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i'm curious as to what the real views were on "sodomy" or homosexual relationships in the 1800s. while it's all fun and games shipping the characters from the musical hamilton, what would their historical counterparts say about it?

Literally no historians actually ship the Hamilton characters. We all ship actual real life people. 

I made a presentation about this here

There were laws that were passed that could cause you to get hanged for being in a homosexual relationship. During the American Revolution, there was one case of a man actually being stripped naked and drummed out of the corps in front of everyone because he was caught in a relationship with another man. George Washington signed on his discharge and Aaron Burr was the one who told him about the relationship. Thomas Jefferson created a bill that if anyone was caught in a homosexual relationship they were to be castrated (in the state of Virginia). 

Facts are not relevant until a historian decides that they are relevant.

Paraphrased from one of my history professors

Honestly, this just weirds me out. Like I always knew “history and written by the victors” and similar things… but the power us historians have…that’s why books like 1984 are so disturbing: historians or people claiming historian-ship decide arbitrarily what’s relevant and hence what is truth. 

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She was told that Jemma was’t from this time and her expertise in Earth’s history would be helpful to get the poor girl acclimated to the 23rd century. Mika couldn’t even imagine what her life must be like now. To be taken away from everyone and everything she knew and to be thrown into this must have been much more than a culture shock for her. 

Walking into the room with a warm smile, to put their visitor at ease, Mika reached out her hand. “Hello, Ms. Simmons. Welcome to the USS Enterprise.” She glanced around the quarters she had been given with an approving nod. “I’m Lieutenant Nikole but you can call me Mika. I’m the ship’s historian and I’m here to help you…adjust to this time. Well, as much as I can at least.”

She walked over to the replicator and brought back two cups of tea. “You can feel free to ask me anything you’d like, I’m here to help until the Captain can figure this whole situation out.”         


The Battle of Jutland took place between the British Grand Fleet and the German High Seas Fleet on the 31st May 1916 in the North Sea, off the mainland of Denmark.

Although it was the only major naval battle of World War I, it became the largest sea battle in naval warfare history in terms of the numbers of battleships and battlecruisers engaged, bringing together the two most powerful naval forces in existence at that time.

So who won?

The British lost more men and big ships.
Historians seem to think the battle made no difference to the course of the war and therefore was a British victory.
Both sides claimed it as a victory.


I want to see a fan artist get famous for doing traditional art and then one day some art academic discovers what thousands of people online already knew: this famous artist drew slash. Like really amazing and beautiful slash.
So they decide to do a gallery installation of all their best fan-art. The walls are adorned with 3’ tall images of m/m and f/f ships. And serious art historians, collectors, academics, etc. go to the gallery opening and attempt to pretend like they aren’t looking at Kirk and Spock making out, and Xena and Gabrielle cuddling naked. Can you imagine? can you imagine how perfect this would be??