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prompt: When no one is looking, Rey sneaks inside that old Corellian freighter sitting outside Niima Outpost.

The freighter smells of dust, old food and the acrid stink of elderly wires. Rey wrinkles her nose as she pulls herself up through the cargo compartment, wriggling herself around the pipes and into gaps that only an eight-year-old could fit through. 

It’s the perfect refuge from the heat of another Jakku day, but she can’t help but feel like a stranger here, in this shadowed space. Something about the interior feels… sad. Almost lonely. Rey rests a small hand on the padded bulkhead, heedless of the accumulated dirt, and gets the brief sense that the freighter is waiting.

For what, she couldn’t say. This ship has been here as long as she has, and is about as likely to leave. Rey gives the bulkhead an absent pat, sitting down to rest her head against it and closes her eyes. Outside, the sun continues to beat down, but here it’s cool and quiet. She dreams, for a while, of stars elongated into the tunnels of hyperspace, of climbing through the sky in dizzying spirals and plunging into atmosphere so fast the thermal plating sings.

When Rey wakes up, she is still lonely. But the day has cooled, and as she leaves, she whispers her thanks to the freighter and thinks she feels the engine hum, just a little, in return.

All the book sequels I’m super excited for this year! The ones without any sort of cover and simply mentioned via text in the graphic.

Most anticipated of 2016: Glass Sword
Feb. 9th 2016

This is the sequel to Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and the prequel novellas were bound and released physically earlier this month (Cruel Crown). It’s date is SO CLOSE and I just cannot contain my excitement! I read this book last year after finishing The Young Elites by Marie Lu and searching “others also bought" on Amazon. I’ll mention the finale to that series later on.

The Winner’s Kiss
Mar. 29th 2016

The finale to “The Winner’s Curse” Trilogy.

The Crown
May 3rd 2016

The finale to “The Selection” series.

The Shadow Hour
July 12th 2016

The Shadow Hour is the sequel to The Girl at Midnight.

The Beauty of Darkness
Aug. 2nd 2016

The finale for The Kiss of Deception series.

A Torch Against the Night
Aug. 30th 2016

This is the sequel to An Ember in the Ashes.

Like a River Glorious
Sept. 27th 2016

This title. Why. So much why. This is book two in the Gold Seer Trilogy, the first book being “Walk on Earth a Stranger.”

The Fate of the Tearling
Nov. 29, 2016

Finale for The Queen of the Tearling trilogy.

Frost Like Night
“Fall 2016”

Finale for the Snow Like Ashes trilogy.

“Fall 2016” (According the the authors website)

Aerie is the sequel to Magonia.

The Midnight Star

The finale for The Young Elites trilogy.

SO MANY SERIES ENDING D: !! but such excitement too~ !

She mentioned she wanted me to see her, see more of her, more than I have already seen, darker perhaps than any other visible facet.  And I admit my interest was piqued more than it was before, the promise of seeing is a particular delight.  Perhaps it was just too much to bare for one night, for I remain patiently waiting for revelation, though I would be the last one to ever question her bravery.  It’s alright, let it be this and only this.  Tonight, there is a high moon outside, small but seemingly full, but so bright it washes away all but the strongest stars.  I tell you the sky seems made of clear, motionless glass showing only sporadic imperfections here and there, solitary pewter clouds lit from behind, permanently suspended. It’s cold, but not too cold, still you should button your coat all the same, put on your warmest boots.  Walk with me out into this winter evening, beautiful stranger, among the long shadows of trees stretching their arms out across the illuminated, pale blue snow.  Glowing cold meadows, interconnected at tangents march off in the distance, held in place by shadows all around.  All is beautifully, metaphorically black and blue, chilled dark colors causing the blood to bruise,  and I would love nothing more than to catch this ghostly lit world glaring in the symbiotic hue of your eyes.


Harold Pinter reads his poem Episode

by Harold Pinter (1930-2008)

Why do you follow?

I tread their shadow,
Stranger and woman,
Arranging the season
In her curious dream.
And best announced
From my alphabet home,
consume their echo,
Cancel the sun.

Why do you leave me?

Of three there are figures
Whose third is unechoed
Where two are alone.
And I, her follower,
Fall back to forest,
Cancel the sun.

That she carries a bowl
And selects the red stones,
That her third is unechoed,
And closebred, a stranger,
That the thunder has broken
about the round tower, I allow
Allowing, not following,
By the animal fire.

Why do you stay with me?

The crooks of my fingers
Distribute the ash.
She, widowed; her third,
Her third is her lover.
She, widowed, unsighted,
Her third is her stranger.

Come. Our two walking,
And shadows beginning,
Sauntering altered, and
The autumn bereaving.
That her third was unechoed
I could hardly allow.
By his bearing I knew him,
And our silence making,
We turned through the pillars
Of dust that enticed.

So we crouched to begin.
I counted the thunder
That leaned at my temples
And crouched to begin.
On his nail was her eyelash,
That lined the calm.


That you did barter
And consort with her.
That you did ash
The fire at her departure.
That you did enter
Where I was unechoed.
That you did venture
Where I was a stranger.
That you did cajole

When the pendulum hung.
That you interposed
In her curious dream.
That you did instruct
From your alphabet home.
That you did confusion
Her eyelid to stone.
That you so did render
The echo unheard
That you might divide
When the echo was gone.
That you did condition
Her widowhood on.
That you were the stranger
That strangered the calm.
That you did engender
The thunder to storm.
That yours was the practice.
You cancelled the sun.
I tell that you sundered
From forest, consumed
where I watched.
where though I stayed,
where though I left,
I cannot decipher;
Which scarecrow she lured,
Or which pleasure took.

The plunder left to us Is a similar eyelash.

Why did you leave me?

Gaining through the pillars
And the thunder at my temples
and her eyes that had altered
And the silence she was made of
And the dumb word ending.

Why did you follow?

Her third is unechoed.

And I am her stranger.

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Only time I've been asked "Are you a boy or a girl" is on medical stuff and I have to put my sex for that. If I ever get a situation for that where someone asks me and it isn't medical, I'll answer with "sad" or "dragon"

Change the answer every single time. Just…

“Are you a boy or a girl?”

“I’m an aristocrat.”

“–I’m a flower.”

“–I’m a dragon.”

“–I’m an artist.”

“–I’m a writer.”

“–I’m a stranger.”

“–I’m the shadow on the moon at night.”

La tristesse durera toujours The boy came out of Le Louvre from an old oil painting. He emerged at night when all of the guards were asleep and stepped like a soft ghost through the halls. But, when he entered the outside world, even the rich colors could not deter him from wanting to be back in his old oil painting, because the beauty in the real world only created sadness for him and his shadow showed the darkness inside his soul.

**All photographs are copyrighted. Please don’t use without permission** http://flic.kr/p/CNbMyv


I was tagged by @itscuriouslymorbid to post 6 albums I’m currently listening to. I listen to Max Richter’s Sleep almost every night, it is my new ASMR.   :)

1. Sigur Rós - Untitled ()

2. Andy Stott - Faith In Strangers

3.Vatican Shadows - In Death Comes Unity With God

4. Radiohead - In Rainbows

5. Beach House - Depression Cherry

6. Max Richter - Sleep (8 hour version)

hmm I don’t know who to tag. :3 

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Have you by any chance met Sorin and his Xavi crew?

                   ❛❛ No. However, I have heard…rumors…about them. ❜❜ And they were not good ones, either. The Xavists were…another faction that wished to ʀᴜʟᴇ the Land of the Rising Sun, right? They had many รՇгคภﻮє rituals, including ‘singing’ and ∂αη¢ιηﻭ. Katsuie had heard that the Xavists had even built some sort of shrine. Had it been called…’Xavi Land’? Katsuie’s brows furrowed…he was પกรપɼﻉ. He had never paid much ᴀᴛᴛᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴ to those outside of Owari, much less to ƒσяєιﻭηєяѕ from faraway lands.

                   ❛❛ …They appear to be a rather suspicious group. ❜❜ Katsuie was already ๔เรՇгยรՇŦยɭ of activities that were outside of his definition of ɴᴏʀᴍᴀʟ. According to the rumors that he had heard, the Xavists were FAR BEYOND that realm. Katsuie doubted that Xavism คρρﻉคɭﻉɗ to his comrades either, though for different reasons. A life of singing and dancing would be…too ρєα¢єƒυℓ for them. Where would they find enemies to fɨǥħŧ? How would they be able to train? But most of all–how could they remain ℓσуαℓ to their lord? Katsuie was certain that Xavism could never satisfy the b̝͈͇̰̝͠l͘ǫ̗o̤̟͈̭d̨̹̘͉̰͈-̶̻͎ͅt͢hi̷̳̖͚͍̳r̷s̹̖̤̲̣̹͇t͍͚̠͈̙̟̣ of a soldier of the Oda clan.

                   ❛❛ Have you heard news concerning them? ❜❜ Despite his misgivings towards the Xavists, Katsuie still had ˡⁱᵗᵗˡᵉ knowledge of them. ( And it was d̖o͕̪͢u̶͕̙̙̬b͈͉̪̳͎͜t͞f̻́u̴̦l͎͘ that ALL of his knowledge was ƒα¢тυαℓ. After all, rumors had a tendency to become ɗٱรՇѻɼՇٱѻกร of the truth. ) Perhaps…those ⓞⓓⓓ rituals had some kind of PURPOSE behind them. Was there some sort of รՇгคภﻮє ๔єเՇץ which the Xavists were attempting to ⒮⒰⒨⒨⒪⒩? If so, then perhaps it would be best for Katsuie to ‘keep away’ from them…

                   But what would he do if he was ever confronted by a Xavist? Provided that the two of them were not engaging in ƀȺŧŧłɇ, Katsuie would just try to ignore them as he ‘passed by’. There was no need to concern himself with รՇгคภﻮє people. He had his ∂υтιєѕ to Lord Nobunaga–those were all that he needed to ‘worry’ about now.

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- Evelynn sometimes finds herself sought out, someone searching for her even if they do not know it themselves. When a stranger to the lands she called home showed up, she felt the familiar sensation deep within her gut that eventually, the stranger would seek her out. Call it a gift, a curse, whatever it was it made Evelynn shadow the stranger slowly. It was easy, they did not even seem to know she was there, and it amused her. It felt like a hunt, and if she wasn’t stupid about what power she could sense about them, she probably would have made it so, but her curiosity made her…want to know them.

The shadows that clung to her disappeared when the time to reveal herself came, and out of the darkness she stepped and a slow smirk crawled on her face as she faced the new comer.

“Hello.” She purrs, placing a hand on her hip as she tilts her head to the side, eyeing them as she looks them up and down.

“You are a new face, an interesting face. What brings someone who smells of…” Ah yes, that smell. “Fun, to my dreadful little home?” 



The rain begins. The city heaves. The wind howls. Winter is here and it belongs to those waiting in the shadows.
Strangers, friends and foes alike seeking shelter from the eroding drizzle of new Seattle emerge under a banner of love and independence to reclaim the true soul of the city that binds us through the mystical sequential arts! 80% Studios and Profanity Hill invite you to fall through the cracks and discover 28 pages of blood, sweat and tears from the best artists holding it down in Seattle’s comix underground.

New year. New you. New NEMESIS!!

The future of 2016 is here!
Presented by 80% Studios and Profanity Hill

Featuring cuts from//

80% Studios’ Dimi Macheras and Casey Silver
Jazor Spark and Darin Shuler
Mike McGhee
Adam Vick

//covers by Syd Bee

Available at Zanadu Comics and Arcane Comics in Seattle
Or around the world at 80percentstudios.storenvy.com // profanityhill.storenvy.com

All proceeds go to benefit the sacred machine that is Nemesis Enforcer



Hometown Heroes and Roughneck Thugs

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The Rapture Near? Obama And Vatican Hatch Hideous, Evil Plot