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Nyx Ulric x Female Reader

Dedicated to @ladyscientia because who doesn’t love her fanfics.


Liquor was a pastime, the liquid euphoria Nyx turned to when the world seemed to disintegrate into nothing but an interfusion of his sister’s screams and sharp collisions of metal. His normal neatly slicked back hair with intricate braids were tangled and knotted - the outcome of constantly running his hand through it.

Niflheim Attack On Galahd. Those headlines would always hurt him.

Closing his hand into a fist, he extinguishing the fire; it clearly did not serve as a distraction whatsoever. Nyx squeezed his eyes shut in a pathetic attempt to block out the haunting sounds. Selena, get down! That was the last thing he said to her, the last time he was able to see her eyes full of liveliness and youth. Sometimes it would drive him to the edge of madness, yet he would never show it on his face. Sanity was so finely spun, as easily torn as butterfly wings yet so many had no idea. Composure. The word was drilled into his mind during training. Every soldier, every Glaive had that trait. Yet, he would always feel it slip away from the grasp of his conscious whenever he thought of his mother and sister, whenever he thought of you. Libertus, Crowe and Pelna, their love meant the world to him, but you, there was a different type of love he longed from you. No, it wasn’t longing, it was something much more than that. Craving. He craved for your love.

Something he would never get.

He’d seen you talk about the betrothed prince, Noctis. There was always a fervent and passionate aura whenever the subject of their conversations were about the dark haired prince. Nyx had recently been avoiding you or averting his gaze whenever you turned your attention to him. Your presence alone made his throat constrict and thoughts blur. Emotions like this were toxic, hazardous to the human mind. It corrupts every cognitive sense as its delicate tendrils slither into every thought until it takes over entirely. He knew that. The silverish haired hero let his eyes wander around the room before landing on the exact same spot it would always land on, a slightly faded picture of his mother and sister, the corners of their eyes crinkling and huge genuine smiles plastered onto their faces.

Letting out an annoyed sigh, Nyx pressed his fists against his eyes. Hot tears burned behind his eyelids, reminding he was still human, still vulnerable and not completely emotionless. Emotionless; that was how he acted towards you. He had never shown true vulnerability in front of his friends, especially Libertus. God damn it, why did he have to lose everything he had ever loved?

Lost or never had at all.

All he had were memories. Memories. Memories. Memories. Eating him away every passing day. He was choking in his anguish, drowning in liquor and his own grief. Yet everyone around him were completely oblivious to it.

Nyx grabbed the costly whiskey bottle he bought a few day ago and chugged it down in large gulps, refusing to pause in between for air. In a hurry, the whiskey went down the wrong way and he choked, coughing out a mouthful of it. Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, he collapsed on the ground, head hitting the corner of his chair. Good. At least the slight pounding in the back of his head jerked him back from the mournful fabrication of reality that preoccupied his mind. It was hard not to be lost in the past when it preserves everything he had ever had.

Crowe had once joked about how the ones who have the strongest of minds, break the hardest. Nyx let out a forced chuckle at Fate, it had played cruel tricks on everyone and will continue to do so. His breath came out in short laboured gasps, the memories were suffocating him, urging the tears to spill out. Snarling, he viciously wiped the stray tears away and opened a bottle of beer. This was not him. How much longer would he have to endure this slow torture alone? It dawned on him that liquor didn’t ease the pain any longer so he did what he never allowed himself to do since the death of his mother and sister: break down.

The sobs came in strangled pants, foreign and bitter to his own ears. Tear drops tickled his cheek, occasionally halting slightly due to his untamed stubble. It was the universal law: good people suffered the worst, broke the hardest and died most painfully.

There was a slight jingling of the knob before the door swung open fully, revealing you looking slightly out of breath. “Nyx, Libertus was wondering if h-”

The words died in your mouth. Strewn across the floor were bottles, some smashed and some completely empty. The simple yet neat place you occasionally visited was turned upside down. The bed sheet were tangled and his uniform lay in a crumpled heap in the corner of the room. Pain. Raw pain. You could feel his agony coursing through your veins.

“What did I tell you about knocking?” Nyx spat, fists clenched against the each side of his head.

You closed the door gently, made your way through the labyrinth of broken glass and knocked over furniture, and dropped down onto your knees next to his bent-over figure. “Nyx, what happened?”

“Do not even think of changing the subject. Why. Didn’t. You. Knock?” What was the point of being charming? There will never be a chance of him calling you his lover. Not even a sliver of hope of you calling him your beau.

“Mourning over your mother and sister, are you, Nyx?” His eyes snapped up and your breath hitched in your throat. God, his eyes, they were so beautiful. Painstakingly beautiful. You dragged your gaze across his features, from the arch of his eyebrows, the slope of his nose, the angle of his jawline, his plump lower lip, to his cupid’s bow. What would it feel like to run your fingers through his hair, soft like down feathers? What would it be like to feel his stubble brush against your skin as he caressed your lips with his? No, he was too busy, he would never want to be romantically involved with anyone, especially you. In his eyes, you were probably another friend, another being to keep him company for a short period of time. You wanted the hero so much it hurt. He was so broken. So broken, but you never noticed any of it.

Another wave of excruciating, full-bodied sobs racked his body. He needed someone, anyone close enough to reach. Once his hand touches your skin, it would be over. He would be head over heels for you, and he knew you would never feel the same. All he would be doing was inviting more pain.

Worth it. Worth it to just experience for a few minutes what it would be like to bask in your love.

Nyx caved into himself and fell into your open arms, face pressed again the crook of your neck, your warmthness surrounded his large frame and he surrendered himself to an open siege of emotions. He hated this feeling, he loathed it. Every fiber in his body screamed that he should be pulling away from you and asking you to leave before his heart breaks again, yet your intoxicating scent drew him nearer and Nyx bared his teeth, pressing himself further against his never-to-be lover.

“(Y/N).” He managed to choke out. The liquor’s effects were starting to sink in now. The room blurred except for your eyes. Your lips parted slightly, this was not him. His eyes were red rimmed and eyelashes spiky. Nyx knew he was a Glaive and he could be dead at any given time, whether it was tonight or in 20 years.  

It came in a sudden animalistic drive and before he could comprehend his actions himself, he had knotted his fingers in your hair and yanked you closer. Your noses bumped and his lips slammed onto yours with such intensity, it sent you reeling backwards.

You gasped and tugged at his braids, your legs tangling and you could feel his breath, hot and delicious against your mouth. You tightened your legs around his waist and breathed him in, inhaling through your mouth.


He tasted like whiskey, danger and delicious, sinful nights. The action evoked a pleased growl from the silverish haired hero and he slid a hand down to caress your thighs. The soft pants and gasps you vocalized made him want to bury his face between your legs until every goddamn person in Lucis knew his name. Nyx shuddered at the thought. All the screaming and battle sounds died down to just this moment, his mouth on yours, tongues tasting, exploring and dominating.

“God, you’re so heavenly.” He groaned, bucking his hips against yours once, creating stimulating friction between the both of you. His husky and rough voice sent delicious shudders down your spine and you slanted your mouth, leaning upwards to mold your lips with his once again. He reacted immediately, kissing you back with bruising force, as if that was the only thing he knew how to do.

And he would continue to do so, if you let him.

Pulling away from his warmth with much hesitation, you gasped for air, feeling the familiar cool air rush into yours lungs. Not that you minded breathing through his devilish mouth, tinged with the taste of him.

“(Y/N), god, I need you. So much.” Nyx sighed contentedly, resting his forehead against yours, blowing a little air to your lips. He was the Devil’s incarnate, you couldn’t deny that.

“You think I don’t?” You mumbled against the expanse of his chest, running your hands up the hard ridges of his abdomen before digging your nails gently into his shoulder blades.

“I think actions speak louder than words, darling.” With that said, his kiss-swollen lips crashed onto yours once more and you surrendered what was left of your rectitude to absolute hedonism.

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Barry Allen x Reader

It was late into the night as we pulled up to the motel, we’d been on a mission and couldn’t face driving back to Bruce’s through the night. Stopping the car, Barry turned to face me, despite the exhaustion evident in his eyes he was still smiling.
“I’ll go see if they have rooms for us”
I nodded my head, grateful that he wasn’t making me get out of the car yet, my aching limbs were reluctant to move. I fiddled with the radio, switching between stations as I waited for him to come back with the room keys.
Several minutes later Barry emerged from the small reception. He got into the car, an anxious smile adorning his face.
“So-uh-they have a room but there’s a slight problem”
“There’s only one bed, it’s a double but still”
I’d never seen Barry look so nervous, he was fidgeting with the key clearly waiting to be told off.
“You know what, I’m so tired that I don’t care, we can share a bed”
Shock was written all over his face as he searched mine for a trick or a lie.
“Really? I don’t mind sleeping on the floor..or if there’s a sofa in there I’ll sleep on that”
My eyes softened at his sweetness but I couldn’t make him sleep on the floor.
“Don’t be ridiculous, we’re both exhausted, I’m not letting you spend the night uncomfortable. Come on, we’re adults it’ll be fine” Again, he was taken back by my answer, but appreciation shone through his eyes.
“Okay, as long as you don’t mind”
I nodded my head in response before we both grabbed our bags and found our room.

The room was dated and an unusual smell hung in the air but I was still relieved by the sight of the double bed. Too tired to take a shower, I went into the small ensuite and changed into my pyjamas, hastily brushing my teeth so I could go to bed. Reentering our room I was surprised to see that Barry had also changed and was already lying in bed. For the first time I felt nervous, I’d been too tired to care before but now I was anxious. I’d liked Barry for a long time but I’d never been brave enough to tell him, now the idea of being so close to one another for an entire night caused a frenzy of butterflies to swarm my stomach. Cautiously approaching the empty side of the bed, I lifted the covers and slipped inside. Despite the cheapness of the motel, the sheets felt soft and combined with Barry’s warmth it was like being wrapped in a hug. We both awkwardly arranged ourselves in a way that meant we wouldn’t be touching before mumbling good nights to one another and drifting off to sleep.

The warm, golden light coming through the crack in the curtain caused me to awake with a grumble. I moved to roll over when I was stopped by the weight pressing onto my shoulder and around my waist. Turning my head ever so slightly, I was met by Barry’s dozing face. His eyes were shut and his face was perfectly peaceful as he nuzzled into the crook of my neck. Glancing down, I could see his toned arm curled protectively around my waist. As sweet as it was-and it really was, my bladder was demanding attention. I tried rolling out of his grip but that only caused his hold to tighten instinctively. I tried everything, but nothing would move him. I was trying to crawl upwards out of his grip when I heard a sleepy grumbled erupt from behind me.
“What the hell are you doing?”
God his sleep riddled voice was adorable. Shyly glancing over my shoulder, I sent him a smile.
“Trying to escape your death grip” This caused a laugh to rumble through his chest. However instead of letting me go, he pulled me impossibly closer.
“Shh..you’re so warm” He sounded as if he was about to fall straight back to sleep but I really couldn’t let that happen. This time instead of pulling away from Barry I turned into his embrace. He hummed in approval, content with our positron as he continued to doze.
“Barry this is really sweet and all but I need to get up”
He must have sensed the desperation in my tone because he began to loosen his grip on my waist.
“Promise we can keep doing this when you come back?” He kept his eyes closed, appearing nonchalant but a blush crept its way onto his cheeks, staining them pink. Smiling at his unbelievable adorableness, I mumbled a yes before quick walking to the bathroom.

I’d barely opened the door when Barry outstretched his arms towards me, I laughed softy at his neediness when he was sleepy.
“I’m coming, calm down” A grin pulled at the corners of his mouth when he cuddled me as soon as I got in the bed. He kept his eyes shut as I admired him in the soft light of the morning. The dark circles under his eyes had faded, leaving his marble white skin flawless. His dark hair was ruffled into an adorable mess that fell softly onto his forehead. My eyes continued to explore his face before he pulled me out of my trance.
“It’s rude to stare you know”
“It’s rude to hold someone hostage in bed when they really have to pee” A loud laugh erupted from his mouth, it was impossible not to join in when he laughed like that.
“You’re right, I’m sorry. Maybe I can make it up to you by taking you on a date?” His words were confident and humorous to begin with but as he continued they trailed off into an anxious question. A blush stained my cheeks as he stared at me through his lashes. I smiled at him cheekily, pushing my nerves aside, before I answered.
“I think I’m gonna need more than that”
Amusement shone through his eyes as he decided to play along with my game.
“Oh really? And what could that be”
I struggled to keep a serious expression on my face as he pretended to contemplate what I could want.
“A pony?”
“Not quite”
“Of course, my mistake. I meant a unicorn”
A laugh bubble through my mouth as I shook my head, causing a grin to form on his face.
“A castle? A puppy? Oh I know-a ball gown!”
I was unable to control my giggles, I wasn’t used to seeing such a playful side of Barry.
“No, no and no”
“Ah, well there’s only one other thing it could be”
“What’s that?”
“A kiss” His voice was scarcely above a whisper as he slowly moved his face towards mine. I gently nodded my head before our lips connected. It was lazy, tender and absolutely perfect. We broke the kiss smiling, before lying back down. I nuzzled into his chest, taking in his comforting scent. Before either of us knew it, we’d fallen back to sleep, content in each other’s arms.

Unforgettable Part 3/?

Summary: You thought your life would be played out they way you thought. But due to a tragic event, you left everything, including your soulmate, Bucky Barnes.
Pairing: Deadpool x Reader (platonic friendship) Bucky Barnes x Reader (eventually)
Word Count: 2.8K
Warnings: Language, angst, mentions of blood
A/N:  The (**) is a flashback mark. There will be numerous flashbacks in the series so that you guys will know the reader’s past and what has happened. I worked really hard on this one so enjoy. Feedback is welcomed 💜

Part 1  Part 2

Sweat seeps on your brows as you fought off the Hydra agents skillfully. The mixture of hand to hand combat and your powers gave you the advantage to bring down every agent in the base. Adrenaline coursed through your bloodstream as you moved around so light as air itself. As you charged towards one of the agents, jumping up, using their body to kick up, and knocking the Hydra trash on his ass. A smirk laid across your face, seeing him fall back, unconscious.

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Little Dove, Oh Little Dove...

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: N/A 
Warning: N/A
Writer: imaginesofeveryfandom​ aka thequeenofthehobbits
Summary/Request: Requested by anon: Your blog is so wonderfully perfect!!! I was wondering if you could do a reader insert based off your earlier post where the nogitsune will only speak to one person (the pretty one) and like, everyone assumes it’s Lydia. But it’s really y/n? Please please please!

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Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

Request from Anon: If you’re not too swamped with requests, would you mind doing a Draco X muggleborn reader where the reader is hella well versed in modern day memes and she makes a reference and Draco is like what and he finally becomes so fascinated by what she’s saying that he stops harassing her and asks her about it? Yikes that was long lol. But it would make my day if you did <3

Lmao I found this difficult because I’m so not up to date with memes so I just based this on the (memes? Idek if they are lmao) that I know :) But I did it because you said it’d make your day :)

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Len has a stroke AU

This idea hit me today like…well. ^_^

Imagine a slight AU where everything’s happened as we know it up to current seasons, but Len really IS just stuck in the timestream and eventually he gets out again. He splits his time between Legends missions and being up to his old tricks in Central, which Barry doesn’t mind too much, since it distracts him from Eddie being back. 

Eddie did die, but being sucked up into the singularity brought him back, it just threw him to another universe. He’s been working all this time to get home and he finally did. There was an awful awkward several weeks of adjustment where Eddie was the bigger man, as always, saying he understood that Iris had moved on with Barry, he wouldn’t come between that. But Barry could tell that Iris was just as torn, because she loves them both, and she never chose to be without Eddie, he was taken from her. Barry can’t be the thing that keeps her from what she actually chose, what she really wants. For a while Iris isn’t sure what she wants, but in the end Iris and Eddie get back together. 

It isn’t as awful as Barry thinks it will be. Iris loves him, she always will, but she has something different with Eddie, and Barry is happy for them. He’s friends with them both, and what should be awkward isn’t once all is said and done. But that doesn’t change that Barry is lonely and glad to have any distraction, even Captain Cold robbing a bank.

It’s business as usual, or maybe more like a blast from the past. Barry needs something fun after defeating Savitar, so maybe he isn’t too worried and pulls most of his punches, but then Snart acts the same way, like a silent understanding between them. 

Up until the moment when Snart falters. And Barry thinks, he just tripped, or maybe it’s a ploy, but then Snart can’t seem to stand back up or speak, and the cold gun clatters to the ground. 

Lisa cries out to him and Mick comes running, but Barry gets to Len before both of them. He wants to rush Len to the hospital but with a silent pleading shake of Len’s head, Barry consents to go to STAR Labs instead.

He had a stroke. Snart. He’s in mostly good health, eats right, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink that often, gets his exercise. But sometimes that isn’t enough. Sometimes it’s just genetics and can’t be helped.

“Old man’s dead and buried and still manages to stick it to me,” Len says gruffly from the hospital bed.” Caitlin has all of his medical records now, thanks to Gideon. She insists he stay under observation for a few days, and then she’ll have a report on what he needs to worry about next.

He’s stiff and slow and has a slight slur to his speech at first that drives him crazy, noticeable no matter how slow and careful he talks. Sometimes his left side is just too weak for him to walk without help and he lashes out like Barry has never seen. Len just can’t stand being helpless, having something this out of his control.

Lisa and Mick think it might be better to keep their distance for a while, but Barry doesn’t understand that way of thinking. He’s all over Snart because the man shouldn’t be alone, doing this to himself. It’s a crap thing that happened, but it’ll get better, he just wants to show Snart that.

Len does get better physically over the weeks. Walking stronger, talking normally, but when Caitlin gives him the verdict, he snaps again. Given his family history and the damage of the first attack, it isn’t enough to go back to his old routine. He needs to avoid the very situations he loves, full of adrenaline and danger, or he could likely suffer another attack. He shouldn’t go off with the Legends, he shouldn’t commit heists and get chased by the police, let alone The Flash.

“So I’m supposed to what? I don’t exactly have a fallback plan for a career here, doc.”

“You could help out here,” Barry suggests. “I don’t need your gun. Your brain’s more what tripped me up than anything else. You could be a huge asset—”

“I’m not sitting on the sidelines!” Len is angry because he didn’t think he’d have to worry about this sort of thing for at least another ten or twenty years, maybe even longer if he kept in shape, but now he’s benched too early and he has a hard time accepting it.

While both Len and Barry are dealing with some of the deeper loneliness either has ever known – Len separated from the life he’s always loved and feeling like his own body is against him, and Barry still recovering from the loss of his parents, the damage he caused with Flashpoint, and losing Iris – the two of them grow closer together. Both have their breaking points, both have to find compromises to move on and live a life they never expected.

But the thing is Barry can find love outside of Iris and be happy in the life he’s made. Len can be useful and fulfilled with what he can provide to the team even if he can’t be in the field. And well, sometimes it’s pretty hard to keep him out of the field, even if he is putting himself at risk, but all of that are just things they’ll need to figure out together.

I am seriously considering writing this story…

Wrenches and Doctors

SUMMARY: Life on the USS Enterprise can be a rush when you fill in for engineering all the time. What’s even more exciting is when Doctor Bones is on board, and you somehow manage getting the concussion of the century thanks to a game of chase with Scotty over a wrench.

WORD COUNT: 2,507 words


NOTES: First imagine for this blog, yay! I hope you guys enjoy. Don’t forget to check the fandom list and request imagines and prompts! (Also, in this fic, black shirt is a made up division of the crew known as assassins and guards.)

“Montgomery, if you don’t hand me that wrench right now, I swear-”

“Oh, what’ll ya do, lassie?” Scotty snaps, a growl slipping from between (y/n)’s clenched teeth.

“I’ll chop your freaking hands off!” she hisses, reaching for the wrench. He quickly pulls back, stepping up onto a chair and making her ball her fists. This has been going on for a good three minutes now; Scotty refuses to give (y/n) the wrench so she can fix a pod door that he believes to be perfectly fine. At this point, (y/n) will do anything to get that wrench from his hands.

(Y/n) lunges at Scotty and he falls back, landing on his feet behind the chair. She pushes the chair at him and he laughs as he kicks it to the side, but this leaves a clear path to him. His eyes go wide as she walks to him and he quickly turns, sprinting up the stairs as she chases after him with curses escaping her lips with every step.

“Montgomery!” she yells, reaching for his shirt as he turns a corner. Her fingers manage to touch the fabric of his red uniform but he turns too quickly for her to grab him. “You know I’m right about the pod, just hand me the wrench!”

“Nope!” he shouts as he dodges some engineers. They quickly move out of the way for (y/n), her black shirt pushing them against a boiler. “You’re wrong, (y/l/n)!”

“No, she’s not!” a small Russian voice calls out. They freeze, looking down below the railing at Chekov below. “I just checked, the handle is loose so the release isn’t functioning!” he yells up to them, and (y/n) turns to Scotty.

“Ha!” she cries out. “Now give me the wrench!”

Scotty takes a deep breath, holding the large tool to his chest as he smiles. By now, it’s just a game to him, yet she grows increasingly more mad with every step he takes backwards. She steps to him and he holds the wrench above his head, making her yell in frustration. Even though she’s just two inches shorter than him, people doing that infuriates her.

(Y/n) kicks at his ankles and he jumps, dodging the hit. She does it again but quickly swings her left foot out so he fall backwards, the wrench slipping from his hands. She goes to grab it but it falls faster than she expects, forgetting about the heavy weight.

She jumps forward and her foot catches a snag in the metal walkway. She falls hard and when she reaches up to catch the wrench, it slips through her fingers and lands on her head. She gasps in pain as the wrench falls down to Chekov, and her vision goes pure white for a moment.

“Lassie, are you alright?” Scotty calls out, standing up and running to her. She stands as she blinks, the entire boiler room spinning as she tries to regain balance. The walkway seems to twist beneath her and she reaches for the railing, but misses and falls. She hits her head on the middle bar and before Scotty can reach her, she closes her eyes and lets darkness take hold.

“Shit!” he hisses. “Lad, go fetch Doctor McCoy, now!” Chekov nods and runs out of the boiler room, and Scotty tries to wake (y/n) up by patting her cheeks. “Oh, I’m so dead…”

“Move!” Chekov shouts as he pushes past people. His accent is thick, leaving people to watch him as he sprints down the hall and around the corner faster than the starship they’re on.

Chekov runs into the medbay, looking around frantically. “Doctor McCoy!” he yells, running from wing to wing. “Doctor McCoy!”

Bones steps out of his office with furrowed eyebrows. “Good god, ensign, what is it?”

“(Y/n),” he says, and he catches his breath. “She got hurt-”

“Dammit,” he snaps, cutting him off by walking away. He break off into a jog down the hall with Chekov fighting to keep up, and soon he’s off in a sprint to engineering. When they reach the boiler room, he lets Chekov ahead of him so he can lead her to (y/n).

When Bones climbs the stairs and sees her lying on the walkway, he rushes over. Scotty kneels above her, his hands on her face to try and wake her up. “What the hell happened?” Bones snaps harshly to them.

“We were just goofing around and she hit her head,” Scotty says. “Honest to god accident-”

“Move,” Bones grumbles, and Scotty crawls to the side. Bones takes (y/n)’s face in his hands and pulls her left cheek down carefully to reveal her bright green eye. She seems unresponsive to the lights overhead, making him sigh.

“I’m bringing her to medbay three,” Bones tells them. He slides an arm under her legs and his other behind her back, slowly rising to his feet and keeping her to his chest. He walks through the halls with heavy steps and a mean scowl on his face, and people gladly move for him.

The medbay doors slide open and he walks to the first bed on his right. He gently sets her down and turns the light on over head. He places his hands back on her cheeks and lets his fingers search through her hair slowly. He feels something and pulls one hand back, slight traces of blood on the tips of his fingers. He shakes his head and grabs a rag.

“(Y/n), wake up,” he says strongly, carefully pressing the rag to the gash on the back of her head through her thick hair. “(Y/n) (y/l/n), you need to open your eyes.”

Somewhere, in her deep pit of sleep, she hears his voice. His strong southern drawl, his gravely words, his commanding tone. All of this together makes her blink her eyes open weakly, and the first thing she sees are blinding white lights and a very worried doctor standing over her.

(Y/n) brings a hand up to shield her eyes from the light and he reaches over to dim them some. She sighs and relaxes as he presses the rag harder to her head, making her wince and squeeze her eyes shut quickly.

“(Y/n), look at me,” he says lowly. She reopens her eyes and brings her eyes to his. “You hit your head hard, you need to stay awake.” She nods slightly and he helps her sit up. “Can you tell me what happened?”

She opens her mouth to say something but her tongue doesn’t seem to cooperate at first. She moves her jaw and groans deeply. She brings her hand up to where he holds the rag, her fingers tracing his before she feels blood under the rag. She cringes and drops her hand, her body seeming to relax a little as she goes to lie down.

“No, (y/n),” Bones snaps, and her eyes struggle to stay open. “You have a concussion, I really need you to stay awake now.” She groans again and he sits behind her. He keeps his knee to the bottom of her back so she can’t lie down and he removes the bloodied rag, grabbing a new one and placing it under her dark hair.

“Can you tell me what happened?” he says, and she can tell his tone is softer and his voice a little more quiet. Bedside manner, she thinks, nothing more.

“I was chasing Montgomery for a wrench and he dropped it,” she says with a weak voice. “It hit my head and I went down. When I got up, I missed the railing for support and hit my head on the middle bar on my way down.”

“Good god, woman,” he mutters. (Y/n) reaches up and her hand touches his again, and he can’t stop his breathing from hitching slightly. He slowly removes his hand from the rag and lets her hold it. He stands up and she turns so her feet can hand over the side of the bed.

“How bad is it, doc?” she asks, looking up at him. His watches her closely and sighs. Reaching over, he grabs his small flashlight and she groans. Just another light to add to the headache.

Bones reaches up and carefully pushes her head back so she looks up at the ceiling. His hand is gentle on her head, just above where she holds the rag. She watches him as he shines the light into her eyes, and he quickly sets the light down right after.

“Like I said, concussion,” he explains. “Scoot to the end of the biobed.”

She does as he says and he rolls a small metal cart over. She faces the wall so he can see the back of her head at eye level. That was a plus about her sitting on the bed- with Bones being over six feet tall, he could still look down on her. And that’s just about all he has been wanting to do since she boarded the USS Enterprise.

It’s no doubt the Chief Medical Officer has had his eyes on the assassin since day one. She caught his attention when she had to bring in an engineer with a gash on his cheek, one that she put there after he had assaulted another crew member in a fight. Ever since then, he’s kept tabs on her and has been trying to discover more about the only black shirt left.

He snaps out of his thoughts after a moment, shaking his head. “Let me see,” he says softly, and she lowers the rag. He gently lowers her head so she looks at her lap, letting him move her hair to the side so he can see the gash. It’s about two inches in length, and not as deep as he thought it would be.

“Stitches?” she asks, as if she can read his hurried mind.

“Stitches,” he answers. (Y/n) sighs and turns back to him as he grabs a small hypospray vial. “Slight numbing agent,” he tells her and she nods, looking up at him with bewildered and curious eyes. She looks like a child, he thinks in that small moment, with green eyes wide and expectant like he might show her a new trick or surprise her with something. Must be the concussion…

After a moment she takes a breath and turns around. He moves the hair from her neck and injects the hypospray. She flinches slightly and rubs the area as he threads a needle with surgical thread. She keeps her eyes on her lap and begins to feel the effects of the drug.

“Holy shit, doc,” she whispers. “Slight?”

Bones pauses, setting the needle down and walking in front of her. She looks down at her hands and curls her fingers, uncurling them after and repeating it. He purses his lips and can’t stop from shaking his head. Definitely the concussion.

He has the gash stitched up in just under two minutes, a healing salve spread on the wound so her hair won’t stick as much. He cleans up the station and walks away for half a second to put the cart up, and when he turns around, (y/n) is gone.

“Shit,” he hisses, looking around. “(y/n)!” he calls out, but no response. He growls something under his breath and walks out of the medbay. He looks to the left and sees nothing but a group of ensigns. When he looks to his right, he sees a fleeting blur of black turn the corner.

He runs after (y/n) and quickly catches up to her. She stumbles over her feet, grabbing the bar on the wall to keep herself upright. Bones stands in front of her, making her stop and look at him.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he snaps, and she frowns.

“I have to fix that pod,” she says, blinking at him. Her words tangle with her tongue and struggle to get past her lips, the numbing agent working stronger on her than expected.

“No, you need to rest,” he says sternly.

“If something goes wrong and we need to use that pod, it won’t work,” she argues, pushing past him. She falls over his feet and he’s quick to catch her.

“Dammit, (y/n), I said no!” he growls a little harsher than he meant to. She frowns and looks up at him with sad eyes, a hint of surprise laced into the green, and he sighs. “You have a serious concussion, so you won’t be working for a while,” he tells her calmly.

“But, the pod-”

“No,” he says, standing her up. “Back to the medbay.” She frowns and crosses her arms, making him roll his eyes. He steps to her and quickly slides his arms under her back and legs, sweeping her off her feet and making her yell slightly in shock. She laughs as they begin to walk, resting her head on his chest and wrapping her arms around his neck.

Bones looks down at her, furrowing his eyebrows and watching her closely. She takes on hand from his neck and begins to trace loops and circles on his chest, making his heart beat a little faster as he turns the corner. She laughs to herself puts her face into his shoulder as they enter the medbay, and he almost doesn’t want to set her down on the biobed.

He lowers her slowly and she lies down on the bed. He puts a pillow under her head and she sits up, squinting her eyes at him. He frowns, turning to her.

“What is it?” he asks, crossing his arms.

“Oh, nothing,” she says with a shrug. “You’re cute when you’re working.” He scoffs and she laughs as she lies down.

“Rest, (y/n),” he says sternly. “And so help me god, if you get up, I’ll sedate you.”

He pulls the curtains around the bed but she sits back up. “Wait,” she calls out, and he reappears in front of her as she swings her feet over the side of the bed. “Thank you, doc,” she says, pulling him into a hug. He frowns and tenses up, but relaxes his muscles and hugs her back. He wraps his arms around her and she buries her face into the crook of his neck.

“Thank you,” she repeats, her lips tracing his skin softly. He takes a slow and deep breath, running a hand up and down her back. He leans back and she looks up at him. And out of nowhere, with no warning at all, she moves forward and presses her lips to him. It’s a messy kiss, the numbness still taking over her mind and body, but Bones brings his hands to her face to pull her closer to his.

He steps back and she takes a slight breath, watching him. “Sleep, (y/n),” he whispers, kissing her temple. He takes one last look at her and she lies down, her eyes closing her her head hits the soft pillow, and he quietly closes the curtain.

So a year ago I noticed this really cute, awesome blog. The person had so much drarry on it and she was a huge Luna fan and she made a ask for any cute drarry fanfics. I suck at making new friends and I always get so scared showing my stories to people, but I had a good feeling about this one. 

Not only did this girl end up being my tumblr bestie but she also end up being a die-hard fan of my story, Stages, and one of my biggest cheerleaders. That girl is @dreamydrarry aka SAMMIE

Sammie, I can’t believe it’s been a year since we meet and now here we are, close like we knew each other forever. To celebrate this awesome day I made you a sweet drarry story based off awesome art work done by @dasstark​ Hope you love. 

Sometimes It Takes Another Try

The scarlet red train engine was beautiful, a rich and bright color, smoke puffing out from the engine like a dragon. It was even more beautiful than he imagined it would be. More magnificent than all the dreams he had of this day since he finally gotten his Hogwarts letter, delivered by a house-elf during breakfast.

Draco imagined this moment so many times and now he was partially living it. Platform 9 ¾ was alive with boundless energy radiating from Hogwarts students, upper classmen meeting up with friends and exchanging stories of their summer, first-years like him about to start their own adventure. Parents smothering their kids with so many kisses and hugs, reminding them over and over to be on their best behavior, study hard, to write home. Pets in their cages tooting, crying, rattling against the bars as porters carried them and dozens of other luggage onto the train.

The only thing Draco didn’t imagine was him being so nervous. Most of his day he dreamt about this and now he could barely hear the commotion over the blood roaring in his ears, his nerves rapidly bouncing around like they were about to explode any second.

Of course, the look in Father’s eyes as he examined him didn’t help.

“Straighten up.”

Draco bristled at the cold lash in the command, standing taller. “Yes, Father.”

His lips were pursed in a flat line, but he didn’t say anything else. He reached into his coat pocket to retrieve his pocket watch, flipping open the lid. “Ten to seven. You best be on your way.”

Heart pounding, Draco swallowed down a dry lump that grew in his throat. The lump eased a bit as Mother stepped forward, the soft smile in her ice-blue eyes comforting him.

“You’ll be fine, Dragon,” she assured. “I just know it.”

He could tell from the look in her eyes she wanted to hug him, touch his cheek, kiss his forehead, but they were Malfoys and Father said public displays were beneath them.

He nodded and went on his way. He paused mid-step, looking over his shoulder, at the sound of his name.

Father’s eyes were chips of ice. “Do not disappoint me.”

He jerked his head once in a quick nod, then quickly walked over to the train, still feeling those cold eyes watching him even as he stepped inside.

Draco could have gone over to the Slytherin section, where he saw Blaise Zabini gathering up the rest of the pureblood children from their playgroup, but he wasn’t in the mood to deal with their nonsense. When he saw Crabbe and Goyle looking around for him, he quickly retraced his steps, making a sharp turn around the corner.

Walking down the aisle, he peered over available seats but most were taken over by other students-Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, and Gryffindorks. He narrowly missed the youngest weasel-bee wandering around like a lost sheep.

Rolling his eyes, Draco walked over to the last cart. He peered inside, seeing there was a small dark-haired boy staring out the window, dressed in raggy clothes. Something about those clothes, that hair prickled his mind like a trickle. Curious, he pulled open the door and stepped inside.

Bright, blazing emerald-green eyes turned over to him, freezing him in place.

Dear Merlin.

He should have recognized him by the cheap, oversized clothes that were better-suited for a baby whale. He should have remembered the terribly-shaggy, terribly-messy black hair that was in desperate need of a comb. Recalled his curiosity on how glasses so big could fit someone so small.

But then he saw the bright, big green eyes that sparked from the round-framed lenses. He saw the thick scar slashed across his forehead, partially covered by his hair that was shaped like a lightning bolt.

Harry Potter.

The boy he spent most of his life dreaming of meeting and crushing that dream in a matter of minutes. It wasn’t until he left the robes-shop with Father did Draco realize what a complete arse he was. He was so excited to meet his idol, was so desperate to make him his friend that he thought he’d impress him by showing what a worthy ally he’d be, bringing up his name which typically brought up admiration, showing off his knowledge of Hogwarts and Quidditch. It was later did he realize that he came out stronger than he intended-much stronger.

And he was still staring at him like a ninny. Retrieving his fallen jaw, Draco cleared his throat and took another step. “Can I sit here?”

The boy-Potter-Harry-Harry Potter stared at him, his face unreadable. The longer he stared, the harder Draco’s heart pounded. He could feel sweat gathering at his brows, pricking his hands.

Dear Merlin, what was he doing? What was he thinking? Of course, he wouldn’t want Draco here. He wouldn’t even want himself there after behaving like such a buffoon-


Draco blinked, stunned. For a moment he was sure his hearing went off. Or that his mind was playing a trick on him. Till he looked up and saw a smile, a soft and tentative but still very much real smile, curling the boy’s lips.

Relief flooding into his body, Draco came in. Potter gestured at the seat across from him, but Draco noticed there was plenty of space at his own seat, so he decided to try his luck, sitting beside him. Thankfully, Potter didn’t seem to mind, smiling all the same.

“You’re Draco, right?” he asked.

The relief floating in his body froze to solid ice. For a spilt moment he considered denial, claiming that Potter must have confused him with someone else. But that was the way of a coward and Malfoys were anything but cowards. Plus, if he came clean, maybe there was a chance he could fix his mistake. Make up for his snobbish behavior at the robes shop.

“Uh,” If Father were to see him now, his heir blushing and stammering like an imbecile, he’d hex him into the next century. “you remember me?”

Potter nodded. Draco immediately jumped in, the words slipping from his mouth.

“I-well, look, the last time we meet…I’m-I’m sorry I acted like that. Its just-I-there was something about you that fascinated me and I wanted you to like me. I tried to impress you. Then when I figured out who you were, I wanted to kick myself for making such an idiot of myself.”

Potter was silent through his rambling. He blinked only once but didn’t pull away to Draco’s great relief. “It doesn’t take that much to impress me.”

Draco took a staggering breath, feeling like years have been restored to his life.

“Also,” He spotted a light shade of pink streaking across Potter’s cheeks. “I thought you were impressive.”

Warmth buzzed around his face, filling his cheeks. Draco averted his eyes to fight off the flustering, though he felt a smile turning his lips.

“My father would skin me alive for saying this, but that big guy you were with,” he confessed. “He was really cool.”

Potter’s smile blossomed, growing from a small bud into a full flower. “Yeah, Hagrid is awesome! He’s a great friend.” His smile then dimmed as he stared off into space. “My first one actually. I don’t have that many friends.”

“Same here.” Draco confessed. It was then that he noticed the little distance between them. Somewhere down the line, he must have moved closer to him. Or maybe Potter was the one who moved. “Perhaps, maybe…we could be friends?”

The words were met with silence that unraveled between them like a thread, unfolding more and more. Draco’s heart seized, fearing that he may have overstepped boundary. It was one thing to have a companion during the train ride, but being actual friends? Did he manage to make up for what happened? Was he too push-

“I would like that.” Harry said.

Draco blinked once, twice, stunned, when realization hit that mind wasn’t playing a trick on him. That he wasn’t caught in another Boy Who Lived daydream. Harry Potter, the Harry Potter, the hero he admired growing up, the idol he dreamt of meeting a thousand times, actually said he would like to be his friend.

Just to be sure that this wasn’t a dream, Draco offered his hand. “So friends?” He couldn’t rid of the slight hesitation that slipped into his voice.

“Friends.” Harry answered with a smile, accepting his hand.

A spark ignited as their hands touched, almost like magic. Draco decided right then there that was the start of a beautiful friendship.

26 years later…

Draco gazed up at the beautiful crimson train that was just as magnificent the first time he saw it. He almost felt like he was eleven years again.

“Hey Dad?”

Only this time he wasn’t the one starting a new adventure.

Draco shifted his eyes over from his son, who was the exact doppelganger of his husband from his unruly black hair, light golden-tanned skin, and piercing bright-emerald eyes.

“What if I’m put in Slytherin?” Before that day, Draco never saw or heard even slightest hint of sheepishness touching his son. If anything he often saw it in the boy’s brother, his fraternal twin brother standing beside him, fidgeting with the button of his robes as he studied the train.

Harry kneeled in front of the boy, the golden band of his wedding ring sparkling underneath the bright sunlight. “Albus Severus Malfoy-Potter,” he said. “You were named after two Headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I’ve ever known.”

A small smile touched Albus’s face.

A smile that mirrored the one curving his own mouth, Draco walked over to them, a touch of swagger pepping his step. “Not to mention, you are also the son of one of the greatest Slytherins to ever live. A brave, dashingly-handsome hero if I do say so myself.”

Mischief, another trait Albus inherited from him, twinkled in Harry’s eyes as he looked up at him. “I think your age is finally catching up with you, love. Last I checked, I was a Gryffindor.”

Draco repaid the comment with a glare that promised vengeance. As vexed as he was by the comment, it did manage to break the tension hovering over the boys, Albus throwing back his head in laughter, Scorpius poorly attempting to hide his snickers.

“But,” Harry continued. “if it’s really means that much to you, you can choose Gryffindor. The sorting hat takes your choice into account.” He looked over at Scorpius and reached for his hand, brushing his thumb over their son’s pale skin. “The same goes for you. Slytherin or Ravenclaw would be lucky to have you, Cory.”

Excitement beamed in Scorpius’s eyes. It was no secret with his deep love for books, the way his mind soaked up information like a sponge, that the boy carried the traits of a Ravenclaw.

The whistle blared from the train, signaling it was time to go. Harry pulled himself and Albus off the ground. Draco brought Scorpius close to him, hugging him tight.

Albus was Harry’s doppelganger, Scorpius was his. He was a miniature clone of Draco from his platinum-blonde hair, milk-white complexion, and the signature Malfoy-gray eyes. But where Draco’s eyes were often guarded and cool when he was eleven, Scorpius’s was open with bright curiosity.

And today they were leaving them. Tears pricked Draco’s eyes; he attempted to soothe the burn by blinking them. The boys haven’t left their side since they were brought home from the hospital and now they were heading off to Hogwarts.

He could tell from the sheer coming across Harry’s eyes that he wasn’t only feeling the weight of the sentiment. Harry held Albus close, dropping a kiss on his forehead, then reached over to drop one on Scorpius’s head.

“Take care of each other.” Harry said.

“We will, dad.” Albus said. Scorpius nodded.

“And write daily.” Draco tried to conceal his smirk as he saw the double eye-roll the remark brought along. “Three letters a week-from both of you-or we’ll pay the Headmistress a visit.”

“Father.” Scorpius complained.

The whistle blared once more. Children were pulling away from their parents, waving goodbye, gathering up with their friends before entering the train. With great reluctance, Harry and Draco were forced to let their boys go and watch them catch up with their friend, Rose Granger-Weasley, before they all disappeared inside the compartment.

They stayed on the platform till the train took off, disappearing from sight. Harry sighed. Draco reached for his hand, linking their fingers together.

He smiled at him, pecking his cheek. “Ready to go?”

“Not yet,” Draco replied. “There’s still one more thing I need to do.”

“What’s that?”

Draco kissed him, charging right in and claiming his lips before Harry could blink. By the time his mind caught up with what was going on, cupping Draco’s face and eagerly responding back, Draco pulled away, satisfied at the outraged cry that escape his husband’s lips.

Harry glared at him, his face flustered. “Tease!”

“Consider it payback for the old comment,” He smiled charmingly at him, offering his arm. “Shall we go home?”

Nineteen years and the word still caused a pleasant shiver.

Harry rolled his eyes half-heartedly but accepted the gesture all the same.

Imagine Getting Lost At Comic Con And Stumbling In To Tom

It’s your worst nightmare, getting lost in a large crowd and you phone has just died. This year’s comic-con was a disaster. You walked through the crowd to the nearest free space that turned out to be a back corridor of one of the halls. “I am never going to leave this place.” You looked down to your phone and yes the battery was 0%. With no way to call anyone to see where your friend has gone, your stress levels were rising steadily. They were probably lost in the crowd trying to see if Tom Hiddleston is making a surprise entrance in hall H. You could not care much for it as the crowd was too big and there was another panel that was going ahead that was more important to you to see, as Tom Hiddleston was on a panel for sure later on that day.  The corridor seemed to be empty so you took a stroll along it to see it there was anyone to help with your current problem. There was a vending machine at the bottom of the corridor and you could do with something to eat. There were various posters around the corridor walls for upcoming films and the different panels/events that are happening at comic-con and you took your time looking at all of them.

It took ten minutes for you to walk down the corridor to the vending machine. There were many different types of chocolate and crisps and snacks in the machine but a bar of chocolate at the bottom of the machine that was the last in the machine caught your eye. You pulled out your purse and put the money into the slot then pressed the buttons to make the machine work. As you saw the spring turning to release the chocolate you began to feel immensely hungry. Just as half the chocolate was free the spring stopped turning and you hear the money click meaning the transaction was done. “What?” you mumbled under your breathe. There seemed to be a small group of staff walking quickly out of one of the door in the middle of the corridor, not wanting to draw attention as you don’t know if you were meant to be here. You kicked the machine and the chocolate fell into the slot at the bottom. You put your hand in the flap at the bottom and felt for the chocolate, once you had a grip on the chocolate you pulled your hand out. You heard a sound that sounded like something hitting metal. You looked at your wrist and your favourite bracelet was missing, it must have fallen off when you squashed your hand through the slot to get your hand and the chocolate back out of the machine. You mother hand given you that before you took your first test, it was your lucky charm. It meant so much to you.

Looking through your purse desperately trying to find enough money to get something out of the machine as you couldn’t get your bracelet back if you didn’t. There was no money left apart from any that was on your card and of course the machine does not take cards. Tears began to form in the corner of your eyes as you had lost the thing that helped you through everything. You saw a chair a few meters down the corridor and decided to sit there until you know what to do about everything that has happened.

Ten minutes later

You were sitting on the chair when you heard the same group of people from before rushing back towards the door they exited earlier. Only now they were all fussing over the person in the middle of the group, a tall man wearing sunglasses that even yourself can see doesn’t want all of the fuss. For half a second your eyes meet with the man’s shaded glasses and you realize the man behind the glasses was Tom Hiddleston. He took his glasses off and you saw him with a confused face for two seconds before he was tugged into the room by one of his crowd.

You decided that this was enough; you took your bag and walked up to the vending machine and used all the change you had in the bottom of your bag and as soon as all your change was used you looked around in every place in your bag that could hold money. Fortunately you found the money that you needed and you put it into the machine. You picked anything and waited until the door was free to open and grabbed your bracelet and the packet of biscuits that enabled you to open the trap door. You walked down the corridor looking at a leaflet you got handed by someone earlier when your bag handle got snagged on something and ripped meaning most of the contents of the bag was now on the floor. This was not your day at all.

You were picking up all that had landed on the floor and was muttering every bad word under the sun with different scaring quotes from all good films, including a lot of dialogue from Loki seen as you just saw the actor.  “Puny Midgardian bag strap…” You muttered. “If only you were from as strong as Thor, or cap he can rip a treet trunk in half. you get ripped on a handle” You looked up and saw Tom Hiddleston holding something of yours that had fallen out your bag, with a big grin on his face. “You…are him…him oh my gosh! Y/F/N will never believe this.” He knelt down next to you and handed you the thing that had fallen out your bag “Shh, I escaped. They are trying to tell me about everything I need to do, and frankly i couldn’t care less. Do you need help? I saw you earlier.” “Yes my name is Y/N by the way. Could I borrow your phone?” he nodded and placed his phone into your hand after unlocking it. “Use it as much as you want.” You were holding his phone. He allowed you to use his phone!

After calling your friend and telling her where you were and who you are with it was a constant five minutes of screaming before the call ended and she appeared at the end of the corridor. Many pictures were taken and when you handed back Tom his phone you said good bye and walked away while dragging your friend away. “Hey are you going to hall H later.” He shouted back at you. You both shook your head as with the queue now you would never get in. “Well come with me, I can get you in. Stay outside my door and wait for me to get changed.”  He closed the door as both as you looked at each other as excited as ever. A minute has passed when the door reopened and Tom put his head around the door. “You changed my password! How did you have time to…what is it?”  “I thought you like tricks?!” you said with a slight smirk on your face. He shook his head and slowly closed the door. As the door was about to close he tapped his phone on the edge of the door frame and said “Putting my stupid brother as the password is not intelligent, midguardian.” with that he winked and shut the door. “Damn you Hiddleston.” you muttered, giggling out of your mind.

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Being a therian gets mundane.

Most of you teens and kids here on Tumblr and also on Instagram won’t keep your non-human identity. Why? One of the many reasons is because it’s not all fun and games. After having been a raven-person for around twenty years, it’s just normal, every day life. The “daily grind” as some call it. I have to be an adult. I go to work. I pay bills. I take care of family members. Etc. If you think this identity means that you are going to get out of being a responsible adult, think again.

Slight shifts still occur for me, but I’m used to them. I know, when you first awaken, or start pretending to be non-human, the feelings are strange, and new, and it’s exciting. If you’re pretending, it is possible to get worked up and easily trick your mind into having phantom shifts and stuff. That’s why shifts alone aren’t sure signs of being a therianthrope or having a non-human identity. Anyway, the excitement doesn’t last. Shifting can get boring or be an inconvenience for adult therians. Shifting can be inconvenient any time at any age.

The novelty wears off, and you eventually mellow out about it. After years, when this starts to happen, the real therianthropes get separated from the ones who were just pretending. When the “magic” wears off, the people who were pretending will move on. Those of us who are really animal-people may not be as active in the communities, but on the inside, we know who we are. That’s one reason why this community is so hard to keep track of. Only the new kids on the block are really vocal about their experiences, and we don’t hear from older therianthropes often enough.

But don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t wear off for everyone. Some people can keep enjoying the experience more than others. And for some, the enjoyment of being an animal-person waxes and wanes over the years, and older members often speak of reconnecting with that deeper, more instinctual parts of themselves after lulls. Does being a therianthrope or identifying as partially non-human make us any more special than regular humans? Absolutely not. Each individual is unique. We each have our own experiences, make our own memories, and have a personal story. And life has it’s ups and downs and can have it’s dull, boring parts for human and non-human alike.

genre: angst, sinful smut // word count: 4.1k // oneshot

summary: A craving so strong, a desire so deep. Infected with lust, intoxicated with his touch. A glance of his figure had you hooked, his wicked games was all it took. The moment you lost was when you fell in love. Now you’re never able to escape this licentious craving of love and lust.

a/n: in the process of reposting works! this fic is based off the song ‘Wicked Games’ by The Weeknd, you can listen to it here! this is the first fic out of a series of oneshots per member. 

» onsra: 1. wicked games // 2. shameless // 3. lonely star

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Modern Magic AU Fukurodani
  • One of Bokuto’s very, very distant ancestors fraternised with the God Susanoo-no-Mikoto, and since then each male descendent has received a blessing that mimicks the storm god’s powers. Bokuto’s blessing is, however, out of his control, and when his mood swings his powers swing with it
  • Akaashi can control people’s auras, which is particularly helpful in containing Bokuto’s powers
  • Konoha can mimic any sound he hears, and he often impersonates Kuroo to trick Bokuto
  • Komi can summon shikigami that will serve him until he chooses to dismiss them. His current shikigami is called Kira (or キーラ)
  • Onaga can possess people for short periods of time
  • Washio can heal using his energy
  • Sarukui is able to use telekinesis, but only remotely. If something is in his line of sight, he can’t control it
  • Kaori astral projects, but she often faints afterwards
  • Yukie’s blessing is more of a curse in her mind, in that she causes unintentional harm to everyone she has a slight dislike towards (e.g. cause people to lose their temper, run in front of vehicles, sabotage themselves). She’s also the best fighter in the group.
Types as Dog Breeds

ESTJ: Dachshund

Extroverted, dominant, and confident, Dachshunds love to be the center of attention. They are also bold and fearless. Not only do they not back down from a challenge, they seek it out; sometimes by charging other (often larger) dogs. They are loyal, devoted, and can be entertaining with an audience. It is almost impossible to dominate a Dachshund. They may well bite you if you try. They demand to be the ones in charge and to make all the important decisions. They are very territorial, which makes them good watchdogs. In the end, they love their families and have good intentions for them.

 ISTJ: German Shepherd 

Alert, focused, and intelligent, the German Shepherd is one of the most trainable of all dogs. They are hardworking and have a strong sense of duty, making them ideal police and service dogs. They are loyal and protective with a quiet confidence about them. They are well equipped for any challenge. Indeed, German Shepherds have great desire and need to solve difficult problems. They make smart, reliable, and loyal pets.

ESFJ: Golden Retriever

Popular, friendly, loyal, and eager to please, Golden Retrievers are social dogs. When people think “dog” they often think “Golden Retriever.” Goldies can get along with just about anyone and aim to make everyone happy. They are sensitive, and dislike it when there is conflict in the home. They are obedient and mindful of authority. In fact they are among the most generally well behaved of all breeds. They like to have a consistent routine centered around people and goings on with said people. They need activity and companionship. They make ideal dogs, especially for first time owners.

ISFJ: Shetland Sheepdog

Shelties are polite, peaceful, and reserved. They are obedient and well behaved and attentive to their owners. In fact they would love you to give them something to do; to please you as well as to exercise their own sharp minds. They are gentle and pleasant with people, children, and other dogs. They are incredibly observant but do not like loud noises or tension and are additionally sensitive to harsh criticism. Overall, Shelties are bright, sweet, and caring. 

ESTP: Jack Russel Terrier

Jack Russels are high energy, confident, action oriented dogs with an acute sense of their environment. They love adventure and physical activity, especially with people. They are happiest when they can participate in all the goings on. They are very clever and often bold. They get along famously with strangers. These terriers excel at learning tricks, but have minds of their own and may interpret commands as mere suggestions. They make for fun and interactive best friends.

ISTP: Chow Chow

Smart, independent, laid-back, and flexible, Chows are an unusual breed. In a cool way. They don’t like to be controlled and prefer to do their own thing. They will respect you if you respect them. They are very comfortable and affectionate around the ones they love and are very protective of these individuals. They have a slight tendency to be aggressive once in a while, but by and large they’re pretty chill.

ESFP: Bearded Collie

Outgoing, entertaining, yet curious and independent, Beardies are incredibly fun to be around. They are extremely active and playful, making them a great family pet. They are devoted friends who essentially need to be around people. They love physical challenges and games. Bearded Collies also love silliness, which makes them look a bit stupid, but they’re actually very sharp. They have been known to outwit their owners in training. With plenty of kind but firm instruction however, they can master any skill. Beardies are spirited, fun, and have a way of creating positive experiences for everyone.

ISFP: Belgian Sheepdog

Belgian Sheepdogs are independent, observant, caring, and protective. They make great family dogs, but can be aloof and suspicious around strangers. Despite their often serious nature, are also very fun. They love to go out and do things. Without something to occupy them physically and/or mentally, they will find creative (often destructive) ways to fill the void. They are sensitive, and need to be handled gently. However, they are also very cunning. They know their own strengths and can therefore be manipulative. This dog is lovable in a “rebellious teenager” sort of way.

ENTJ: Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans are intelligent, hardworking and extremely loyal. Challenging mental activities are a necessity for this breed, plus they are exceedingly confident and bold; which is why they make good police dogs. They love to be busy and are focused in the face of a problem. They are elegant and regal in appearance and resist weak leadership. They make strong leaders, and despite their reputation of being ruthless and cruel, deep down they’re very caring, especially to those closest to them. Overall they make smart, protective, and steadfast companions. 

INTJ: Pekingese 

The Pekingese is intelligent, confident, and dignified. These dogs love comfort and will gladly sit on the couch for extended periods of time, looking out over their domain. With strangers, they are more or less tolerant. With their owners they are often loyal, especially when there is mutual respect between the two parties. Pekingese are very independent, so they won’t blindly submit to authority. Until you prove to be a calm, consistent, and fair leader, they will continue to do whatever they please. They most certainly will not tolerate teasing. Overall they are smart, laid back, and amusing companions.  

ENFJ: Newfoundland

Originally bred as rescue dogs, Newfoundlands are some of the most loyal, compassionate, and eager to please canines of all. Known as gentle giants, they are very tolerant and good-natured with everyone, including children. They have a deep caring and understanding of people and look out for their needs and wants. They can potentially have a stubborn streak, but all Newfies have a powerful desire to please and sense of responsibility which will usually win over. They are highly social, and love to be in the midst of activity. They are very intelligent and need to have a purpose in life. Overall, Newfoundlands are devoted, honest, and helpful companions. 

INFJ: Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are intellectual, affectionate, and very in tune with the emotions of others. This makes them hard to get to know because they change their behavior and energy level based on who they are with. They might be goofy, calm, sassy, dignified, and sweet all in one day. In this way, they can also be manipulative. Especially when being trained. They respond to harsh leadership with stubbornness and avoidance, but do very well with positive reinforcement. Overall, Boston Terriers have a good heart and a deep seeded love for their people.

ENTP: Border Collie

Border Collies are highly intellectual, energetic, and ambitious. They often display an intense wolf-like stare (previously used to herd livestock). They need to be mentally stimulated with new and exciting challenges, else they get bored and potentially mischievous. They can be very hardworking if they have something interesting to accomplish. They are enthusiastic and fun around people and other dogs. Borders are quick thinkers and analyzers; able to outsmart the inexperienced, incompetent, and, yes, less intelligent human. They never fail to make things intriguing and fun.

INTP: Shar Pei

Clever, independent, dignified, and calm, Shar Peis are some of the only dogs who can mentally entertain themselves in a healthy way. This is good, because they bore easily. They don’t need much exercise and are cool just chilling at home most of the time. They are often aloof and distrustful of strangers and other dogs, but are fiercely loyal to those who share a mutual love and respect with them. They don’t like being bossed around, and only follow orders when they feel like it. Giving them a wide variety of tricks to learn helps. Overall they are adaptable, easygoing, and intelligent. The perfect companion to sit and read a book with. 

ENFP: Dalmatian

Dalmatians are outgoing, enthusiastic, and playful. They are excellent learners and get bored without enough mental and social stimulation. They love anything new and exciting and make some of the best travel companions. They are friendly with people and other dogs, but do not respond well (if at all) to unfair or harsh leadership. Because of their social nature, they are prone to separation anxiety. Overall they make fun, adaptable, and loving pals.

INFP: Greyhound

Greyhounds are quiet, independent, and sensitive. They are most comfortable at home and are fairly low maintenance. They dislike tense, loud environments and are cautious yet civil around strange people and dogs. They often attach themselves faithfully to one or two people. They can be stubborn when pushed to do something they don’t feel like doing and occasionally get short bursts of energy in which they sprint around for a while. Overall they are lovable, quirky, and caring.

A lot longer than I anticipated, but what can I say? I had a hell of a time writing it. And don’t tell my boss but I took my bluetooth keyboard into work and spent my free time editing this on my phone. Shh… So anyway, this fic was requested by @curiositykilledthecompanion. Enjoy, my darlings!

It’s kind of a basic plot, but can you write a Tony x Reader one where he and the reader are flirting during a mission, and she gets hit, and he thinks somethings wrong, but she doesn’t say anything about it until they get back to the tower? Like, she hides it from him and he gets mad because she could’ve died?


Battles were not renowned for the feelings they invoked. Yet this could not really be considered a battle. The fight was too easy. How could anyone expect to stand up against The Avengers?

“Call it in,” said Steve, who was leading the team. All the team members sounded off – Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Thor, even the Hulk gave a resounding cry (not that anyone had thought he was in any way missing or injured).

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The Philosophy of Lost Chances Chapter 12

This was a tough chapter to write, but I’m proud of how it turned out. I hope you all enjoy it as well.

Just a reminder that I won’t be updating next week, as I’ll be at Star Wars Celebration meeting Mark Hamill! (I’m still geeking out.) I also got a lottery ticket to try and get the Qui-Gon funko Pop. I’m such a geek, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

As always, I appreciate all the kudos and comments, all writers do. We live for that validation that what we do isn’t for naught. Thanks again for staying on this journey with me.

It was just a slight whisper in the darkness that surrounded the light within, “Qui-Gon.” Was it a trick of his mind? Qui-Gon had pulled his consciousness so deeply inside that he no longer knew reality for fantasy. His mind disconnected from what had been done to him in the days since his capture. The violation of his mind and body were just distant memories while he was here in the light, surrounded by the life force of Obi-Wan Kenobi. He wondered how long he could find solace in this space, only to find his answer. Qui-Gon was yanked from his sanctuary by a blood curdling scream, his body tensing in pain as he opened his eyes to another dark room, with a single light source above him.

“I told you, that you would not hide from me long, my apprentice.” The cold words were sneered as a blow struck his face again, adding to the faded bruises of days past. Qui-Gon just grunted somewhat, still not allowing the darkness to take over. He would continue to battle until his last breath left his failing body.

Sidious glowered down at the motionless body, seeing the broken ribs through the thinning skin. “I will break you, Qui-Gon Jinn. I know your weak spot. All you have to do is give in to your agony and revulsion for me. Give in and it all starts to go away. Say yes to me and your precious Kenobi will be left to his own existence.”

The raspy voice that came out sounded so foreign to his ears, “I will not betray his light that way. I will not give in and neither will he. You will NOT use me against him.”

The cackle that came from Sidious was off putting, but Qui-Gon didn’t flinch before him, he only tried to stand once more, he would not willingly bow before this lowlife. “The more you struggle, the more you feed me. The more you despair, the more it gives me strength. What you do not realize is that everything you do is for MY benefit. You cannot win.”  Sidious acquiesced to someone in the shadowy corner, one of the guards from Naboo stepped forward, his face emotionless. “Remember, Broken, not dead.”

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The Switch [teaser]

Y’all asked for it. So here’s a piece of what’s to come. @amistillfeeling for basically helping to inspire me write this quicker. This here is somewhat of an AU and, in the future, will contain adult themes. The teaser, however, is pretty harmless. Will end up BBRae and RobStar despite *initial pairings*. 

Summary: It had started out as a harmless exercise, a test to prove their compatibility. However, when it begins tearing them apart, they all start to wonder if the study had failed them, or if it had done exactly what it was supposed to…

Chapter 1.

Here’s to Us

Raven ordered another drink, her third of the night.

She glanced at the digital clock of her cellphone and frowned; not even 9 PM and she was already going through her alcohol limit like it was water. The fact was that she didn’t even really like drinking, and it wasn’t something she did often enough to consider it a vice. It was on nights like this one, where her loneliness seemed to fall under the scrutiny of a magnifying glass, that she really needed a form of escape. Sadly, as she was forced to be social, she was not allowed to leave or go off to meditate in silence. Thus, she turned to her last resort; the bottom of her glass.

She stared into it, wondering where all the amber liquid had vanished to. Normally, she hated the taste but, she eventually hit a point where she no longer realized the effect it had on her usually sensitive taste buds. A slight buzz in the form of a mild headache made her eyes appear half lidded and dazed. Drinking seldom also meant that she was a lightweight, no matter how much she’d tried drunkenly denying it to Richard prior.  

Speaking of which…

She could use another one, maybe something a bit harder this time.

She motioned over the bartender with her fingers and when the pretty little blonde thing approached her, Raven didn’t even need to use speech; she already knew her order.

“Comin’ right up, love,” she informed her, setting to work through the motions like a pro.

Ice, whiskey, top her up and don’t be gentle.

Raven mustered up a weak smile of gratitude while the bartender graced her with a look of sympathy. She wondered if she gave all of her customers that same pitying glance, the one that subtly and sweetly asked, “Rough night, dear?”

Raven was never one for much small talk though, no matter how much she wished she could just open up to her in such a way. Not even copious amounts of alcohol would help loosen her lips.

“At least the cutie over there’s got your bill covered for the night,” came the bartender’s cheery voice once she’d finished pouring her glass.

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Broken [ Part Two ]

 Prologue ( Optional ) || Part 1 || Part 2|| Part 3 || Part 4||Part 5|| Part 6||Part 7||Part 8|| Part 9|| Part 10|| Part 11 ||Part 12 ||Part 13 ||Part 14|| Part 15||Part 16|| Part 17 || Part 18 || Part 19 || Part 20 ||

Summary : Can a broken soul be put back together ? ( Mafia Au )

Hoseok pulled a chair making a loud scraping sound as the wood dragged across the floor then sat in front of you. His eyes slightly hidden behind the bangs falling just a little past his eyebrows staring at you, so you just stared back into them trying to read his expression and by the tiny visible frown he had curled up in his face he was doing the same. The  uncomfortable close distance between the two of you narrowed even further as he hunched forwards, his elbows resting on his thighs. Finally, after what seemed like ages, he broke the silence

 ’’ Let’s start with an easier question. “ He cleared his throat to soften his voice but it still didn’t help with the raspy tone in it so he just continued ” Where does he keep the book ?“ He leaned back crossing his hands over his chest his gaze not leaving you. 

” We looked everywhere we could reach but couldn’t find them, no one knows where he keeps them so … “ You raised your eyebrow in confusion wondering what he was talking about you cut him off half way.

 ’‘What book ?” you stuttered tilting your head to the left. He shifted back to his original position his head resting on his hand, even closer than before. He glared at you from under his fringe, fist clenching on his jaw “ Don’t act stupid with me.” He breathed out. 

“ Do you think I’m in a position to play dumb ? ” You sighed looking away from him to the tight binds on your wrists then back at him giving him a don’t-you-see-these glare. 

He loosened his fist “ The files of all the slush funds, documents on bribery and records of the people he murdered. It’s known he keeps tabs on all of it written in a hidden book. Do you seriously think I’m going to believe that you don’t know about this ?”. 

“ Aah, that’s the book you meant ” He nodded at your reply his eyes widening and you could see the anticipation filling them. “ I don’t know where he keeps it.” You looked away from him seeing his expectations break and a frown now plastered on his face. “ No one knows, but him. ” you continued. 

He shrugged anger building up inside of him, along with frustration, this is not how he imagined himself spending Friday night.

  ’’ Either you’re lying or, for lovers, he doesn’t trust you enough to talk to you about the fucked up things he does’’ It was clear he was trying to calm down, to hoseok this was the first time he had to do this with a woman. Most of the times, or all of them, he had a man sitting on the other side and he was free to use whatever technique he wanted, especially torture.

  Just spit it out he kept thinking in his mind as if pleading her so he wouldn’t have to change methods. You chuckled bringing him back from his thoughts “ lovers ” you whispered in disbelief that he would use that word

 ’’ For someone in a gang, you’re really naive. You think love exists in our world ? “ You laughed again then went quiet as the words  Our world ? echoed in your mind, before today you always referred to it as their world, you didn’t want to admit it to yourself just yet that you were just as deep into this as the man sitting across from you, as Jae-In. In denial, of course, but it was what kept you going; thinking that you didn’t belong here and that one day you’ll go back to your own place. Delusional. 

You laughed at yourself for the mere fact that you had this internal debate on whether you’re part of this ugly truth or not while being tied up into a chair in the middle of god-knows-where by strangers and not knowing what will happen to you. It was ironic that you called him naive, your eyes trailed away from his. He narrowed his eyes at your laugh, his fist clenching again.

 ” I didn’t want to go this far, but you leave me no choice.“ His other hand now holding a knife, you didn’t even know if he had it all along nor from did he get one in the split second you drifted away from him. He brought it to your jawline slowly traveling it down your neck to find the vital vein and stopping just above your collarbone. The blade didn’t make direct contact with your skin but it was close enough that you could  feel the cold projecting from it along with light, almost gentle, scratching against the tip every time your heart pumped blood and it pulsated in the vein making the skin brush against the knife each time. You didn’t move, just curled your fingers around the chair’s handstands waiting for him to cut in.

 ” I could make the smallest most superficial incision right here and it would still drain you dry. And believe me when I tell you that I’m not that far from doing it.“ He stopped to clear his throat once again.

 ” Now, back to our original question. Where does Jae-In keep the book ?“ You turned your head the protruding neck muscle that formed now making full contact with blade pressing against it.

 ” Then do it. Because I don’t know.“ You turned back to him searching for his eyes ” Have you only been fooled through out your life ? Why are you refusing to believe me ?“ you  asked in a low soft tone, following it by a sigh.

 His eyes now empty of hesitation that was there just a moment ago stared blankly into yours, leaving you to follow a strand of hair guiding him to the knife. He reached with his other hand to grab the back of your neck and pull you closer. You closed your eyes, a knot forming in your chest from fear and anxiety, you thought you would be okay with dying any day but now that you’re face to face with it, you felt scared. You took in a deep breath counting down the seconds before the blade pressed enough to draw blood the small sting making you flinch.

 ” Hyung.“ A voice called from behind you and he stopped pulling away and looking past you to who ever it was. You breathed out then gasped for air as you held it in for too long . ” We need her’’ He continued and Hoseok smiled, his teeth showing from end to end, for the first time. 

“ I know, I was just having some fun.” The younger man walked closer to you, the sound of his voice felt so familiar yet so unknown. He brushed your hair back from your neck laying it on your other shoulder then lowering himself to check where the knife once was. His rough thumb brushed the sensitive skin wiping the little blood that was there and you winced as the sweat on his hand touched the cut.

 ’’ Sorry for that, Y/N-shii’’ He whispered the warm tone in his voice strangely comforting you.

 ’’ Jimin ?“ you turned your head abruptly towards him almost bumping your foreheads together and he smirked at the confusion in your gaze as your eyes traveled randomly around his face before settling on his mouth so close to yours and he breathed out for only the two of you to hear .

” Hello, beautiful.“. You tried to pull away from him, your heart starting to beat at a slight faster pace than earlier, but grip on your hair was tight ” W-what ?“ you stuttered. 

Your mind suddenly become clear, it was indeed his chuckle you heard when the dragged you into the van, he was with them. 

” I’m so stupid’’ you voiced out loud then looked back at him. “ You know you’ll be dead if Jae-In finds out, right ?” you threatened him “ Just wait, I’ll make you guys regret this.” The thought of him fooling you was shameful, when you thought you were tricking him. 

It was his fault you’re here, in this vulnerable state. You hated being weak in front of people, maybe it was a pride you held dear ever since your childhood, a pride that got broken by the man self-claiming to be your fiance and it he was enough. The last thing you wanted was more people seeing you in that state so you’re only solution was to cling into the mention of Jae-In, the only powerful person you knew, even though it made you feel rotten inside to do so. He shrugged releasing you from his grasp and walking past you towards Hoseok.

 ’’ The bastard is going crazy looking for her, we’re close to getting him hyung. Just, wait, we’ll have our revenge.“ He mumbled to him but not quiet enough so you were able to hear their conversation.

 ” I can have my revenge right now, by killing her. And make him feel the same.“ He replied his eyes shifting to you as he stood up from the chair pushing it back. Jimin didn’t answer he just shook his head putting a comforting hand on his hyung’s shoulder

 ” Where are the others ?“.

” All in jin’s room. Jungkook is still not back from the mission ?“ He replied and jimin nodded.

 ” Yeah, he will be back tomorrow if the transaction is a success.“ The orange haired man walked away from the two after that last declaration opening the door to the other room and joining the silence inside with the others. Hoseok’s smile fell from his face again.

 ” You’re lucky’’ he uttered before leaving himself and disappearing behind you “ I’m not.” You replied for no one to hear

anonymous asked:

If you are still taking prompts, Gavin comforting Ryan after a hard day?

This got really angsty, like SUPER angsty. You’ve been warned:

He’s The Vagabond, the boogie man of Los Santos, he does not panic. He will not panic. This is a mild inconvenience, he’s going to be fine. Yes, it’s a little dark and yeah he barely has enough room to stretch out his legs, but Ryan has suffered worse. He can deal with this, too.

He’s not sure how much time has passed since he woke up, but it can’t have been more than an hour tops. Geoff and Gavin know the general direction he went in, all three splitting up trying to find Shadles, so he knows they’ll be looking for him.

He hadn’t been counting on Shadles jumping him from behind and dumping him into a root cellar, but everything is fine. He is not going to panic. He’s going to be okay.

Some time passes and he swears the walls feel like they’re closing in, the air somehow growing heavier. He’s a little lightheaded and he closes his eyes, but he opens them a few seconds later.

“That’s not helping,” he murmurs, trying to ignore the slight tremor in his hands.

More time passes, and Ryan doesn’t realize he has started humming to himself, but when he does he immediately stops. He feels sick and he wraps an arm around his torso, leaning forward, resting his clammy forehead against his drawn knees.

He’s not sure why he’s sweating, it’s far too cold for him to be sweating, a violent shiver traveling down his back, but he swears his t-shirt is sticking to his back. He burrows deeper into his leather jacket when another shiver wracks his body, hunching into himself, and he starts humming again.

He tries to convince himself he’s okay, but it’s becoming harder and harder to believe. He needs to get out of here now.

He tries to stand, but his body is too stiff. It takes two more tries before he’s capable of getting to his feet, swaying back and forth. He reaches up, trying to feel for a way out, only to remember he already tried this when he first woke up. He had met thin air before and now isn’t any different.

With a low, keening cry, he sinks back to the ground, his body shaking harder, squeezing his eyes shut. His stomach churns worse than before, bile creeping up his throat. He always wondered how exactly he was going to die, but this way had never made the top ten list.

Somewhere above he swears he hears his name being called, and for a moment he thinks he’s hallucinating, but then he hears it again. His head snaps up and he stumbles to his feet, hoarsely calling out, “H-here!”

He clears his throat, trying again, and he hears someone shout. Above him, a trapdoor swings open, blinding light shining down at him, and Gavin cries, “Ryan! Geoff, I found him!” He lies down on the ground, most of his body in the root cellar, some quick thinking from Geoff keeping him from falling in, reaching a hand down towards Ryan. “C’mon, Rye, grab my hand.”

Ryan almost doesn’t reach out, too afraid this is a trick his mind is playing on him, but the need to get out wins and he grabs Gavin’s hand. It takes the combined effort of Gavin and Geoff, but they manage to help him out.

The moment he’s outside, Ryan falls to the ground, curling in on himself, taking deep, gulping breaths, enjoying the slight breeze on his face. He feels more than sees someone sit next to him, a cool hand brushing against the back of his neck, and Gavin softly says, “It’s okay, Rye. You’re okay.”

He leans into Gavin, laying his head on his shoulder, nodding. He’s not really sure he believes the words, but he appreciates the sentiment nonetheless.

This could probably go on, but I’m trying really hard not to make these too long. Thank you so much for the prompt, Anon.