“One night — it was on the twentieth of March, 1888 — I was returning from a journey to a patient (for I had now returned to civil practice), when my way led me through Baker Street.

As I passed the well-remembered door, which must always be associated in my mind with my wooing, and with the dark incidents of the Study in Scarlet, I was seized with a keen desire to see Holmes again, and to know how he was employing his extraordinary powers.”

– Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, A Scandal in Bohemia


So I’ve been without my computer for three days, and the genvana penbrush (a new year gift from @tamrius) and my beloved uptable have been keeping me company)) 

One of the many things that could have gone wrong(er) with this singularly badly thought through plan, or happy 163 birthday to one mr. Sherlock Scott Holmes, esq.!))

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Such a treacherous thing is Memory.

It sweetens that which was good into a dull honey to be tasted only in the mind and no longer in the flesh…

It rejoices in breathing new life into pain so that its embers glow ever on, simmering underneath the coals of time…

It keeps the hope alive, and yet it can never grant the one thing it promises ….You.


By SorrowsFlower

Watson in Scandal like, So Holmes hates love and would never put himself in a position to enjoy love and devotion and in a totally unrelated matter I had left Baker Street and gotten married and I’m super good at love and totally happy and fine and good without Holmes but like I was passing by his door and felt a keen urge to go in. Not because of any of the stuff I was just talking about but for bro reasons!!!