Simple Love

“It reminded me of you.”

Simple Love

It was common to see Bucky heading out of the building at irregular times, or how he would sometimes smell like faint vanilla, how his cloths would be washed when he most certainly didn’t even head for the cleaners- he would always leave his wallet laying around the coffee table in the common room.

So, the team began to ask, simple questions at first. Like, if he were to come back with clean washed cloths Natalia would give him the puppy look and beg him to do her laundry with his own next time, only for James to shoot her a perplexed look. Then it changed to teasing. Which later on when he wouldn’t acknowledge all the teasing, they had just chalked it up to him moving out in his own apartment.

The whole ordeal took months before the team had significantly dropped the whole point of Bucky’s sudden changes in life.

They didn’t have more information, and Bucky himself wounds even talk, they couldn’t even follow him around. Given what Steve had said, that all his life HYDRA had controlled it so given that Bucky was trying to move on and be independent was a good sight. So trailing around like master spies was out of the question. HYDRA had taken so much privacy from his life, it was the least he could get back.

“Hey,” Bucky grumbled, entering the living area watching as all his friends sat around the TV. Bucky entered before shrugging off his jacket and neatly placing it beside Natasha’s head on the couch. She looked up at him, then smiled his way, he shot her a simple nod, before his gaze had dropped to the TV.

“Hey Buck,” Steve whispered, popcorn bowl in hand, being sandwiched between vision and Wanda. “Grab a seat,” Steve ordered, pointing to the ground. He nodded, before slipping his combat boots off. He trailed beside the table, before sitting down.

“What we we watching?” Bucky asked, hoping someone would answer him with a simple explanation.

“Were watching the best movie to have ever surfaced the lands of earth.” Steve winded, “The little mermaid 2!” He exclaimed like a little girl, while jumping in between the couple.

Bucky nodded, with brows knitted together as he turned back to the screen and watched a red headed princess rock her small brunet daughter back to sleep, her voice was smooth and sweet, singing her a lullaby. Bucky found himself smiling warmly, the wrinkles beside his eyes evident. While his perky whites graced his features. His mind instantly clouded by his girlfriend, and how she would sing to him at knight to keep him calm.

“Mr. Barnes, You have a visitor down stairs.” The A.I stated, resuming the movie. Everyone looked his way, before back to the TV screen. He stood up, trying to navigate his way through the dark room.

Once down, he embraced his love. “What brought you here doll?” He asked, hands still laced over her shoulders.

“I just came back from the book store, but it started raining.” She explained, a thunder roared to life as it shaped a jagged streak over the skies. “Can you walk me home?” She begged, her hands trailing over her boyfriends chest.

“Better yet?” Bucky asked, “Sleep over with me sweetheart.” He suggested. “Come meet my friends while your at it.” He pulled her hand to the elevator not allowing her much say into the sudden offer. Watching as she blushed from the on coming embarrassment.  She was always shy and quite. “We’re watching the little mermaid,” Bucky explained. “It reminded me of you.” He admitted, turning to look over her face, his hand had trailed to move a long pice of hair that had stuck to her face, the rain had gotten the better of her frail form.

"W-what?” She questioned, watching as Buchanan pulled her knuckles and gave a small peck.  Her voice out of tune, while her cheeks dusted with shade of scarlet.

“Let’s get you changed first-” He turned to hit the elevator buttons but froze dead in his tracks when the teams big dough eyes were trailing his every move, the girl beside him squeaked from worry and hid behind her boyfriends beefy back. “Actually, I think you should meet my friends first doll…” Bucky chuckled, watching as Steve stumbled to get up and run to meet the girl who had won his best friends heart the popcorn bowl littered the ground. The team then followed suite, wanting to see just how special the girl is for changing Bucky’s view on life. The movie left playing, as the team centered the new couple with much needed attention. Smiles graced, and laughter echoed throughout the living compound for the night. 

Bucky couldn’t be happier, answering questions left and right with a grin. Steve watched as his only brother wouldn’t even move his hand from the girl’s waist. Steve was greatful, and happy as he patted his friends back in admiration. 

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How to Craft and/or “Reverse Engineer” a Thesis

A thesis is the backbone to any quality essay or research paper you will ever write. Today I am going to teach you how to write a teacher/professor-impressing thesis. 

For an essay, your thesis is a simple and straightforward answer to the essay question presented.

For a research paper, your thesis summarizes in one sentence exactly what it is that you researched/your findings.

There are two methods to writing the perfect thesis sentence

Method 1:

You already know the basic answer to your question. Put it into one well-structured sentence. Bam! You have a thesis!

Method 2:

You can’t think of a simple answer to the question, or you can think of a lot of partial answers to the question. There are two ways you can go from here:

Submethod 1: The Umbrella method

 I learned the umbrella method from my 10th grade English teacher. Basically, you think of your main evidence or your partial answers. You outline them and you try to find an overarching theme under which all these partial answers can fit. If worse comes to worse and you are in Middle or early High School, you can write something called a “list thesis,” in which, you use commas to turn your partial answers into one sentence.

Example: In this blog post I will teach you the umbrella method, the reverse engineering method, and some extra tips on how to write a thesis.

As you get further in your education, however, your teachers and professors will expect you to be able to find the common theme. As a result you will be instructed to stop writing list theses. 

Example: In this blog post, I will teach you how to write a thesis.

See how my 2nd example is sweet and simple and gets to the point faster? That is the goal!

Submethod 2: Reverse Engineering

 Leave space and get writing. Write your entire paper or essay and once you’re done, re-read it and figure out what conclusion the majority of your evidence leads to. My teacher (Mr. Hudgins of the infamous Hudgins Reading Method) taught me this method when I was in my junior year because I was terrible at writing theses; I would get so frustrated at trying to write one, that I wouldn’t finish essays on time. However, if you can avoid this method I recommend doing so because the thesis that you create using this method will often be weaker. Also, chances are that you will end up having to re-write at least a portion of your essay.

Extra tips: 

1. If writing a take-home essay, and you are struggling always ask your teacher or professor and  for help! Most of them would rather help you than read a weak essay.

2. When taking the SAT, ACT, AP exam, or writing in a “blue book”, always star your *thesis*. Or even write “thesis” and draw an arrow –>. This draws attention to where your thesis is and helps clarify the point you were trying to make. Avoid doing this for typed essays.

3. Your thesis should be the last sentence of your introduction and the first sentence of your conclusion unless your teacher or professors says otherwise. 

4. Don’t be afraid to edit or change your thesis if your essay takes an unexpected turn! Your paper will be much stronger if you re-write your thesis to match the evidence you used.

Shout out to my awesome teachers for putting up with me and my nonsensical theses for 2.5 years. I am so glad I finally mastered this important skill, and I hope my insight helped some of you!

I wish I had a pen pal from France who could like ask me simple questions in french and help me learn basic grammar. Cuz. Ya girl is not doing so hot with that. Also I just want to speak french

marcojusto replied to your post “I promised myself I wouldn’t make any more long written posts on…”

I can pretty much agree on everything you said. But can you elaborate on your post-script? i mean if both are done with the same intent is it still false equivalence?

Dude, of course I can!

It’s important to establish context here so I’m confirming first-hand that I’m talking about society and media (I’ll mention comics too, as it is a form of media and was the major topic of discussion on my post).

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BWW Review: FOX's THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW is an Underwhelming, Sanitized Disappointment

I am aware that what I am about to write is likely going to be a critical outlier, but I didn’t hate FOX’s television adaptation of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, which they clumsily subtitled LET’S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN. Now, I didn’t particularly like it either, but to be frank (pun intended), I was expecting it to be far, far worse. While I am not a ROCKY HORROR expert, there didn’t appear to be any horrendous missteps in the broadcast, in fact there were moments, even entire scenes, that were passably entertaining. However, on the whole, the endeavor just kept bringing to mind one simple question; ‘Why?’


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I’m afraid you simply cared too much.

That’s how he broke you.

By not caring at all.

—  stella .