December 9, 1916 - Russia Opens Murmansk-Petrograd Railroad 

Pictured - Austro-Hungarian prisoners operate a handcar for Russian surveyors. This photo was taken by Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky, who was commissioned by the Tsar to document the vast Russian Empire through photographs. His marvelous work in color offers a view of a world on the edge of revolution.

Russia had manpower, but it needed supplies and cash. Britain and France obliged with thousands of tons of war good and millions in credit, but all the help in the world was useless if Russia didn’t have a rail system to transport material from the ports to the front. Astonishingly, it didn’t - even the Siberian Railway could only really go from West to East - so these tons of supplies sat rusting in Russian dockyards. To fix this problem, the Tsarist government set about building a railway that connected the Arctic port of Murmansk to the capital, Petrograd.

With the labor of over 70,000 German and Austro-Hungarian prisoners of war, the Russian government finally opened the railway in December 1916. It took a year and a half of work, and the death of more than 25,000 prisoners, before it was ready. Yet the winter of 1916 was too late to have much of an effect on Russia’s war effort. The Bolsheviks would inherit the logistical railway after the Civil War, which they renamed the Kirov Line after a prominent Old Bolshevik.

Today, I fucked up... by not lasting long enough for my grandmother

My graduation party was more family and family friend oriented than having a lot of people my age there (18 y/o). In America, (not sure if it is customary in other countries) when you graduate high school, people often gift you a generous amount of money for your achievement or to inadvertently lower the cost of college. I had accumulated a nice stack of envelopes throughout the day. The party started to wind down and the family friends started to leave, so I sat down in my living room with my mom, one of her very close friends, grandmother, great grandmother and girlfriend. (It seems rude to open gifts in front of people, but some of them wanted to participate).

I opened up all of the envelopes and thanked those who were present. This yielded a ton of loose cash and checks on a coffee table that needed to be put away.

Here is where the FU happened.

I organized the money and checks into a stack. I grabbed the money with one hand and my girlfriend(’s hand) with the other and said, “We are going to put this money in my room. We will be back in about 15 to 20 minutes!” Obviously, I was implying something sexual would occur in my room (this seems inappropriate for the setting, but it is not abnormal to joke about in my family). My grandmother then exclaims, “NICHOLAS!” And I thought my fuck up was saying that, so I began to apolgize, but she finished her sentence with: “Only 15 to 20 minutes?! Step it up.”

The tables had turned. I went from making a joke to being the punchline of one. All of the women burst out into laughter. I was thinking I was above average in the time I can last and my grandmother ruined it.

TL;DR - I got some cash, but when I went to get ass, my grandmother said I wouldn’t last.

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Imagine being a cashier and suddenly these magical, multi-color alien ladies literally burst into the store.

They all scurry off into different directions shouting at each other, the blue one is flying, the giant one is lifting away the entire card aisle. 

After awhile but before you can call your manager, they return with: baby shower items, party favors, balloons, flowers, and - why does the blue one have a tombstone?

They hurry out the doors and when you finally snap out of shock, a lady with a poignant-nose hands over tons of cash both to pay for their items and the damage they did with their dramatic entrance.

Before you can get a single word out, she runs off to stop her cohorts from apparently stealing some shopping karts and signs. You can hear her giving a lecture about why stealing is immoral as you carelessly stuff the cash into the register. 

You’re gonna need some cigars for this.

Calling Otherkin!

Hey fellow otherkin, have you ever wanted pointy ears but don’t want to dish out TONS of cash so you can get that body mod? Well I sell these cuffs that go over your ears:

bam! hella cool right? well I make them in tons of different shapes and colors.

Pretty neat? I make crowns too!

Not only that, but I also make Antler Head bands!

And some legit lookin crowns.
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- florida is actually the weirdest state. it’s like the australia of the united states with all these strange subtropical plants and animals and the heat seems to make people act weirder
- the florida keys are perfect to set up a tourist trap in with all the tourism during the summer. stan should expect TONS of cash
- the strange made-up cryptids stan makes for his tours would actually be more believable because florida’s wildlife is so diverse and fucking weird
- mcgucket would fit perfectly as one of those crazy floridians
- bermuda triangle folklore
- real beach
- dipper has a palm tree on his hat rather than a pine tree
- ford would have a FIELD DAY documenting florida’s weird shit
- mabel can always catch up with mermando and finally meet the queen of the manatees in person
- everything is perfect about this AU


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Hours past. Clara went from Florida to New York, going straight to the bank to take out a ton of cash, and to start up her own bank account. She just didn’t want to be traced, that was all. She needed time alone to try to work things through. Perhaps what she needed was to start over and find a girlfriend outside of this life. Soph had unpacked once everyone was up and ready for the day, needing it to be perfectly organized, like always.


The FCC has fucked us royally but we can at the very least speak our minds directly to them about not destroying the internet as we know it….just so a few suits can make a shit ton more cash at our expense only.

Share this info, share the form stand up and do something while you can


You want to make a toy and you don’t know where to start?

Simply put, have a strong original idea. It’s okay to be inspired, we’re all inspired by the fantastic work being made by the artists and designers that we love. But it’s harder to take that excitement and energy and use it to fuel your own creativity.

Maybe you want to make a small run of resin, maybe a large run of vinyl, either way, it’ll take a ton of time, and a pile of cash. If you’re investing your resources and sanity in a project like this, you’ll want to be sure that months down the road and thousands of dollars later, the piece that you’re making is your own in all possible ways.


Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Technology Guide: Online, Free, 100% Legal

You know Paizo releases ALL of the rules in our major Pathfinder RPG releases for free online, right? Our game uses the Open Gaming License, so not only do we want to spread the love, we have to!

Here’s links to all the rules in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Technology Guide

Technology Guide

RPGs aren’t about spending tons of cash, they’re about getting together and sharing amazing stories. So don’t let a light wallet stop you from having fantastic adventures with your friends!

You can check out the rest of Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG hardcover rules right now—again, for free!—over at the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Reference Document (PRD).




-Suga packing enough sunscreen to cover three whole families

-Daichi and Suga arguing over directions while Asahi cowers helplessly in the back seat

-Daichi and Suga continue to argue at the gas station while Suga holds an oversized map

-them getting back onto the road and realizing 20 minutes later that they left Asahi back at the convenience store


-Suga having an Adele level singing voice, Daichi being tone deaf and Asahi smiling while quietly singing

-them arriving at a motel at 3 a.m and all sleeping in the same bed cuz they’re too burnt out to care


-Asahi forgetting his toothbrush and having to survive on breath mints and gum for the first couple days

-Suga and Asahi taking a ton of selfies with Daichi when he falls asleep during the drive

-Suga having a fuck ton of cash saved up solely for the purpose of souvenirs

-Suga and Daichi subtlety teaming up to make sure Asahi has a good time and actually relax for once

-The three of them sitting on the car roof and eating junk food at like 2 a.m and just having a really great time in each other’s prescense