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Ship swan queen

I like swan queen because i believe the true love is be there to the other person, and have faith in this person, make her a good person like Emma does with Regina, she stop her in the right moment when the evil appears.

And the opposites attract, the saviour (the light) and the evil queen (the darkness).
This are only titles, is for that, i like Emma gets some darkness, it will be in the same situation as Regina.

And the end i will do a video with all the sq moments in all seasons :3

Approximately 525 600 Minutes by Reighne

Summary: Regina wakes up with a wedding ring on her finger, and a panicking Sheriff on the phone. Set approximately six months after Zelena, and assumes that the Frozen story arc has also been completed. Henry has moved back in with Regina. Established SQ Friendship - leading to more.Swan Queen Week Day 7 Accidental Marriage

I think that the summary of this story does not do it justice. The strength of the relationship portrayed by Regina and Emma is amazing, and the only way in which I could fault this fic is due to it being incomplete. Although, do not let that detain you from reading, as it is being updated and you will surely regret it.

Can be found on fanfiction.net [here]

Princeabernathy’s family page!

Okay, yes I’m doing it. I already explained how it works but I’m doing it again: 

  • You pick a character you like from a book you like. 
    (in this case trc/dream pack but any other fandom I’m in it’s fine too) 
  • If the char is not taken I’ll add you on this special page as that character.
  • You get a link and a description from me as well.  
  • The page will look like this.
    (I can change the pictures of course)

How to get in:

  • Just send me an ask with the character you want.
    (If you have any preferences for the image you wanna use, like the person or someone you fancast as the character, write it in the ask please, I’m gonna do the graphics myself - they gonna be pretty I swear)
  • We have to know each other, like at least talked once.

So, okay, that’s all.
I hope there will be fights over characters lol.

Wicked Future | Swanchester AU: (pt.1)(pt.2) In a twist of fate, Zelena’s time traveling portal opens minutes after Emma and Dean chase after their stolen children. They’re sent through time, landing sometime in the Enchanted Forest but unsure when until Emma spots a wanted poster. Depicted is a familiar looking man with the name ‘Henry Swan’ scribed underneath. The pair find clothes to blend in with, stumbling upon a refugee camp sporting rebels against Zelena, who has taken over as the Wicked Queen of the Enchanted Forest. Leader of the rebellion: Henry, accompanied by his younger sister Mary.

 “Wait here,” one of the men who captured them commanded as they stopped in front of one of the huts in the camp. Emma glanced up at Dean, who reached out and clasped his hand around hers. 

A figure stepped out of the hut and approached them, a tall strong man well worn through many years of battle. Emma’s brow creased as she looked at him, recognizing the familiar face but not being able to attach a name. The man was doing the same as he examined the two newcomers. 

Suddenly, his mouth began to fall as his face’s hard expression started to soften. He looked between the pair quickly, his eyes watering as he tried to find the words to speak. Finally, he breathed out a gentle, “Mom? Dad?” 

“Henry,” Emma realized. It was the same face on the wanted poster they’d seen when they landed. She met him halfway, throwing her arms around her tall son as her tears began to fall. 

Dean looked between Emma and the man, taking a step closer to get a better look at him. It was the same features, the same eyes, the same smile – it was Henry. It was his son, all grown up before his eyes. He closed the gap between them, wrapping his arms around the two of them as he felt his own tears begin to fall. 

“Henry, Zelena’s monkeys have been spotted –“ 

They all turned as a young woman with long blonde hair emerged from the hut, her voice falling. Henry smiled, his own cheeks wet with tears as he gestured toward Emma and Dean. “Mary, I’d like you to finally meet our parents. Mom, Dad – it’s your daughter.”