You can find love anywhere, but the love I found with him was the most illogical thing I’ve ever seen. He teases me, he challenges me, he pisses me off, and somehow I can’t even consider the idea of leaving him. The only thing I can do is love him. But I found a passionate lover in him. His kisses taste like heaven, his touches make me feel loved, his smiles are the brightest when we are together. I guess that illogical can be good sometimes.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1196 // he doesn’t care about logic at all

I was doing another watch-through of last night’s episode when I noticed something peculiar. As we know, at the end, during the pizza party, they were drinking….. Kingdom beer, as we see here.

Beer and pizza, aw yeah.

But during the transition from the bunker’s main room to the kitchen, something interesting happened. 

The back of the bottle reads “A Taste of Heaven”, and we have it transposed directly over Cas… with Dean’s hand in the shot reaching for it, and it looks almost like it’s reaching for Cas. His hand fits into the shot perfectly.

I know this is a little farfetched, but frankly I’m too excited to care.

Cas is a taste of Heaven that Dean is reaching for.


I was never really great at sports. Never picked first for the team. Never had any game saving plays or tricks I could use to my advantage to then be hoisted upon my team mates’ shoulders in praise of my winning awesomeness.

But what I missed in that regard, I made up for in passion and intensity. The guy who was known for turning up the crazy. The guy who said “fuck it I’ll do it.”

That’s truly victorious. Giving it your all when it’s all you have. Giving ‘em hell to get a taste of heaven. So I say give 'em a taste of your poison. Turn up the crazy.

Tonight, we are victorious.

Brendon Urie
Panic! At The Disco

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Dessert for breakfast anyone?🙈 Peanut butter nice cream topped with my PB-brownie slices and three heavenly nut butters: cinnamon maca, chocolate hazelnut and the classic pb🙊 Just a lil taste of heaven☁️

  1. “I can’t lose you.”
  2. “You’re not allowed to do that!”
  3. “You’re crazy!”
  4. “Kiss me, please
  5. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”
  6. “I can’t marry you.”
  7. “You can’t- you can’t”
  8. “Please, just- stay. Please.”
  9. “Wow.”
  10. “Don’t try, I’m not worth it.”
  11. “Don’t touch me,”
  12. “Your eyes are like the stars.”
  13. “You taste like heaven”
  14. “We can fix this”
  15. “I miss you.”
  16. “I’m in this for life.”
  17. “You’re not getting rid of me that easy.”
  18. “Will you marry me?”
  19. “Yell, scream, say something!”
  20. “I thought I could manage. I can’t. Not without you. Not ever, like that”
  21. “Cuddle?”
  22. “We’re not buying a dog.”
  23. “When’s the last time I said I love you?”
  24. “Fight me”
  25. “You’re so small.”
  26. “I can’t breathe”
  27. “Hello, gorgeous, do I know you?”
  28. “I don’t know what to say.”
  29. “Stop pushing me away”
  30. “It killed me to see you with him.”
  31. “I am so lucky to love you.”
  32. “It never gets easier.”

(im not opposed to smut if you want? specify with a *)