You can’t have human rights for women unless you have human rights. Think of that. You cannot. Because unless you decide that women are some class of nonhuman beings and should have special treatment, then you have to have a general category of human rights, which includes women as human beings.

I couldn’t help myself. Sorry it’s not perfect, I’ve done it during break at work and I don’t have tablet of my beloved software (manga studio) here.

And I’m annoyed by those pillows again. Why? Because they again making money out Sormik after treating them so bad in anime. If they doing things like that, at least they could give us some kind of ova or anime reboot with plot from game… Then they can make money out sormik and other characters as much as they want… But with things like this… Ughh.

Let’s look at this precious picture and imagine that anime doesn’t exists.

I’m away from home until Tuesday , I don’t have much MB on my phone internet left so I’m not sure if I manage to read reviews of last episode of anime… I just pray for it to not cause more harm to Zestiria story and characters.

Really, we should make petition for anime remake. It won’t get us anywhere but maybe we should show Namco that we aren’t happy with what they done to story and characters.

The Tale of The Three Sisters - Masterpost

There were once three sisters who were traveling along a lonely, winding road at twilight. This is their story.