Here is my newest Emma and Regina video! After Sunday’s episode, I could not get this song out of my head! I think it describes Emma and Regina’s relationship pretty well! <3 I do hope you enjoy the video, and if you do, please give it a thumbs up! It would make my day. 

Switching it Up Chapter 16

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When Emma was younger, all she wanted a was a mom to hold her. When things got bad, got down right awful, she wanted a mom. There were a few times when Emma would wake up screaming in the middle of the night with horrible nightmares about a tree. (Sometimes the tree was eating her, other times the tree was a very mean tree was trying and taking her from her family.)

If she was lucky, a foster parent would enter her room to make sure she was alive. One time an particularly nice old lady brought her hot chocolate, but she didn’t hold her. No one ever hold her. Most of them just would yell from another room, telling her to shut up. A lot just ignored her. But no, she was never held.

She wanted a mother. Or hell, a father would have been good, too. Maybe even an aunt or an uncle. (Later, when she would think of this when the curse first broke, she would have weird thoughts of her being little and Ruby holding her after a bad dream.)

Now, she wanted Regina. Yes, weirdly enough she wanted Regina. And now here she was. Right in front of them, beautiful as ever in a white blouse and black dress pants. Her heels, black of course, were sharp and tall. Emma started to find it hard it to swallow.

"Regina," she managed to get out and before she knew what the heck she was doing, she was stepping forward and throwing her arms around the other girl.

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No but, can we talk about this for a moment? There is a welcome banner to MARY MARGARET and, oh right, Emma too. Everybody there was Mary Margaret’s friends. Emma’s too, of course, but mostly of them are there only for Mary Margaret. The only one person who was there for Emma was Regina, because Emma invited her, so she went. Maybe was only for seeing Henry, but she was there because of Emma, the only one.

And Emma was so happy to see her.