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The videos this era are gonna be so fun and colorful and it's just got me so excited!! I mean I love how bad*ss and mature the Salute era videos are but what makes How Ya Doin so special to me is its colorfulness and how we get to see the girls' personality. Not to mention the cute outfits in How Ya Doin. This era is gonna be so great

this is like the wings/hyd era but more mature i love it!


I’m gonna go ahead and be honest here. In the beginning I thought fan fiction was cringey. Like, why would I read that? But then I stumbled upon prompts and drabbles that led me to reading one shots and then, I was hooked. I couldn’t help it and I’m glad I didn’t. Realizing how wrong I was about fan fiction was the first step, the second was reading as much as I could as fast as I could to keep up.

Over the past two years I’ve read more than my fair share of fics. Honestly, I usually read them in one day, because I can’t bring myself to put them down. Mostly, I started reading fics, because I already knew I loved the main characters, but then I realized that this fandom is made up of amazing writers. I’m not kidding, more than once I’ve wanted to demand strangers on the street to read some of these stories. I usually find myself asking ‘WHY IS THIS NOT A BOOK?’ Fics are that good.

There are so many different stories out there, about so many themes and really, there’s just something out there for everyone. And if there isn’t, you can write it (best thing about fan fiction)! The thing is, that sometimes, to me, the boys are just but a name, because you people create interesting versions of the boys and it’s mindblowingly awesome. Other times is crazy how on point you are with your  characters, like I can totally picture Harry saying that and Liam definitely did that at some point.

I love seeing the posts about new updates on tumblr, or getting an email reminding about the new chapters from AO3 or 1DFF. I love it really, it feels like Christmas, because I get so invested in these stories that I long for new chapters and updates (and the drabbles and the back stories and everything there is). Also I love being able to have a one on one conversation with the authors. Nothing is better than being able to ask questions and let them know how much you love their work.

Here is where I plead you (whoever you are reading this) to always be nice and not demand authors to update faster. I feel your pain, but I also understand that they do this for free while going to school, working and/or having an actual life , so there’s not always time to write and they honestly have no obligations towards us.

Sometimes I get lost with the amount of stories I read at the same time, but I don’t care, because I usually get absorbed into the story I’m reading by the end of the first line. I love getting lost between our universe and all these alternate ones that you so kindly create.

I’ve come to realize that fan fiction means a lot. It allows us to live out our fantasies, it pushes us to read (which is always good), it pushes us to write (which is even better) and it brings us together in our love for the boys. It’s great and we should always celebrate it. I’ve learned so much about myself by reading these stories, I’ve come to love fictional characters as much as I love my friends in real life. I feel like part of something when I read, and it’s mostly because I always find it too hard to make friends but whenever I read a new story I feel a little bit closer to the author and the readers, I feel like I belong and it’s a great feeling.  

This thing, the 1DAAW (thanks @bioluminescentwriting for coming up with it), is such an amazing idea, because we all get to celebrate the authors, the stories and the characters we’ve fallen in love with time and time again. Though it’s not so much for my ‘to-read’ list that has grown exponentially in the last couple of days. To be honest this past week  tumblr has been crazy, because I get to see all of you talking about the stories you love and inspire you and I get to keep track of all the wonderful universes you all bring to life.

Anyways, I’ll leave you here with some of my favorite stories for you to read. And I know, I know, that the last thing you need is yet another list of fic recs, but trust me, you’ll want to read these:

HIDE (HARRY/OFC) BY deathbyfics
-I think this was the first fic I read and I loved it. One of the updates happened to fall on my birthday and I excused myself from my party to sneak into my room to read it. Bee, is an amazing writer. Her version of Harry is definitely the one that I feel is closest to what I picture Harry to be in real life. And Avery is just something else. Their relationship is passionate and full of love and learning, it’s great. Super long too, which I love. She is no longer on tumblr, I think, but you can still read her fics.

-Stella is funny and complicated and I love her. This is the type of ‘open your eyes’ story. One that I will definitely be reading again, because not only is the storyline great, every single character is funny and has something to offer. It’s impossible not to fall in love with Liam and with bff Niall.

-Ok so this one might actually be the death of me. You just need to read the prologue and try not to fall in love with Harry’s son. That’s all I’m saying. Plus Robbie is like one of my favorite persons here on tumblr. She is always open to talk about anything, and she has this thing where she writes small prompts about whatever you throw at her and they are perfect and have me wishing someone would turn them into fics because they are all so good (quite disrespectful if you ask me). Also, I just started reading Murphy’s Law, and it’s not fair because I’ve broken my feet four times and I have yet to have a Dr. as hot as Niall take care of me. 

-WORTH THE FIGHT AND LAUGHTER LINES are in my humble opinion THE Niall fics. Honestly, this is so smartly written and the story is never once flat, something is always going on and in so many different levels with different storylines. I’m amazed by the amount of characters she introduces and they never seem like too much and all with huge personalities. And her Niall is amazing because you love him to death but you also want to punch him in the face because honestly ANDY is everyone’s crush. Andromeda James is just a badass that you either love or you love her more. And lets not forget Liam, I mean this triangle is just perfection.

CRADLE WILL ROCK (NIALL/OFC) BY @niallersmiler93
-M is one of my favorite writers in here, even though she’s put me through enough suffering with her writing. Here we have Single father Niall falling for the nanny and it’s hot. Also complicated and real and I love it. All her fics are amazing and you should definitely read them all because they are all quite unique. Her writing is real and what is lovely is that she is committed to her characters, she doesn’t compromise in difficult situations, she let’s them be themselves. And what is great is that she gets excited when people ask her about her stories and she gives super long full of insight answers that leave you thinking even harder.

-I love a fic that can take you back and forth in time and yet keep you in the right time without getting lost. This one I just read it all in one day while I was sick and let me tell you, it was a ride. It is so so good.  It’s deep and mature and interesting and there are so many things that show and amazing growth in Charlie and Harry from the time-hops.

-Birdy is my favorite person in the world. I wish she was real and I wish I could just sit and admire her in all her glory. Honestly, this story just keeps getting better and better and I can’t help loving her more and more. The dialogues here are pure gold, the things Birdy comes up with are just hilarious. 

-I am in awe of this story. Honestly. This is something else. Harry has an accident and can’t seem to remember the last 6 years of his life and the way he starts learning things about his life is just wow. This story, really, I just can’t deal, is TOO good. One of the best I’ve ever read, fic or novel, and it’s not over yet and I know it can only get better, because each new update has been better than the last.

SALUTE (HARRY/OFC) (AU) BY bioluminescentwriting
-Spy Harry you say? Hell YEAH! This fic in particular is one of my favorites. Is amazing the amount of detail that went into it. This story is dedication at it’s purest and is so funny. This is one of those where you can just picture it all happening in your head like a movie. I’m on love with it. Thanks Kath for writing such a wonderful story about a wonderful woman. Honestly I fell in love with Piper in minutes I was so hooked it was all I thought about until I finished it. And I still find myself thinking about Harry and Piper and how amazing their lives must be.

INTRINSIC GREY (HARRY/OFC)  BY sammarkumismyhomegirl
-The reason why I loved this story is because it reminded me of Empire Records. There was something there, something that I can’t pinpoint but it was just like Empire Records. Also WOC, and like WOW she is kickass.

- I’d never read slash before until this and God, was I missing out. Honestly I read everything Ivy has written in like a week and I was surprised by this new world. Every single one of her stories have something that makes them unique and intresting and she takes you on deep long rides that you can’t help but enjoy.

LOVE IS A REBELLIOUS BIRD (LARRY) BY 100percentsassy & gloria_andrews
I’d never read Larry because CRINGE but this story is so good. Is an AU and it’s set in the London Symphony Orchestra. It is amazing. Like honestly. The music talk is so good and the way everything develops between Harry and Louis is mind blowing.

-Grace is the nicest person in the whole wide world and she is pretty kickass and she is full of cupcakes and glitter. This story is so original and it always leaves me craving cupcakes even when I’m not a fan of sweets.  And also Just Anchor and Hope, that one is so so good, if you haven’t read it, go ahead, you wont regret it.

NOM DE PLUME (HARRY/OFC) by stylesprimes
-Cecilia’s story by itself is incredibly interesting and then you add a super cute and nice Harry into the mix and I couldn’t stop reading. I love that she is strong and is making things happen for herself and I love how her relationship with Harry develops slowly into something. Natalie’s writing has the power to take you with her on a great adventure and she has many extras about his story in her tumblr, which is lovely.

-Ok so with this story I learned a lot about myself. I’m not kidding I was introduced to a whole new world and it meant so much. It’s much more than a love story and it’s so smartly written and researched and it’s a beautiful story with hints of BDSM and domination and submission. So erotic and passionate and well explained. To me this is what BDSM is all about… not things like 50 shades.

Well, these are the ones I can think of right now but there are so many, seriously, just jump into anyones /fic+rec tag and you’ll definitely find something for you.

Now I just want to say thanks to all of you writers who invite us to live great adventures by your side, your words mean the world to me. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!

Story time!

So yesterday my family went to a small town in the mountains for a staycation type thing. We were at the shopping center and in the middle of it they had a little park. Me and my dad went to sit at a bench there. When we were walking there we walked past a young punk with her boyfriend. Me and her kept making eye contact the whole time. Then when i was about to leave we locked eyes and she gave me a nod and i gave one back. Punk salute lol.

One love, one love, one thug
One nation, twenty-one gun salute

I’m hopin my true motherfuckers know
This be the realest shit I ever wrote
Against all odds, up in the studio, gettin blowed
To the truest shit I ever spoke

Twenty-one gun salute, dressed in fatigue, black jeans and boots
Disappeared in the crowd, all you seen was troops
This little n**** named Nas thinks he live like me
Talkin bout he left the hospital took five like me

You living fantasies, n*****  reject your deposit
We shook Dre punk ass, now we out of the closet
Mobb Deep wonder why n**** blowed them out
Next time grown folks talk, n**** close your mouth
Peep me, I take this war shit deeply
Done seen too many real players fall to let these bitch n****** beat me
Puffy lets be honest you a punk or you will see me with gloves
Remember that shit you said to Vibe about me bein a thug
You can tell the people you roll with whatever you want
But you and I know what’s going on
Payback, I knew you bitch n****** from way back
Witness me strapped with Macs, knew I wouldn’t play that
All you old rappers trying to advance
It’s all over now, take it like a man

N******* lookin like Larry Holmes, flabby and sick

Tryin to player hate on my shit, you eat a fat dick
Let it be known this is how you made me
Lovin how I got you n******crazy

Against all odds
Hopin my thug motherfuckers know
This be the realest shit I ever wrote
Against all odds, up in the studio, gettin blowed
To the truest shit I ever spoke, against all odds
Hopin my true motherfuckers know
This be the realest shit I ever wrote