First of Her Name

Pairing: Cassandra Pentaghast/Varric Tethras
Warnings: Post-Game, mild swearing, mild suggestive scenes
Notes: I had a wonderful anon who suggested this idea through ten asks, and it was just too perfect not to do. I just hope I did your idea justice, anon!

A huge, huge thank you to everyone who sent me such wonderful feedback. This was super fun to write, I just hope you found it as fun to read!

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Epilogue: The Dusk

The problem, he decides early on, is the distinct lack of freedom. Luckily for him, he is no stranger to the shadows.


Months pass.

He waits, counting under his breath. The guards were still, thankfully, predictable. Two, three, four steps, wait a beat, and around the corner… he straightens slightly, motioning with one hand for the woman behind him to follow.

“Varric -”

Ssshhh. Come on.”

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honestly I feel like people are angry mainly bc he was w/ bryana like idk if that makes sense but like I feel like they were angry cause he wouldn't take pictures cause he was with bryana nd they feel like he likes her more then us idkkk (this probably makes no sense omg)

‘feel like’ he does care about her more than us? she’s his girlfriend! he’s meant to care about her most! as a fan collective, maybe he would rank the ‘5sos fam’ above his girlfriend but yes, I think he would prefer his girlfriend over a complete stranger!!

there’s no shadow of a doubt that he likes her more, i don’t get what’s so difficult to understand

Sweet Talk

“Mmm… As delectable as they may be, too many sweets bodes ill for the body.. But… perhaps there is room for some indulgence, hm? My young lady of Arcen?”

A honey voice sweeter than all the patisserie had to offer chuckled bemusedly by the heiress’ side as the lady and onlooker gazed through the window pane at the treasures that laid beyond. The stranger’s shadow soon eclipsed the young woman as its owner came to an easy rest beside her.

The figure cast an auric stare, half-lidded with an indiscernible mixture of soft amusement and cool nonchalance. An ornate opal mask with a playful smile was framed with tamed waves of apple hair that echoed of times long since past. Yet rather than in the dark moonlight, the feminine figure stood awash in bright sunlight.

A tan corset and egg-white jabot framed a refined beauty after Arcen fashion as red sleeves puffed like flowers upon the taller woman’s shoulders. She turned her familiar visage to let her eyes trace the silver trader’s form, crossing her white gloved arms behind her all the while. The red shawl trimmed in gold above the stranger’s cream dress shifted as she squared her proud stance.

Another soft laugh echoed from behind her frozen lips as she hummed appreciatively. “My, my.. How you have grown in the years, young Miss Sinclair. I hope your father is faring well these days. It has been much too long since we’ve met ‘face to face’—so to speak. You were but a girl in his company when we last met, but now you’ve returned a vibrant, young woman wandering the wide world.

“But ahh… Re-introductions are in order. I am Fina Reid, owner and proprietor of the Sable Sails Shipping company, a long time benefactor of your father’s trade. Perhaps you remember Stormhaven, hm? A lively city as I’ve ever known, rivaling even Piltover in some regards.

“Still, a walk along the street hardly seems like an appropriate place for two business women to discuss their affair. Why don’t we take a proper seat, over tea and some of those delights you’ve been eyeing, hm? It would be my treat and pleasure…”

The Seraph turned fully to the young heiress of Arcen and rolled a gloved hand into an open invitation for what was purported to be a fine afternoon among old acquaintances.

Silvia Sinclair turned her attention to another kind of investment, one that was just as sweet on the lips as the goods stocked by the window. Nothing worked her appetite more than a delectable deal. “Miss Reid! Lovely to see you again!” the heiress crossed her legs and bowed in greeting. “How could I forget Stormhaven? The Masquerade was quite the eventful night.”

The corner of her lips curled into half a smirk at the extravagant memories that came to mind. She doubted anyone could forget being whisked away by a burly man into the night, who was on the run from Miss Reid’s security. Also, who could forget that young man, Arion? What had become of him? The fellow was a tad bit awkward and shy, but that made him all the more… attractive. Nevertheless, it was a memorable night. “I wish I could have stayed longer. The food, the music, and the company was marvelous.

“And I do believe having your company now all to myself would be even better.” Silvia glanced at the door beside them, “Although I am not yet too familiar with these parts, I do know that this patisserie here is a must. After you, Miss Reid.”

Miss Sinclair pulled the door open and held it for Fina, her grinning widening at the familiar jingle of the bells overhead. The fresh aroma of bread and other savory delights wafted out and around them. 

“Might I recommend a chocolate éclair and a fresh brew of mocha?” 

( thesableseraph )

[ celt-miilo ;; ]

—-                     The female rouge elf stared, with arrow notched,
                           “I suggest you come out now before I let this
                          arrow make a home in your skull.
” she said firmly
                          to the shadowed stranger.

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Awesome! I had a dream last night that felt almost meaningful. It started off with a friend and I arguing and then I walk away and the dream jumps to more imagery based memories of me climbing down a VERY steep pipe into a rail track to then climb aboard a train that took me to a house where its extremely dark and I'm talking to someone laughing about how I'd murdered MANY people. The dream ends with me calling the police because I find a dead body and being ridden with worry.

Argument ► Climbing downwards ► Going on a train ► Dark strange house ► Laughing at how you murdered people ► Calling the cops

Okay, first idea - you traveled to a deep inner space where you presented part of your Shadow (darkness, strangers, laughing at murder which is not something we would normally do).

So first you have an argument about who knows what, your friend perhaps representing adversity or your better self. That conflict is the catalyst for the journey to Shadow-land* where you indulge in, or see your Shadow which is reveling in murder. But near the end you call the Police because you are worried about a single dead body. This is more how we would react as people. So it is like, you encountered your Shadow but then attempted to reconcile that with your Human half which wants to bring justice to the murdered, instead of being a murderer.

If you remember what the first argument with your friend was about, that will give you clues as to why you needed to find your Shadow.

Calling the police at the end indicates a need to assimilate with or reconcile with your Shadow - on one hand laughing at being a murderer, on the other hand being consumed with worry over a single death. 

Shadow work may help… http://unmaskingthedivine.tumblr.com/ knows a lot about shadow work.

REMEMBER that I am drunk. So…. get a second opinion.

*Note that shadow-land is not a real term I made it up

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*whispers* if you are still doing the name thingy can you do Hayley????


A jazz pianist in a smoky, crowded speakeasy, pinstripe suits and dark dresses. Leaning against a brick wall beneath a streetlight in the fog, watching strangers’ shadows grow and shrink as they walk by. Standing on a city rooftop, in the dark space between the ever-present electric lights below and the handful of stars you can see in the sky above.

Sometimes I hate myself for loving you…
And my dreams are just dramatic versions of
My real life.
And life is short, but so am I.
What does it matter anyway?
Just a small price that I pay to feel the same way every single day…
I want to be somebody else.
Sick of myself and how I feel.
Don’t recognize who I see in the morning.
Used to be so clear.
And now I’m waking up to strangers with their shadows on my face.
So quickly I remember what it felt like to be in this place…

when the night is still,
a conglomeration of strangers’ shadows with
anonymity like air,
I am whisked away by the atladian weight of the world,
not knowing where to go, or how
to carry that weight he shoulders
upon my eyes.

Elektra - Mirror - R.A. Wonsowski
Setting: morning, a public park outside of Hong Kong, beginning of spring, apple blossoms in the trees.
Panels 1 thru 4 are similar, ELEKTRA (left) and an OLD WOMAN are in varied positions in a tai chi routine, perfectly synchronized in every stance. ELEKTRA is in her signature red head scarf, but in a loose tank top, running pants, and sneakers. The OLD WOMAN is in a loose-fitting matronly house dress. Each position should be fluid and graceful.
CAPTION, PANEL 1: The stranger has shadowed me for nearly three months. She asks questions as one would poke a sleeping husband. CAPTION, PANEL 2: Over tea one morning, I ask if she considers herself a spiritual woman. She answers that she is Greek Catholic. CAPTION, PANEL 3: I tell her that her answer is as meaningless as if she had told me she was a zookeeper. CAPTION, PANEL 4: The religious are those who fear Hell.
Panel 5: ELEKTRA and the OLD WOMAN bow to each other.
CAPTION: The spiritual have already walked through it.
Panel 6: The OLD WOMAN (background) watches ELEKTRA (foreground) walk away, sadly proud.
CAPTION: When I see her again, in this life or the next, her spirit will have been well forged in fire.

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How do you deal when the most influential women in your life - your mom, your aunt, your grandmother - who were present from the moment you opened your eyes to the light the first time, who taught you your manners, who fed sustenance to your growing bones, have now become strangers of each other, shadows. How do you deal? You don’t. Because doing so would drive you insane. Would make you question…the substance that held your bones together from the moment of birth, is no longer real. What is real and what isn’t?
And it hurts.
My heart is broken.
I can’t….

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       Bright blues widen upon the glancing at her voluptuous figure, a ghastly, horrific shock crossing effeminate features at the sight of dark curls and shapely curves. What little color remains in his complexion drains out, leaving porcelain skin with an ashen, grave edge. ( he’s seen a ghost, beautiful and evanescent and her blood is on his hands ) The priest can almost hear the laughter of a once vibrant woman, the bright, merry noise clinging to the back of his peripherals as if she was just out of sight, gently reminding him of her presence, but she is GONE, like so many she has left because he let her down just like Lilith — 

       His violent reaction is brief ; recognition fades as the priest realizes with a mixture of relief and despair that he’s looking at a STRANGER, a blurry shadow of the woman he once knew. ( like so many she is dead and it is all his fault. )  

       A breathless sigh escapes him when he realizes he’s been caught staring so RUDLEY, mouth gaping and posture frozen, and he offers a weak, nervous laugh that sounds tinny even by his standards. Cheeks redden slightly in embarrassment, returning a slight bit of color to pale flesh as a gloved hand awkwardly scratches the back of his head.

                             ❛ — oh I’m sorry, you looked like someone I knew. ❜

Can we just talk about how awesome these lyrics are?

Well, they call me William the Pleaser
I sold opium, fireworks and lead
Now I’m telling my troubles to strangers
When the shadows get long I’ll be dead

Now, her hair was as black as a bucket of tar
Her skin as white as a cuttlefish bone
I left Texas to follow Lucinda
Now I’ll never see heaven or home

I made a wish on a sliver of moonlight
A sly grin and a bowl full of stars
Like a kid who captures a firefly
And leaves it only to die in the jar

“Lucinda” -Tom Waits

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haziness & starless nights, crescent moons & cracked pavement in rotting skeletal alleys, red lipstick, bruised skin on necks, preserved flowers in bell jars.strangers cloaked in shadows, gloved hands, rubies, ornate gold jewelry, crowns & thrones made from diamonds, tight corsets & black frills, garter belts & red lingerie, blood droplets on pale flowers, human remains left in the woods


Many many babies for sale! Adult previews except for the spiral, he’s all grown up. :)

Available here from the AH for 15K, or send me a crossroads with an offer for a discount for RP clans and Light Flight people!

1. Stranger/Luna baby (Shadow/moon cultist pair) - Grey/Silver/Silver
Imperial male

2. Arvid/Glass baby - Silver/Silver/Ice Spiral male

3. Jungle/Forest/Jungle Fae male

4. Forest/Swamp/Forest Fae female

5. Jungle/Forest/Forest Fae female

Video work from Day In Day Out series. 2015.

This work, much like many of my others, was produced over the whole duration of the semester where I recorded 10-20 second videos. In the videos I wanted to capture a still, unnoticed moment within everyday life. The still yet moving snippets captured things that I would usually not pay attention to, like rain falling on a car windsheild, a stranger’s shadow or leaves rustling amongst my neighbours trees. Like they say.. Its the little things that count.