawks and I feel like that is an appropriately Marshal-like level of ridiculousness.

And I know Ellie is not usually included in the tragic flock tag, but she’s too perfect to leave out.

I love how “Marshal Micah Underwood, son of Corbin ‘you little shitbird’ Underwood” and “Malek Underwood, son of Corbin 'mess with your reality’ Underwood” is like a thing. It shows that the boys are defined by their father and we in turn define them as such - but like in a loving way rather than seeing Corbin as an ultimate failure since we see more than any person in the world ever would.

sons of Corbin 'just trying to do the right thing the only way he knows how’ Underwood

Yeah so I guess I’m not too busy.

for @corvidyouths desire to tee an Underwood coat of arms.

Argent, a rook close to sinister natural, between two pine trees natural, with supporters dexter to sinister a chess-queen sable and a chess-knight argent, helmet the Rook sable with mantle sable, motto Unclench a little.

changed field from azure (blue) to argent (white), because azure does not go with vert and sable. probably could have had the rook mask with “eyes azure” but i didn’t for this.

(this is just a hobby i could be way off base with everything.)

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Marshal + Fears

Marshal’s greatest fear is that he will lose Ellie. He would do literally anything within his power to ensure her safety. There are other people he cares about, but when he has nightmares they are about finding Matt and then they morph into something like that happening to his baby sister.