One time I was playing the sims and I wanted to make me and mike but I wanted to make us separately and have us meet. But when I moved into my house, I had this sexy ass neighbor. I figured I could have a fling with him and break it off and get with Mike later but then the neighbors kid got attached to me and I couldn’t just end it when I was so close to his daughter. I really cared about him too.

So the only thing I could do was have it end in tragedy. That way I wouldn’t have to break up with the guy and I could adopt his daughter to stay close to her. He passed away peacefully on fire in the kitchen. Now in previous games, when a kid is taken away by CPS, the next kid you adopt is the same kid. Welp that didn’t carry over into sims 4 so the daughter ended up being taken away and erased from the game by the great sims deity.

I’m a sentimental man, so I kept neighbor mans tombstone around. I’d occasionally chat with his ghost, but he seemed cold to me. I can’t help but thinking he was a bit mad his daughter no longer existed. But this escalated once I started seeing Mike. His ethereal visits became more frequent and more hostile, usually breaking my electronics or creating a mess. But he went overboard when he started the fire.

Being a sim the died in a fire, his ghost had certain abilities specific to his death (setting fires). He got pissed because I kissed Mike so he set my couch on fire that ended up barricading us in the bedroom. Now I couldn’t find the fire alarm in buy mode and I hadn’t had the foresight to predict my spiteful ghost died-in-a-fire ex boyfriend would be an afterlife arsonist to care about it that much so a lot of the house had burned by the time I could get the FD there.

After having almost nothing covered by insurance (thanks Obama), Mike sat me down to have a talk with me. While I couldn’t understand him, I imagine he said “What the fuck you need to deal with your crazy ass ex boyfriend ghost. This never would have happened if you weren’t a thirst little sim bitch and dated me first.”

I approached the grave. It was time to release him. He was waiting for me. He knew this was the end. That after this, there was no coming back from the afterlife. I know he tried to kill me, and he knows I got his daughter deleted, but at that moment, it was just like old times. Telling each other jokes 27 times in a row until he would have sex with me.

We had a final ghostly embrace and he was gone. I sold his tombstone for 300 bucks and bought a microwave.


The Wicked soundtrack in pictures

wicked songs: a summary
  • no one mourns the wicked: your un-problematic fave was murdered
  • dear old shiz: college frick yeah
  • the wizard and i: the let-me-belt-in-your-face song
  • what is the feeling?: lesbians or worst enemies? the world may never know
  • something bad: environmentalists be like
  • dancing through life: fuck school
  • popular: what not to wear the musical
  • i'm not that girl: fuck blonde white girls
  • one short day: lesbian vacations
  • a sentimental man: never trust old straight white men
  • defying gravity: the let-me-belt-in-your-face song pt. 2
  • thank goodness: weddings can't hide depression
  • wonderful: what did i say about not trusting old straight white men?
  • i'm not that girl: fuck beautiful green girls
  • as long as you're mine: sexy time in the forest
  • no good deed: fiyEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • march of the witch hunters: obligatory wizard of oz references
  • for good: lesbians, definitely lesbians
  • finale: gross sobbing
Wicked songs explained
  • No One Mourns the Wicked: The catchy celebratory song relating to a death.
  • Dear Old Shiz: The song that eases us into a flashback
  • The Wizard and I: A song filled with an unbelievable amount of irony and foreshadowing.
  • What is this feeling?: The song with sexual tension.
  • Something Bad: The song that helps build the plot.
  • Dancing Through life: The YOLO song
  • Popular: The song that hints Galinda's crush on Elphie.
  • I'm Not That Girl: The beautiful but sad song.
  • One Short Day: The fun song.
  • Sentimental Man: The Wizard's innocent song
  • Defying Gravity: The empowering song that teaches you to be strong, independent, and make brooms fly with the right spell.
  • Thanks Goodness: The song that's actually very sad.
  • Wicked Witch of the East: The song they should have included on the album.
  • Wonderful: The Wizard's song in attempt to get you back on his side.
  • I'm Not That Girl (Reprise): The 'wow what a plot twist' song.
  • As Long As You're Mine: The passionate love song
  • No Good Deed: The song that will send chills down your spine.
  • March of the Witch Hunters: The song that's kinda gruesome.
  • For Good: The song that will have you bawling your eyes out
  • Finale: The song that will shatter your heart into many pieces and have you scheduling your next therapy appointment because you're not emotionally okay.

The sentiment of a man and his legacy.
I had the pleasure of sitting down today with Mike along with his lovely and dearly talented wife Courtenay of @krammerstoudt. I’ve worked closely with them in the past week but each moment I’ve been graced to share with them one on one has been nothing short of eye-opening and full of hearty laughter.
Mike told me stories about his art, his past addictions, overcoming difficulties and smiling in spite of it. He’s nearing his 39th birthday or so he tells me, and his smile shows it. He told me about this time his ‘71 VW bus caught fire along a highway. How he tried surfing in “stupid” conditions, saw whales and has met some wonderful people throughout his life’s journey.
His history isn’t fully out in the world, but it’s an honor to see him take American Made to the next level. Making their way into @nytimes, and several other well-respected media outlets - these two and their team truly deserve each bit of success ushered their way. When we sat down to talk today the air was coated with excitement for further collaborations, development of their brand and more stories to come.
We all have our struggles, our vices and challenges. But we all have spirit, we have talents and an ability to laugh when it’s tough. Mike, Courtenay, thank you for letting a young kid into your lives and being a part of what you do. I have so much respect for the coming together of generations.
Mike, I hope you find that 5 cent Nicaraguan cigar level of happiness, you deserve every bit of it.
Shot using a Sony A7, and a Nikon F, 1:2 50mm.
#portraits #Nikon #filmlens #oldglass #cigars #history #stories #community #work #branding #friendship #americanmade #usa #design #inspiration #stetson #thankful #1924us #ventureonward #christianwatson by 1924us http://ift.tt/1PVk25e

Wicked Songs Summary:

No one mourns the Wicked:

Dear Old Shiz:

The Wizard and I:

What is this Feeling:

Something Bad:

Dancing Through Life/We Deserve Each Other:


I’m Not that Girl:

One Short Day:

A Sentimental Man:

Defying Gravity:

Thank Goodness:


I’m Not that Girl (Reprise):

As Long as You’re Mine:

No Good Deed:

March of the Witch Hunters:

For Good:



WINNER’s Alphabet Movement: X → XX CHROMOSOME

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Bonus: Nam Taehyun (forever the sassiest and cheekiest!) the maid tough guy lifting up Seunghoon’s skirt… just look at dem guns. 

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(lmao this is probably worse than the last one i did i’m not used to doing this but the ideas keep coming)

Okay continuing with the idea that Frank and Matt have regular nightly meet ups after a night of crime fighting to lick at each other wounds. Frank gets way too comfortable in Matt’s apartment, comfortable enough to fall asleep but leave before Matt awakens. However, There are nights when he just walks around slowly sipping on his beer and staring at what he considers to be a rather barren apartment. Matt has told him that he is truly and seriously blind, and it’s something that Frank still can’t seem to believe or get past. Matt fights better than most people he’s ever faced, even if Frank knows he could put a real good dent on that pretty face of his, but with how bare everything is in here he can finally get behind that.

Regardless, he still wants to see what Matt even keeps in here, in this loft that is too quiet for him, far away from gunshots, screams, and barking dogs. He begins rummaging through drawers of things he can’t read, most of them in braille or some legal jargon that Frank is just too sleepy to bother reading through, but then he stops on a birthday card from a few years back, tattered and barely acknowledged by Matt probably. It’s simple, but maybe the person who gave it to him hadn’t the forethought of realizing that he wouldn’t be able to see the intricate, gaudy design of it. Frank can still see Matt appreciating it and not feeling slighted in the least. He grunts a bit at the thought before peeling open the card and seeing the date. Only two weeks away from now, Matt’s birthday is right around the corner, and by the way he seemed to prop up here more often than Frank feels he should, he knows he doesn’t have anybody to really celebrate it with him.

He puts it back for a moment, taking another swig of his beer, the piss ass beer Matt buys and he always complains about despite taking another sip against his dislike of it. For whatever reason, a week later he’s still thinking about it while inside a small market. Why is he staring at this goddamn cupcake? Matt doesn’t need anyone to remember his birthday much less celebrate it, but Frank feels he needs to do something, anything to show that he was at least thankful that Matt didn’t throw him to the curb the moment he fell asleep on his couch. He shuffles a crumpled $5 bill to the cashier and hurries out with that cupcake and a single candle.

A few nights later, Matt returns from another bout in the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, luckily tonight he barely had to lift a finger after wrestling down some robber at a local corner store, though tonight he feels that his heart isn’t all into it, he can’t put a finger on just why. When he approaches his rooftop, there’s Franks heartbeat again, but instead of it’s usual calm cadence, it’s slightly elevated, as if he were anxiously waiting. “Anxious?….Frank was never anxious…” closer and he gets a faint whiff of phosphorous, warmth, wax, and…..icing? Chocolate? Something sweet?

Still kneeling on the windowsill Frank meets his gaze for a moment to turn away from the table. “You coming in Red or what?” he utters, there’s a hint of bashfulness that Matt can easily sense, but he ignores it in favor of ripping his mask off his head and focusing on the bright orange spot blazing in what little vision he can muster. “Is that a candle? You bought a cake?” he says walking towards the table. Frank clears his throat “Uh I saw…..you had a card in your desk….birthday card.”

“Oh yeah…today is…”

“Yeah just thought….you weren’t bringing anyone over tonight for it..and uh got you a…cupcake.”

Matt smiles at him, it’s deep and warm, even if Matt looks tired that beaming smile of his never fades.

“The Punisher?…..wishing me a happy birthday?”

“Look if you dont want it I’ll just throw-”

“No-No it’s fine….I really appreciate it…I just didn’t expect you to even-well anyone to even bother…”

Frank pauses to stare at Matt for a moment when he decides to wander to the counter, he picks up his nearly empty beer bottle. “Well I ain’t that cold…”

Somehow this little gesture makes Matt flush, the heat of the candle amplifying that. Matt couldn’t recall the last time he ever really cared about his birthday or bothered to share when the day was with anyone other than Foggy, and he might have mentioned it in passing to Karen. Now the both of them were far too busy with their own ventures to probably bother, even if they still did meet occasionally at the Bar. He feels Frank’s heartbeat settle down slightly but tempering as Matt leaned over the small cupcake, and blew out the candle. The Heartbeat goes back to its normal cadence, and Matt knows Frank secretly cherishes some part of what they have, Matt is the only thing near normalcy in Frank’s life, this was his gesture, his thanks, and Matt felt like he almost didn’t deserve it.

“Thank you Frank….I really mean that.”

“I don’t know who celebrates their birthday in costume Red….”

“Remember me, your dear sweetheart, and fare well, Sophronios.”

A 5th century Roman cameo set into a modern mount. The text given above is translated from the Greek inscription surrounding the central image on the cameo, and is a sentimental message addressing a man. The imagery, the knotted object depicted in particular, though might seem like a strange thing to include, is likely equally sentimental. The Getty elaborates artwork:

On this cameo, a hand pinches an earlobe between the thumb and forefinger; above, there is another object, perhaps a knotted scarf or a diadem. […] In Roman art and literature, the ear-tweaking hand is a common motif, signifying a request for attention. Gems such as this were mementos of love, and were probably given as gifts. The knotted object is not common, but very likely it, too, was a symbol of remembrance, its purpose perhaps similar to the modern custom of tying a knot in a handkerchief so as not to forget something important. This style of the lettering on this cameo indicates that it was made no earlier than the 400s A.D. 

Artefact courtesy of, and can be viewed at The J. Paul Getty Museum, Villa Collection, Malibu, California. Via their online collections2001.28.11.