The law should not imitate nature. It should improve nature. People invented the law to govern their relationships. The law determined who we are and how we live. We either observe it or we break it. People are free. Their freedom is governed only by the freedom of others. Punishment means revenge. In particular when it aims to harm but does not prevent crime. For whom does the law avenge?
—  Kieslowski, Piesiewicz: A Short Film About Killing
fob in japan

patrick: buying clothes

andy: looking good

pete: making short films on snapchat about getting killed by japanese humidifiers

joe: single-handedly taking down the trump adminisration

“This, among other things, is where the magic of the screen lies: that suddenly, as an audience, you find yourself in a state of tension because you’re in a world shown to you by the director. That world is so coherent, so comprehensive, so succinct that you’re transported into it and experience tension because you sense the tension between the characters.”

Krysztof Kieślowski (pictured on the set of A Short Film About Killing)