AU: A Shot in the Dark

Red Eye - A Red Eye is dripped coffee with a single shot of espresso. This drink is also known as a Shot in the Dark.

21st century Britain; a current place of recession.  Where industries and jobs fought to pump out as much as money as they could. London. It was the heart of production, various franchises and shops. The place was riddled with one type of shop: coffee shops.

Well, that’s until you look under the surface and head down to where dark deals and illegitimate establishments lurked under the belly of London’s society.

Nestled on a corner was a well-known coffee shop. Reasons more than many would suspect. Shot in the Dark. It had been around for five years now and it had rapidly grown in popularity over the years. The service was excellent with every order given out with no errors and delicate presentation. The owner and main barista was a man called Sebastian Michaelis.

Sebastian was currently putting out the advertisement signs in front of the shop before heading inside to check over the machines. He brushed down his black blouse and ran a hand through his crow black hair. He made himself a quick ‘Red Eye’ coffee (his favourite) before flipping the sign from ‘Closed’ to ‘Open’. Sebastian smirked to himself, thinking. I wonder how many ‘customers’ I will get today.

However not all of the customers that came into Shot in the Dark were bringing themselves to drink and socialise. This coffee shop was merely a guise and appointment point for a greater source of profit.  

Sebastian Michaelis. An owner of a coffee shop in the light of day, but in the dark he was known for organising one of the most successful brothels in Britain. It was simple. Someone ordered a specific drink and he replied with a question, with the correct answer Sebastian would give them an order and slipped a password in their takeaway bag for the complex building where money was exchanged and the deals were finalised. He was known as the ‘Crow Demon’ as those who went against his back or just went against him were leftovers for the crows soon after.

He sighed as he took the last sip of his coffee and gazed out the window. Today felt like it would be a grand day to serve coffee and earn money.