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Wouldn't it be weird if the swan-mills family watch HIMYM? :p Henry: " Mom, why does that woman look exactly like you, and she also has a (temporarily) boyfriend who she calls captain ?"

Thanks for the prompt :) 


Emma lifts her head up at the sudden cry of her name. She frowns in confusion before setting down the dish she was drying and walking into the lounge where her son and girlfriend are. “What’s up?” She asks popping her head around the door. 

“Come here,” Regina says. Emma walks over plopping down next to Regina. “I thought you wanted me to wash the dishes?” 

“You need to see this,” Regina replies, “It’s very weird.” 

Emma raises a brow, “Weirder than Storybrooke?” 

“Nothing’s that weird,” Henry says, “But nearly.” He hits play and a woman who looks exactly like Emma pops up on the screen. 

“Whoa,” Emma says in shock, “I have a clone! What are you watching?” 

“How I Met Your Mother,” Regina replies, “This you has a temporary boyfriend named The Captain Emma. Is Hook on this too?” 

“I doubt it,” Emma says, “Unless he has a clone too. The Captain? What kind of name is that?” 

“A douchey one,” Henry says with a chuckle, “Why does she look so much like you though?” 

Emma shrugs, “How the hell would I know? I’m here with my son and gorgeous girlfriend, not stuck with some jerky Captain.” 

“Thank god,” Regina murmurs turning to kiss Emma, “I’m glad you’re here with me.” 

“I’m happy to be here,” Emma says before suddenly grinning, “Maybe I’m the real life version of Orphan Black!” 

“What?” Regina asks confusedly. 

“Just think about,” Emma cries out as excitement races through her, “I’m me, that woman looks like me, how many Emma clones are there? It would be so cool. I could get one to do the dishes, one to go to work….and then I could just stay here with you all the time!” 

Regina chuckles before kissing her, “You adorable idiot…” 

“Thanks,” Emma huffs. 

“Let me finish,” Regina says tapping her nose, “What I was saying was, you adorable idiot, I love you.” 

What Hurts the Most

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1IKmBty

by RowArk

AU: After taking the curse of the Dark One, Emma wakes up from a coma with no recollection of anything that happened since taking the curse, but she quickly realizes something is very different - and very wrong - about Storybrooke. Angst, and eventual Swan Queen.

Words: 2816, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1IKmBty

Now this is REALLY interesting. Each main character is their own category, featuring 3 big moments. For Hook, 2 out of those 3 are moments with Emma, which is no surprise considering he is her current love interest.

However, for Regina there is not a single 0Q moment to vote for…they instead chose to focus on her dynamic with The Charmings, Henry, and Zelena.

And then there’s Emma, who has 2 out of 3 options that are Swan Queen moments. The 3rd is her dynamic with Henry.

They’re promoting both Swan Queen and C@ptain $wan but not 0utlaw Queen, just like at Comic Con.

I think it’s significant that the favorite Emma and Regina moments we can vote for do not feature their current love interests but instead focus on their dynamic with one another and with Henry (especially considering breaking Pan’s curse was a huge Swan-Mills moment.)

This is very important you guys !!!!!!!!

Don’t forget to go vote for SQ/Swan Mills moments!!!


My favorite Swan-Mills family video. How can anyone think that this relationship isn’t the most important on the show?